Highlights From The Basketball Wives Reunion: Part One


Part one of the Basketball Wives reunion is over so…What did you think?? We’re surprised it wasn’t more heated (although hearing Evelyn yell for security was pretty hilarious), but no punches were thrown and there were no major attacks to speak of. We did want to highlight a few of the biggest moments though, so just to recap, here’s a list of the biggest issues that were touched on and some of the best images from the show.
1. What’s Gotten Into Royce?

Right off the bat, host John Salley asked the question that had been on everyone’s mind all season, “What was Royce’s deal during the season two reunion?” While Royce speaks to that a bit more extensively in our upcoming interview with her, she “got to the point where [she] was sick of them talking all sorts of sideways” and decided to start standing up for herself. But the real kicker was when she explained “Now that their time is up and my time is now, it’s a problem.” Tell us how you really feel, girl.

2. Jennifer Williams Vs. Eric Williams

After a finale like the one we saw which culminated with Eric Williams throwing a drink in Jennifer’s face, she addressed the issue diplomatically on-air, saying she’s just ready “to leave that life behind.” Tami, always to the point, called what Eric did “a bitch move.” Of course the issue we really want addressed is what Jen said to (or about?) Eric’s mother, which seemed to cause Eric to fly off the handle to begin with. Alas, we won’t be privy to those details any time soon. As I mentioned in my preview post last week, Eric did indeed have a dressing room set aside backstage in case he decided to come to the reunion, but at the last minute, he decided not to.

3. Suzie‘s Foot In Mouth Disease, Part I

It wouldn’t be an episode of Basketball Wives if Suzie didn’t say a little too much. Our favorite example of this during the reunion was when she explained: “Honestly, I care about everyone…even you, Meeka.” Meeka’s like…”Thanks?” It’s not especially dramatic, but that’s our Suzie! Suzie has an even bigger “taking it too far” moment in part two, though, so just you wait.

4. Meeka’s Thirsty and Wearing Bootleg Earrings

“Thirsty means you want attention,” Evelyn said when she pointed out that that’s exactly what she thinks Meeka is. The girls ganged up on Meeka at the end of the show calling her out for possibly hiring her own paparazzi and trying to be a star on the show. And that of course led to the earring conversation. When Meeka started talking about her style, that’s when Evelyn took offense. “You were rocking the same earrings as we wore since season one, you were trying so hard to be a part!” Evelyn said.

"Get your own designs then. Stop. STOP IT! You are not the original of them designs, boo boo! Get off the stage! SECURITY!"

Meeka then claimed all her earrings were custom made by her stylist who she then brought out.

“They’re bootleg, then,” Evelyn said before Meeka actually brought out her stylist to back her up. That didn’t help her case, unfortunately.

5. Tami Hoodrat Roman Vs. Meeka Liar Claxton

“You can ask me 20,000 times if I like you, the answer’s still no!” Tami told Meeka at the beginning of their very special segment. These women, it’s safe to say, will never solve their differences, especially not when they keep having exchanges like this:
Tami: “From the time you came into the situation, all you did was lie! That’s like Meeka Liar Claxton. MLC!”
Meeka: “And you’re THR, Tami Hoodrat Roman.”
John Salley’s face says it all:

And of course, this is just part one. Part two of the Basketball Wives reunion special airs on Monday, August 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Tami Roman and Shaunie O’Neal will also be appearing on Extra on Tuesday, August 16, so be sure to check your local listings for even more of their commentary and reaction to the reunion.

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