Meeka Speaks! Our Reunion Interview With This Season’s Most Controversial Basketball Wife, Plus Her Plans For Season Four


The day that the Basketball Wives reunion show taped, I had about four hours to get all my interviews in with the cast. And each time I popped over to Meeka Claxton‘s dressing room, I would be sent away because Claxton, who just days before had filed a lawsuit against Tami Roman, was in the midst of doing other interviews. She was clearly a woman in demand. When I’d stop by again, she would be in hair and makeup, then later she was busy getting mic’d up. Finally, ten minutes before the taping began, I got my moment and joined her in her bathroom of all places, while she got the very last of her hair, makeup, and body shimmer touch-ups out of the way. My time with her was brief, for sure, but still, she didn’t hold back. And as for the reports that Meeka isn’t returning to Basketball Wives, the official word from the network is that “casting for Season 4 has begun, no word yet on who will or will not return from the current cast.”

How does it feel to be here? Are you excited?

It’s more I’m glad I finally get to say what I want to say.

Are you dreading it at all?

No. I don’t think so.

The way you left Rome and everything, writing the goodbye letter – If you had to do it over, would you do things the same way? Or would you have stuck around for another day?

I stand behind what I did. You know I tried to stay but it was just continuous bullying from Tami. It wasn’t getting better. So when it finally came to the point of violence I was like I definitely can’t be here. You know I’m a business woman, this was not my scene. That may be her scene and that’s fine.

What about the lawsuit against her, can you talk about that?

It’s pretty much to let her know there are consequences to actions. And that’s pretty much it.

You’re just going to go full steam with it?

Yeah, absolutely.

What if she apologized?

I don’t foresee an apology from Tami because this isn’t the first time she’s hit someone on camera. She thinks violence is cool and I’m not with that, at all. It’s not something I’m teaching my girls.

[For the record, Tami did not apologize.]

I know you had said Speedy was apprehensive about your participation on the show but that you still wanted to do it to show your marriage and your business. Given the current situation, has your family’s opinion of the show changed?

Oh, absolutely. Not for the better.

Would you want to participate in another season?

Um, honestly I don’t think that will happen. I think maybe, but only if they showed our lifestyles and behind the scenes.

Tami has said she won’t return next season if you’re on it. Do you feel the same? Would you do the show with her?

At the point I’m at now I would not go on a show with her. I think she’s shown time and time again she’s just not all there. I think she needs counseling or something.

What do you take away from this experience on the show, do you think you’ll leave with any positive relationships?

No…But the experience I really take out of it… just like growing up, you can’t have too many girlfriends [laughs].

In real life do you have more guy friends?

Oh, yeah.

If you could describe each of the ladies in one word what would you say?

I don’t have words for any of them, Royce is the only one, and I would say she is honest.

What did you think when Tami was doing the impression of you at dinner?

It was just annoying. That was the point where I was finally just like, “Can you shut up?” I was trying to think a lot more quietly because I realized I was getting blamed for a lot of things and I wanted people to realize it was her, not me. She’s a bully. As you can see, it’s clear.

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  1. Dr. J says:

    What are you thinking to portray black women so negatively? I don’t care how much money you have made with this series…it is not worth it. I cringe when Tammy bullies the other women. Disappointed when Suzy doesn’t have an original thought. Sad when the brown skinned women are ostracized still in 2011. And let’s get real, there is an underlying tone of prejudice against Royce and Meeka. I don’t get it why we black women continue to hate each other. I guarantee when you look back years later, you will not be proud of this show.

  2. Nakeya says:

    I just wanted to say I think that they gave Meeka an unfair chance. Tammie did call them fake and I think that the conversation should e played back for them like every other clip os. Susie is messy and everybody is still okay with that and that is not fair.

  3. Theresa says:

    This show has become nothing but trash. The sad part is that the women are ok with being portrayed as they are. I agree that Tammi did say that about the women but they would never show the footage. I wonder why? Lol. Also take a look at Bravo!s reunion shows. I like John Sally but he does not how to know host. I was really disappointed at what I witnessed!

