Basketball Wives Season 3 Reunion Part Two: The Highlights And Quotes Of The Night


Part two of the Basketball Wives season three reunion was — dare I say it? — a wee bit more explosive than part one, despite the fact that no one walked off the stage and no fists went flying. The tension though between Tami and Meeka was higher than ever, and the constant squabbling between Royce and Jennifer was at its peak, which made for some pretty good television. It also made for some pretty great soundbites too. So, as I recap this final episode of season three, I’ll be using the best quotes of the night to frame the biggest talking points of the show.

Issue #1: Who’s coming back for season 4?

Here’s what Tami had to say about that: “I will guarantee you that if Meeka does [sign on for next season] I will not participate.” It turns out that, if Shaunie can help it, Meeka may not return after all, but that brings up a whole other debate as to whether or not Meeka or Tami should stick around. Judging from our poll results last week, it looks like most of you want Meeka gone. And as for Royce’s participation next season? Suzie’s mouth might have gotten her into even more trouble with that. “You said you weren’t coming back for season four,” Suzie told Royce when the issue came up, but Royce claimed her words got twisted, as they so often do on this show. “I said ‘I’m done’ in terms of sitting here trying to be friends with them” Royce corrected “In terms of dealing with the bulls—.”

Will they or won’t they return? That is the question.

Issue #2: Meeka Vs. Tami (Again)

“I respect the game of basketball,” Tami told Meeka, about to unleash a war of words on her. “I respect champions…Your husband lucked up and got traded to a team that happened to win a championship.” Yeah, Tami went there, arguing that Speedy Claxton‘s championship ring was bogus and all based on luck. Later, Tami defended her actions in Rome, saying “I issued a disclaimer, if you put your hand up and I don’t know whats coming my way, that could get you popped. That’s my s— and I’m sticking to it,” to which Meeka responded “I pop bottle in clubs, I don’t go up popping people, popping off.” Tami definitely got more words in tonight, but Meeka maintained her composure for sure. Whether or not there were any winners here though is debatable.

Issue #3: Chatty Suzie

It was a running theme all season that Suzie couldn’t keep her trap shut, and this reunion was no different. First, when Suzie tried to interrupt Meeka and Meeka just steamrolled right over her, she had a little outburst. “Meeka shut up for a second, let me talk! F—! I haven’t talked this whole f—ing time! All you do is f—ing talk, shut the f— up!” she screamed to no avail.

When she finally got a few words in, it was foot in mouth all over again when she described her friends’ frivolous fights. “They’re fighting over pictures and tweets and I’m like who cares? It’s just pictures and tweets. No one killed each other’s cats or anything. You didn’t go sleep with her man or something. Well, sometimes that happens. But if Tami can get over the whole sleeping together thing —” Record scratch! Oh, Suzie. If only your mouth had a delete button you wouldn’t bring up such tender subjects like Tami and Evelyn’s blowout last season.

Issue #4: Eric The Movie Mogul

Yet another reason why Jen and Royce are at odds this season is Royce’s possible interest in this movie Eric claims to have written. Jen clarified that it wasn’t an Eric issue so much as it’s a friendship and respect issue. “It’s not about Eric,” she told Royce, “It’s about woman to woman. Have some respect.” Even though Royce attempted to respect Jen and have a conversation with her about it, Jen wasn’t having any of it. What does Jen actually think of Eric’s new career choice though? “Eric don’t know s— about entertainment. He ain’t never been an actor, he ain’t never been in a movie. He reached out to Suzie and Royce because he knows those are the two people that I’m not cool with.” Evelyn added “I just wanna know who would take Eric serious as a producer for a movie. You’re not Steven Spielberg. Who are you?” Royce’s best line of the night came when she told Jen later “Your ass is jealous of all the s— coming out of your mouth.”

Issue #5: Evelyn and Chad

“We argue, we fight, we f—, we get over it, we keep it moving. We have a cool relationship,” Evelyn explained as she described her relationship with fiance Chad Ochocinco. Evelyn stopped pursuing in vitro because she’s currently so busy, but she said “Right now as we speak his sperm is frozen,” and when the time is right, she’s gonna pop that spermcicle in. As far as how Jennifer feels about Chad, even though they’ve resolved their issues, Jen was still wary of the situation and told Ev “I’ve been through two breakups with you, I’ve packed boxes, I’ve moved plasma TVs, my thing is, I’m saying this out of concern for you and I don’t wanna go back down that road with you.”

