Evelyn Lozada On Basketball Wives Season 3: “I’d Rather Be A Villain Than A Sweet Girl, That’s Not Me”


It was hard to keep your eyes off of Evelyn Lozada and her barely-there dress at the Basketball Wives reunion, and over the course of both hours of the show, she certainly got her digs in at everyone. When I spoke to her before the reunion, I wanted to go beyond her drama with Jennifer, Royce, and Meeka this season, so she and I chatted mostly about her daughter and her home life with Chad (of course, I did ask about the tumultuous season,too). As a bonus, Evelyn’s sister Sylvia was in the room during our conversation and she gave me the lowdown on whether or not Evelyn’s drink-throwing was ever a problem growing up.

I just saw recently that you were being considered for Dancing With The Stars!

You know, there was a report on TMZ and that’s how I found out too. The fact that I’m on their radar is exciting and if the opportunity came up I would definitely do it, absolutely.

Would you get dancing lessons at home from Chad?

Yes! We talk about it all the time, his experience. You know he’s very driven and he doesn’t complain about a lot, but even he said it was very hard so it makes me nervous, makes me think it really must be difficult. Just the fact that I’m being talked about is super cool but we won’t know until they decide.

And there are also talks that you two would make a great spin-off, would you want to do that?

Ever since we got engaged, our phones were blowing up with that question and you know, we’ve both been on reality shows and I would definitely do it. It would be different because me and Chad don’t really have a filter and when you see most relationship shows they show mostly the good and me and him are not like that so it’d be interesting.

Do you guys live together full time in the off-season?

Pretty much. We have two places, and after we got engaged we talked about it but my daughter was still in high school and for her to commute to school was not something I wanted her to do. So I kept my place, but he’s always at my house and we pretty much live together. It doesn’t make sense now for us to have two places. [Now that Chad's a New England Patriot, it's been reported that they've settled on a place in Foxboro, MA.]

So about your twin boys, can you talk more about when you want to have babies?

Right now we both live on a plane and we’re trying to make the most of these fifteen minutes — I want these fifteen minutes to last longer than fifteen minutes so right now if I was pregnant with twins it wouldn’t be such a great idea. I’m focused on putting my daughter through school right now and it’s on hold, but his sperm is frozen, just waiting for the transfer.

I loved your conversation about baby names, Pepe and Esteban.

That’s Chad! He calls himself Pepe and Esteban, he has a lot of names he went from Chad to Ochocinco, he calls himself Pepe, so I said we’d name the babies Pepe and Estaban.

Would you take Ochocinco as your last name?

You know, when Chad was asked that, I’m going to use his answer, he said “Evelyn is going to take the last name that has made me the most money.” So yes, I’d take it and try to keep that money train going. We have Twitter fan pages too of people who have tried combining our names. People have thought of Chadalyn, E-Cho, Ochozada, there’s all types of pages out there.

You know Chadalyn will be like, the number one baby name next year.

Can you imagine?

Do you ever worry that people see you as a villain on this show?

You need to have a really thick skin to be on this show. I know Suzie can’t even watch the show after we’re done taping because she can’t take it, but you have to get used to that and expect that people will label you. I think people take me being honest and straightforward as me being a bitch but I don’t see anything wrong with that. I’d rather be a villain than a sweet girl, that’s not me.

Honesty is such a big issue on the show.

Everyone’s not honest though. That’s why there’s problems with certain cast members. They aren’t honest and they create drama and lies. That’s why there’s the drama we have on the show. Meeka running around and talking about everybody, it got her in a mess.

She and Suzie just don’t stop talking.

Suzie just can’t help herself. She just doesn’t know when to edit herself, but that’s just how she is and I didn’t know that in season one but now I just see that’s how she is. Meeka just came on as a fan of the show, she sent her picture in, she really wanted to be on the show, the producers didn’t search for her. She tried so hard to fit in instead of just being herself and that’s where things backfired.

You never had direct drama with her, that we saw anyway. Was there any more to your relationship?

After watching the show and seeing certain comments that she made like “I felt that they wanted me to choose sides,” it pisses me off because we made it very clear when we first met and it was on film, “Make your own opinions.” We told her how we feel but base your own opinions. But during filming, I told her to her face, “I don’t like you and I don’t hate you. I feel nothing toward you.” She hasn’t done anything to me directly, it’s just that, why would she say that? And this bullshit lawsuit she has with Tami, I think it’s ridiculous.

