Tami Roman On Basketball Wives And Refusing To Work With Meeka Again: “I Will Not Come Back To The Show If She’s On It”


At the time of the Basketball Wives reunion taping, the news of Meeka Claxton‘s lawsuit against Tami Roman as a result of their fight in Italy had just broken and was impossible to ignore. When we spoke to all the ladies, most of them thought the lawsuit was ridiculous, especially Tami herself. We chatted with Tami about the entire season, but of course somehow, things kept coming back to Meeka. While there’s no official word as to whether there will definitely be a season four of the series, Tami told me “I will definitely not come back to the show if she’s on it.”

How was it seeing the episode where your girls fired you?

It was difficult, only because my daughters and I have a very close relationship and this was the first time they didn’t come to me directly with something, they put me on the spot thanks to this one [Tami points out her cousin who's in the dressing room helping her get ready]. So for me, they’re used to me being very passionate and emotional about stuff, and they didn’t want that in their career. So I had to come to grips with how maybe sometimes I’m a little over-dramatic. I have to try and fine-tune that now. It was a wake-up call.

How did you watch that and discover “Oh, I am that way.”

I think that’s one of the hidden beauties of reality TV. We’re all on there being ourselves, living our lives, and when you watch these things back we are able to see those moments where maybe it’s like “Yeah, I am a little dramatic!”

[At this point the producers walk in to say hi to Tami and they ask her about the lawsuit Meeka has filed against her.]

I’m just going to take it all in stride. Just gonna be cool as I can be! Which usually goes left somehow! So much has been going on. She’s doing all these interviews and saying all this stuff and I never said one thing other than “I don’t like you.” That’s the extent of it. I don;t like you. I don’t talk about your family, your kids, I don’t give you any attention and you’re just making it your life’s mission to be on every radio station,every inch of you, talking about me.

I’ve had so many things that I’ve wanted to say to her and they’re all going to come out, I just have to keep as calm as I can be.

[After chatting for a few minutes, the producers leave.]

So I guess that’s like the elephant in the room, Meeka is planning to sue you…How do you feel about that situation?

I wasn’t aware of the lawsuit. I found out about it from my publicist and apparently it ended up on a lot of social media websites and stuff, so for me, I was a little taken aback because it was absurd. The fact that she has one threw me for a loop because it’s like, we had an altercation. Period, point blank. People have those all the time. It was a situation where we were in a club environment and all I see is somebody, you know, raising up against me, and it’s like, I have a right to defend myself. So I’m just wondering where she gets that she has a lawsuit when it was a clear defense mechanism and it was just an altercation that happened. It happens all the time, you know? Like, I would never sue Evelyn because we had a fight. We had one of the biggest brawls of season two and in that instance, she had a lawsuit. It was like, you said something, it hurt my feelings, and I punched you in the face. You’ve got a lawsuit. This girl, Meeka, does not have a lawsuit.

So you’re not worried at all?


I get the feeling nobody is excited to have her back if there is a season four, so if she does sign on for another season, would you just not work with her and not be in scenes with her?

No, it’s not about not working with her, it’s about if she’s on season four, I will not return. It’s not about you can be in scenes with other people and I won’t work with you, it’s “If you’re on season four then Tami will not return.” I will definitely not come back to the show if she’s on it.

Did you expect things to go the way they did with her?

Listen, it’s a reality show. You know what you’re getting into when you sign on. So for me, we’re all in the show together, we’re being ourselves when we get into certain situations and things happen, but at the end of the day, I advise people to look at it for entertainment purposes only. Don’t put a lot of weight on some of the things we do. The fact that you’ve now turned that into a very ugly environment, I never expected a lawsuit, I never expected…look, nobody wants to work with her. She’s just somebody that came into a situation where for the most part we have our altercations and we have our disagreements but we’re always able to work through them, to show some resolve. And here you come and it’s literally like poison has taken over. People aren’t friends with Royce, usually we can work through those things, but you’ve just created this tear of never-ending stuff that’s very ugly and nobody signed up for. For me it’s like, no I didn’t expect that and no, I don’t want it to continue.

It was kind of shocking to see you do an impression of her in front of her face, were you trying to get under her skin or did you not even care what she thought at that point?

Here’s the thing. I don’t do too many things behind people’s backs. I would have been a shady character if I had done that around the girls and she had no idea of it. I bring stuff straight to you. For me, I wasn’t talking to her, we were all at dinner, it was comical. It was an inside joke, that’s how I was approaching it, it was just “This is what I think of her” and I’m going to show her that.

So you didn’t worry about hurting her feelings?

That IS who she is. And in the end, that’s what she’s shown us. So for me it’s like, alright, that’s who you are, and if it’s not who you are, this is the time for you to speak up. Anything you need to say, now is the time to come clean, let us know who you really are, stop being a chameleon and just blending into whatever situation and just be yourself. And she still didn’t.

