Famous Food – Episode 8 – Gin And Juicy


This week on Famous Food, there were quite a few bad business practices going on. First, there was always troubling designer Scott who walked off the job when he was confronted by DJ Paul for bringing in sub-par, un-Scotchgarded benches. And you KNOW how DJ Paul is when it comes to Scotchgard.

And then there was Juicy J, who puts the juicy in…just about everything. Both men were let go (!), but in our poll, let us know who you think deserved their firing the most.

Juicy and Ashley were both in hot water this week with Dolce Mike and Dolce Lonnie. Ashley was told that her multiple visits to her boyfriend were unacceptable and that she needed to step up her game, and she did by trying to accessorize the restaurant and make it go from drab to fab. (Is that an HGTV show yet? Because it should be.)

While Ashley actually goes out and shops for things, Juicy shows that he is also able to pull his own weight by picking up the booze they need for the soft opening of the restaurant. (Is anyone else greatly turned off by the phrase “soft opening”? The sum of those two words are grosser than their parts.) When I say Juicy was “picking up the booze,” I mean testing an entire bottle for quality control.

Juicy goes on a tear, ripping the restaurant apart when he’s told by Mike and Lonnie that his inebriation will not be tolerated, and he storms off with literally moments to go before the Lemon Basket’s (cough) soft open. So not only is the group down a partner and a designer, but they’re left to pick up the lemon-scented pieces of destruction Juicy left in his wake.

At least two positive things came from this: One, Mike and Lonnie will only have to choose between the lesser of six evils now, down from seven. And two, fortunately for all of us, Heidi’s delicately reconstructed face made of china was nowhere near Juicy when any of this went down and it was spared being shattered for another week.

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