Highlights From The Basketball Wives Reunion: Part One


Part one of the Basketball Wives reunion is over so…What did you think?? We’re surprised it wasn’t more heated (although hearing Evelyn yell for security was pretty hilarious), but no punches were thrown and there were no major attacks to speak of. We did want to highlight a few of the biggest moments though, so just to recap, here’s a list of the biggest issues that were touched on and some of the best images from the show.
1. What’s Gotten Into Royce?

Right off the bat, host John Salley asked the question that had been on everyone’s mind all season, “What was Royce’s deal during the season two reunion?” While Royce speaks to that a bit more extensively in our upcoming interview with her, she “got to the point where [she] was sick of them talking all sorts of sideways” and decided to start standing up for herself. But the real kicker was when she explained “Now that their time is up and my time is now, it’s a problem.” Tell us how you really feel, girl.

2. Jennifer Williams Vs. Eric Williams

After a finale like the one we saw which culminated with Eric Williams throwing a drink in Jennifer’s face, she addressed the issue diplomatically on-air, saying she’s just ready “to leave that life behind.” Tami, always to the point, called what Eric did “a bitch move.” Of course the issue we really want addressed is what Jen said to (or about?) Eric’s mother, which seemed to cause Eric to fly off the handle to begin with. Alas, we won’t be privy to those details any time soon. As I mentioned in my preview post last week, Eric did indeed have a dressing room set aside backstage in case he decided to come to the reunion, but at the last minute, he decided not to.

3. Suzie‘s Foot In Mouth Disease, Part I

It wouldn’t be an episode of Basketball Wives if Suzie didn’t say a little too much. Our favorite example of this during the reunion was when she explained: “Honestly, I care about everyone…even you, Meeka.” Meeka’s like…”Thanks?” It’s not especially dramatic, but that’s our Suzie! Suzie has an even bigger “taking it too far” moment in part two, though, so just you wait.

4. Meeka’s Thirsty and Wearing Bootleg Earrings

“Thirsty means you want attention,” Evelyn said when she pointed out that that’s exactly what she thinks Meeka is. The girls ganged up on Meeka at the end of the show calling her out for possibly hiring her own paparazzi and trying to be a star on the show. And that of course led to the earring conversation. When Meeka started talking about her style, that’s when Evelyn took offense. “You were rocking the same earrings as we wore since season one, you were trying so hard to be a part!” Evelyn said.

"Get your own designs then. Stop. STOP IT! You are not the original of them designs, boo boo! Get off the stage! SECURITY!"

Meeka then claimed all her earrings were custom made by her stylist who she then brought out.

“They’re bootleg, then,” Evelyn said before Meeka actually brought out her stylist to back her up. That didn’t help her case, unfortunately.

5. Tami Hoodrat Roman Vs. Meeka Liar Claxton

“You can ask me 20,000 times if I like you, the answer’s still no!” Tami told Meeka at the beginning of their very special segment. These women, it’s safe to say, will never solve their differences, especially not when they keep having exchanges like this:
Tami: “From the time you came into the situation, all you did was lie! That’s like Meeka Liar Claxton. MLC!”
Meeka: “And you’re THR, Tami Hoodrat Roman.”
John Salley’s face says it all:

And of course, this is just part one. Part two of the Basketball Wives reunion special airs on Monday, August 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Tami Roman and Shaunie O’Neal will also be appearing on Extra on Tuesday, August 16, so be sure to check your local listings for even more of their commentary and reaction to the reunion.

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  1. I want the truth says:

    Boring!!!!! If there is a fight between Meeka and Tami dont edit it out. This episode was a little boring/

  2. Lane says:

    Royce, keep it real, love that about you. I am short, but tall people don’t scare me, takes a lot more than a person’s height to scare me.

  3. Tj says:

    This show is an embarrassment to women of all race! I am appalled that Shaunie is using these women as a pawn to get rich…really. Royce and Meeka are ok but the rest are down right immature, classless, and lack self respect. If their mothers are watching and condoning this type of action shame on all of them! I am disgusted! This show offers nothing and should be taken off the air immediately. I am embarrassed for them.

