Meeka Speaks! Our Reunion Interview With This Season’s Most Controversial Basketball Wife, Plus Her Plans For Season Four


The day that the Basketball Wives reunion show taped, I had about four hours to get all my interviews in with the cast. And each time I popped over to Meeka Claxton‘s dressing room, I would be sent away because Claxton, who just days before had filed a lawsuit against Tami Roman, was in the midst of doing other interviews. She was clearly a woman in demand. When I’d stop by again, she would be in hair and makeup, then later she was busy getting mic’d up. Finally, ten minutes before the taping began, I got my moment and joined her in her bathroom of all places, while she got the very last of her hair, makeup, and body shimmer touch-ups out of the way. My time with her was brief, for sure, but still, she didn’t hold back. And as for the reports that Meeka isn’t returning to Basketball Wives, the official word from the network is that “casting for Season 4 has begun, no word yet on who will or will not return from the current cast.”

How does it feel to be here? Are you excited?

It’s more I’m glad I finally get to say what I want to say.

Are you dreading it at all?

No. I don’t think so.

The way you left Rome and everything, writing the goodbye letter – If you had to do it over, would you do things the same way? Or would you have stuck around for another day?

I stand behind what I did. You know I tried to stay but it was just continuous bullying from Tami. It wasn’t getting better. So when it finally came to the point of violence I was like I definitely can’t be here. You know I’m a business woman, this was not my scene. That may be her scene and that’s fine.

What about the lawsuit against her, can you talk about that?

It’s pretty much to let her know there are consequences to actions. And that’s pretty much it.

You’re just going to go full steam with it?

Yeah, absolutely.

What if she apologized?

I don’t foresee an apology from Tami because this isn’t the first time she’s hit someone on camera. She thinks violence is cool and I’m not with that, at all. It’s not something I’m teaching my girls.

[For the record, Tami did not apologize.]

I know you had said Speedy was apprehensive about your participation on the show but that you still wanted to do it to show your marriage and your business. Given the current situation, has your family’s opinion of the show changed?

Oh, absolutely. Not for the better.

Would you want to participate in another season?

Um, honestly I don’t think that will happen. I think maybe, but only if they showed our lifestyles and behind the scenes.

Tami has said she won’t return next season if you’re on it. Do you feel the same? Would you do the show with her?

At the point I’m at now I would not go on a show with her. I think she’s shown time and time again she’s just not all there. I think she needs counseling or something.

What do you take away from this experience on the show, do you think you’ll leave with any positive relationships?

No…But the experience I really take out of it… just like growing up, you can’t have too many girlfriends [laughs].

In real life do you have more guy friends?

Oh, yeah.

If you could describe each of the ladies in one word what would you say?

I don’t have words for any of them, Royce is the only one, and I would say she is honest.

What did you think when Tami was doing the impression of you at dinner?

It was just annoying. That was the point where I was finally just like, “Can you shut up?” I was trying to think a lot more quietly because I realized I was getting blamed for a lot of things and I wanted people to realize it was her, not me. She’s a bully. As you can see, it’s clear.

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