Strippers! Fights! And More Strippers! The Basketball Wives L.A. Supertrailer Is Here




You know how spicy things in Miami can get, but now here’s your first look at just how crazy the lives of women on Basketball Wives LA can be too!

In the supertrailer for the upcoming series, which premieres on Monday, August 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, check out all the new ladies and all the new drama that they’re bringing with them. Right off the bat we have some of them being labeled as hoes and groupies, while others are made fun of for being “bougie” and “Botoxed,” and yes, there’s even a stripper in our midst. Actually, there are a few strippers in this supertrailer, and some of them were on the clock — find out who’s who and what’s what in the trailer, and check out a few stills down below!

Kimsha Artest shows who's bougie and Botoxed

Stripper #1

Stripper #2

Stripper #3

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  1. Shateeka says:

    I got a feeling that this Basketball Wives will be better than the other one! L.A. do it big!!!!

  2. Desiree says:

    OK, let me get this straight, only 2 out of the 7 wives are real wives to basketball players. Doesn’t that make the rest of them groupies??? And why Gloria’s sister??? That drag queen looking thing has no business in the show. She’s the biggest groupie. Hard for me to understand why, but hey, some men like men looking women, and that’s alright with me. Gloria couldn’t handle the heat in Miami in her desperate search for her 15 mins of fame, so she had to go to LA. “The perfect marriage” so she claims to have. Really??? Shouldn’t you have to be married to have the perfect marriage? Anyway, looking forward to dropping a few IQ points with the new BB Wives of LA.

  3. I’M READY 2 C WUTT YALL GOT! So far looks a like it mite be better than those other hood rats i would luv 2 be a guest on yo show ! I’M a housewive 2 b for 2nd time i would bring some tx flavor u would never forget

  4. Tina says:

    Forgot to say already a fan of Malaysia.

    Team Malaysia!!!

  5. carla says:

    I think this show is going to be a hot mess. I already see that Gloria and her sister are trying to run things like they are ballers.

  6. Ms Kimberly is a MF FACTOR says:

    oH wow… I see its some new $ in the house… & its bringing new drama in the house…. VH1 knows drama!!!!!

  7. princesspr says:


    Malaysia……I am with you as well….however, the door is still open for me to change my mind. But, I do know that I am NOT a fan of Laura Govan …at all!!!. How you going to tell me what to do and how to do it ..when you ARE NOT MARRIED to man you have not one…not two….not even three; but, FOUR children by a man who DOES not want to marry you…..sorry, get off the stage and set the for the REAL wives.

  8. this BBW show is the same as the other…..looking at hood with a little bit of money. Their husbands money…GET SOME CLASS GIRLS

  9. Icia says:

    I can’t stand Gloria or her sister…they are so immature on their invisible high horse.

  10. jill says:

    and Shaunie said she want to have no drama?
    Please who is lying to who?what is next basketball wives Kardashin?

  11. only1g says:

    i wonder are they gonna bring up how Draya left her son at home when she was stripping in philly n she got arrested ????? … why is she on the show again… i think ima like malaysia and Kimsha thats it.

  12. cutiencali1978 says:

    it just shows how messed up women are, if you sleep with men and have a bunch of babies out of wedlock you are a basketball wife! how about they are all groupies out for the same thing…money and fame. i can respect the women who are actually wives that have that ring and the walk down the aisle….gloria and her sister are just glorified baby mama’s who think they’re better than because that have some kids by some b class players!!!!!!

  13. Mimi says:

    OMG! this is waay to ghetto for me…this is worse than basketball wives miami…i mean who gets angry at someone for trying to promote peace and harmony….i am hoping this is stagged and fake as it appears to be, because i can not imagine anyone being this ignorant…i will not be watching again, this is just sending a message that black women are always angry , catty and ghetto, which is not the case, and as a black woman i am appalled…shaunie, if u are apart of this show u need to cancel this one…jmo!…and as far as the govan sisters are concerned…lol…need i say more.

  14. Casey says:

    This show is a hot mess, Shawni I love your original show, this one is over dramatized I will not be watching, I will not bash any of the ladies, this show will not work….

  15. vee says:

    I aint feelin these nasty busted ass sisters laura & gloria at all & why the hell is that biggums laura on the show in the first place .. . All these other old fat heffers need to get off the show & run a couple of laps before they want to be on t.v ..& start talking ish ..
    there all jealous of Malaysia & draya cuz they know they look better then all of them!

  16. Yvonne says:

    Jackie, we will be praying for your mother, just pray to God and spend as much time as possible with her. Keep your head up. Jackie, I dont think Tanya was coming from a bad place when the subject of your mother came up, I just believe her wording came out wrong. yes, she talk a little to much, I think what she was trying to say is when you have a personal relationship with christ you have a diffrent out look and understanding with certain things. She did not come across from to me as trying to be a know it all

  17. Brenda says:

    OMG, I saw the show and it was ok but I agree with Desiree, WHY is gloria’s sister laura on the show, just because you sleep with someone’s husband does not make you a basketball wife it makes you a hore and I did not like how laura asked malaysia her name and then called her a hood rat when she truly looks and acts like a hoodrat and i was glad malaysia knocked the hell out of her because she was out of line and gloria questioning her acting partner look like a dam fool because who is she to ask her who she sleeping with, it is none of her buisness.I was not really feeling Tanya she seemed nice but fake at the same time, she talk too much as well as in circles and what kind of bachelorette party have woman strippers ? Well this is just my opinion…