  4. Tammy says:

    First of all I just watched the season 3 reunion, and I must say that Tami’s behavier is absolutely disgusting. This women should not be on your show. She has no class at all what so ever, and acts like she’s just out of the getto. Her husband must feel so humiliated of her behavier on national tv. Made me really not want to watch the show anymore. No level of respect at all. She is a disgrace to the show.

  5. Brenda says:

    I totally agree with everything that Dr. J, Nakeya, and Theresa said about this Joke of a Show!! Who decided that John Sally should host these reunions? He was terrible, and should never be allowed to return. Why wasn’t the viewers able to ask questions like the other Housewives shows? Oh I almost forgot, Shaunie is an executive producer! She would not been able to handle it. She needs to stay at home and raise those 5 kids, instead of some nanny. She will regret this later when one of her daughter’s becomes pregnant as a teen, or one of them get’s on drug’s. She had all of those kids, and it is noone’s responsibility to raise them but her and her ex-husband. She has too many kids to be flying off into the sunset all of the time. My question to VH1 too is why wasn’t the truth been showned regarding Tammy really saying that the circle of clown’s were called Fake by Tammy. Did she purposely lose a pay day just to stay in the circle? Meeka, I really think that you showed more class at the end of the season then all of them, including the reunion. Keep your head up, because they are the low class ones. I hope that she has to pay you well with your lawsuit. Somebody has to show her! Those women has some of the worst mouths that I have ever seen, and they are not ashamed by it, which is very sad. Ms. ONeal just sit’s there and act’s like a kid, throwing a ball, breaking a window, while keeping her dirty hands behind her back. Claiming that she really wants to show them in the postive light, yet the previews of BBW-LA, is full of the same crap. She really needs her azz kicked, if anyone. Jennifer has even changed now, just like her husband said, she has a foul mouth too. I was happy that he threw that drink at her, and she said that she couldn’t believe that he would do that to her,. If you throw one, you get one honey. Evelyn is just a lost cause, there are no words to describe her at all. Tammy, Evelyn, Susie, Shaunie are running around across the US hosting parties like they really are something wonderful. I wouldn’t even go see them in a basement black light party. But, wait a minute that is where they really belong.

  6. Tammy says:

    Dr J.!
    Sorry, but they portray this behavier themselves. Tammi and her friends make themselves look trashy not the tv show. You either have class and dignity or you don’t. They don’t…

  7. 2btru says:

    Tami did hit Meeka and everyone saw what she did. You actually got a very clear view of Tami slapping Meeka in the face. Meeka did not raise her hand as if she was going to attack Tami. Another thing, I don’t like how the show behaved as if that wasn’t a cruel thing to do to her. Everyone acted as if that shouldn’t have been a terrible exclusive topic to discuss. This show is wack. Shaunie seems to need Tami for the drama. Where are the so-called basketball wives on this show. There is only one. They couldn’t even have a good time in Spain, so lucky to go there. These ladies are boring. They couldn’t even have a good time in beautiful Rome. When they went out to the club, where the slap ocurred, I just thought we the viewers would see some fun times with all of them. They act like childish neighborhood old ladies. They don’t even know how to have good fun together. They always have a loud mouth issue getting not solved anywhere their presence are. Royce is not a basketball ex wife or wife, why is she on that show? Yet, she makes more sense whenever she talks then some of those other ladies that suppose to be so-called well dressed and classless. What go me disliking the show is that no one came to Meeka’s attention when she was slapped. Even John Sally on the reunion seemed to be on Tammy’s side with the violence she used. Shaunie, someone need to catch her really running her two-faced mouth. Yes, Meeka came on the show appearing to know their characters, but a lot of other people would have done the same thing merely by observation on television and on the internet. Yo! This show is boring!