  4. Realwomandont says:

    These are the fakest women ever. Tami says she hit Meeka for waving her hands but not Evilyn after she did the same thing and more in her store that day…Ugh I am so over this train wreck. I hope next season has a new cast!!!!! The entire cast sucks minus Royce.

  5. mary says:

    evelyn is such a fool, she makes fun of everyone and has the idea that she is the head of some kind of elite group. but this group is just a nasty bunch of women who are on tv because they played some stupid ball player, out of his money. they have what they have, because of these men, but make fun of people and women who cant afford to dress like they do( maybe the women they make fun of didnt lay on their backs to get their clothes). on that subject eves mom, living in a bad houseing area, and not dressed as well as the people they down. why not help her mother? i bet chads mother lives well(because of her sons help). and i really liked tami, but she is just terrible, i lost respect for her. jen, is actting like a fool, i had thought she had class, but the way she acted at the party, with the vile actions, cake and sleazy actions with a man she didnt know, was pityful. eric was good enough for her for 10 years(long enough to get alot of money from him) now she is so disrespectful towards him. really sad, these women have no respect or compassion for another human being.

  6. mary says:

    oh yeah, the only reason you all are a factor is because normal people need something to laugh at. so to all the non mf factor people, be glad and proud when they tell you that.

  7. Willa says:

    What are the benefits of being in the circle? Can anyone answer that for me? I’ve watched Evelyn and Tami constantly state to Meeka that she’ll never be in the circle. The circle of what? I can understand Meeka wanting exposure on the scene for her business ventures, but I’d run as far away from these miserable women as I could if I were her. All the money in the world, all the fashion in the world, all the exotic trips in the world cannot make up for classless, high school mentatility. And, is anyone surprised by Susie’s actions? She wants to be in so badly that she’d screw someone over for conversations they all have with one another. Why go back and tell someone what somebody said? How kiddy is that? I thought these women were on something. It’s embarrasing to see them act like teenagers. Wow, grow up ladies.

  8. Pink Sparkle says:

    Yall know Royce is just a little dance rat that had her govt. cheese and she mad a Shaunie, Jen and Evelyn because they winning! I just calling it like I see it! Royce mad because she ain’t got nobody! Then she really turned me off because if yall forget season 1 she was crying be to Evelyn about how she was the hardest one to break! Shaunie kick her off the show please! She not real she just run her mouth and Shaunie, Jen, and Evelyn know that’s why she got the boot. Trust Tami going to go off on Royce next! They just let Royce talk cause she need that shine! Why Royce couldn’t be a woman and tell Jen(regardless if they was not talking) that her Husband soon to be ex was contacting her out of respect! She probably done hooked up with him on the low with her weak self. I love the show I just think woman that are actually married to basketball players should be on it! It is called basketball wives and Royce is just the dancer that sleeps with everybody husband but her mess aint came out yet! I don’t like at all! She is a non you now what factor!

  9. CMOB says:

    @Pink, ok we must be watching two different shows. Royce is not that bad come on. I do think her and Meeka run there mouth toooo much. As far as sleeping with everyone thats Evelyn. I think all of the women are a hot mess. Suzzie oh God i won’t even waste my time and comment on her. I just hope the BBW of LA has more class than these ladies….

  10. stephanie says:

    all these women sitting there acting a fool. and the real issue is shaunie sitting there making money off of you.i think she is the real trouble maker.if all you women sit down and think she is not yall friend.she just making a ass out of you.

  11. Kee Kee says:

    Evelyn sounds so trashy and uneducated when she speaks. She is unable to discuss anything without cursing and using very poor grammar.
    Royce and Meeka are okay with me. Meeka is a wife and mom and from all I know Speedy is a good guy…no babies on the side or any of that drama and has a respectable job as a scout with his Alma Mater now that he’s retired from the NBA.
    Evelyn, Tami, and to some extent Jen, are pretty worthless. They are tiresome bores with nothing interesting to talk about other than cursing at someone or starting drama. A little of their hood act goes a long way. Can you imagine being over 35 and acting like they act?! Oosh.
    The two most pulled together women are Meeka and Royce to a lesser extent. I like Royce but something tells me she’s a little more messy than VH1 shows her to be.