Even before the fight episode aired, Tami had been saying that Meeka was not a victim and that, you know, she raised her hand up and all that. From what you saw, is that what happened?

Look, this is my thing, everybody handles things differently and as anybody knows, Tami has a temper and especially if you’re lying about her and Meeka was twisting around Tami’s words and it’s kind of…maybe you wouldn’t handle the situation that way but when you’re talking about Tami…

Did you ever think Tami’s lawsuit against you would happen?

No, I thought it was ridiculous. I continued to sell the shirts and I’m still selling them.

So what’s the deal with that, didn’t you max out at your 500 shirts?

You know what, I could probably guess that I sold more than 500 but I didn’t look at my quarterly numbers. I didn’t want to come here lying, so I just chose not to know. I didn’t check.

Don’t you worry about breaking your word with Tami? What if she’s upset that you went over that limit?

I’d say that everyone’s here to make money, everyone signs on to this show for a reason, to promote something, so this opportunity came to me, it was a topic of conversation on the show, and I would be an idiot not to profit from it. Listen, it’s a recession!

Just to briefly talk about Royce, what was it at the reunion last year that kind of severed your relationship with her? What do you think caused her behavior?

I’m going to tell you what caused her behavior, her getting wind that she was on the chopping block and not going to be on the show anymore. It was her last ditch effort to remain relevant.

If someone says something bad about you on the show, whether it’s Royce or the fans or whoever, do you ever want to shield your daughter or your family from those comments? It’s got to be hard as a mom to know your daughter is hearing someone say “She’s a ho” and that sort of thing.

Well, what’s the first thing most people say about a woman anyway? “She’s a bitch, she’s a ho.” My daughter knows who her mother is. And let’s say I was a ho, does that mean I’m a bad mother? I’m a great mother. I don’t care if I was having orgies every night, that doesn’t take away from the fact that I take care of my daughter, me, myself. She’s been an amazing kid, she’s going to college, the comments that people make don’t take away from me being a mother. She knows me and I’m with her all the time, she knows it’s not like I have men in the house all the time.

How are you now, knowing Shaniece is going off to school? When does she leave?

She leaves in October. I’m a little sad. You know, my mom, every time she goes to Puerto Rico she cries, and I’m going to be the same way. I’ll be on the plane bawling. We’re together all the time, we’re inseparable.

She seems so immune to the drama, it’s actually fun to watch her react to all the crazy stuff that goes on on the show. She’s a very calm presence.

Sylvia: She’s very grounded. My sister raised her well. She’s just in the spotlight now, she’s living a normal life though.

Evelyn: My daughter doesn’t like drama. I’ve never heard her raise her voice in her eighteen years of being alive. She’s not cliquish, she only has a handful of friends — she keeps very much to herself.

Sylvia: She’s an old soul.

What does Chad think about Jennifer’s comments about him?

Chad doesn’t really care about anything. We ran into her at the movie theater and they didn’t talk and that made me very uncomfortable, so obviously the fact that he hasn’t said anything says a lot. I feel like I’m in the middle. And it stems from the interview.

I think it’s funny that you met him online and she had this whole thing this season of looking for a date online and she was so afraid or confused how to meet guys that way. Have you ever wanted to be like, it’s not that hard!

She’s grown! Nobody guided me! You’re in your mid-thirties, you can figure it out yourself. Trust me, she knows how to do it, let’s just say that. Jennifer is a beautiful woman, and just going out, she knows what to do. She’ll be fine.
[At this point, I turned the questioning over to Sylvia]

What do you think of how your sister appears on the show, are you like, yup, that’s Evelyn?

Sylvia: To some extent. I think some of the time it is for the TV. With us, she’s still who she’s always been with us, our relationship has always been good.

Have you ever had a big fight, has she ever thrown a drink at you?

Sylvia: No! But when we were younger we used to fight all the time! I mean FIGHT. We would wrestle, oh, and she would throw batteries at me!

I bet that hurt more than a drink.

Sylvia: Whatever was closest to her, she’d throw.

Evelyn: We would fight and I was a scratcher.

Sylvia: She would always leave marks on me! I would always show my mother the evidence. I think a lot of people go through that.