  18. 2btru says:

    I think this show, BASKETBALL WIVES 2 is a good show. This is good drama! It isn’t agitated pretended drama. Fake conversation drama that one would say, why is she angry again drama and want to dam near kill the person, TAMMY, drama. Jenn, who cannot say an entire sentence. Meeka, who doesn’t know how to express herself. Evelyn, again, the lightess one on a show surrounded by mostly Black women, suppose to be the luckiest person their by being engaged to OCHO. Just like Kim on the REAL Housewive of ATLANTA. The lightes one is the luckiest and riches, by being with a married millionaire. This show to me is good! I like it. The lady that is a little bit older than the rest of the younger ladies, I think she should be seen more often on the show. She shows the side of herself that the other ladies haven’t matured as of yet. That part of themselves that is nearing a certain age, but don’t want to face reality. Than lady is very mature and smart. The other ladies are too, but they have not grown; they are still growing, and some of them are afraid to get to that aspect of their lives that you become familiar with yourself because to most people that is called ageing, and being like your Mother’s age! This show is GREAT! I enjoyed every aspect of it because WOMEN do BEHAVE JUST LIKE THAT! Now take that!!!! The Jamaican WAY!

  19. Myshel says:

    IMANI!! SUCKS!! HATER!!! Who hell is seh to judge you? OMG!! KILLJOY!!! JACKIE IS A HATER TOO!! I cannot beleive them I come from a trouble past have three college degree..That work for me GOD made us all different!! OMG!! DRAYA they are haters and I hope you check them for sho!

  20. SHIKA says:

    This show is Trash as well as the women on it……..this show gives a bad name for the real Basketball Wives…….these women have no class and they claim to be so classey and they’re not! They need to grow up….and why in the hell is Gloria sister on this show?????? Having sex with basketball players does not make you wifey! The whole show needs to be recast, Only 2 real wives on here…..I give this show a -1……..BOOOOOOOO BBW…LA!

  21. Janie says:

    It’s unbelievable how judgemental and pathetic these women are! I have never seen a group of women that are so bitter each time they are given an opportunity to have a five star time, they argue and beat up on someone. This show should be called the Washed Up Broads Affiliated with the League! Tanya has no place on this show, se is far to classy for this!

  22. yeah ok Imani says:

    So far the two i most certainly won’t be able to take is Gloria and Imani, These two really act like they are worth more than anyone else. Imani, how the hell can you tell someone that you just met or anyone for that matter that they are worthless? Who are you the virgin Mary herself? She seems really bitter, could it be that she was a fiance for 9 nine and they ended breaking up? maybe a stripper took him from you? I’m waiting for someone to get Gloria right in her lip. The ish talk too much!!!

  23. Angie says:

    OMG!! Tanya is the only one with class on this show. It is embarassing how these women are representing black women. Imani, who are you to judge?? You are jealous of Draya because she is smaller and better looking than you. I didn’t like Gloria on BBW of Miami and I still don’t like her. Jackie makes herself look stupid by insulting Tanya who is just trying to be positive. This show needs to be cancelled!!

  24. Hmmm…BW LA….WOW…first off…Kudos to Tonya! I don’t like hostile environments either! She’ll always take the high road. Malaysia….saying the thing about sleeping with other women’s husbands was the minimum she could have said! Did Laura really think she could call the girl a rat to her face and just keep it movin? SHE WAS WRONG! You were not caught off guard…you asked for it and u saw it coming a mile off! Really? As for the rest of them…your girl was dead wrong and got what she deserved so stop acting like she’s some innocent little “just had a baby” lamb. The last thing should could be is innocent.
    Clearly Malaysia and Tonya are my favs!

  25. angie500 says:

    Did anyone watch the show tonight. , did they kick Tanya off the show already. The girls when to get a make over 4 Jackie party tonight her weave was so bad ,that they could not even curl it.
    Laura need to stop having all those kids, she has 4 of them , i am just waiting to see what Jackie husband look like. They ask La La have they ask her , to come on the show she said no, They could not stand in the same room as La La , No class fat ass over the hill wannabe .

  26. rachel says:

    Wow I am really confused about these women. Imani needs to go the show called “how not to be a baketball wife”. Why is she on the show? Let those without sin cast the 1st stone. She was with a man for what 9yrs and he never married her.. so whats that called shacking, fornication, dumb, what. Please help me understand why she is so judgemental. Oh my bad or is it called “ENVY’ and Jackie is soooooo perfect …..NOT!!!! I like that she has found what makes her marriage work for her, but stop looking down on others and and at her and Imani age they should be sending out wisdom to Draya and the others instead of keeping mess going. And Tanya or however you spell and pronounce her name, I am so proud of you, standing up to them, who the hell put them in charge? You are all grown women and they act like junior high level girls. I cannnot believe women are showing their stupideness to the world but yet dont see how ghetto they really are. Oh and the fight, I hate that Malasia had to sell her self short by fighting, but Im glad she popped Laura, she crossed the line. And Gloria be a wife and an adult about the situation. You would have gotten your butt kicked anyway.