    I left out Shaunie because she’s exploiting all of these “friends” for money and 15 min of infamy.
    I don’t know whether she’s smart or dumb as hell.

  12. zoerae says:

    I meant etc…lol…also, why when Royce had something to say they were like”do you hear something”…. whatever the reason was…A good host would have addressed that response!!!! again John Salley sucks… I almost feel like he’s on the “Popular side/fake side” whatever you want to call that group!!!

  13. ann says:

    Evelyn,Tami,Jen ant the snake Suzie are the most 2 faced hypocrites of women.Evelyn has a big nasty mouth,when she speaks she sounds like a moron.. Even with her condo, expensive cloths ,she has no class..Maybe one of Chads female friends can wear one of Evelyns tacky shirts when he’s having lunch with them behind her back.Tami doesn’t know if shes coming or going one minute she fighting with Evelyn and Jen,ready to sue Evelyn,then she tells Jen in Italy she cares about both of them.And she the nerve to call Meeka ghetto. Jen is so full of hereself.If Eric had a disgusting Divorce party like Jen did have a cake with Jens head on a platter,stabbing certain parts with a knife,and hitting a pinata that looked like Jen,the same witches who thought that was funny,wouldn’t be laughing if it was Eric.Suzie is a big mouth,she just had to open her trap and tell Evelyn and Tami what Meeka said. Then made her stupid comment Now that the Cats out of the bag.She is an idiot. I would rather have no friends then nasty 2 faced big mouths. The host for the reunion show is a goofy clown.

  14. elizabeth says:

    Meeka is heads above all as far as class. Speedy made money and they invested. She has a stylist, a publicist,her own real estate business etc. Shaq made money but Shaunie has no class therefore you have a classless woman with money. Remember Shaq was dating someone else the mother of his first son who is an attorney. Then Shaunie had all those babies before they married and continued after. Her time was up, therefore a divorce. She is jealous of Royce because Shaq dislikes Dwight because his time has come and gone and its Dwight’s time. Evelyn is a wasted piece of trash. Jennifer is an airhead who thinks that now that I am on TV I can attract another man. Jennifer threw the glass and water on Eric. Why is she and others complaining that he was wrong to pour water on her? What she did was a form of Domestic Violence. If you do not want to get hit, do not pass the first lick.
    Someone needs to shut Suzie up for good. She started the entire mess with her mouth. If Royce says she is going to talk to Jen, the Suzie needs to wait for her to do it and stop being the mouth piece delivering messages. Why did Suzie need to tell Jen anything?
    WHAT CIRCLE? These miserable angry trash talking girls. Ladies don’t act like that. Meeka is right Tami is a HOOD RAT. So is Evelyn, Suzie and Shaunie. Jennifer is just plain STUPID. AN airhead. The divorce will not go her way, Look at the chick from the Atlanta Housewives, Bob took everything. Jennifer is off to see the Wizard. If she only had a brain. Meeka do not drop the suit add Shaunie and Suzie to it.

  15. naline says:

    I find it funny what people will do for money. How degrading these women allow themselves to be.. It’s entertaining for us but embarrassing for them. I feel like I’m back in the projects when I listen to these females speak. Girls, you have money and get yourselves a life tutor and find your inner peace. I do like Tammy and Evelyn, all ghetto..lol

  16. zoerae says:

    WOW really VH1…. Who is over this blog… I wrote something great about the show’s lack of asking the questions the fans want to hear and how I think John Salley is a terrible host and how I think he’s team popular/fake group … I even posted questions that the viewers want to know and that post has been deleted!!! I didn’t use any profanity I was just using my freedom of speech!!! This show has just proven how bias it is!!!