Was your distaste for her the sum of a lot of things, or was it really just what you said at dinner, that it was Meeka’s comments about how she’s not like you and her clothes and hair are nothing like yours?

It was the culmination of a lot of things. Outside of the stuff with me, it was also the situation with Royce, and Meeka going back to Suzie and stuff, there was that point in the vacation where I was like, let me just be cool with her and have a good time, and lo and behold I find out she’s still talking. And none of it she said to me. Like, being at the very prestigious polo event where nobody was even talking to her and she caused this whole big blow-up. It was so many things that just added up. Not everybody is the type of person who can come out and say what’s on their mind, some people are more meek, then you have people like me who are very open and candid, I understand that everybody is not like me, but when I talk to you and I’ve given you at least twenty opportunities to say what you mean and we’re just talking and you still continue to just lie, that bothers me.

Are you worried about what’s going to happen at the reunion?

I am a little worried. Only because I don’t know who’s going to show up. I still don’t know who Meeka is. Is it the person who’s going to try and come at me like the person in Rome? Is it the person who’s going to sit up there and lie all the time? Is she finally going to tell the truth and show us who she is? I don’t know, and that worries me because you like to be able to know who you’re dealing with and where that person stands, and she’s never given us that opportunity.

Suzie’s been in the middle quite a bit this season—

—Suzie’s caught between a rock and a hard place because she’s the only person that everybody talks to, so if there’s a situation that involves Royce, then Evelyn, Jen and Shaunie are not going to talk to her, so Suzie gets that information. I’m not the type of person who tells other people what someone says, I leave it for somebody to tell the other person themself, I’m not that kind of back and forth, back and forth type of person. So she’s just in a bad place.

Everyone calls out Suzie for talking too much in Rome and telling you what Meeka told her, but if she hadn’t said anything to you, do you think you would have been mad at Suzie for withholding that information?

Maybe. Yeah, probably.

So you weren’t mad that Suzie was telling you what Meeka said, you were just glad to know the truth.

I’m always happy to know the truth. For me, if it had come out down the line that Suzie knew this information and didn’t tell me, I would have been upset with her, there’s more of a connection there with Suzie than I have with Meeka.

Were you surprised that the t-shirt situation with Evelyn resolved itself so easily?

A little bit. We’re both very stubborn and adamant about what we believe in. The fact that we could reach a compromise so quickly was a good thing.

The shirts are still online though and she’s still selling them, does that upset you?

I’m not the t-shirt police. I got two kids, a man, my mother, a job, my life, I’m not sitting online trying to figure out how many t-shirts Evelyn has sold. All I know is that we made an agreement and hopefully she will honor that. That’s all I can hope to see, but I can’t monitor that. I will tell you, she’s a smart-ass bitch, because those t-shirts are selling. I think I’m gonna get me some. I might have to enter the t-shirt game.

If she’s still selling them, does that affect your trust in her?

It’s not a reflection of me, the fact that she’s still selling them doesn’t reflect negatively on me. She is the person that will suffer. We sat on TV and reached an agreement and if you don’t honor that, you’re the person that people view as untrustworthy. You’re grown, you’re going to make your own decisions and do what you wanna do, all I can hope is that you honor what we discussed.

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  1. Anyway... says:

    Love Tami! She just needs to learn how to control her temper. It makes for entertaining TV, but it also makes her look unstable and classless. I completely understood her frustration with Meeka Liar Claxton, but Tami shouldn’t allow anyone to have that much control over her emotions. In the grand scheme of things, Meeka and the non-stop, never-ending garbage she spews isn’t that important. This frivolous lawsuit and the countless interviews speaks volumes about Meeka. For Tami’s sake I hope the judge laughs her “case” out of court. She wasn’t injured, what damages is she suing for? If Tami leaves, BBW’s will be BORING. Who wants to look at Meeka with her shorts stuck up her butt and her fake bourgeois whispering motor mouth every week.

  2. Icia says:

    Tami claims to be so real but is as fake as that thing on her head. I’m surprised no one has confronted her about calling them “fake’ Tami does not need to return for another season…she should be tired of making a fool of herself. She needs to act her age..my mom would never display such behavior!

  3. CHRISTIE B says:

    If tami dont return i wont be watching the show anymore cuz c’mon now lets be real she is the show lol

  4. rissa says:

    tami needs to quit the “i felt threatened” outcry. meeka wasn’t even looking at her when she hit her. tami came in pants, hair pulled back, and no earrings- ready for battle. she is not keeping it real here. why is it ridiculous for meeka to sue her but not for her to threaten to sue evelyn. i hope she’s just acting.

  5. Peaches says:

    I feel as though Tami should not allow anyone to stop her money. Forget the hater, she might be jealous of what you have and is not seeing what she has a something also. Tami should allow her square to be way too hard for her to be taken off of.

