Isaac Hanson To Kings Of Leon: Don’t Be Oasis


When Hanson‘s eldest member Isaac Hanson spoke to WENN on Friday night, he didn’t mince words about another band of brothers—the three Followills, who with their cousin Matthew comprise Kings of Leon. As rumors about the band’s strife continue to circulate after the band’s tour cancellation, Hanson encourages the Followills to work out their difficulties as soon as possible—and behind the scenes.

If any band would have reason to be bitter, one might expect Hanson to be, considering the extent to which their continuing career has been unfairly written off by those who think of the band as one-hit wonders. But the band also has one of the most devoted fanbases in music, partly because they go above and beyond to always put the crowd first. In so many words, Isaac Hanson encourages Kings of Leon to do the same: “The Kings of Leon guys are running some risks. They’re irritating people; you can’t do that too much. Eventually the bad boy image affects fans’ willingness to show up. Their fans will get bummed out.”

At the same time, Hanson tries to be empathetic to the possible reasons behind the struggles: “I’m a bit of a hothead in certain circumstances, but you gotta temper it because your fans are there and they’ve paid good money to see a show, and you gotta bring it,” he says. “I don’t wash my dirty laundry in public.” He raises the specter of Oasis to scare them straight, saying that the Gallagher brothers’ infighting “hurt them ultimately, because it made it hard for people to have a lot of fun at their shows – because they were worried that Noel was gonna get pissed off” and leave, though he admitted he wasn’t sure that an Oasis show had ever ended that way. We can think of a particularly infamous example of the reverse: Liam Gallagher was thought to be a no-show at the taping of Oasis’s Unplugged until he was spotted heckling the band from a balcony.

One positive role model for the family-band model that Hanson fails to mention is uncle-cousin duo LMFAO, who, like Hanson, are focused on making sure that their audience is gonna have a good time, and who, armed with that attitude, have scored a #1 single.

Hanson Takes Aim At Kings Of Leon Over Bad Attitude [WENN]

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