Speaking of going back down that road, we can confirm that there will indeed be a season four, which is slated to arrive in 2012! So let us know what you think: Who should return and who should call it quits next season, and who held their own at this reunion? And if you have any suggestions for who you’d like to see on the show, we’re actually looking for some fresh blood, so feel free to email us if you’re a basketball wife or know of one who would be a great addition to the cast.

Since we know you love the drama, we also wanted to let you know that if you want to be in the center of it all for the next reunion, you can enter for a chance to win a trip to the Basketball Wives LA Reunion Show here!

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  1. Jackie Johnson says:

    i wish they kick Royce off the show. She has nothing to add to this show but her mess.

  2. Ultimate Class says:

    Although I love watching the show and made sure that I did not miss one episode, I was just a bit uneasy about the reunion show. One tip of advice for Meeka, “Learn to speak up for yourself!” Tami drowned your voice, you did not have much of a voice. “Did you not say your a business woman?” What business woman is going to let someone down play who they are, you don’t have to use harsh words, but you could of showed a bit more intelligence. Yes, you did not display a sense of ignorance, you displayed a sign of weakness. If you thought you were going to be able to handle a very outspoken woman such as Tami ,you sign ed on for the wrong show. That probably would work on Celebrity Apprentice, not basketball wives. If you do sign on for season four, think before you speak, cause you did make a mess of your words.

  3. Arkansas says:

    I love this show! I think Meeka and Royce are Non M.F. Factors on the show and should not even be on there. I hope they don’t come back! I really don’t know why Royce is even on the show. Find some new girls and keep it moving. I also think Suzie is out of place on the show.

  4. bren says:

    BW had a great opportunity to show the wives of these athletes in a positive light. Instead, these women act like a bunch of low life hood rats who happen to luck out and marry well and have no idea how to conduct themselves. Shame on Shaunie. She should be embarrassed. This type of behavior is exactly why black people are thought of in a negative way.

  5. Daisy says:

    Tami Roman, classless and useless chick.


    I sat infront of the television STUNNED at what I was seeing ..I cannot believe that women , especially those with children could behave like this ?Tami ——— Are you proud of your behaviour ? Oh my goodness _—-everyone will now sympathise with your exhusband .If you can display such OBNOXIOPUS BEHAVIOUR ON National television .I can only imagine what would happen elsewhere .Meeka showed CLASS tonight .She is indeed a “ROLE —MODEL “. If you are coming back on the show ,women of class and dignity will not look at that show.

    SHAME —SHAME SHAME For such gutterish behaviour

  7. The Realist says:

    Why do some many people support Tami’s ignorance??

  8. Helen says:

    I truly believe that Shaunie had good intentions when she started the show .This lady has maintained her composure , but she has to step it up and decide what is the real aim of this show ? Is it geared towards bringing out the “THE WORST IN BLACK WOMEN”? Oh my goodness . If someone is given such an opportunity to showcase BLACK WOMEN I would do everything possible to make them feel PROUD to be black .No matter how much money I would be paid to behave in such a slutty fashion .I would recognise who I am .
    The kind of behaviour displayed by some of these women is EMBARSSING AND TOTALLY UNBECOMING ..
    MEEKA needs to stay to teach these women some CLASS. I was very impressed by her behaviour .

  9. Hazy B says:

    Please Tami should be out of the show .She is no example to anyone .
    Meeka shows good composure .Thnk of what is good for the show .
    Many women feel slighted .and ashamed .

  10. Esther says:

    Please please I am talking from the heart , using my friends pc .Tami needs to get out of the show .She is Shameless .

  11. Jeany says:

    Congratulations Meeka . You are a woman of dignity .You kept your composure I am so delighted that you did not go down to TAMI’s level
    Are you aware that when people hate you and oppose you so much its because they wish they were YOU ? Think about it . There is a big “J” word taking place . what else can it be that this woman has so much animosity towards you since you arrived on the show ?

    .May God continue to bless you .

  12. Emmanuelle Donato says:

    Yall a bunch of losers, people. In the show you support Tami and now Meeka please you guys are shameless. Sure, Tami did break up screaming and hollering but Meeka provokes and lies behind people’s back. I like Tami she sets things straight, unlike Meeka and she told Meeka, she does not like to fight, but if she needs to fix a situation then she will do it. People get your decisions and opinions straight. Meeka got her great attitude cause of the beating that Tami gave_ it must have made Meeka regain her senses. I think Tami at the end of the day did a good job. Jen spoke her mind to Royce and Evelyn. Although i was really a shame that Shaunie didn’t talk at all basically, Royce acted classless and Suzie talk with barely sense.