  6. Martinique says:

    I like and can respect Tami because she is someone who doesn’t allow others to step on her, and she keeps it real; I am the same way. However, she needs to understand that SHE put her hands on Meeka. I don’t know why she keeps saying Meeka put her hands up and she punched her because she felt like she needed to defend herself. If you look at the clip of their fight, you will see that they are talking to each other while pointing in each other’s face the entire time. Meeka NEVER raised her hand, so in this case she does have a case. People need to learn how to deal with confrontations without using physical force. And the fact that these are “grown” women makes me appalled. If you put your hands on someone, there are consequences, and unfortunately, Tami has to face them. Meeka has the right to sue for assault…it is her right to do so. Wrong is wrong, and Tami was wrong for putting her hands on Meeka. Point. Blank. Period.


    It seems all these ladies have graduated from high school, so why are they still acting like they are still there? Wanting to get in someone’s face because they said this are that is so high school. Meeka you are grown and have the right to say what you please and if they don’t like it so what,don’t let loud mouth Tami intimidate you, and please come back next season so she won’t. You hit the nail on the head with Tami “Hoodrat “Roman because that’s what she acts like, you have teenage daughters who don’t want you to be there manager that says alot. What grown woman gets mad because of what somebody said, Sweety they talked about Jesus, get over it, the only reason I see you getting so mad is because its true, other than that let people talk, in the words of Madear, “Honey people gonna talk about you until you die” so keep it moving………

  8. Tina says:

    Where is Royce? I want to hear her take on this whole Reunion Show. Hello Where is Royce?

  9. samantha mccune says:

    I know Tammi didn’t really mean that…………………Please dont make her look bad. Tammi is just letting meeka know if she’s on the drama will never stop.

  10. delredd says:

    yeah, tami some back on the show ur morer funnier than the rest of them. just ignore meeka ugly ass.

  11. Mary R says:

    I don’t get why Tami keeps saying she was defending herself when she hit Meeka. Everyone saw the footage,it’s on tape for goodness sake. Not only was Meeka’s hand down, but she wasn’t even looking at you when you hit her. Also the only reason why you were going to leave Meeka alone and stop bullying her was because Meeka took the high road and apologized to you. She was only venting to Suzi in frustration as we women do. It should have never gone to that level and the fact that you won’t even admit that maybe just maybe you went to far by hitting her, is really disturbing to me. You say you won’t return if Meeka does. I WILL NOT WATCH THIS SHOW IF YOU (TAMI) RETURN.

  12. moshulu says:

    Ahh, she’ll be back, she needs the money.

  13. mariam says:

    Tami , do not leave the show. Love your hair long. You look beautiful. Forget Tami!!!!

  14. Dianna Francis says:

    What I saw of the scene in the club, Meeka did not raise her hand to Tammi, she was sitting there listening to Tammy rant on and on about bs. Tammi just attacked her and Meeka is entitled to sue her for assault – I hope she wins because Tammi needs to learn to keep her hands to herself.

  15. delredd says:

    if u come back tami please tone it down ur funny is hell!!!

  16. kurhree Snider says:

    All u are blessed black woman especially if u see me and I think that those nastyness that comes out of some of those lips are giving a bad rap on black woman period. As much as I hate my self for being burntup and ugly. I would rather b than to b beautiful as some of u and have such ugly mouths. you all are blessed and for some reason u don’t know it. what is wrong with you ladies? does it take all that just to become someone. or just to show how bad u are. why can’t there b a reality show for a dream to come to just to be beautiful, To be a swan. to have hair, nails beautiful skin, a out of this world body. To come from a world that I have come from and wish I could be and to see this is very hurtfull and I cry most of my life. I am very ashamed. and this makes me crazy. I wish I could have anything that these woman have. Looks would do me good. Meeka I think u held your self up real good. This is me and what I think. Is this what black woman want white people to think about african american woman. Loud, who is bad? really no body. GO to Prison where the real bad ladies are bet that will bring things down a bit I wish I was not even alive most of the time and all you beautiful black woman given what whte america says all the time. you all are Queens u started this world lets get it back and get together as black woman. we are killing each other off one way or the other and I hate being here.

  17. MS.SMITH says:


  18. Diane says:

    who cares?????

  19. MSam says:

    Tami is just low brow, loud, obnoxious and looks just nasty. As a man, I wouldn’t even bother with someone like Tami as she would be a waste of time and energy. If Meeka sue and wins, Tami has no one to blame but herself as none of this would have happened if she hadn’t decided to act all ghetto fab and resort to violence. I understand she doesn’t have much, especially compared to the other ladies, Meeka included but sometimes in order to bring a person down to earth, you have to strip them. Meeka doesn’t need the show as her networth is in the millions, Tami by all reports desperately needs this as it’s the only thing she has going right now and therefore constantly trying to keep herself relevant. Either way, as Tami and Evelyn go about their business of acting trashy, their buddy Shaunie is laughing all the way to the bank at their expense. Sad part is, neither one of them see it.

