Basketball Wives: The Biggest And Baddest Fights Of Season 3


This season of Basketball Wives has seen more than it’s fair share of fights. The show that put drink-throwing on the map added a few more splashes to it, in addition to showing off some choice verbal insults over the past ten episodes.

Now that the reunion is out of the way, check out our supercut of all of this year’s best (and worst) conflicts, which is a primer on who’s relevant, who’s real, and who should keep it moving.

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  1. delredd says:

    well meeka u started with tami at the polo event, and u just keep on talkin’ about her and royce 2evlyn& the gang. that’s y tami hit meeka ugly ass face in rome. i don’t feel sorry at all 4 her ass. jen started with royce over eric they’re not 2gether how stupid of jen ass. that was good 4 her uglyass when eric threw the drink in her face. remember jen started w/him she got what her ass deserves. jen needs 2 stop being mad at royce over eric he doesn’t care about her eric been move on that’s what the hell she needs 2 do. eric wants back his last name i bet she will not do it she’s like most women are very stupid. ur not married no more go back 2 ur madian given name.

  2. Yvette White says:

    I am so embarrassed to be a Black women!! I get enraged when I have seen this show!!! What are the women showing the world about who we are, what we come from and where are we going. Every woman on this show should be so ashamed, your representation of women who have so much more than so many women of color is so unappreciative to God. There is no real love between none of you, please Stop it!!!

  3. Lisha says:

    I understand that this show gives us the “inside look” into these women’s lives and that we see a lot of fighting, cussing, and aggression, but…….. I DON’T think it makes black women look bad! Have you guys not seen the other reality shows on tv with many different ethnic back grounds acting the same way?? At least these women are not addicts and drunks like some of the other shows I’ve seen! If someone thinks that all black women are “classless” and they develop (or confirm) this opinion of them, then that is there stupid self for believing that! Everyone knows you can not group a whole race of people in the same category!! If a person doesn’t know that then, hey, I don’t know what to tell ya! Feel sorry for them!!

  4. delredd says:

    all of the fights were crazy but entertainting as well.

  5. Adam says:

    Almost all of these women are pathetic. Most have not accomplished anything in their lives except marry a basketball player. Their behavior is so low class they are not worth watching. They could never be anything on their own. They are all a bunch of bad roll models women everywhere. They would be nothing if they had not married a basketball player.

  6. moshulu says:

    So, enlighten me again, which of these hoe’s are MARRIED to basketball players, besides Jennifer who’s being kicked (divorced) to the curve.?

  7. Justtalkin says:

    Did they pull Football Wives? They should do the same for Basketball Wives. If NOT, get rid of TAMI THE TASMANIAN DEVIL! She may NOT have NOTHING to lose. But, we do. Our dignity as BLACK WOMEN. Somebody, tame the DEVIL! No wonder the man turn to a white woman.

  8. zet says:

    I totally agree with you, she is a poor example of a Mother and a Woman and a throw back to the Black Women. I bet it’s funny to her to watch it, when it should make her ashamed. What am I saying, she has no shame what so ever. I feel for her daughters and what their friends are saying or thinking.

  9. charlene says:

    ur greatest accomplishment is being with a basketball player/not star! and u want to give up money so u dont have 2 c meeka, cause she dont like ur weave? dumb ass B

  10. Charlene says:

    u wasnt talkin about his Mom when u got 2gether, dont start now! Its ugly. U deserved that and I am glad he did it. The reason u broke up did not have a doggone thing to do with his Mama.