  17. Renee Green says:

    These Ladies are off the chain, they all have something going on in their lives, who doesn’t, the ladies are no joke , their mouths are Horrible, I mean really all the language ISN”T necessary, I do enjoy watching the show , they do bring laughter and I love to see the ladies wardrobe, the catfights another story , sometimes it makes you think , WOW , I see why some people stay to themselves just to avoid all the foolishness, as I said each lady has their own Issues, good bad and the ugly,,,,,,,,

  18. Lilly says:

    To all the people who are “mad” at and “ashamed” of these women, why are you watching the show? I don’t get it? I have to say, its very entertaining if you just take it for what it is.. a “SHOW”.. The title is not “BASKETBALL ROLE MODEL WIVES” ! Shaunie put together a show about women who were married, engaged or otherwise involved with Basketball players. The drama just played itself out. Don’t be mad at Shaunie, be mad at life. This is real life. Some Women are petty and jealous and catty and backbiters and sneaky, shady, etc. You are getting a real example of real life, just that the women have more $$ then the chicks down the street. LOL
    Royce is no better than any of the other women, she just really doesn’t belong in their group. Evelyn is a ring leader, b/c she has a natural leadership instinct and is a bit of a mean girl, but its probably b/c of the way she has had to harden herself for protection. I see a big softhearted girl inside that well manicured shell. She loves hard, and is fiercely loyal to those she loves. But watch out to the non-mf factors who try to get at her and hers. LOL Jen is also not as tough as she thinks. She seems to be a very sensitive 1-man woman who was brought up well and to expect respect and love. She definitely did not get that from Eric..whom Shaunie should NOT allow back on the show. His drink throwing at Jen was borderline ASSAULT… even though she also threw one at him, it was not with the same fierceness and evilness. Jen definitely deserves a good man in her life. Tami is like the round the way girl gone hollywood, but who has not lost her “hood” status. I mean that as a compliment b/c she is REAL. She will not pretend to be nice just for nice sake. You cross her, she will let you know. Tami just really really needs some anger management. She is looking FABULOUS lately though! Suzy – should REALLY try to control her tongue more. She stirs up a lot of issues by TALKING TOO MUCH!! wow.. and she is a mom too? Amazing. I like her though. Meeka – Go away please. You come across as “thirsty” as Evelyn says. Thirsty for attention. The way Meeka came into the show and tried to insinuate herself immediately into the “circle” by dissing Tami and Royce shows that she had an agenda. She is not likable AT ALL!!

    PS – I don’t like John Salley’s hosting these reunions. He crosses the line too often as an interviewer and becomes part of the story. Inappropriately, I might add. WENDY WILLIAMS would be a better host!

  19. DivaMayor says:

    since my last post was removed I will just say this. These women are train wrecks.. I hope that does not sound to bad to leave on the web. Suzie/Jen- no selfesteem, no self-love, which is why evilyn can torture them. Tami-immature, I used to respect her grind and hustle but now she is just the clone of evilyn. Royce keep up the good work. Meeka you are outta of your league honey you dont even talk loud enough to hang with these people.

  20. Purhoney says:

    I think Meeka is the most mature out of all of them. They ganged up on her for trying to get publicity out of the show, but they’re all on there to get something, so why hate on Meeka for trying to get hers. Plus she is the only one that’s not afraid of the wrath of Tami. When Tami goes on the attack the only thing she listens for is what she wants to hear. Meeka tried to explain herself, but they were just out to get her. Tami is always justifying her wrong actions, but quick to condemn when someone else makes a mistake or misspeaks. Clearly, all drama is stirred by Suzie, but no one has confronted her after watching the episodes? That’s phony. John Salley just keeps looking at them like they’re the dumbest things on earth. Sad…but entertaining.

  21. AZ says:

    I think people just need to relax, it’s a TV show.
    Without the Drama, fights and cursing we would not be watching.
    As for this show being an embarrassment to women of color, I totally disagree!
    There are chicken heads, pigeons and birds in every race, creed and color.
    It’s just entertainment, thanks Shaunie for the laughs and drama!