  8. Evening Hush says:

    What I’m not understanding is how everyone wants to come down on Tami NOW. What Tami came for Evelyn last season, majority of the viewers cheer her on. But then she slaps Meeka and everyone is embarrassed and ashamed. Oh please. Meeka is no better than the rest of the women, because she’s messy as hell too. She came into this situation being messy, going behind people’s backs talking mess about them and she could never own up to anything she said. Suzie is messy and we all talk about her for that, but MEEKA is just as messy as Suzie is.

  9. bwfan5931 says:

    I agree. This has taken black women to a new low. And we watch it like an accident on the road or a rain wreck. Tami’s “black ass” comments Smh I commented on reunion 1 episode about that. They don’t know the damage they are doing. When this show could be doing so much good. But black folks are only good for laughs and drama right? Thats how they see us good for ratings with coonery and violence.

  10. Deb says:

    I ope Meeka sues Tammi’s butt off. it will be the only counseling she’ll need. Ask Susie…LOL

  11. Connie says:

    Meeka you are so right. Tami is a bully and she is fake. She hit you because you were putting it out there what she said about the other girls and she was trying to shut you up quickly. She need to be sued because of her hood rat behavior and Shaunie need to be ashamed of herself for condoning that type of behavior. Yeah, Shaunie was involved too. You shouldn’t have dissed Royce though. Now you like her. You don’t need to be wishy washy on who you like. Just be for real and stop trying so hard to fit in.

  12. Safonia says:

    Tammi is being dawged for her outlandish behavior, but some of it makes sense. It’s awful that you were too “clique” focused…it really did not give us an opportunity to see what you were bringing to the table. My gut feeling is that the true you is intelligent and savvy. You deserve an A for effort in your attempt to bring the jewelry stylist front and center. I agree, her work is different from those jumbo car parts worn by Ev and Jenn. If there’s one thing that I hoped you’ve learned from this experience it is “Be true to yourself”.

  13. lynn says:

    Meeka, you and Royce need to run from these classless and foolish women. Shaunie included. Tami, is off the chain. I think she’s on meds for real. If not, she needs to go get some in a quickness. Its no wonder her daughters dont want her managing them. She’s ridculous. Shaunie is nothing more then a pimpette. You never hear whats going on with her life. I really dont understand why she’s on the show. This was my first and last season watching this crap. Its looks like LA will be the same thing. Shaunie, why are you not showing any positive things on the show. If you are the producer like you say your are, you need to change. Its always drama on the show. good luck on future shows…I’m out!!!

  14. Icia says:

    Meeka and Royce are the only two members of the cast I can say I have respect for. Meeka kept a cool head as Tami (THR) continued to verbally abuse her. No matter how loud Tami got she continued to use her inside voice. She was the only wife…and the only reason the title could even remain. Shaunie is clearly miserable and looking for company. Jen allowed Shaunie and Evelyn to dismantle her relationship. Tami is divorce. She received a divorce settlement in the millions and noting to show for it. So, she is doing any/everything to regain the fame that she once had and some of that money she loss. Evelyn is faking a romance with someone that clearly doens’t respect her!

  15. Lisha says:

    Why does everyone keep saying that this show makes black women look bad? I know that everyone does not agree with their behavior, but when did we start basing an entire race of people off of women featured on an ENTERTAINMENT SHOW? If Americans (or whomever else), feel that all black women have no class because of this show then that sounds like a personal problem to me! Have you guys not seen the other shows with women of all different races acting worse?? Instead of making it a black, skin color thing, why can’t it be discussed as “women” behaving badly?

  16. SadDisplay says:

    @Evening Hash…..I don’t agree. People made comments about Tami hitting Evelyn as well
    I’m not going to make excuses for violence. However, Tami and Meeka and Evelyn and Tami are two way different situations. But, I agree VH1 and whoever should have put Tami and the whole putting her hands on people in check….I still say she got VH1, the producers and the chicks on the show shook! lol They all looked uncomfortable and affraid to speak. Which is not good. The show is about all of them….not just Tami and what Tami won’t tolerate. She needs help… she came off extremely Irate at that reunion and all because Meeka talked about her behind her back….really? and does she think all the rest of the cast is not talking about her behind her back….lol it’s soooo dumb! She really needs to see a doctor. period!