  13. Sandee says:

    I watched the reunion show and could not believe the amount of anger coming from Tami towards Meeka and Royce towards Jen. Tami was straight up aggressive and that foolishness she spouts about people putting their hands up – I gesticulate when I speak but does not mean that I will hit someone – most people do. Lame excuse. Royce getting up to slap her butt – VULGAR and childish. Season 2 finale was Evelyn and now Jen. Royce is real ignorant. Suzie is quite a mouth piece – she flat out talks too much. Suzie is no peacemaker and she says Meeka talks too much? Looking at a clip from BBW LA, that promises more drama than these ladies. I think that now they have had a chance to get the anger out, hopefully they will be better in Season 4.

  14. Deb in Naples says:

    I too sat there completely stunned and amazed at how Tami acts. It is absolutely true, this show has now turned into how class-less can you act? Tami has NO Right to put her hands on ANYBODY. Tami is nothing but a bully! I can see why her husband could not be with her. Tami has NO Respect for the Basketball game what-soever! To attack Speedy for his accomplishments? What has Tami done that we would consider accomplished? Lets see, Marry a Basketball player, not a Basketball Star either by any means, but she drove him right into the arms of any other woman who came along. Who would blame him?. Had two daughters that have the sense to not let Tami bring the Drama to their talents. Tami can not let anything go, if you don’t like someone, fine, stay away from them. But Tami just keeps going louder and louder and bullys people. She is a classless Ghetto Hood Rat and needs to learn to show some class. I would go toe to toe, face to face with Tami any day and I can GUARANTEE that if she put her hands on me, She would be arrested. I don’t care if Meeka jumped up and down waving her hands in front of your face, YOU do not have the right to hit anybody… It is abuse and should have consequences if you do. Meeka, these classless women have been horrible to you and you don’t need any of them. Shame on Shawnie for letting things get as far as they did in Rome. Tami had everyone feeling uncomfortable every time she bullied Meeka with her words then finally her fists. Jen remember she went after you last year cause you did not know what food stamps looked like? Please girl! Tami how come you did not pop Evelynn, she had her hands in front of you when you went to HER store and threatened her? You are afraid of Evelyn, but you think you can weaken Meeka and bully her? John Sally, I am ashamed they way he handled the show. He was kissing up to the wanna-be popular, girls. John you showed no class either! Susie just needs to SHUT UP! Everytime she opens her mouth it is to tell what someone else said!!! Susie, say what you say, not what everyone else says….. Susie is a non factor on this show.. hehe

  15. Kelley says:

    And the Winner is : Royce, !! For the Fake Actress Category.

    She really put on a performance last night. And not a very good on I might add. Royce is such a joke. I cant see how anybody could find anything real about her. Come on now, she took Eric seriously about the movie roll. Jen and Evelyn really got her on that point. Loved it. It showed how simple she really is. Royce will end up on the “casting couch” soon, if she already hasn’t been.

  16. Mary R says:

    I agree with 90% of the people on this post. Tami’s behavior cross the line. I understand that when you get several women together with different personalities there will be some agruements and maybe even some getting in each other’s face, but noone has the right to put their hands on another person. You do that when your in your teens and maybe 20s, but 40s come one people. You should know better. I think that Shaunie would be supporting that behavior if she supports Tami to coming back. Shaunie tried to say that Tami is sweet, but Tami has got into physical altercations with two cast members. It would be three if she could have gotten at Jen. The only thing real about Tami are her anger management issues. She claims she likes to keep it real. Yea, real ghetto. Meeka may not be right for the show, but neither is Tami. This show will continue to turn into a circus as long as she is on the show. Remember Shaunie you want balance. I will not watch if Tami returns period

  17. CHOCOLATE28N says:

    Honestly, Meka needs to GO! I also think the show needs to show some of the positive things the ladies do. Its not all about the drama all the time. These ladies are educated and do other things during the day expect eat lunch and fight for 8 weeks. Show something positive.
    Jennifer, I’m going to need you to stop letting them edit you to look like a high school adult. Think for yourself. You looked real crazy on the reu show. You are not Tami or Evelyn. Your brain doesn’t work that fast when you are trying to cuss someone out. LOL!
    Shaunie. REALLY!! I’m going to need you to be around more other than when drama or a fight is about to break out. REALLY…

  18. hollywood!!! says:

    the people who have a prob with Royce have to be as mindless as Jen… if you don’t get it then continu living your meaningless lives… I doubt she cares
    … Evelyn need to take a page out of KK book and marry the man quick before she end up engaged for another 11 years…btw KK have a lot more going on than Ev and still manage to plan a wedding…poor excuse

  19. Lisa says:

    Why is Royce on this show? She only started opening up her mouth last reunion to stay relevant. She is so boring and so stupid to me. She reminds me of a little dorky boy…

  20. myself says:

    wow. Reading some of the comments makes me cringe. I know everyone is entitled to their opinions but i didn’t realize there were so many low class illiterate delusional people out there. First, i am amazed at how many people support Evelyn and Jen in all of their fakedom, superficiality and materialism. Evelyn is vulgar and just because she has a pretty face does not make her a pretty person. Jen is a door mat and irrelevant and has a very limited vocabulary. Tami is hood, Meeka’s a wannabe and Shani was trying to chanel Keri Hilson. Royce is real and has been consistent throughout. Suzi is a punk. End of Story. Next.