  22. ms cali says:

    Meeka leave these nasty bitter 2 faced over the hill groupies alone. 4uzi is the root of the bull and Tami is afraid you would become more relevant than she is. Jen seems to be a lil out of her element. She seems well raised and intelligent but something is different. In a bad way. She’s way too classy to roll with tami ignorant butt. Ev is tripping. Her fan Tami is turning me against her. There is no way these two have anything in common. Tami aint fab at all. Royce is so immature it irritates me. And she’s a sleezy low budget ho. If you a basketball ex, baby momma, you got their bcuz you have supa ho game. All yawl got there the same way. Meeka is a wife. This show is about bitter old tramps needing a venue to vent and embarrass themselves.

  23. Liz says:

    Why is Evelyn so ghetto????? I was born and raised in th Boogie Down and I don’t know girls that are that ghetto.

  24. DivaMayor says:

    zoerae, they did the same thing to me and that is how you can tell that all this crap is fake and phony for all we know all these girls are the best of friends.

  25. suga says:

    All of these chicks… say messed up comments about each other all the time……..and this circle…………. is one would be crazy to be in…lol…….Assualting one another is over the top in any of the episodes…and eventually it was going to get out of hand….I have never seen Shaunie this quiet on the reunion shows….

    Shaunie was close lips b/c of the law suit…Just …..maybe this wasnt suppose to happen…One lady left the show behind them bulling and acting a fool…like teenagers…Running the same old line with Tami is old …she needs to wake up and stop being confrontational all the time b/c someone say something about her.

    Tami is always commenting and gossiping about somebody………did she think know one would say anything about her…very childish on Tami part….This girl is loose lips all the time to the point she was embarrassing, on the vacation they took, all in public…so yes Tami ghetto hoodrat behavior is old.

    So ask urself would u have someone like Tami hanging out with u and ur friends out of town on vacation…Being embarrassing, confrontational,loud just plain rude…HELL NO…I have no dealings with those type of women…. and if I find u are that type of person….their will be no more dealings at all…..

  26. Country Girl says:

    Meeka – you do talk too much, but there is never a reason for a person to put their hands on another person. Also, tell me a person that doesn’t. If you gossip, you talk too much.
    Tammi – girl I do like you, but all that fighting is ridiculous. Thats for highschool chicks and if I find that my neice is hanging with such a person as yourself (i.e. fight-a-holic), I would discourage the relationship.
    Royce – I do like the way you stand up for yourself now. Yes, they were picking on you and now you are fighting back. About time. Maybe you can give Suzie some of those guts.
    Suzie – Please don’t tell Meeka that she talks too much. You are more than a talker, you are that person that you better have a recorder in the room, because you will go an repeat what you heard and didn’t hear.
    Jennifer – Nice girl, trying to go bad. Girl be yourself. Cut that hoodrat Evelyn aloose. If you notice, she only gets to sleep with the man, the man never makes her a wife. His mother probably saying “get rid of that hoodlum, ghetto, hooker”.
    Shaunie – Stop playing coy. What did Royce do that you aren’t speaking to her? oh I forgot, she began to speak up and Evelyn, the leader, doesn’t like it and now you don’t.
    Everlyn – trust me you care what others think of you. You want to say you don’t but you do. Girl, you are a down in the ghetto hoodrat with nice clothing on. I’m sorry. I think you are very pretty, but dang, if you were my mother, I would be one embarrassed young lady. Thats why your daughter is going so far away from you, I don’t think she likes you and I don’t think you like yourself. When are you going to grow up.

  27. rissa says:

    i meant “should have done more to meeka.”

    Tami is not real. she wanted to be in that “circle” as bad as meeka. that’s why she’s acting like she forgave evelyn. how can she forgive evelyn for her mess but yet ride meeka forever and a day about talking about her. if tami was secure, she wouldn’t worry about someone talking about her hair- granted meeka shouldn’t have said to people who’ve known tami longer and would run tell. tami’s problem is she just hasn’t run up on the right person yet. she knows who to pick a fight with.

  28. sweetness says:

    They say Meeka is thirsty for attention, i dont think there is anything wrong with that because whats the point of the show its because they all want the attention they are getting. Everytime they show Dulce (Evelyn’s store) there is never anyone there Meeka probably came on for attention so did all of them the diiference is Meeka is the only wife and from her attitude its obvious why and they are all divorced even though Evelyn and Suzie were never married. Meeka has a better chance than all of them even THR (Tami Hoodrat Roman)…….