  20. Gee Love says:

    Tami acts like she is Bi-Polar; therefore, she is very unstable and you cannot believe a word she says. I would not be surprise if her and Meeka start hanging out like she did with Evelyn. She seems like she could be a wonderful person, but I strongly believe she needs to seek professional help immediately!

  21. betty says:


    I have never in my life seen anyone as ghetto as you. yTo be your age and still acting this ghetto is a dam shame. You need to grow up. Its a shame the charity you contribute to see you acting so disgusting. I hope none of the girls in the charity you help watch and see how disgusting you really are. You are not a good role model for them or your pwn girls. You are a disgusting BULLY. I dont see how any man would want to be in your company. Don’t embarass your self and your family for money. It does not look good at all. Bravo is laughing all the way to the bank at your dumb ass expense. You need to get a clue. Is this the message you want to send to young blacke women you say you care so much about?


  22. mikasa says:

    Meeka should have asked Tami where was her husband’s ring. Oh yeah it is on his white wife’s hand. I know he is glad he dropped her along time ago.

  23. Adele says:

    I like Tami please don’t leave you are keep things going and Royce will be hurt if you leave because she really like has a friend, please don’t leave and the other lady’s like you too so you have alot of support. Please stay.

  24. ceci says:

    tami girl u have to come back, we will all miss u. when u first came on the show i didn’t like u but after this last season i just luv u. i love jen, evelyn, susie and shaunie. i’ve been so depressed since april 2010. thats because my 20yr old daughter suddenly died from heart disease that we didnt know she had. so watching ur show really gives me a laugh!!! don’t get me twisted, it’s real but u girls are funny! now royce does keep it real most of the time but it really seems like she doesnt have any friends. meeka? get lost, no one wants to see u again! evelyn you go bobo with ur security lamo. luv u girls

  25. Yvonne says:

    In reality Susie caused a lot of conflict between Tami and Meeka – why was it so important to keep repeating everything that Meeka said to her in conversation back to Tami. Has anyone stopped to think this is how Susie is keeping on the good side of the other wives – I mean really – every conflict that came between the other wives started as soon as Susie told someone what the other said in a conversation with her? Hello. Susie is not stupid – if she keeps the other wives at each others throat they wont focus on her snarkiness – Susie should be the one who is off the show. I really think Tami needs a reality check and anger management – She thinks she has to control every situation and she also is too full of herself. I’m just saying,

  26. Linda Boushangi says:

    Tammy is a big troublemaker. She deserve the lawsuit.

  27. R A Smith says:

    Goes to show money can’t buy class.

  28. keepitreal says:

    Leave who cares, she needs the money she’ll be back

  29. #1FAN says:

    Without TAMI ROMAN the show would not do as well…She is the bizness!!! She makes you glued to the screen to see what the heck shes gna say next…come on people bring her and meeka back as much as i don’t care for meeka but tami is a KEEPER!!! Evalyn and Tami should get there own show…they can stand on there own!!!

  30. snickers says:

    Tami, Evelyn, and Suzie are jealous of Meeka’s husband, family and real bucks. Fools resort to violence and vulgar language because deep down they feel as though they can’t compete. Some of these women are just loud, ignorant and just plain ghetto. Someone needs to hire a stylist, personal trainer, tutor and a life coach please! Did you see Tammi’s and Evelyn flabby arms and cheap looking dresses?

  31. T in Texas says:

    Tami you are STILL a rude and disrespectful woman . GHETTO ! You need another tattoo on your arm that has some kind of warning put on there . Is there no one that can get a word in edgewise with you ? You are always so defensive . Have you had such a horrible life , that all you can do is make everyone else’s miserable also ? I’m watching the 2nd. half of the reunion . And you are always the first to come out and attack ! You’ve got to open your mouth talk trashy , and make all these bold movements to show what ? That you mean business ? Calm down , life is NOT that bad ! You irritate the hell out of me . If I were your two beautiful girls . I’d ask you to go into some type of anger management or something . The show would be better off without you . You are classless . You can be a strong black woman . Without having to put muscle into it . Real women don’t fight unless it’s to save their lives . You are trashy !

  32. T in Texas says:

    Susi ,
    You are dumb , really , really DUMB ! You don’t know when you keep your mouth shut . You walk around with you mouth open and a big “question mark”look on your face . You will side with anyone that is in the lead at the current time . You change friends like you change your clothes . I’d be leary to call you a “friend” . Just dumb . . . . .