  21. Adult Toys says:

    Can’t wait for LA Basketball Wives the drama, hate, and constantly arguing over dumb things is getting old real quick. Even if it is the same on the LA version at least it’s some new “wives”.

  22. jb says:

    Tami lying about what she did say and I use like Tami but now I don.t All that big talked and she iying I want be watch next season if she don.t come clean… Royce I love her stay but will miss her if she go Meek hands where down when Tami hit her and Tami iying about that…..

  23. Cammie Roper says:

    As I read these comments it is amazing that women can sit here and say that Jen, Evelyn and Tammi are on point. First, did any of you watch the ENTIRE season??? Because if you had, you would not be sitting here defending Jen over Royce. What did Royce actually do to Jen? Think about it! Nothing, ok, she said Royce was following Eric on Twitter, Tammi even cleared that up last night, Twitter is a SOCIAL NETWORK, that is what people do, they re-tweet, all of that hatred Jen has for Royce is because Evelyn doesn’t like Royce. Nothing more, nothing less, because if I can recall, she hated Suzie the same way when Evelyn hated Suzie on season 2. And for the record , Royce was going to be woman enough and reach out to Jen, But Suzie-Talk-a-lot got to her first. As for Tammi, bullying Meeka, what would it have solved for Meeka to argue or fight her, Tammi it just like that. She wanted to fight Jen for the food stamp remark, she fought Evelyn for calling her a Non- M’F Factor, she told Suzie to her face she didn’t like her. Why is it that Tammi can say all of this and get away with it. Who made her the conversation police??? Please, Shaunie sat back in her Rubix Cube dress last night and let it all unfold and even AGREED

  24. Marie Pinder says:

    I definitely dont think meeka should should return for season 4 she causes too much drama and she is there for publicity. Royce need needs not to return either it think she is played out and she is not a basketball wife.

  25. Cammie Roper says:

    cont’ with Royce about trying to show another side to the ladies. That’s maturity people. Tammi disrespected Meeka’s husband, regardless of what, he got the ring, and if you knew basketball so much, why is it that when Kenny left her behind, she was on foodstamps. Please! And Miss Evelyn, she is so hard, from the Bronx, when she saw Chad, where was all that moxie, why didn’t she stop at the place they were eating, park her car and make her presence known, I’m sure there were plenty glasses she could have thrown! Get a grip. Hopefully they change the format a little because, the mean girls are always winning even on blog spots! SMH

  26. Dianna Francis says:

    Tami – off the show, too much hollerin, punchin, and just no good to see a grown woman acting so out of control, she need to be medicated.
    Meeka – the ONLY real basketball wife on the show, she has class. Was called a liar and back stabber, just wasn’t true, she was misrepresented by the show for more drama.
    Royce – why is she even on the show, she is triffling and needs to go.
    Shawnie – I am disappointed how often that woman sits around doin absolutely nothin to settle the women’s fights and how she can be just as bad with the gossip and back stabbing. I am not impressed.

  27. Chad says:

    Tami needs to be booted from the show she’s an low class hood rat that is simply there to scream and hollar and act like a bully,and as far as her lil “disclamer” Meeka’s hand wsn’t anywhere near her face when she sucker punched Meeka she was actually looking at Suzie when Tami hit her.

  28. Lisha says:

    After reading the wide spectrum of opinions, I have come to a conclusion! Shaunie should choose new cast members! Even though I don’t think the show makes black women look bad, it is about time to give us (the viewers) some fresh faces! Maybe even some women that get along. I know that drama brings ratings, thus a fatter paycheck, but I wanna see them doing everyday things and get the real “inside scoup” of being a basketball wife!