  29. GP says:

    I don’t know why VH1 keep John Sally as the host, he acts like he’s scared to ask questions. They need a woman, somebody like La La, or Tamika Ray, someone that’s not going to be partial because I think John Salley is digging Evelyn. Some body need to put it out there like why is it that Jennifer, and Shaunie stop talking to everyone Evelyn stops talking too, why was it that they dogged Gloria for being a sister to her own sister when she slept with Shaq but when Evelyn slepted with Tammy’s husband no one said a word. I’m going to need Shaunie to act like she’s a producer and step in when altercations jump off, and I was very dissapointed that Shaunie didn’t call to check on Meka once they all realized that Meka left, I think by it being her show she needs to show some kind of ownership. Shaunie even stopped talking to Suzie when Evelyn was mad at her, now who’s the producer? GET JOHN SALLY OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. LaughOutLoud says:

    This is trash trash trash. Shaunie is the instigator and the Tami is a bully, Suzie is a follower, Jennifer has no clue, Evelyn is anrgy and Royce is real.

    Won’t watch this show anymore, I have better things to do. These women are to old to have all this drama. I will not purchase any products from them except Meeka and Royce. The violence, verbal abuse and bullying is sickening.

    Peace out

  31. Nik says:

    Suzie should be ashamed of herself, kissing Shaunie, Jen and Evelyn’s ass to get in this raggedy circle. The REAL circle would include Vanessa, Khloe, Monica, Lala, Gabrielle, Savannah (and even Meeka) etc. Those women are REAL basketball wives, these women are nobodies. I didn’t watch season 1, but got sucked into season 2 and 3. If there are anymore seasons, I will no longer watch. These women fight over who is “in” and who is “out” who’s “relevant” and who’s not. The truth of the matter is that all of them are a NON MUTHA F-ING FACTOR. We should quit encouraging their awful behavior by watching. I like Tami, but she has taken it too far by putting her hands on Meeka. And then there are fools out here applauding what she has done. She deserves to be sued, made to pay retribution and spend a weekend in jail. Maybe she will grow up then. Royce, I hope you leave the show. You are a bit too sane for these birds. Find another hustle.

  32. nik says:

    REALLY!!?!? Is John Salley the best host that they could find? He is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE in this role. It honestly makes me want to not watch the Reunion at all, but I am a fan of the show. I really hope that they reconsider having a straight man host another reunion show. IT JUST DOESN’T WORK!!

  33. Patty says:

    It is sad to see the yelling and screaming of all of these women. It is even worse to see these women ganging up and bullying Meeka. She is a really classy lady. Don’t change the way you are what an intelligent and beautiful woman should be like. Evelyn you so tough, then you start balling like a baby. Like you are the only one that has feelings, like your sensitive yet you attack like a crazy rabid dog. Way to go and be an example to your daughter. Oh yeah you only care about yourself.
    Suzie, you are gross and a back stabber. They really don’t like you even if you feed those around her to all those dogs.
    Tami disgusting behavior. Keep up the disgusting behavior.

  34. Dena says:

    Tami keep going on about being sued on the reunion show part 1 but she will not shut up and listen to Meeka and make an attempt to resolve whatever the problem is if there is one. Meeka sue her to the fullest. Tami is a fool and here she is about to get sued and she still want shut up.

  35. Lisa says:

    Poor Meeka, they said you are not in the group. Keep your head up. You’re not a part of that “Basketball Wives” group becuase you are the REAL BASKETBALL wife, they are…ex-”girlfriends”, ex-wives! You are two faced but you are a WIFE!

  36. delredd says:

    only 1 word 4 meeka.hahahahahahahhahahahahhahhahahhahhahahhahahhahhahahhhahhaha!

