Aaliyah’s Music Industry Friends and Fans Take To Twitter To Mourn Her Loss


Aaliyah’s mystique was transcendental even before she tragically passed ten years ago today, so it’s not surprising that the impression she left and music she made continues to cause a rippling impact on music culture. For fans, her music was the backdrop to their lives, scoring everything from fun-filled rooftop dance parties to the moments when boots were knocked. Her peers in the music industry held her in the highest of regards, and those close to her have, for years, commented on her spirit’s ability to penetrate and inspire.

Having never met R&B’s trail-blazing beauty, Young Money’s Drake tweeted to Aaliyah just last night, nodding at his belief that she is, like an angel, actively guiding him through his career. But Drake is certainly not alone in sending messages out into the ether to celebrate the late singer; in an era where grieving is often done in a public forum, we’re lucky to be privy to a layer of digital mourning that, before social media, we may not have experienced. We’ll be adding to this post throughout the day, so take a look at the tweets and iconic photos below from the likes of close collaborators like Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, and more. And please, by all means, feel free to share your memories and tweets of Aaliyah with us in the comments as well.


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  1. C.E. says:

    May she always stay in our hearts, bless her family. Hopes for the future..

  2. Breshia says:

    Aaliyah I Am Your Biggest Fan Ever. I Alaways Put On Your Cd In An Listen To It. I Cant Believe Your Really Gone. You Were An Beautiful. I Love To Dance Because Of You. I Cant Believe Your Gone. I Wish I Could Have Met You. I Know You Are In An Better Place And You Are In The Best Hands Which Is God. I Love You So Much!! Rest In Peace Baby Girl. Your Biggest Fan Breshia. I Love You. You Are An Angel.

  3. Sandra Whiting says:

    Aaliyah’s music and her unforgettable spirit will live on forever. I love her music.

  4. NinaB says:

    Aaliyah my heart will always remain heavy of us losing you but light for us having you. I love you and feel you had this way with the camera that you made each of your fans believe you were singing and dancing privately just for them or their friends. Like a mini concert, Not too many artists can do that, and you were gifted to be one of them. I cry because you were gone way too soon. We still wanted and needed more from you. Music did. But thanks to outlets such as youtube, vh1, and mtv I can get a little piece of you everyday. We love you AALIYAH! 4ever

  5. God bless you Aaliyah may the angels be with you. You were to young to die. We will always remeber you and your music it will never die. You was a very pretty girl and still is just not on earth but up there in heaven. I love you music and my husband love’s it also.