La La’s Full Court Life – Episode 1 – Nuggets, Knicks, And Nipple Rings


After marrying Carmelo Anthony on La La’s Full Court Wedding, La La Vasquez settled into married life in Denver while also focusing on her son and her career. But big things were happening for the Vasquez-Anthony clan and as as you’ve probably heard, Anthony was traded to the Knicks. On this season of La La’s Full Court Life, the family’s move to New York City means big changes for everyone, and we’re getting a close-up look at them.

The series kicked off with La La realizing she might have to say goodbye to her sprawling Denver mansion (but, admittedly, a boring Denver life) because Melo was likely going to be traded at any second. And as La La explains, when a trade happens, it’s overnight and you have to be ready to move immediately. So on the cusp of their potential move, La La invites her BFFs Kelly Rowland and Po to Denver for one last mile-high hurrah involving bowling, pancakes, and streaking.

First, let’s get a quick look at La La’s house, which is the size of Manhattan.

La La is a native New Yorker, but I just hope she remembers that most apartments in the city are 1/1000th the size of this manse. But that’s not relevant to this episode, let’s get back to Auntie Kelly and Auntie Po, who are in for a visit.

La La’s got three goals for her ladies while they’re there:

1) Have Kelly make a pancake breakfast.

Who knew she was so handy in the kitchen?. Lemon zest pancakes with blueberry syrup sounds delicious, but I believe I asked for a LARGE side of bananas.

2) Hook up Kelly with Afflalo by any means necessary.

This means forcing them to flirt while they go bowling, making Kelly check off one of those 7th-grade questionnaires asking “Do you like me? Yes. No.” (It’s refreshing to know that even 1/3 of Destiny’s Child is not above this kind of goofy, childish flirtation.)

Unfortunately, La La is an unsuccessful Yente and the matchmaking is bust, Kelly only likes Afflalo “AS FRIENDS.”

3) Get Po To Streak Through The Cold Denver Night

La La set up a competitive bowling night, Melo and his teammates against La La, Po, Kelly and her brother, Diego Cash. The losing team has to pick one person to run naked outside, and when La La’s team loses, Po is chosen as the streaker on account of her nipple rings. Makes sense (not really).

Po’s disappointed when she learns the bowling score.

But she gamely accepts the challenge:

This is both hilarious but also a form of torture and I feel sorry for Po, even though she doesn’t seem to mind that much. La La wants to get all her kicks in now in Denver because who knows where she’ll end up once this trade finally happens? Well, okay, we all know now, but still, you can’t streak through Manhattan as easily as you can in Denver, and that’s where La La is about to be spending the rest of this season.

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  1. jlo says:

    Nobody cares about lala. get this show off the air. seriously. I am the tv audience this show wasn’t good before and it’s not good now

  2. Kee says:

    @ jlo- it’s good to see a famous couple of color on reality tv without all the stupid drama. They’re cute and they have fun. It’s not about all the bling and bottles and damn….she actually takes care of her son. I guess that wouldn’t be good to watch for those who want drama, as if there isn’t enough already. And I love her relationship with Kelly and Po and Melo and his friends. They are regular people that made it. It’s great to see a reality show that is genuine and light hearted and fun to watch.

  3. keepitreal says:

    LaLa is the RealBasketBall Wife, not the joke show Shaunie has on VH1. So refreshing to see a young ethnic professional couple with class.

  4. Key says:

    I thought the show was funny and way more real and tolerable than Basketball Wives or the Kardashians. It seemed like they lead a pretty normal life other than the fact that she is on tv and he plays bball. I would watch the show again.

  5. CMAxey559 says:

    man i can relate to this show its good n they are a young couple who handles their business but have fun and not be all serious al the time.

  6. 4life says:

    Am I the only one who can see the La La threw her friend PO ..under the bus! You can tell that she truly stressed about running naked in the street…Why not Kelly or La La why Po? I don’t know but where I’m from we don’t put our friends in uncomfortable situations. I feel that Po may have low self-esteen issues.. I’m all 4 fun but not at the expense of friend.

  7. toogie says:

    Still dont know who this “LaLa” person is or why she is deserving of her own show. For all those writing how professional this couple is, …..yeah real classy of that strip bowling and that po running down the street half dressed……..but that one seems to enjoy it. Who’s watching their kid during all these charades? Kelly I’m surprised you would go on camera looking that rough, and that other girl Po she looks unkempt and need of a bath.

  8. toogie says:

    Let me add not only was that streaking crude and far from “professional” but would be considered illegal in many states. Rich people with too much time on their hands.

  9. kla says:

    well , i really enjoyed the show . it shows alot . esp. how you can keep everything together while doing multiple things . i liked how it was just like yall were kids again . it was actually a happy show without all the mess and drama . and i thought it was cool seeing bestfriends hang out . its just somethign fun and positive to look at . i WILL be watching this show ALOT ! probably watching it over and over too .