Watch A Sneak Peek Of Demi Lovato Singing “Skyscraper” At The Do Something! Awards


Earlier today we mentioned that Demi Lovato brought the house down during her performance at the 2011 Do Something! Awards, which were taped on Sunday night. Well, here’s a little teaser from that performance, including an introduction by Demi’s pal Kim Kardashian. It’s just a little snippet of what’s to come on Thursday night’s broadcast of the awards, but we’re getting chills anyway.

The Do Something! Awards air Thursday, August 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. baru says:


  2. aws demi always so perfect addition to an incredible voice is beautiful and enviable for its incredible body Demii I adore!…

  3. Jessica says:

    She truly is amazing. An inspiration to many people.

  4. avi-rai says:


    On August 20, lets give Demi an amazing birthday present? she can never forget. Watch Skyscraper on VEVO at least? once and try to?? get her the most watched video? of the year for the most inspirational song of? our lives. Copy and paste this to her other? videos and thumbs up?? so we can? get? the word around.

    WE? LOVE? YOU DEMI AND? WE’RE? SO GLAD YOU’RE? HEALTHY? AGAIN! Love You Demi And Too Me You Were Never Gone.

  5. Hannah says:

    she is absolutely amazing.. i listened to just the audio of this performance and i got the chills and tears in my eyes. can’t wait to see the video along with it!

  6. any says:

    despite the problems that demi has the face she knows is an inspiration to many, is the best of all I love you demi ->>> Go ahead

    I hope that all good writing is not much I’m taking the English

  7. sunny says:

    you are amazing!!!!! I love you Demi!!!!

  8. Dani says:

    Absolutely Breath taking. I can’t wait to see the whole performance.

  9. efren says:

    demi you are perfect
    i love you

  10. The Boy says:

    Hey She’s is an Amazing Person I’m glad she bounced back form threatment she Derseves a lot of cerdit for that to see her fans thank her form the bottom of her heart she Always be their role model for her fans all the world she loves each and everyone of you guys she really does Care about her Fans and her Family is Supporting her all the way and her friends as well with the Support of Selena, & Miley they Always been there for her through out her career seening a great peformance like that in fornt of the world watching Millions Fans Boardcasting live over 90,000 million Coutrines and 123,2035 differenet Langauges I’m sure her fans know she’s sorry for everything she has done for you I”m hope in my Heart that she could forgive me for everything that I’ve done over the past few couple of months I’ve been through a lot right now at every moment you’ll never know when see a such singer like Demi Lovato so on behalf of your fans good Luck Tonight your firends always have your back they’re with you all the way

  11. Aria says:

    So proud of her!!! Got chills even though this isn’t even the full vid. Lovatic for life <3

  12. Hailey says:

    KGNAERIB ohmygod! Shes so amazing<33 I seriously cant wait to watch this! Only 4 and a half more hours!!<3 Im so glad to say that Demi is my inspiration & favorite singer(:

  13. Divaaaaa ??? I love you Demiiii, Happy birthday divaaaaaaa please follow me galley ?~_~?

  14. Cammie says:

    She’s absolutely incredible and I never had any doubts that she wouldn’t be able to hit the high notes in this song. I love you Demi and us Lovatics will always be there to support you. ?

  15. gustavo says:

    demis are the best of all congratulations great show yours

  16. Chris says:

    This girl is untouchable with all of her talent. She is way beyond what Disney could have ever done for her. Can’t wait to see what she has in store for her next and future albums.

  17. eve says:

    nice for you demiii ..i love you…..and this is a good song

  18. You is very beautiful ofa all the forms or ways kisses.. Love you very much!

  19. Isaiah says:

    I LOVE YOU SO MIUCH DEMI!!!!!!!!! u rock!!!!

  20. Wyatt says:


  21. we love you demi happy b-day stay strong

  22. skorpio19 says:

    eres la chica que, a pesar de que no quieres que te tomen como ejemplo, nos das la satisfaccion para seguir adelante con nuestros proyectos. eres el ejemplo de lucha y persistencia.. como una vez dije: gracias por existir, porque nos inspiras esa fuerza que tu tienes. !!FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!

  23. Camille says:

    im uber excited to see this, im a huge fan of demi since the begining and her song skyscrapper is inspirational and everytime i listen to it i cant help but sing with