    The whole reunion was two-hours of Tami yelling, bucking her eyes, screaming….talking stupid and avoiding the truth….but, she claims she so real. I will not watch Season 4. and I think if Meeka( the only actual wife) goes so should Tami.

  17. KeepItReal says:

    Meeka you are a true Wife and Mom. Take the high road and leave the show and stay successful. They are so jealous cause you and your husband are doing well. You have a job and so does he. Keep it moving they are so jealous. Plus Tami has mental issues you can rationalize with someone who needs to be on meds. Keep your lawsuit.

  18. helpusall says:

    Whoever agrees with Tami is a fool. Go out anywhere and smash someone in the face and you will go to jail. So sense your so tough do it and see what happens when you get locked up. Meeka should have called the police in Italy and had Tami locked up abroad. If someone is talking about me behind my back who cares, I keep it moving, because I have so much going for me I don’t stop to address foolishness.

  19. kay know1 says:

    Meeka tried too hard to get in where she did not fit. Those other ladies (whatever) need to
    get their mind on God, morals and truth. Meeka need to stay away from them, pray for them
    and realize she is a wife and mother. Let them laugh, grin and screw and pray they wake up.
    Stay a good wife.

  20. CieCieBaby says:

    Meeka should NOT return to BBW’s. She should also revoke the lawsuit. She probably didn’t want to report for the next recording session because she was embarrassed that she was “mushed” in her face by Tami. Why did she get the part in the first place? It would be interesting for the viewers to vote for the next person to be in the show next season. I’m sure there will be a next season – eveeryone is hooked on BBW’s.

  21. Andrea says:

    I think that Meeka should sue the hell out of Tammi’s tail. Sue her. Let her know that in the grown up world there are consequences for her actions. And she should sue the producers for keeping an unstable woman on the show. I saw the video clip and Meeka’s head was turned away towards Suzie, her hands were in or near her lap, when Tami hit her. It was a completely unprovoked attack. I actually felt that besides just suing her she should have immediately reported the incident to the police.

  22. LaShaun says:

    I would like to see Meeka back on Season 4 episodes. I think Meeka should press charges against
    Tami for assault. Tami is dangerous and should be removed from the show.

  23. chali j says:

    Meeka, keep your head up. You showed more class than Shaunies’ low-classed crew. Tami is the lowest,just slightly above Evelyn. Jennifer has found herself wallowing in the dirt with pigs. Susy has to hate herself. By the way; what race does Tami belong to? She definately must think her light skin makes her better some how.The cosmetic surgery should have been done on her foul mouth. She gives Black women;(Is she Black?) a bad image.

  24. JALO1 says:


  25. Suzanne says:

    I really don’t want to see Meeka again. All she does is repeat herself over and over again. Especially when she is arguing. the chick needs to edit herself. It comes off like she doesn’t know what else to say so she keeps repeating herself. She doesn’t belong on this show…I know its about drama but I get tired of hearing her talk as she repeats herself over an over again . Kind of like this comment…over and over and over again. She is not a good fit with these women…maybe try the L.A. show would be a better one for her…..give her some time to learn some new vocabulary. And what happened to Real EState in Miami? Wasn’t that her so called reason to even be in Miami? I have not seen her trying to do anything but stir up trouble.
    Yikes! And by the way Kenny Anderson played in a high school national BB tournament when he was young, not to mention the other 2 pages of players who have played Pro and college bb.after graduating. Good luck to you all but I hope Meeka goes away. its like listening to a parrot.

  26. MEEKAFAN says:

    Meeka, please return for SEASON #4. They (VH1) OWE you that. Plus, if you return for another
    SEASON, it gives us a REASON to not have to endure TAMI the DEVIL. WIPE HER OUT IN THE LAWSUIT. LOL………………………………………………………………………………….ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK. A FOOL doesn’t become a FOOL in one day. Tami, has been a FOOL all of her BITTER ANGRY life. SALLEY, may have made her feel special on the REUNION show. But, you are going to REMAIN special once the GAVEL GOES DOWN! Hey MEEKA, stay classy. You are PRICELESS. Don’t let the DEVIL bring you down (TAMI). Remember, Tami has NOTHING to lose acting a FOOL. You, are a wife; mother; woman; business woman; and most importantly a class ACT. Tami, should be paying attention to you.