Evelyn: It’s awful!

[To Evelyn] Do you ever watch the show and regret anything or wish the fights didn’t happen?

I think everyone does. But you’re forced to deal with things you normally wouldn’t deal with. So you’re already going into filming pissed and and then things happen and it just builds and builds and builds and things happen…We really are nice people though, I swear.

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  1. Safonia says:

    About those ear rings…. I have been paying attention to the styles from the beginning. I looked at them and wondered why and who chose those for the cast – especially you and Jenn. Honestly, most of them look like car parts swinging from your sagging ear lobes, cheap hub caps or spinning rims. Yes, I think Meeka is a joke, but I did take notice to hers as well when she first hit the scene. I think it was a shame for you to down the lady in the audience and make her seem like a copy cat. Her work looks better, scaled down a bit so they don’t scream “Project Chick”. Anyway, I hope you didn’t do too much damage to the entrepreneur sister. She didn’t deserve what you dished out. Being that you are a business woman as well, that was a foul move…a total fail.

  2. Icia says:

    Evelyn has low self esteem written all over that ugly wrinkled face of hers. Her relationship with Chad is clearly fake, you could tell from the argument. Chad is a down to earth person from what I saw from his show..so I’m doubting this relationship. Evelyn killed me trying to call security like she is actually someone of importance. They use the word relevant completely out of context because none of the ladies are interesting or on the cover of mainstream magazines!

  3. Icia says:

    Evelyn has low self-esteem written all over that aging face of hers. Her and Chad’s relationship is clearly made for television. (The argument was clearly rehearsed ) Chad seems down to earth…definitely dont see him and Evelyn meshing well. She killed me calling security like she is actually someone of importance. They use the word relevance completely wrong…because none of these ladies are gracing the covers of mainstream magazine or known outside of the vh1 community.

  4. delredd says:

    get the hell completed off t,v, evilyn

  5. Lisha says:

    Well first of all, I love Evelyn! I don’t care if she is a ho, or whateva, she is very pretty, seems to be a good mother, and doesn’t forget where she came from. She is a woman just like us, mistakes, flaws and all. I’m guessing the other ladies that hate her have never been mean to anyone, cussed anyone out, or have said things in the heat of the moment to hurt someone else’s feelings?! Obviously I have a different opinion of her because she is actually my favorite!

  6. Ms.Robnson says:

    I don’t think Evelyn and Chad will get married,Chad is not serious about the relationship,Evelyn should atleast give it some time and thought.You see Chad didn’t tell her in the beginning he was having lunh with a woman associate,he just said friend.If they relationship so deep why is she still working at Dulce’,hire someone to work at the store.Why would Evelyn want to have more children when her daughter just made it to be grown,why not have babies when she was younger.Chad already has 3 baby mammas 5 kids,you think he’s going to be able to pay all that child support when he stops playing football.If he’s not already on child support they are going to put him on when he marries you,they have to look out for there kids finacial well being.How can you even associate yourselg with Tammie(THR) after what happen last season,come on,but you want to go at Meeks that is actually married to a basketball player.Why can’t you see Shaunie set that up last season.LAst question Why not move your mother out of the projects,move her into nicer area (Manhattan)like into condo or better apartment complex or house.I guarantte they are not going to get married,Chad going to be cheating with somebody,you stay in MIa and he’s going to be staying in New England.

  7. Really Girl? says:

    Okay Evelyn, you’re neither a good girl or a villain… let’s face it, you’re a ‘HO’

  8. moshulu says:

    That there, is a flat out hoe. Now she’s bedded down a man with 4 children for three women.