  33. lyn says:

    This show is for entertainment purposes only…..I hope. I hope these women really do have other things going on other then shopping, drinking wine, talking about each other, shopping, drinking wine, talking about each other. The show doesn’t show them raising their children and I’m sure they do (those that have them). I say again…It’s for entertainment only. I DVR the show and watch it while on the treadmill. It’s entertaining and my hour goes by fast. These women are not someone I idolize or anything close to that. Just like I don’t idolize any other characters on televison. You people are talking about them like you know them. You don’t. You know what the producers wanted you to see for their ratings. Their job is done successfully…I was entertained. Don’t get wrapped up in people who aren’t wrapped up in you. You people are like “I don’t like so and so….Meeka a is …Evelyn is this”…..They are thanking you for watching as they cash their checks (probably direct deposit huh?). You can talk about their mothers and they wouldn’t care. To them you are an Non-MFing Factors. Just as you shouldn’t care about them. They are characters people!! Tammy only acts like that on television. She’s fighting for television. She wasn’t fighting the people at the welfare office and I’m sure they said some crazy stuff to her at some point. Enjoy your lives. Laugh hard and love often. Life is short.

  34. Sherri says:

    Tami is so full of it! I once had much respect for her, but her behavior is reprehensible. If I didn’t love the woman my mother raised me to be, she would make me dislike being associated with the black female species, that’s how disgusted I am with the person she is allowing the world to see. She is good company though, she’s got NeNe Leakes for a roommate, so at least she’s not alone.

    As for Meeka’s lawsuit, I hope Meeka pursue’s the lawsuit and shows Tami that for every action, there is an equal or oppostie reaction and in Meeka’s case that reaction happens to be a matter for the courts to decide. Sadly for Tami though, unless there is footage of Meeka getting buck that was left on the editing room floor, what we saw was Tami snuff Meeka while she was looking at and talking to Suzie. And that is the damning piece of evidence that could seal Tami’s fate. I hope Meeka has a great attorney who is able to bleed Tami dry. You just can’t go around popping people man, damn! Its not not right and it damn sure ain’t cute.

    And how sad is Shaunie and Associates for siding with Tami and her wreckless behavior? That’s how you know she only cares about earning a buck. Tami and Evelyn are Shaunie’s cash cows and as longs as the get their Moo on she keeps getting paid. The whole kit and kaboodle is wack. but that only they’ll be back… Season after season

  35. evon says:

    I like to say Jen you lashing out at Royce you should of lashed out at Evelyn when she tore you up for talking about her man are you afraid of Evelyn you need to be afraid of Royce because she will tag you for real she is not afraid of none of you. Suzie you need to leave the show you are trying to fit in but you can’t you are 10 face trying to be their friend and last season you were the outcast Jen you really want your husband back he even asked you last season what you want to do if you had of said lets work it out he may have you are to busy listening to someone that do not even have a man tell you what to do you are a follower not a leader if you want him back so what he is not the first that cheated and you probably have to. Evelyn you need to get your Mom out of those projects, and how dare you have your Dad get on his knees to apologize and you did not have the decency to embrace or hug him back that is your father you are fake why dont you make Ocho get on his knees to you I bet he won’t and that marriage is not going to happen.

  36. Lacee Smith says:

    tami is mi gurl……. she keeps it real an is neva fake….. she needs to write a book an keeping it real…… there are to many gurl out there that are jus like MS. cinco…lamo all they want is to find a millionaire an then live off of them….. yea yea i kno she got her own shop but thats only because her Ex gave it to her to shut tha hell up…..

  37. TiredofUtami says:

    All of you that aspire to be TAMI lover’s are SICK like her. The FOOL is CRAZY and DERANGED.
    One have to wonder about the producers of the show. Maybe, they owe her something? The
    FOOL needs HELP. Her ROLE ain’t entertainment. The girl NEEDS HELP! She has more ANGER than a TASMANIAN DEVIL.Who did that to you TAMI. You should skip SEASON #4
    and deal with the ANGER that you wear. You fake, anyway DRUNK SKUNK! Go rear your girl’s.
    They are going to do what they see your DUMB self do, NOT what you say to do! Leave MEEKA
    alone. I PRAY that her LAWSUIT is REAL and SUCCESSFUL! You were NOT trying to DEFEND yourself. You POSITIONED yourself, to SUCKER PUNCH her (just like you did EVE). REMEMBER? OF course you do, BULLY! Like MEEKA said, BW is ALL that you have. I bet her
    ATTORNEY let her know that. NOW, straight yourself up and like like a WOMAN, not a CHILD!STOP being JEALOUS of her (MEEKAS’) LIFE. It doesn’t matter how her husband got any of what he HAS. Your X don’t care to HAVE you.



  39. Marie says:

    Use to luv you Tami until you turned into a freaking bully. I don’t condone violence but someone needs to put you in check. You are one of the fakest on the show and went left field on Meeka … she has class and you wish you did. I’m sure you wish you had her money too. I hope she sues you for the little money Shaunie is probably giving you to act ike the ghetto hoodrat you probably are. You show all the signs baby girl. Your ex-husband probably has a bunch of laughs with his new wife when he sees your stupid ass on TV flipping out. Your kids must truly be embarassed. Put a sock in sit girl and learn some manners. You work hard trying to be a hardass for that paycheck.