  27. Marie says:

    Meeka you have class. The rest of the crew is just plain ignorant and ghetto. (excluding Royce) Shaunie plays them like puppets as she sits back and lets them play out all the drama. Tami needs her butt kicked, seriously. Recognize haters babe and keep it moving. What some poeple will do for a check……..

  28. notsosweetv says:

    Why try so hard to fit in where you clearly don’t belong. It is obvious that this “circle” is for women that are NOT married, having marital problems or wanting to have marital problems just to fit in. I thought that it was so sweet of you to express how you and the hubby has matching rings, well okay, maybe a little green too, but oh well. This only proves that you love your husband with everything in your heart and that you are still young and so is your marriage. To be on the show would have only been a curse to you and your marriage and would have only invited dark spirits. Count your blessings that God wouldn’t let it be. I know all to well how it feels to want to fit in, just remember this one thing Meeka. God didn’t call us to be successful, but to be faithful. Just be still and be faithful and success will come.

  29. the2ruth says:

    Meeka. I commend you it takes a woman to be able to stand alone. However you should have known those no class females was going to come for you. You were the only wife. They are a miserable bunch of clowns. I think it’s sad how there was no unity between all of you, but the more they opened there mouths it was clear. They only have age but they are very immature. Including the producer. They saw that Suzie was the instigater. You heard her say how they used to treat her. She’s a great A$$ kisser. They all seem as though to some degree they are scared of Tammi the bully. Believe me we saw that they had to put her back 2gether again, but of course the crowd always sides with drama. Now that you’ve started finish and go for Seaon 4 just to get Tammi off. I would take every clip to court too. Let the judge see just who she is. A word to the wise for the future never let anyone in yor personal space. Be blessed and keep striving. Don’t let them win. they are not worth it.

  30. ann says:

    Meeka looks really pretty and classy in the picture.I felt bad for her when they were in Italy,all she got was verbal abuse from both Tammi and Evelyn mostly Tammi.Everytime they were in a resturant Tammi started attacking her always the repeating the same thing,Tammi talks in circles herself. Then the snake Suzi opens her trap to Evelyn and Tammi and then she makes the stupid comment now that cat’s out of the bag I think Suzi is a sicko who likes the yelling and violence aganist anyone but her,which is why she said something Tammi knowing she has a bad temper. Meeka was verbally and physcally abused What a fun trip she must of had.And then there’s Shaunie the other backstabber,who just had to read Meeka’s letter in front of the other 2 faced hypocrites.From what I watched it wasn’t Meeka causing all the drama it was Tammi,the only woman who enjoys watching a bullfight. It figures.

  31. Kysh says:

    I’ve read that Meeka is planning to drop her lawsuit now if there is an apology. DO NOT DROP THAT LAWSUIT MEEKA. That Tammi acts like a complete ghetto savage. I cannot believe with all the money and fame, that she couldn’t behave herself better than that. That woman is jealous, and she knows it. She’s been picking and picking at you, provoking a fight since the beginning of the show. I had more respect for the others until they began acting like a pack of sheep following Tammi’s foolishness to avoid being her target. It’s disgusting. I would have loved to see more of your family lifestyle, and your work. I don’t think that we really got to know you as much as we would have liked. Shame on Shaunie for allowing Tammi to stay on that show and not have a little talk with her about controlling herself for the sake of everyone’s good time. She looked annoyed with Tammi’s antics at times, but never would say a word. DON’T YOU DROP THAT LAWSUIT GIRL. You don’t need that money, but the girls in this world need a lesson on foul acting behavior, and how civilized people will not tolerate any loud mouth physical foolishness.