  37. Lyn says:

    Basketball Wives makes African American women look bad. The only one on the show who has any since is Royce. Suzie is such a snitch, Evelyn doesn’t have a vocabulary unless it’s a curse word. Jennifer is a wantabee. Tami, who I use to like ,is acting just like Evelyn. Meeka came in the wrong way trying to play both sides,although I didn’t think she deserved to be hit by Tami and I hope she does sue Tami for hitting her. All of these ladies have children except for Royce and Jennifer, what example can you be for your children?

  38. Myturntotalk says:

    Tami? Do you NOT see yourself putting your hand/finger in other’s face’s? You got issue’s girl. You need a mirror, bad. Why, do you feel that everyone should fear you? Come on let’s face the truth, you sneaked Meeka (when she wasn’t looking), but you know that she beat that ass (pulled your ponytail;kicked you in your tummy-tuck; etc…). It was her defending herself, boo.
    You are always trying to position yourself (closer) to throw a punch (first). You are an abuser.
    Hurt people, really do “hurt” other people. You need counseling, boo. You even came toward her “again” (like you did Eve previously) last night (lying on the table). Learn to control yourself.
    Isn’t one lawsuit from Meeka enough? Meeka, don’t drop that lawsuit girl. Tami, need to be sued (then, maybe she will calm her nerves).

  39. TheBook says:

    I have read a lot of books, and did not read Royce’s but I know there is another book out there with the same title by Lynn Peril. I hope she had permission/approval.

  40. Kee Kee says:


    ITA with everything you wrote and it hit me (pardon the pun) when you called Tami an abuser. She really is one. It’s sad more than anything, but what’s even more sad is when her behavior is encouraged by posters saying she’s “real” when the exact opposite is true.

  41. delredd says:

    i bet ya’ll when tami lay on d table meeka uglyass got scared that tami was goin’ 2 pop her again.2 me it was funny meeka u deserved it stop takin’ about ppl ur ass don’t know nthin’ about.jen u look pityful but u 2 got what u deserved when eric threw d drink own u. i don’t like when guys use vilonce on a woman but u freakin’ started it.

  42. Ndu says:

    Tammy is jealous of Meeka, period! Tammy is a bully. First, she had issues with Jennifer. Next she had issues with Evelyn. They were afraid of her loud mouth and ghetto ways, so they kissed her ass so that they could remain on her good side. Meeka is the only basketball wife on the show and except for Shaunie, she’s the only one with real money. If Shaunie had not had so many children by Shaq, she wouldn’t have money either. Tammy is one reality paycheck away from the soup line, or food stamp line…pick one. How many of these prostititues actually have a college degree? I doubt if any of them do. That’s why they are looking to men to take care of them. Evelyn, Chad doesn’t want you. LOL. He proved that by sneaking around with another woman, who you didn’t know and buying her lunch. Finally, Royce keeps it real. I like her. But I have to tell all of you something. No matter how many bad lace wigs you wear, no matter how much bling bling you flash, no matter how much makeup you cake on your face, it doesn’t make you classy. The majority of you are hoodrates and Shaunie, you try to play the good girl/mama role, but birds of a feather flock together. Meeka is a wife. A classy basketball wife at that. That’s why she had to leave because water seeks its own level and she floats above the rest of you wanna be’s. Go get an education. Devry University and Phoenix University offers online classes. Take a couple of classes and learn something while you’re sitting up waiting for a millionaire to come and get your credit straight…….Peace, love and blessings, Meeka! Continue to rise above the haters! Look around, you’re the only wife….the only calm sensible woman who is not divorced.

  43. zet says:

    @LADY D, I say it’s Tami and Royce. Royce is broke, like Suzie her mouth got her in trouble. her car was taken and her accounts froze because she wasn’t trying to pay her lawsuit. Tami is about get sued which will set her back from any ground she gained. Tami looked like she was trying to look like Evelyn only with bangs ( complete failure) I kept waiting for Rupaul to come out and slap her for embarrassing herself. Royce looked like second hand rose in that gray and yellow. eww. her big problem with these women is that they have what she had, and she lost it for running her mouth.
    This whole Meeka mess, Tami lied on her, she was the one who said that mess about the other women. She never let Meeka finish talking every time she got to that point and Royce know it’s true, but she sat there and wouldn’t say a word. They even removed those clips that shows what Tami said, and that she was the one talking the trash. meeka was not given a fair shake. All of them had a hand in telling her stuff, how is she suppose to keep it all straight. She could have just not said anything, but she was trying to figure all this out and talking to the wrong people, repeating what was told to her and they bring it all back to her as if she was trashing them. Vh1 use to show little clips when someone is lying, right on the show. Not only did they not to it, they removed it from the site.
    Oh, Royce, she just lying trying to keep drama going because she wants to sell that book, playing the victim. There is nothing real about her, i was really shocked that she allowed her 3 year old to ride the garage door while she recorded it, so she could tweet it. Adults have been killed or lost a finger/fingers, why would anyone be so stupid to take that chance with a baby because they thought it was cute !! She really needs to grow up and get her priorities straight.

  44. TheOnlyWife says:

    The first half of this so called reunion…pretty lame. But, I must say Meeka gets points for that come back….THR…lol she took that one out of my head…LMAO Tami needs to get her mind right! Cut the Rat stuff…. it’s not a good look….Being hood has nothing to do with being Real…by the way. I don’t care what the Housewives and Mob Wives are doing….Stop making yourself look crazy! No one goes to Rome to fight cause somebody tells Evelyn(of all people) behind their back they don’t like their weave…LOL As a “real” person you should have got at Meeka about that day one! that wasn’t even important enough to have a arguement over… I see Tami has made her way to the Fake side aka as “The Circle”.

    I can see the future…LMAO season 4-BBW last season It’s a Wrap!

    If Meeka goes Tami should to!

  45. delredd says:

    evilyn u wasn’t funny at all callin’ out security/snapping yr fingers all loud ur not cute at all.cursing out the 2 women n the crowd that was not cool either. how would u like if some 1 disresept ur mom/child i know that they should b tied of u making such a ass of ur self. 4-real evilyn stay off t.v.

  46. mary says:

    oh and as far as the “circle” and as tami say “situation” there is no “circle” and there is no “situation” it is called a SHOW..dumb dumb!!! like Meeka said who wants to be in something that is filled with hatred bitterness malice and evilness…this show is for the birds, call me when you get some real women on the show who know how to act and treat one another in the meantime Meeka and Royce yall need to get yall own show and show these tacky broads how it’s really done!

  47. Yvonne says:

    VH1 also controls which blogs are shown, every comment Ive made has been deleted, so they are controling this to make the viewer believe who they want use to think the viewers love or hate

  48. Deb in Naples says:

    Tammi thinks that because she talks louder and nastier that she is right. I can not believe that she would say she is not about fighting. THAT IS ALL TAMMY DOES. She has thrown her fists not only this season but last season too. Why are these other girls so afraid of Tammi that they are now trying to be friendly with her. She ruined the trip to Rome because she is Obsessed with Meeka, Tammi had to keep it going everytime they all went out. She just bullied and bullied and ran her mouth non stop, Tammi is the non-relevent one here! Tammi has the nerve to talk about Speedy that way, what about her ex? She couldn’t keep him happy that he ran around on her and who would blame him? Whew, who could put up with that mouth and bulling ghetto, rubber neckin talk she has everytime she opens her mouth. Tammi’s kids don/t want her as their manager because she is all about the drama.
    Tammi is now trying to justify that she hit Meeka because her hands were waving. I saw Tammi do that alot to Meeka and the other gals. That does not give ANYONE the right to POP someone. Tammi is a bully , ghetto and classless!

  49. Lisa says:

    Can’t stand Royce! She is so annoying and stupid!

  50. Sonja says:

    This is the worst bunch of class less women, Im embarrassed for them. They do anything for money. And shaunie is the worst of the bunch, cause she started this mess and trys to look innocent. They should pull this from off the air, they are human rodents!!!!

  51. Krisy says:

    Stop the madness! We need less of this kind of foolishness and more shows that highlight the educated, christian family oriented black woman…..stop the madness PLEASE.