The Best GIFs Of Basketball Wives Season 3: You’re Welcome!


And now, as season three of Basketball Wives draws to a close, we have a little GIFt for you all. (Get it? Because these are animated gi— nevermind). No matter what the women on this show do, it’s endlessly entertaining to us, whether it’s devilish girl talk, drunken party time, or throwing hands at the club. And when you combine all the best of these moments in a list like the one below, it’s like a party that’s living inside our blog. (That sounds a little trippy but it’s true, just look at how fun this post is! SO FUN!)

So without further ado…The best GIFs of Basketball Wives season three, from ass-slapping to Jennifer‘s Gene Simmons tongue, to the real non-mother-f—ing factor.

(One last thing: We’d like to thank Lauren Deiman for cutting all these awesome GIFs for us!)

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  1. Ashley says:

    Team Tami&Royce

  2. delredd says:

    tami’s shaking her head after she call meeka with ur black ass that was so crazy. the fight between u 2 was so freakin’ funny i just can’t get enough of it.

  3. BabyLuv60 says:

    Team Royce, Tami & Evelyn!!
    First of all Royce you will never fit in with the others because you have a heart and you treat them all fairly. They all turned against you in Spain because you were sick. Tami’s the only one that keeps it real to her friends. Don’t try to be like them because we love you just the way you are. Tami, what can I can I say, LoL!!! I love you because you don’t take the backstabbing!! Confront them head on girl keep up the good work. After watching Evelyn talking with her father I understand her anger but I loved her during the Reunion show #3. Security, Security!!! Love you girls!!!

  4. wakeup says:


  5. Helen says:

    The show should be called Basketball Exes. A real Basketball wife would not carry herself in such a ghetto, undignified manner. Evelyn has a potty mouth. She has a lot of hostility. Susie is gossipy and so needy. Jennifer needs to be her own person & get her head out of Evelyn’s ass. She can’t mention Evelyn’s boyfriend’s name, but Evelyn can talk about her EX. Tammy is a hood rat. They are like school in the summer time.(No Class)

  6. Lynne says:

    Love Royce and Tami with her crazy self! Meeka got what she deserved for being two faced with Royce and telling SUZIE! that “fake people” BS! She was instigating. Ev not having a Dad is no excuse for her behavior. Jen lost me when she made the food stamp comment upon meeting Tami. I can’t stand “chapped lips, but has a lip gloss line!” (LOL) And, Shaunie pretends to be above the drama, but she’s tacky and messy too! How she did Gloria in that restaurant was shocking. I wouldn’t snith on my sis, true rumor or not! And, Suzie is fake for smiling in Royce’s face and talking about her with Ev&Jen.

  7. delredd says:

    jen u with the ballon was such a freakin’ scene u go girl. evilyn /chad get a room behind close that was so nasty. evilyn ur a sad example 4 ur daughter that’s why she move to cali 2 get the hell from u/chad. ur daughter is pretty she reminds me of denise matthews vanity from vanity6.

  8. Kelley says:

    @ Toni
    That novel was waaay to much. The one person you put on this “imaginary pedestal” is the only one thats shaking her business for all the world to see, and is half naked on each VH1 blog she writes. You can defend that ??

  9. Kianna2828 says:

    Tami is out of her mind and out of control to be lady like her

  10. Vicki says:

    I have already stopped watching this garbage! But I have a great idea……Get Lala and Kim on the show…….to replace a few of these bimbos…….you might actually get REAL basketball WIVES!! And some class!

  11. james says:

    Suzie need to get off the show. Shes lame

  12. delredd says:

    2 me evilyn look so stupid calling shouting out SECURITY, SECURITY, how childess of u. the crowds were laughing at ur ignorant, u were not funny at all.

  13. Nikkii B says:

    How come no one ever talks about the one person who kinda keeps it going……Shaunie! I know it is for tv but come on ladies….do we have to put ourselves(meaning you guys) out there like that? And don’t some of them have children? ( i stop watching season 1) What are you teaching our children by acting this way? Grown ass women acting like they don’t have any kouth? Hell VH1, you need some ideas for shows, let me know, i believe i can come up with a better ideal for a show rather then this ish!

  14. Trish says:

    I like the show and the girls, BUT I do have to agree with Royce on ONE thing. Jen needs to get a life and stop riding on Evelyn’s coat tail, try being yourself, I’m just saying. Tammi of course rocks for being real and Shaunie for being classy. Meeka, Meeka who?????????

  15. Michael B. says:

    Royce and Tami are real genuine and I love them for it. Jen is an airhead period …. she is as DUMB as a brick. No mind of her own a follower. Shaunie is never there but she shows class. Meeka is a two faced liar. Susie is an instigator who can’t be that dumb and naive, sometimes I think she does it on purpose then sit back and laugh at them fighting each other over something she said. Evelyn . I saved for last because she appears to be an over the hill gold digger and Chad would have to be totally insane to marry her. She have been with multi – millionaires but has her mother and family still living in the projects in the Bronx. She is as fake as she is phony and broke up Jen’s marriage because she was jealous, but was ready to dump Jen over a comment about Chad. So much for loyalty and BFF.

  16. Rae A says:

    It really urkes me that there are no actual WIVES on Basketball Wives!…since Jennifer’s divorcing & no one likes the only REAL wife, Meeka. She probably won’t be back. I know alot of people likes Evelyn’s drama….BUT she was never a WIFE and is soon to be a FOOTBALL wife. Go start another show! The show should be called Basketball Ex’s… keep it real! Since all of them always talk about KEEPIN IT REAL!

  17. deeee says:

    I give her the #1 spot!! woman of the year!! she act like a lady, and kept her cool thats what a real woman do!!!!

  18. deeee says:

    who??? meeka

  19. time4creativity says:

    dis iz 1 show our generation can do without … i mean most of us get enuff of dis type drama @ school in our neighborhoods esp. in the black communities. b-sides there r other shows dat can fulfill ur appetite 4 drama if dats what u desire such as “cops”, ” police women of memphis”, tru tv’s”world’s dumbest criminals”,etc……..seein’ a bunch of women who r only famous coz of their x-hubbies or baby-daddies 4 a generation who iz bombarded wit’ enuff negative images on the newz & failing educational system iz definitely not a good thing @ all!!!!!!!! where’s the creativity in dat?????????????

  20. deb says:

    basketball wives LA has no class all they do is fight and argue, and all in each others business to much I would the heck out of the noisey ones, lets just hang out you don;t need to be in other peoples business like that, the show is boring they have no substance, now I see why the basketball players choose to be with other women of other nationalities that just crazy, and I can change the channel which I’ll be doing, it’s wack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  21. deb says:

    dag toni, did you write a book!!!!!!!