Basketball Wives Season 3 Reunion Part Two: The Highlights And Quotes Of The Night


Part two of the Basketball Wives season three reunion was — dare I say it? — a wee bit more explosive than part one, despite the fact that no one walked off the stage and no fists went flying. The tension though between Tami and Meeka was higher than ever, and the constant squabbling between Royce and Jennifer was at its peak, which made for some pretty good television. It also made for some pretty great soundbites too. So, as I recap this final episode of season three, I’ll be using the best quotes of the night to frame the biggest talking points of the show.

Issue #1: Who’s coming back for season 4?

Here’s what Tami had to say about that: “I will guarantee you that if Meeka does [sign on for next season] I will not participate.” It turns out that, if Shaunie can help it, Meeka may not return after all, but that brings up a whole other debate as to whether or not Meeka or Tami should stick around. Judging from our poll results last week, it looks like most of you want Meeka gone. And as for Royce’s participation next season? Suzie’s mouth might have gotten her into even more trouble with that. “You said you weren’t coming back for season four,” Suzie told Royce when the issue came up, but Royce claimed her words got twisted, as they so often do on this show. “I said ‘I’m done’ in terms of sitting here trying to be friends with them” Royce corrected “In terms of dealing with the bulls—.”

Will they or won’t they return? That is the question.

Issue #2: Meeka Vs. Tami (Again)

“I respect the game of basketball,” Tami told Meeka, about to unleash a war of words on her. “I respect champions…Your husband lucked up and got traded to a team that happened to win a championship.” Yeah, Tami went there, arguing that Speedy Claxton‘s championship ring was bogus and all based on luck. Later, Tami defended her actions in Rome, saying “I issued a disclaimer, if you put your hand up and I don’t know whats coming my way, that could get you popped. That’s my s— and I’m sticking to it,” to which Meeka responded “I pop bottle in clubs, I don’t go up popping people, popping off.” Tami definitely got more words in tonight, but Meeka maintained her composure for sure. Whether or not there were any winners here though is debatable.

Issue #3: Chatty Suzie

It was a running theme all season that Suzie couldn’t keep her trap shut, and this reunion was no different. First, when Suzie tried to interrupt Meeka and Meeka just steamrolled right over her, she had a little outburst. “Meeka shut up for a second, let me talk! F—! I haven’t talked this whole f—ing time! All you do is f—ing talk, shut the f— up!” she screamed to no avail.

When she finally got a few words in, it was foot in mouth all over again when she described her friends’ frivolous fights. “They’re fighting over pictures and tweets and I’m like who cares? It’s just pictures and tweets. No one killed each other’s cats or anything. You didn’t go sleep with her man or something. Well, sometimes that happens. But if Tami can get over the whole sleeping together thing —” Record scratch! Oh, Suzie. If only your mouth had a delete button you wouldn’t bring up such tender subjects like Tami and Evelyn’s blowout last season.

Issue #4: Eric The Movie Mogul

Yet another reason why Jen and Royce are at odds this season is Royce’s possible interest in this movie Eric claims to have written. Jen clarified that it wasn’t an Eric issue so much as it’s a friendship and respect issue. “It’s not about Eric,” she told Royce, “It’s about woman to woman. Have some respect.” Even though Royce attempted to respect Jen and have a conversation with her about it, Jen wasn’t having any of it. What does Jen actually think of Eric’s new career choice though? “Eric don’t know s— about entertainment. He ain’t never been an actor, he ain’t never been in a movie. He reached out to Suzie and Royce because he knows those are the two people that I’m not cool with.” Evelyn added “I just wanna know who would take Eric serious as a producer for a movie. You’re not Steven Spielberg. Who are you?” Royce’s best line of the night came when she told Jen later “Your ass is jealous of all the s— coming out of your mouth.”

Issue #5: Evelyn and Chad

“We argue, we fight, we f—, we get over it, we keep it moving. We have a cool relationship,” Evelyn explained as she described her relationship with fiance Chad Ochocinco. Evelyn stopped pursuing in vitro because she’s currently so busy, but she said “Right now as we speak his sperm is frozen,” and when the time is right, she’s gonna pop that spermcicle in. As far as how Jennifer feels about Chad, even though they’ve resolved their issues, Jen was still wary of the situation and told Ev “I’ve been through two breakups with you, I’ve packed boxes, I’ve moved plasma TVs, my thing is, I’m saying this out of concern for you and I don’t wanna go back down that road with you.”

Speaking of going back down that road, we can confirm that there will indeed be a season four, which is slated to arrive in 2012! So let us know what you think: Who should return and who should call it quits next season, and who held their own at this reunion? And if you have any suggestions for who you’d like to see on the show, we’re actually looking for some fresh blood, so feel free to email us if you’re a basketball wife or know of one who would be a great addition to the cast.

Since we know you love the drama, we also wanted to let you know that if you want to be in the center of it all for the next reunion, you can enter for a chance to win a trip to the Basketball Wives LA Reunion Show here!

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