  29. Project Diva says:

    First off none of ya’ll are current wives but Meeka & some never even made it to the aisle at all. Now Evelyn needs to be on the Football Wives show & I bet you she won’t go up against them. I think that the show needs to be called, “Memoirs of a Woman of that has dealt with a Basket Ball Player”. I think that all of these women are cutting them selves short. I have a program that gears towards women & the behavior of these women are out of this world. I think NO I know that they need Jesus. Yes, they have the lime light but is it worth your charater, NO. There is already a stigma in regards to this kind of woman (Groupies) so what self respecting MAN would want to seal with this. I believe that Shaunie wants the ratings & is not going to stop this type of behavior. We clearly see this by her allowing her own enemy (Gloria) be the lead person on the L.A. Show. WOW! How much longer will we call each other out of our names & try to cover it up by hiding behind Charities. I believe that the clip should not have been shown on that show at all. I am not happy that Tami said to Mekka that she is a BLACK A#$. That is not good at all & that is why most Black women have self-esteem issuses now because we are dowing each other. I believe that Suzi is BIG MOUTH ALMIGHTY!!! GET HER OFF THE SHOW! Who has a loyality to her & for what. In my opinion your circle will not be complete until you women get it together & start treating each other with RESPECT. You are OLDER so act like it. Tami (Ding) if someone doesn’t like you Kill them with kindness all the time not Violence. You are a very pretty woman until you open your mouth. Please seek counsel from someone who has a close relationship with the Lord so He can deliver you from all that pinned up anger & hurt sweetie. We need to STOP tearing each other down. We need to keep our legs closed & open our mindds & them we will be the Force to be Recokened with as we were meant to be. We are leaders by nature so take the stage that has been given to you & act out with the swag you have & present yourselves as the Beautiful women that you are. Love Ya’ll

  30. Anyway... says:

    TAMI needs to learn the art of getting her point across without losing her cool. All the profanity and fist fighting over nonsense isn’t a good look. Unfortunately, her over-the-top antics often overshadow the point she’s trying to make – even when she’s right. However, what I do like about her is that she OWNS who she is. She doesn’t put on fake airs and she’s woman enough to address a person to their face. MEEKA is wannabe. She lucked into a man with money and is as Evelyn said, “thirsty.” She REEKS of a new money, social climbing wannabe. All of the fools calling her classy don’t have a clue. What those of you see as “composure,” I see as a chick incapable of articulating a sensible defense for all the shady mess she’s done all season. Classy women aren’t catty, two-faced liars who brag about popping bottles. Money can’t buy you class! ROYCE reminds me of a chihuahua: small, ugly, ALWAYS ANGRY and barking for no reason. She spent the entire reunion scowling and making snide remarks. She has NO value on the show. She can’t talk about her baby daddy, so her whole storyline revolves around bickering with the other women. She’s so annoying. Get rid of her! Royce’s fan base must consist of ignorant, illiterate, airhead little girls. JEN usually sucks at getting her point across. An eloquent speaker she is NOT. However, she did a halfway decent job of putting Royce in her place. She at least stuck to the point, in oppose to Royce who did nothing but hurl immature insults. And what was that tacky mess with standing up and smacking her ass? Royce is SO basic. EVELYN is hood and also immature, but she makes me laugh. The whole argument about earrings that SHE didn’t design herself was stupid. Although, I do agree that Meeka came on the show trying to dress like them to fit it, which IS pretty pathetic. SUSIE’S as useless to the show as Royce. Seems her only role is to carry messages back and forth to keep the drama going. SHAUNIE was quiet storm as usual. I think she’s embarrassed by what this show has devolved into. I don’t believe this circus is what she had in mind when she first pitched the show to VH1. Although it’s “her” show, I doubt she has final say in editing and what’s ultimately aired.

  31. keisha henry says:

    royce is my girl she should stay , she is the real deal tami is real but i think she is fake sometimes . when it comes on to royce who she call her girl but she all over the three fake ass wifes.(ex-wife – girlfriends).why can’t they remove evely ass she is not a wife of a basketball she is a football wife so her ass need to leave. jen fake ass just fake evelyn doll she need to think for herself . meeka go away ur just drama u need to learn how to stop chat . shaunie she fake under cover , big mouth always chatin suzie who r u again ? ur nobody get the hell off no need for u on the show.

  32. LaTonja says:

    It is interesting to see the number of people who felt the same as I did: SHOCKED. Which is alot to say for a reality tv show reunion.

    Yeah, everyone know that Meeka came on the show “picking sides” and continued to lie about it. BUT TAMI LAST NIGHT????? Tami is upset that Meeka talked about her being a mother, then Tami turns around and starts tearing down Meeka’s husband’s accomplishments??? Wha??? That made no sense whatsoever. Frankly I was embarassed by Tami behavior during the entire show.

    I also thought the fact that Shaunie, Jen, and Evelyn sat by why (while Tami showed her ass) reflected poorly on them.

