Adele’s Vice When She’s On The Road? Basketball Wives, Of Course


It’s not like we needed another reason to love Adele, but she gave us one anyway. During a recent show in Las Vegas, Adele revealed that her post-show routine involves watching Basketball Wives in her hotel room. We can totally get on board with that!

While bantering during a show at The Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas, the singer told her fans “My band was out all night getting drunk, while I stayed in my room like a true rock star and watched Basketball Wives.” And for good reason — it was hard to pull away from that season three reunion, wasn’t it? We wonder if she plans to tune into Basketball Wives LA, too?

Adele Turns To Basketball Wives In Lieu Of Rock-Star Partying [LA Times Blog]

[Photos: Getty Images/VH1]

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  1. This is for Evelyn I have an 11 year old daughter who thinks you are so beautiful she said to me she would give up all of her dolls 250 dolls just to meet you. She adores you, and most of all she loves the way you dress and especially the shoes, she is only 11 but, this girl love to dress up she walks around the house in my heels she is a Diva in the making. Evelyn out of all the girls on the show my daughter Iyani thinks you are the best.

  2. prattly says:

    that show would be better if they act like grown women

  3. NikkiiB says:

    how come the show is call BBw? None of them are currently married to one so ummmm???

    I think the show is lame….Grown women acting like little kids for the camera and money…..Not enough for me to watch or switch places with.
    I have a 14yr niece….and i would be damn if she turned out like this! (some folks don’t understand….do as i say and not as i do) So ladies, let’s get it together for our children sake!

  4. Anyway... says:

    What I find ridiculous are the holier-than-thou people that sit and watch the show, take the time to comment on it, but then complain about how terrible it is and how much they hate the cast. Do you know how stupid you sound?