Behind The Music Sneak Preview: Ricky Martin’s Fight For Equality


With specials focused on the lives and careers of music industry powerhouses like Adam Lambert, Missy Elliott, Mary J. Blige, it’s been quite an outstanding season of Behind The Music thus far. That hot streak continues this weekend with the premiere of Behind The Music: Ricky Martin (which, sadly, is the last episode of this season).

In this special sneak preview from the show that debuts this Sunday, August 14, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, international superstar Ricky Martin finally seems to be at peace. After having to deal with gossipmongers trying to reveal secrets about his sexuality ever since he rose to fame as a member of Menudo, he’s now living his life openly and honestly. He’s been in a steady relationship with Puerto Rican financier Carlos Gonzalez, which has helped give him the strength to lead the fight for equality on both the sexual and cultural fronts. “Who wants to feel like a second class citizen?”, he explains. “That’s why I say about equality, ‘I don’t want more rights than you. I want the same. That’s all.’”

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  1. Anna says:

    Ricky RULES!!!

  2. Bowb says:

    Wow Ricky Martin really? Jeez! Behind the music has gone way down hill! Lil Wayne? BS ricky martin and “C” RAP stars? You used to have good old rock bands you interviewed. What happened to this channel? Are “African Americans” running the show now?

    The rock bands behind the music was very popular……. You dummies have gone down hill and I cant even turn the channel on anymore, and its the same with folks I speak to about it!!

    Get smart…………………..

  3. Evita says:


    smart you aren’t – that much is certain.

    Looking forward to the new edition of Ricky Martin’s “Behind The Music”!

  4. aldy says:

    ta amo

  5. tud1366 says:

    I enjoy some of Ricky’s music, but this “show” is NOTHING but about his sexuality. Why???? I’m sure there’s a LOT more to him. And VH1, what’s with ALL the NONE music “shows” on your channel???

  6. Debbie Olson says:

    Just a “thank you” for bringing Ricky Martin’s story to
    the show. I always loved his music, but now after
    viewing the show it feels like he is someone that will
    continue to bring joy and love to the world. I am just
    glad that he will be able to do it his way. It is a blessing
    to see him smile. He has beautiful children. I wish him
    all the happiness he has given the world with his music and
    love .

  7. Ham says:

    love you ricky. more and more and more.

  8. Barbara says:

    Ricky ojala todos los seres humanos nos dieramos cuenta que de verdad somos iguales que lo que cuenta es la honestidad de el alma y amor a nosostros mismos y hacia otros.
    Que Dios te Bendiga Siempre en todo, todo lo que haces

  9. anabertha lopez mercado says:

    this wondeful human being should be able to have every option to be happy and to live to the fullest it does not matter who he loves as long as it makes him happy and his children to and what matters the most is that we love him for who he is and the person that makes happy to.WE LOVE RICKY MARTIN AND HIS LIFE PARTNER for sharing him with us

  10. Ginny says:

    I like Ricky Martin, but I think it is sad that he is gay. I think it is sad that gay people want the same rights as non-gay people. In a marriage and family setting, it is the difference in the sexes, that create the unity of a family. We were not created as completely free individuals. We have obligations and to each other on this earth as humans and to how we were created. There is a reason there are two sexes, and it is not only against nature, but against God himself. When the day comes for each of us to be accountable, I would hope that we would all want to say, that we did what God wanted us to do. That we didn’t just think of ourselves, and our own happiness. There are sacrifices we each must make, and there are all types of behavior issues, and selfishness issues in our world today. I think as separate people we should all have the same rights, but as married couple I do not. If you want to ask me why I think this way, why these morals apply, then you would have to ask why there are boundaries to anything in this life. I will pray for Ricky Martin and our country and the children of this world. I know he is a wonderful human being, but it is not only for him to want to be open and honest, or to stick up for children when it comes to certain things in this world, like human trafficking. But he should stick up for them also on the basis of how a family setting should look in God’s eyes, and not his own. Love is not love without justice, or sacrifice. It simply is not. We are not here to live for ourselves, but for God and his will. We should all show love to each other, but also hold each other accountable for what is not right, because in our fallen world, we will all make the wrong choices at some point.