  40. ms.luckylady says:

    I really dislike Tammi what kind of woman are you you find the weakest link and pick on them the only reason Suzie told you anything is because she’s scared of you i hate a bully that is so middle school and you’re 40+ please grow up and add a touch of class and tha’s for all of the ladies you really make us all look bad thats why they say what they say about us damn shame you all stayed in soooooo much bullcrap no one even seen the good that happened if there was any get it together please

  41. Slim says:

    Tammi you are a DISGRACE! Have thought about joing a gang to get your aggression off. Why are you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealoue of Meeka? Meeka has rings on her fingers to prove she is worthy, you don’t. Meeka lives in a $4 million house and you don;t. Also, please take a summons out and have your stylist arrested! You looked like a trannie with that BIG RED WIG! Too much make-up and too much hair. Have you ever though about your daughters being teased about having a crazy mother? You seriously need help. My 10 yr. old is more mature than you. Meeka hold your beautiful dark skin face high! You exhibited true class aganist this craze lunatic.

  42. Imani says:

    Meeka please don’t return to this trashy show. Hold your head high and you are a beautiful black woman. Tammi is just jealous and hateful. She needs serious psych treatments. Shaunie you are no longer classy to me. Are you so desparate for money to portray black women as total out-of-control fools? It’s so true we are dumming down! We finally have a black family in the white house and black fools on TV, what an embarrassment. Evelyn you also are true ghetto. You want to think you are the black Kim Kasdashian you are NOT! You are the one not irrelevant. Think again if you think Chad is the marrying kind. He’s out for press just like you. Jennifer get over it. Curious how much did Shaunie pay for the bad acting job your supposedly boyfriend got? Oops, I forgot that was Al Reynolds man. Royce, milk it and just stay cool. Susie you do talk a lot. Also, you and Jennifer need to stop kissing filthy mouth Evelyn’s butt!

  43. cakecup says:

    I don’t agree with Tami black ass is not a part of every black household it wasn’t in mine nor my children or their children an i think that was very offensive.

  44. Eloisem says:

    I wonder how many of the above commenters have been solicited by Meeka? They must have amnesia. I keep looking at my recording of the episode in Italy. I saw Meeka’s finger pointing near Tammi’s face. I said “Okay, there’s the hand”, but it was actually her fingers pointing at her in the manner you would when you are telling someone off. Now, that that has been said; This woman/girl/thing, Meeka is the gutter type some of you are trying to say Tammi made herself out to be. From day ONE Meeka started mess. The other women really did try to tolerate her. She was just plain Two/Four faced. Everytime Tammi was having a nice time, Meeka made it her business to start something directly with Tammi.All the women noticed it. Jennifer commented on it in Italy. It’s just so much garbage a person can take. Notice, she didn’t try it with any of the other women, just Tammi. Then in her interviews, she would have the nerve to try and get Bad. Always saying something negative about Tammi, behind her back. When Tammi looked at the show after filming, I know she wished she could have gone and really whipped Meeka’sbutt. From the start, I kept wondering Where did they get someone like Meeka? How could they cast someone like her on this particular show. Granted, the other women, bickered,helped the homeless, pulled pranks on each other, called each other out on gossip, but never in a real ghetto/trashy way like Meeka. Even the way she dressed didn’t make her (Meeka) more acceptable on the show. Okay….I just couldn’t stand her. She didn’t fit in…..at all. I really do hope Tammi comes back. I hope even more Meeka does not. Maybe she should be on the BWLa show. They seem more trashy there. Not at all glamorous. I have only one request for BWMiami and that is Stop saying the b–word so much and stop saying I SEEN period. The correct usage is” I saw”. Other than that, stay glamorous, well toned(it shows you care about yourself), keep living good. It is the best revenge. All of you are so beautiful. That’s not meant for Meeka, sorry. I hope to find out where Jen’s lipstick is sold. So happy she has come into her own. So have you Tammi. But then you know you are beautiful and true.

  45. Sky blue says:

    Where is the style, jewels, and fun. Only rats fighting in the gutter. Show has the wrong title, Basketball Wives, are any of you actually married to a basketball player? I know used to be, right? Don’t you’ll have something better to do with your lives?

