Hip Hop Experts Weigh In On Anne Hathaway’s “Lil Wayne” Flow


There are few things more awkward in this world than when white girls try to rap. Madonna, for one, still hasn’t lived down her embarrassing “I’m drinkin’ a soy latte” faux pas from “American Life,” and she’s the Queen of Pop! (Don’t even get us started on those Alabama sorority girls.) The ever-fearless Anne Hathaway, however, took a bold step on last night’s episode of Conan and spit a few bars of an original, paparazzi-themed diss track she wrote while getting bothered by shutterbugs on the set of The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh.

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Since we have spent more than a few nights drunkenly rapping at karaoke bars, and since footage of this no doubt exists on someone’s mobile phones (or security cams!), we figured we would pass on commenting on Hathaway’s lyrical prowess. Instead, we asked a panel of hip hop experts to listen to Catwoman’s flow —which she described as being performed “in the style of Lil Wayne”— and let us know what they thought. Here’s what they said:

  • “Anne, like most of those theater nerds that we all grew up with in high school, is at least 78% percent ham (the other 22% probably being kombucha and kale….yeesh, get that gal a burger or something) so animated Fem-inem impressions are probably how she blows off steam. Anne’s paparazzi diss rap can’t hold a candle to Natalie Portman’s classic SNL rap debut and I’m not sure how Weezy’s sappy singing love tune inspired this rant, but extra points for the Jersey shout out and ass-slapping hand gesture!”—Miss Info, Hot 97 and MissInfo.tv (Follow her on Twitter: @MissInfo)
  • A. Hathaway (she’s definitely earned a nickname after this) spits more like Nicki Minaj than ‘in the style of Lil Wayne.’ But, with Nicki going pop and Drizzy going dark, Weezy could use a thug in his life. Just don’t call her scuzzy.”—Jayson Rodriguez, Executive Editor at XXL (Follow him on Twitter: @JayHovaWitness)

  • “I can’t believe I watched all the way through. Anne Hathaway channeling Lil Wayne is a tiny bit scary but why it scares me is why I heart Anne: she takes off her cool. Maybe she should spit in her own voice? Worked for Taylor Swift when rapping Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass.'”—Erika Ramirez, Associate Editor for Billboard.com’s The Juice (Follow her on Twitter: @3rika)
  • “If DMX and Lady Gaga had an illegitimate girl that rapped, it would probably resemble whatever it was Anne Hathaway did on that verse. I’m not mad, though; this is exactly how Kreayshawn got signed.”—Legend, Content Manager, FreeOnSmash.com (Follow him on Twitter: @thekidLEGEND)

Where do you land on this debate? Make your voice heard!

Additional reporting by Lacey Seidman

This Is Anne Hathaway Rapping “In The Style Of Lil Wayne” [TheFABLife]

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