  32. Misti-blue says:

    I don’t agree with Tami hitting Meeka, but Meeka came in talking mess ! She went in on Tami @ the Polo event for what reason ? To impress Evelyn and Jennifer !!!? Those two did nothing but talk about Meeka behind her back the entire time ! Meeka is embarrassed because Tami went upside her head, hence, the law suit. Don’t write checks with your mouth that your behind can’t cash. Meeka is just as messy as the rest of that bunch. There is most likely lots of footage on the cutting room floor that did not make the show because it did not make for good ratings. Meeka admitted that she judged Tami based on what she read on the internet and other blogs, in essence, her opinion was formed before she started the show. She came in with the attitude she was going to “check” tami, she got what she was looking for, point blank. Tami is the “NeNe” of that show, without her, the ratings would be in the toilet. Let’s face it, people tune in for DRAMA !!! Sad, but, true. Royce is the only one on that show that keeps it real. Meeka, that’s who you should have tried to form a friendship with, instead of brown nosing Shaunie, Evelyn and Jennifer. You would have been much happier during the season.

  33. 2btru says:

    Meeka, please go on a interview for the Real Housewives of Atlanta. You live in Atlanta, GA., so why don’t you apply for that show. I wouldn’t return to Basketball wives. The show should be called, “I’m Looking for a Fight, and Then a Man”. Don’t you agree to the new suggested title change. Isn’t it appropriate. And/or maybe “Don’t Look or Mess with Tammy”.

  34. jj says:

    Meeka, I think you are a very Kool lady. You just need to speak up for yourself and stop letting Tami bully you. Tami is a A55 Whole and you got to be one step ahead of her. Suzie is a instigator so you need to watch what you say around her or just don’t have anything to do with her. Suzie, is the one that started all the drama between you and Tami. Yall should be angry at her and stop being anry at each other.

  35. Jill says:

    I am wondering why the conversation between that is in dispute between you and Tami has not been shown to show what is the truth. (fake vs popular)

  36. Melissa says:

    I am really disappointed in the show. I will not watch next season because I don’t like the low class behavior. I can’t believe these women have a little financial stability and they act worse than the ghetto people in the project. They need to put their time to better use instead of acting phony (that goes to all the cast members especially Suzie) and immature. Shame on all of the them!!!! I am embarrassed by their behavior because I know not all minority people act in this manner.

  37. bridgette says:

    what i dnt understand is how Shaunie says she doesnt like Royce bc she is all about Drama,bt she “loves” Tami and Tami is always the one in drama. Everyone know thosse girls are talking ish about Tami behind her back and are well aware that Royce doesn’t care about being in their “circle” and will tell Shaunie how she feels. For the reccord after seeing the reunion Tami does want to be “IN”. She went behind Royce’s back twice (in season2 &3) to tell Evelyn& Shaunie what Royce was “feeling” that did not need to be repeated. (when they went on thier girls trip in season2 and on the reunion when Evelyn said Susie and Tami told them Royce wasnt coming back for Season 4. For the record Vh1 is very shady and deletes comments that are posted to show favoritism to the so called Popular cast members. i see muti comments erased on this blog and others blogs posted by Vh1 on bbw! Hopefully Evelyn doesnt come back to teach yall a lesson and for the record i will not be watching anything Vh1 has to do with because they are a very shady company! :) srry for any typos

  38. Sanmarie says:

    The Bottom line that the show is crap, I really can’t believe this show is coming back. Evenlyn is wrong, Tami wrong and Suzi is a follower. And Jen there’s no word for her ! When the show is over and a couple years from now be lonely and stupid without her husband. Shaunie sitting back riding to the bank of their stupidness. It a show Meeka was suppose to start some type of drama for ratings we all can’t be that dumb. Just Maybe it got to deep for her, hell it would for me. But when Evenlyn said B your not in the circle, Wow I wish Meeka had my mouth at the moment, Who wants to be in a whack circle of no true sisterhood circle. Yes, there was some racial undertones there, our race is made up of all colors of radiant people. I need to understand why black women still act like we don’t love ourselves.