  46. Eloisem says:

    Just a question. Why in the world would Tammi, Evelyn,Jennifer,Susie or even Royce be jealous of whats her name….Meeka? Really? If Meeka was all that wealthy, then Why did SHE solicit to be on the show. Living in a $4million dollar house only means her husband has a $4 million dollar mortgage. In today’s housing market the house probably only cost them …..what…..850,000. And even if not, who would be jealous of that? Meeka has no, absolutely NO CLASS. She does however, have street, gutter ways and looks. And I don’t care how much she says she is not like that ….I’m not a classless…… Dear one, saying it doesn’t make it so. With all the hoopla that goes on with the other women, they have more class in their pinky than Meeka has in her whole body. She should be ashamed. She should try to re-invent herself somewhere else. The show was doing fine without her. In defense of Tammi and when she came on the show; she came in being very true to herself. Getting to know everybody or at least trying to. She still didn’t take any mess. That made her stand out. Remember her confrontation with Jennifer regarding the food stamp issue. Jennifer at that time was being pious. Remember how she called Evelyn-the bully out on every ocassion that called for it. Well, guess what? Evelyn is no longer dissing Tammi and Jennifer apologized to Tammi for her actions. They all became REAL. That circle of phoniness ended with Tammi. I just love and appreciate them all now. They are all growing. Any body that thinks they should be roles for their little girls should get a grip. Turn the channel. Be the role model for your daughters yourself., okay? That way they will know what is right or wrong. And what has having a wonderful black President of the United States have to do with actions of people on a reality show. Basketball Wives Miami is quite different from the View. By the way, The View is wonderful. Try watching it sometimes for enlightenment. Watch BWMiami for snooping entertainment, the fashions, the venure,the restaurants, the things these women get themselves into. They run the whole gammit of life in a glamorous world if you notice. If any of you have noticed……there are no drugs nor cigarettes. Did Tammi stop smoking? I hope so. Just saying!!!!!!

  47. palmbeach says:

    @ martinique, how is tami keeping it real when she lied and said she didnt say the other girls were fake, when she really did say that about the other ladies and lied again and said meeka put her hand up, is that what u call keeping it real?

  48. diamondlee says:

    Good by Tami to you and your wig and your beer drinking violence. So, if Tami doesn’t like somebody they can’t be on the show, who died and made her president of VH1. Please learn how to keep your hands to yourself woman! Let’s keep it real, you had problems with Evelyn (slept with your husband), Jennifer (food stamp) and Meeka (I’m still not sure what exactly she said but, you didn’t like it) so, in reality they shouldn’t be on the show either because you don’t like them. Regardless of what I still think Tami does not like Evelyn or Jennifer because how can you be a loyal friend to Royce but, friends with two women that obviously, hate her. If I was Meeka I would still be on that show if I am asked I am curious to see how it will turn out.

  49. Misti-blue says:

    I really do like Tami, she just needs to learn to control her anger. Meeka on the other hand, I did not like from the start. She came in from day one being messy. Evelyn and Tami where having a beef, so in order to get in with the “popular girls”, she started hating on Tami. Meeka started mess with Tami at the Polo event in order to cement her place with Evelyn and Jennifer. Tami, don’t allow your emotions to control you, when you give in to anger, you have just given the other person power over you and the situation at hand.

  50. Tootybuhg says:

    Ha Ex-Basketball Wives!!! This crap was straight mess when they tried to constantly start drama with Meeka. Only person that stayed decently positioned was Jennifer…Did they try to attack her because of her beautiful complexion??? Every other word out of Tami bad body mouth was your black A**??? Meeka exemplified much class. They were out to get her from the door. She did not do anything that the others did not do…Tami is class less. Poor Meeka had no one that tried to be a real friend. Susie the Vampire running back backstabbing left and right. Wow!!! Meeka U r the only true Basketball Wife. Remain classy. Holla

  51. jj says:

    Tami, it’s hard to believe you are 45 years old. You act like you are still in Jr High School. Just because someone says something behind your back doesn’t give you the right to put your hand on them. Is that’s the only way you know how to communicate. Be a lady and act like you have class and stop being classless. You get angry with Meeka but you need to look a the messenger Suzie. She’s the one that’s causing all the drama. I was always told to watch out for the messenger because they are usually the evil one causing the problem. You and Meeka could have had a great time in Italy if Suzie wouldn’t have started the drama between you. I don’t understand why you didn’t get mad with Suzie instead of Meeka.

  52. tjanderson says:

    I try by best not to look at this show and am embarassed to tell others that I do. But like all JUNK FOOD I have a hard time resisting. Did anyone notice that the host of the show called them BROADS the last season, and NOT ONE OF THEM rolled their neck or cussed him out the way they do each other? I must say that this show is an embarassment to all women. Especially women of color. I think you all should be ashamed of yourselves, and I hope that your children can handle the backlash of the show. I would be thoroughly embarassed if my mother acted the way you all do. If any of you are still blessed enough to still have your mother, I refuse to believe that they are NOT ASHAMED OF YOU TOO. I’m sure they love you…they are moms…but they must be ashamed of how you all act. It reflects the hometraining you received from them. The few times I’ve seen Meeka, very few times, she did not seem as obnoxious and embarassing as the others. Out of all of them, she is the least embarassing. Tammi, words fail me. I am a passionate woman too. But girl…you are not just passionate, you are the typical stereotype of an “ANGRY BLACK WOMEN THAT MAKES BLACK MEN GO TO WHITE WOMEN.” Is that what happened? If so, I can’t really blame the brother if you acted like the wild animal you portray on television. RUN BROTHER RUN! I can’t be mad. FYI – what you exhibit is NOT strength. A strong woman exudes a quiet strength, and can get what she wants without cussing, fighting and rolling her neck. What you exhibit is the behavior of an immature, angry, unbalanced woman that is deeply hurt. You trigger two emotions in me. Anger and sadness. Anger that some people think all black women act as you do, and that you validate other mentally ill women because you have an audience, and then sadness for you and where your behavior will lead you and your girls. I was terribly embarassed for you when your daughters hired another manager because you get so “dramatic.” I saw how they reacted when you left the room. They had no respect for the way you handled their business. DIDN’T YOU SEE THAT? Another thing, when does being “real” equate to being a loud mouth, neck rolling, brazen #@^%? I saw that you were connected to a charity. I NOW HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THE CHARITY. If you are to be seen as an example for anything, it should be an example as to how NOT to act. My heart breaks for you and the obvious pain that you are in, and your daughters. As a matter of fact, I think that you ALL are shameful! If the way you all live is an example of the mindset of today’s society, the END IS TRULY NEAR. I believe you all need help…and prayer

  53. Ms. Chanel says:

    Good By! You threatening to leave is another form of bullying. You can’t go around bullying people, you think if you leave BBW will go off the air they had fans before you came on the scene. I personally feel that you ruined the show with all of your antics, I liked you but you really need to tone it done 100 percent. Remember, you were the new girl on the block and you were picked at and talked about. I think you should have been more understanding of Meeka trying to fit in other than listening to Susi. If my memory serves me correctly, Susi called you messy and had never met you a day in her life but, you are cool with her. So, why is it you can’t you forgive the sister? Instead of attacking her and her husband its just not cool!

  54. urnorthlyte7@yahoo.com says:

    She did call them “fake” so when are we going to start ‘KEEPING IT REAL” lol

  55. rochelle says:

    I like Tammy because she is so real. It’s like she hasn’t let money turn her into a boogie. What I don’t like however is her saying she won’t come back if/when Meeka returns for a possible season four. It’s like she is trying to knock someones hustle.I don’t think Meeka needs the money as much as Tammy. Even her daughters didn’t want her drama to effect their careers.
    How could she possibly be someone elses manager, when she has someone watching out for her career. Come on Tammy leave Meeka alone. I for one want her back.

  56. HH says:


  57. sofake says:

    Tami ,I am no longer a fan, you are a hypocrite. All your talk about being real and never fake like the other women was just you trying to put them down to uplift yourself in the public eye. You are the fake one, they are doing who they are and you are trying to mold yourself into their image. I saw ads where you were so photo shopped you didn’t look like yourself at all, you had your shirt slightly open and the laws of gravity contradicted everything else in that ad. The one and only fake is you, you don’t like yourself and I don’t think you ever have. You say one thing, but you do the total opposite, or you feed off someone else. I feel bad for thinking you were justified in bulling Meeka, you were intimidated by her and you twisted that entire scenerio. In the mist of all that madness, she owned up talking too much, but you had lied on her, lied about her hands coming up and then you compounded that lie saying you are real, you speak the truth. Sorry but you are a big fake lie with two legs walking.

  58. Kiwi says:

    Tami is a hot mess i felt like she was trying to hard to be like Evelyn on the reunion show!!! Really Tami you all are too old for that!!!

  59. NewOr,LA says:

    I don’t know why she came here to New Orleans, we don’t want her or her attitude. My girls will never watch that show. Go home animal!

  60. zet says:

    Be sure to look at the issue of Sister 2 Sister cover with tami on it. They air brushed the heck out of it. Every picture she takes really does look like she trying to be Evelyn. No boo boo, you are a non m’f factor, there can only be one Evelyn, it’s a reality show, not the pod people take over. I don’t think she knows who she is.

  61. Keisha says:

    Ha, I knew it was just gonna be a matter of time before Tammi showed her true colors. She’s been a snake since WAY back in the day when she was on The Real World. People forgot because she was out of the public eye for so long, but drama has ALWAYS followed her. The drama she caused on MTV when she did Real World, the drama she had with Spinderella when she STOLE Kenny Anderson, the drama with Kenny Anderson when she figured out maybe he hadn’t been worth stealing lol. Drama and strife follows her everytime she makes a bid for fame. At some point, you have to stop pointing the finger at other people and acknowledge that its YOU that’s the problem. Meeka may be a hot mess, but Tammi has been a pot stirrer, fake ghetto trash wannabe since 1993. You’d think she would have grown up by now, but sadly no.