Meet The Cast of Basketball Wives LA: Draya Michele And Malaysia Pargo


Two of the more controversial figures on the new season of Basketball Wives LA are Draya Michele and Malaysia Pargo. Malaysia, who is married to Chicago player Jannero Pargo, is a true basketball wife, but according to some of her castmates, she tends to come off a little snobby. In her video introduction, Malaysia, who has three children under the age of four with her husband, talks about one of the hardest parts of basketball wife-hood, being alone all the time.

Draya Michele might be the biggest troublemaker of all on the new show, since she herself says “I’m not known for being nice. You’re either nice or you’re not, and I’m not…My reputation isn’t the best,” she says, “But it’s a reputation.” Tune in to the premiere of Basketball Wives LA this Monday, August 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT to find out whether or not Draya’s reputation precedes her.

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  1. prime says:

    Can vh1 please allow people outside of the US to view the videos on the website……afterall we are fans of the shows too…..

  2. Tina says:

    Well you ladies should know that the other ladies on the show are insecure especially Jackie. So get ready to rumble, hate to say it like that but it’s true.

  3. Tamika says:

    Ladies you two are the most beautiful and I think the ladies are hating. Draya I feel like you are real it looks like you get thrown under the bus. Malaysia you seem cool stay up and please please get some braces because then you are perfect. But I love your energy!!! Thats all I’m giving (lol that was funny Draya)

  4. Mrs. Pat says:

    Man you all are jumping it off on the first episode. I think you all are judging folks way too soon. You have to understand everyone has different personalities and characteristics but you all were brought together for one common reason you are all basketball wives with the exception of Draya. My opinion I think Kimisha is hood so anyone outside of her realm is uppity that is a given but just because folks aren’t like you don’t mean they are not good people those are your own insecurities. Jackie I think you are so driven on holding your marriage together and keeping other women out you are missing out on some good relationships. You don’t have to trust the women out there you should put your trust in your man and if you don’t have that you have nothing. Laura you were down right wrong for calling Maliysia a rat or whatever you called her. I think all of you ladies need to calm the hell down and really get to know each other and stop coming in with the preconceived notions of each other. That’s what’s wrong with us now we hate on another without given that other woman a chance. I would be cool on Draya but stop hating and judging each other and get to know each other you have so much more in common. I’m aware that you all have a lot deal with being a basketball wife, fiance or girlfriend but when you find someone with some common interest give it a try because it’s hard out there. I’m just saying.

  5. Yvonne says:

    I agree with Tamika these girls are very beautiful, so they can get ready for the drama from UGLY GLORIA aka HE MAN looking behind. I already know Malaysia will not let these girls puch her over, I hope Draya will do the same

  6. Mil says:

    Laura deserved that right hook from Malaysia cause she put her hands on her first. Team Malaysia! Those Govan girls are thristy and will be living off thier kids child support for the rest of their lives.

  7. Yvonne says:

    Malaysia, I think you should have taking Kimsha with you and the girls to hang out in Compton, I think coming from Jamacia Queens should would feel more at home, I think she does not feel like she fit in with Hollywood or Beveryhills. She dont know it yet but LA is one city, not the state of Calili. Maybe she should move to Inglewood or Watts where she feel at home and want see people with their noise stuck up in the air. LA is no different from NY, either you can adopt to your enviroment or you cant. I didnt see your buying 2 or 3 pairs of shoe a problem,we all have something in our life that we will spend or money on were others want, some people gamble, others buy cars, homes, etc. Thats her thing. Kimsha, you have a big mouth you are just one of those BIG MOUTH BLK WOMEN who just dont know how to keep her mouth shut, you dont always have to say what you are thinking, some times its best to shut up and watch, you just might find out what a good person Malaysia really is

  8. Miss J. says:

    First of all… was really sad to see these old washed up chicks acting the way they were acting, it seemed as though a lot of the ladies (and I use that term lighty) were coming into this show with hatred and looking for any reason to hate anyone who looks or is younger than them. To judge a whole city only based on the few people u have come in contact with is just stupid, LA is a very huge city so until u have been through it all knock it off. Then the rest of the ladies start to judge Malaysia in a hateful way all because they can’t figure her out or because they think she’s stuck up but the real fact is that Malaysia is just checking everyone out and not really feeling all the hate and insecure vibes that these chicks are giving off, right off the back Draya also becomes a target as well for no reason at all once again with these chicks which clearly shows that they have issues with them selves, some of these chicks need to learn how to respect other peoples personalities instead of being mad and fat cause others aren’t like them. This show started off a hot ass mess and I don’t see it getting any better than the first episode, maybe if they would meet up at the gym instead of somewhere to eat all the time they would be too tired to hate the other YOUNG LADIES who could care less about all the attitude these chicks have cause they are un-happy with who they are. BASKETBALL WIVES 2 SUCKS BIG TIME, I would rather see a show with just Malaysia and Draya at this point cause watching the other chicks is like pulling teeth ijs! COMING FROM INGLEWOOD I JUST WANNA SAY YALL NEED TO CHECK YALLS OLD FAT ASSES!!!!!! (RIDICULOUS)

  9. Pam says:

    L.A. Basketball Wives!! Well, well sadly these women have, in one episode, fulfilled every sterotype and adge concernng money and class. 1. You can’t buy class, 2. You can take the girl out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl 3. All that glitters isn’t gold, 4. The empty vessel giveth a greater sound than the full barrel.5. To be ignorant of one’s ignorance is the malady of the ignorant.6,Before we work on artificial intelligence why don’t we do something about natural stupidity? Fighting and brawling in the 1st episode!!! Personally I’ll never lend my support to such blatant ignorance. I’ve watched my first and last episode.