    As many reality shows I have watched starting with Flava Flav…I was genuinely saddened by what I saw.

  33. kez says:

    First of all it’s ex basketball wives too me the only one that is marry is meeka and they r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous of her. tami need to grow up. when u have teenagers that your trying raise that is not the way to act on national television. she really has a foul mouth on her. And shonnie did have to much to say i wonder why. Tami might be doin a good thing for teens but it’s not coming from a good place and that the heart.Would to see meeka on season 4.GROW UP TAMI AND SHONNIE NEEDS TO HAVE REAL BASKETBALL WIVES NOT SOMEBODY EX’S THAT GOING TALK BAD ABOUT EVERYTHING.

  34. mschris says:

    I want to go down the line and voice my opinion…first Shaunie is the leader however, she dosent take control when its necessary, shame. Evelyn has toned down this season and that was totally necessary because coming from NY does not mean you have to act like a hoodrat with no class. Jennifer needs a backbone and a mind of her own. You can not duplicate Evelyn, be who you are. If your father indeed picked you up in a Porsh everyday, dont try to act like you come from the hood, peope see that and know youre fronting, makes you look foolish. Tammi, I know that you are real, however you are over the top sometime. Royce, pay attention to your Dad, he gives good advice, and why do you want to be around folk who dont like you? If youre seeking a career, do you and go one about your business. Susie, you still need to put a hold on the tattling thing. You dont need to repeat everything you hear. If someone starts with something that puts you in the middle, Stop Them and tell them to tell it to the person who needs to hear it. Meeka this clearly was not the group for you. You came in all wrong. Why not sit and learn before you decide where your allegences lie? Obviously you have other things going on, why buy into this? I must say I have had friends for years and we do not act the way you all do on this show. Makes me believe its scripted……..

  35. teena says:

    Meeka out, Royce out, messy Suzi out, Jen out she is boring, fake & adds nothing to the show anger management/drunk Tami out…highlight something positive, sister hood, fun…Bring in new fresh ladies, hook up the the single “basketball wives” on the show. You need some mature, fiesty ex girlfriends/babymommas on the show since real wives will be not be on the show.
    Appears the LA show is another HOT MESS, soon people will get tired of the watching the cat fights….

  36. lovekellie says:

    mix up sum old & new school bball wives; shaunie, evelyn, jen.. and add the wives/girlfriend/baby momma of; jason kidd, tracy mcgrady, grant hill, penny hardaway, chauncie billups etc… sure those ladies are classy & wont take no mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    showcase these ladies in a different light there will still be drama bcuz everybody wants to be somebody…take note of LaLa’s show & how great the ratings were#just saying

  37. CHYNA says:

    Wow at some of these comments. You know it’s funny how everytime I hear someone say Evelyn should stay but folks like Royce should go I think huh… really no words. The problem is it’s to many fake wanna be hood and bad(but deep inside they scary as hell) women that obviously watch this show. Who would say Royce need to go she messy , drama, ghetto, non-factor but yet it’s Evelyn who was really just a jump off of 10 years. That relationship been over so if anything why is she there when she has no more connection to Antoine…..including no kids. I would suggest to all that don’t know why Royce is now the way she is towards them to go back and look at the other seasons especially season 2. Tami why are you so upset with Meka over some words regardless of what she said but you keep laughing it up and being so fake with Evelyn who is the real culprit in way more of your drama? Suzie you got a lot of mouth now……..where was that at last season when you were running with your tail tucked between your scary legs? All in all I would not come back if I were Meka or Royce to deal with the phony women of this show. To much d@mn foolery now. Oh in one more thing Evelyn calling someone thirsty………WOW in the words of the TRULY THIRSTY fiance of yours CHILE PLEASE.

  38. sdavischocolate says:

    lets sum it up like this.
    Tammi= TT=THE TRUTH
    Meeka= NS =NO SHOW
    Suzie= KYMS=KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We all love this show for all different reasons and each wife, girl friend and what ever these ladies were to there man its still a show the America want s to not miss. I like all the ladies because they are so different and they are able to get it together and KIM (KEEP IT MOVING)

  39. whodaheckcares says:

    Meeka can’t keep up with those BEASTS. Sorry Meeka you had your chance and instead of FIRST getting to know everyone and playing it smart you came straight in thinking that if you dissed Tami and Royce you would get your brownie points. Meeka just go on and pick yo jaw up off the ground and kick rocks. Classy chicks don’t brag about their homes and finances cause they don’t need to unless they’re not used to having nice things. Meeka talks way too much and might just talk herself and poor husband down to the IRS. As for Tami I understand why she did what she did, I would not have fought it out I just woulda let Meeka play herself out cause she was gonna do it sooner or later. Meeka was trying too hard and made a damn fool of herself. Suzie needs to face the fact that she can’t hold water and just tell all the ladies if they don’t want their business to get out DONT TALK TO ME! I think Shaunie should grow past old issues with Royce and they both try to work it out- its too petty. As for Jennifer, if she would have given Royce a chance to discuss situation they may have been able to squash their issues but Jen obviously doesn’t have her own mind and Evelyn has a very strong influence over her. I think Royce being on the show is cool because we get to see the cheerleaders version of basketball lifestyle. As for Evelyn, if Chad is still seeing friends from his past, he is not ready to be steady. I would love to see Kobe Bryants wife Vanessa on the show and Dwayne Wades ex-wife on the show but that’s probably too good to be true LOL.

  40. Mickey says:

    I have been a loyal viewer of Basketball Wives, however I was disappointed with the Season 3 reunion show. Tami was dishonest on the show and the producers failed to prove her dishonesty. First, Tami referred to Evelyn, Jen and Shaunie as fake. The issue can be easily resolved by playing the tape. Secondly, Tami stated that if you put your hand up she reacts by defending herself. Well, when Tami went to Dulce to discuss her potential lawsuit against Evelyn, Evelyn ripped up the paper, threw it in Tami’s face and put her hands in Tami’s face. Tami did not pop Evelyn in the face. Finally, Tami called Meeka “b… a..” several times. Further Tami stated that it is a common phrase used in the African American community – not true. Aside from that if it’s so commonly used, then why hasn’t Tami called any of the other ladies the same (Evelyn, Shaunie, Royce, Jen)? I used to like Tami but she has portrayed African American women in a negative light this season. If Tami returns to the show, I will not continue to watch Basketball Wives.

  41. Brentwood says:

    I can’t believe anyone on the show would tell Meeka that she is not in “the circle.” Meeka IS the circle. She IS a basketball wife. Some of the ladies have never been married to a basketball player. It was shocking to hear anyone state that Meeka begged to be on the show, her husband lucked up on a championship ring and that Meeka made him famous. How is that negative in 2011? Basically, Meeka is a financially independent woman so if she has made her husband famous because of her independence kudos to her. Furthermore, if Meeka and her husband ever separate Meeka will not have to resort to food stamps. She is independent and can take care of herself and her children. She has a lot to be proud. Perhaps she wants to be on the show to get publicity for her successful real estate business. So what? Doesn’t that make her a prudent business woman? Aren’t the other intelligent ladies using the show as a platform to launch other businesses (Jen – lip gloss line and Shaunie shoe line). That makes her a phenomenal woman. As for his championship ring, only an envious person would attempt to marginalize his ring. Besides why talk about Meeka’s husband. Considering the fact that a fellow cast member knows Tami’s ex-husband in the biblical sense, it seems that Tami should stay clear of discussions about folks husbands. Regarding the lawsuit, it’s ridiculous that the cast members consider the suit to be ridiculous. Actually law enforcement/court of law is how intelligent people settle differences such as assault and battery. Sure Meeka could have stayed in the club and engaged in a fight, but Meeka has something to lose – her business and her reputation. Instead she will let the tape of the assault speak for it self. Meeka handled this with class, dignity andintelligence. Do not withdraw the lawsuit. I just want Meeka to do one thing – speak up for herself. I know you’re a mother and want to be a positive role model for your children, but you can defend yourself without acting like a bully or using foul/vulgar language. I certainly do not want to hear anymore of that. If I hear another African American woman on that show refer to another African American woman as b&%$@, I am going to turn BBW off forever. Just please speak up for yourself and defend your success, your business, your man, your intelligence and your desire to be a role model for young girls and adult women.

  42. The Realist says:

    Jennifer and Suzie are the weakest chicken heads on the show. They so badly want to be accepted. Jennifer, you have no reason not to like Royce. Suzie, you are such a wanna be. These girls have played you but you still want to be in that wack ass cirlce. Suzie you are the least liked Basketball Wives because you are such a pathetic kiss up. I don’t like Evelyn but at least she is a leader not a weak ass follower.

    Shaunie you are fake also! Aren’t you the Executive Producer of this show??? If you wanted to portray these women in a positive light you can. I find it funny that when Shaunie is on the show, she is handling business and having fun with her kids. Now you have Basketball Wives LA and it seems that you are about to portray another group of women negatively. What is real is that your claim to fame will be short lived. This show will come and go and because of how you handled business you will soon be forgotten. This show will be your legacy. Please will not respect or take you seriously in the long run. Your fifteen minutes of fame will be over!!! You are a classless money grubbing idiot.

