Famous Food – Episode 7 – Cocktail Time


This episode of Famous Food will now be re-named Famous Drinks for the sake of this recap, since it revolved around each cast member creating their own signature drink, but also around Juicy J‘s predilection for the sauce. Juicy really wreaked havoc on his teammates, flying off the handle, pouring himself shots on the job, getting chastised by the Dolce Group, and almost falling on Heidi and breaking her. (The way Heidi treats her own fragile body, it’s almost as if she has avian bone syndrome.)

Despite Juicy’s disruptive nature this week, the gang was also responsible for creating a list of signature cocktails, with the help of a very patient mixologist named Zara. Here’s what they came up with.

Personally, it’s a tie between Ashley‘s and Danielle‘s drinks, for me. (Which I guess is ironic? You know, since they’re mortal enemies.) But they all actually sound pretty decent. And if you’re curious, I actually went to Lemon Basket recently, and though I didn’t try every drink (because that would have been a real mess and I AM A PROFESSIONAL), I did grab a photo of which drinks made it to the final menu.

Interesting to see that everyone’s drink made it on there in some way, except for Ashley. Maybe all those visits to see her boyfriend really screwed her over after all and the penalty was -1 specialty cocktail for Ash.

Next week, Juicy J flies off the handle even more and something tells me that he may not be a frontrunner for partner after that. Just a guess.

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