  10. lashawn says:

    malaysia was not the one to to hit and that lady that slept with shaq got what she needed

  11. jill says:

    Are these women really basketball wives?? This can’t be good for their households. Be like Kobe’s wife and stay behind the scenes. Obviously these women on the show are not married to the stars of the team.

  12. ffg says:

    draya is fake

  13. Jan says:

    Kimsha, I truly love your attitude. I am not from New York, however I am from Chicago and we are considered the most truthful people in the states. I adore the way you carry yourself as a real down to earth person, which do not walk around like you are better than anybody. Laura you got offended when Malaysia stated something about sleeping with other womens men. To me that was a guilt move on your behalf to start snapping on Malaysia. You know you slept with Shaq. Gloria, you are not Shaunie, so stop playing the Lead role. Draya, quit sleeping around with celebraties and take care of your son. You are extremely pitiful. Tonya, there is nothing wrong with being inspirational, however enough is enough. There is a time and place for inspirational quotings.

  14. Highsteppah says:

    They are really not playing in LA are they? Ump Ump Ump! These two ladies are the Starz I do believe as they appear to be the realest of them all. I just hope Kimsha and Malaysia get it together they are more alike than Kimsha could even imagine. Malaysia you ass is so RIGHT for calling Laura out on EVERYTHING! #BAM

  15. Lisha says:

    To all the Draya fans: Please do a search for her name and look up the situation about her and her seven year old son!! She cares more about fame and fortune than the well being of her child! And this is what they choose to but on the show!? The worst part is that we all know a pathetic girl just like her – actually probably many low-life’s just like her!!! She got lucky to make some legit money – no, I take that back! This ain’t legit either because she is showing us that she doesn’t take care of her own child!! She is pretty, great!, but there are plenty of pretty girls that are horrible people and mothers!! They should have chosen someone else for this show!!!!!

  16. big momma says:

    Why is Gloria sister acting like that?? And why is GLORIA trying to “act” hood?? Its out of HER character and you too NICE FOR THAT… YOUR SISTER DID SWING FIRST YOU KNOW,, maybe she is still having harmone issues after birth,, thats not cool she started it first.. JACKIE,, girll,, im gona pray for you,, because for some reason ..I feel like im gona have an aneurysm watching you… You put TOO MUCH ENERGY IN YOUR MAN AND MORE THAN YOUR SELF,,, LOVE YOUR SELF PLEASE, your man is not GOD.., and stop giving so much of you to people without receiving it back or RESTING… Kimisha,, ummm,, i have no words,, im lost with her… But it does look like she carries a KNIFE….. and the KUMBA YAH lady with the dreads… UMM,, YOU ARE SORT OF WEIRD… PEACE AND LOVE

  17. T. C. says:

    Draya- It’s clear to me and the rest of the world that thy are jealous- It’s sad but true- SMH!! I’m just happy that some one stood up for what was right. Thanks Malaysia for standing up to those RATS! They think because they have a couple of kids by ball players make them different from Draya- the only difference is that they have children by the ball players and Draya don’t. Malaysia- teach those classless rats- Gloria & her sister and the chic that called Draya worthless on how to get married and stay married.

  18. Carla says:

    Draya you are a beautiful girl keep your head up. Imani seems worthless to me because it appears she is just jealous she cant look as good as you. Not to mention she looks old as hell and washed up what basketball payer would want her now her prime is OVER. She should have made sure her marriage happened because she won’t get another shot.

  19. angie500 says:

    I can”t stand Gloria somebody need to beat her down. Gloria, Jackie Imani need to be in a gym .
    Imanii need to get her another wig and Jackie and Tanya need a good weaved job ,. I think Jackie hate Draya because she young and pretty, and her ass is over the hill and fat with a bad weave.

  20. erick b says:

    Drags is a nice girl she’s. Just with the wrong crowd
    Good luck with those haters. : (

  21. erick B says:

    I’m sorry I missed spelled. Your name b4 Draya. Like I said b4 let them hate,just don’t let em touch. Lv2. : )

  22. Lei' Cris says:

    Draya and Malaysia seem like only true women on the show everyone else needs to grow up and L I G it, and if I see Laura say something else bad about Draya and then hug her when she sees her, Im going to scream. Plus, Jackie Im sorry about your mom being ill but trashing everyone and being fake is stank. Sweetie, don’t take it out on the other girls, tell them so they understand its a reaction to your mom and not you being a vindictive chick. You were calm, cool, and collective when the season started, you need to become that chick again because this hard persona you are portraying is not a good look. Just Pray and everything will be fine

  23. Megan Holmes says:

    My comment is for Jackie. Jackie is way too old to be doing the things that she is doing. When ever something is said it is always Jackie Jackie Jackie. She puts up a huge front like she is innocent and God fearing but in reality she is the devil’s advocate causing a bunch of drama. She wants to be the boss but really she need some serious help. She plays the game of divide and conquer and that is not even cute and it makes her look really bad and a trouble maker. By causing all of this drama, she didn’t do anything but bring the rest of the ladies closer together. Way to go Jackie, thumbs up for doing that.