  9. Tena says:

    Pray tell me where one goes and under whose filthy shoe one would look to unearth women who are so very comparable to earthworms? Perhaps I don’t understand DESPERATION of the sort displayed by, dare one refer to them as human beings, such as Evelyn and Tammy. I must applaud them for displaying yourselves as the dregs of human society and for presenting black women as complete savages, good for only one thing….blabbering away like idiots. I know, I know…I do tremble at the thought of their disapproval.
    The only person who appears to have any sense is Royce. She, at least does not appear to seek the approval of a group of people with the I.Q.s of rocks…..no offense to rocks. Royce was right Evelyn…get a mind of your own. I cannot completely blame you though, you have a co-partner who has joined you in your race to the bottom….yes Susie. I think she may be triumphant though because she encompasses all of your witlessness compounded by a complete lack of a spine. This woman is afraid of her own shadow. Her complete worthlessness is grandly displayed by her efforts to be liked by the all of you. I actually feel sorrier for her than any of the others for…she is simply a ghost….a nonexistent figment of the imagination of a toad eating flies on a slimy lily pad. The people in our office have peaked my curiosity enough, I will no longer sink to the level of watching a group of jabberwocky’s with no earthly value to the rest of the world. I am so unimpressed with your attempts at philanthropy. The real value would be for you to stop your ridiculous portrayals of black women for the world to see, laugh at and , in doing so, affirm the imagined worthlessness of the human race as a whole.

  10. Kee Kee says:

    Who cares! This isn’t a real show with talented actors, and you’re nobody important to make some demand.
    VH1 will be done with this show after next season anyway if they hold to their old patterns. Even shows like Flava of Love, Rock of Love and Charm School …all of which were huge for VH1, last a few seasons then gone. A few spin offs that died out after a season or two.

    Tami needs to get off her of delusional, lazy ass and get a real job lined up. She still thinks she deserves to be rich and famous with no foreseeable talent or brains. Please.
    Go work in retail or something, your time is almost up again just like 20 years ago on the Real World where you were at least young enough to nab an NBA player after the show aired. Too bad that turned out like crap too, but I’m sure you helped your husband go broke.

    Same with Evelyn. As soon as this show is over Chad will just move onto someone else. He’s never going to marry her, or anybody anytime soon. He’s dumb enough he might get her pregnant like she wants, but splitting child support with a few other women is no way to get rich.

    Sad pathetic females. No good man wants them though.

  11. Kee Kee says:

    Even Charm School’s best ratings in 2006 were bigger in the key demo 18-49 for Vh1 than this show.

    Charm Schools best show was 4.1 overall viewers and a 2.4 in the key demo 18-24

    I mention this because these ho’s think they’re queens of VH1 when compared to past shows with basically strippers and porn stars, this show is not doing all that great for Vh1 regardless of the PR machine and press releases.

    1.8 was the highest BBW ever got in that key important demo which advertisers love because that’s the age group that buys their stuff.
    I can’t see Vh1 running with this show after next season. Especially if LA BBWs can do the same numbers.

  12. T in Texas says:

    Girl you are beautiful . TILL . . . . . you make those ugly faces and frown . Seems like you are angry at something also ? Move on with your life . Get the heck out of this mess .

  13. astamm62 says:

    How about acting like a lady…Nobody I know ever had a mother that had a foul mouth,and threw drinks at people. No wonder her daughter wants to go to college clear across the country.When Evelyn was crying and asking her daughter to go to college closer to home,her daughter seemed liked she didn’t care that her mother was upset. She had no emotion.

  14. Natasha says:

    I think Royce, Tami, Jen, Evelyn, Suzie and Shaunie should put all differences aside and try to get along……they made mistakes…..nobody is perfect…….all the bad blood they had during the show should be water under the bridge……..You all are grown women……so the mature thing to do is to forgive and forget……..I am looking forward for Season 4….I hope u all get along…….

  15. ann says:


  16. monica says:

    How can I purchase a T-shirt

  17. Tena says:

    The difference is not between being a villain and a sweet girl……It is between being a human being and an earthworm.

  18. shima says:

    as grown women i think you all act like high school girls, especially when jen had her divorce
    party. we can be happy for our girlfriends but, as women. as for everyone to say that you are real people, i don’t think half of you know what that means. and shaunie, brings these girls in a group, you should be able to tell who would get along and who wouldn’t. she sits back in the back ground when all hell breaks and let things happen. yeah! these women are grown but, if you are going to repeat negative things the way she did when she told tami about evelyn and tami’s ex. why, would you do that when you know how tami is. you could have just brought both of them together and let the rest happen. good show but, please grow up and be respectful women.

  19. toogie says:

    LOL saphonia on the earrings== I just dont get it either!! vh1 why do you keep editing my comments????I see people say far worse on here !!

  20. Kiwi says:

    Evelyn what kid of xample or u settin for ur daughter!!! U are too old to be showing your u know what like you do!!!