  43. kimberly says:

    i wish they get off show Evelyn and Jennifer and Shaunie Evelyn and Jennifer act like they a couple always under each other they fake i stop wacthing it cause them Evelyn and Jennifer and a Shaunie is two face she bring to together but it b mess then tell about people b behind they back that not a freind

  44. dooley says:

    from a man’s point of view. after the first season with fights, drama, and tension, provisions should’ve been made to show more positive things about what our bbw are capable of doing and that is yet to be shown. i could be wrong, but, it seems as though shaunie is doing what she can do to support herself and her kids by any means necessary and if that means giving speeches about how she hates all the negativity then so be it, but, when she’s in the board room or secret calls talking?$$$$$$$…drama sells faster for black women than acting with sense and if she has to lie through her teeth, swEAR on 3 jesus crosses and look so humble/wolf in sheep clothing she will do it, and since tami and evelyn are bringing the viewers>>>>>>>>>>”look at me now shaq-i’m getting paper”. hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. my advice-no married women need to be on the show-DUH-oddball…those other women were dumped,cheated on, lied on, beat on and they will never say”we welcome you n2 our circle beloved”…NOT!!!!

  45. John sally needs to go-he got paid too he allowed them to ripped into Meeka without allowing her to talk n by the time she did she cld hardly make sense-Dooley yu r right-so right Shaunie is EVIL n she sits n tries to look innocent n we all see thru that-she is a HYPOCRITE -Tammi, Jenn n Evelyn are all hoodrats……I will not watch anymore-they r not intelligent…Tammi belongs in jail-since Meeka has her husband n she is the only wife she shld get off the show-the rest of them r not wives-Hello-they are wanna beeez…….Shaunie u took Shaq’s money u got it now go-please-Evelyn-if Chad marries you-I feel sorry for him -u r vulgar-yelling at the aidience-n them the hoodrat copy cat followed suit-she sure like to put her hand up but no one else should-hello!!! Tammi maybe u need to be reminded about your foodstamps-Jenn is sneaky n deceiving period……Royce has no class is annoying-she needs to get a real job-sorry but Suzie is so a nonfactor it aint even funny-Meeks sue them n include Shaunie she shld be liabel n be on your way-

  46. Lauren says:

    The show should be called GROWN WOMEN, ACTING LIKE GIRLS. I drama makes for good tv & good ratings, but for grown azz 40 something women to act like this for a paycheck is a shame. They say never say what you wont do but damn, REALLY? NO DRAMA= NO CHECK, HUH?. & the oscar goes to Evelyn for Best Supporting Actress. At the reunion, you did too much with the security thing, not cute at all. Tami the way you did Meeka at the reunion was over kill & you know you will not quit the show if Meeka comes back so STOP IT. Jenn if I didnt know any better I would think that Eveyln is you mother is she still breastfeeding you? Girl do your own thinking. Suzie is there for what reason, b/c I forgot. Royce saying nothing, says alot. Evelyn, Shaunie, & Jenn are winning b/c you’re giving them a reaction. Speaking of Shaunie was she even at the reunion? lol !!!

  47. amy says:

    Let me correct myself as my fingers were steaming with my anger as I was typing. I wanted to ask if this foolish behavior is really a reflection of what these women consider as “RELEVANT”?

  48. van says:

    I think that tammi should leave the show. I just think shaunie should have more imput with the ladys. Shaunie needs to take the show in a hole new level, that will keep the rating up and still let the ladys keep there sexy. I just what the ladys to do more important things with there time on the show.Shaunie shouldn’t let tammi stay on the show when she hit meeka. By letting tammi stay on the show, she was talling meeka , that it is okay to let someone disrespect you at any time and place. Good luck to the ladys :) Van

  49. Natasha says:

    I think that they all should return to the next Season 4

  50. scrodee says:

    I have watched the show from the beginning and actually admired most but the more the show goes on, people have changed or maybe that’s who they were in the beginning. I thought highly of Shaunie, but I agree that it seems like she has given into the idea that the more drama among BW, the more money they all can make, which is sad to see especially when they all are some very beautiful, talented, and intelligent women. Royce seemed to have been trying very hard to make a statement this season and get noticed and she has….in a very unattractive & negative way. As far as who should go and who should come back, I think Shaunie should just add another class of women and take the show in a better direction so the world can see REAL BW doing bigger and better things. If they really need to keep the drama to stay on the air(which I would never compromise as a valuable BW), then keep the drama queens but don’t make them the highlight of the show

  51. Heard they aren’t doing a reunion show for this season. Is that true?