Meet The Cast Of Basketball Wives LA: Laura And Gloria Govan


Perhaps the most recognizable face that will appear on Basketball Wives LA is the one belonging to Gloria Govan. Gloria, a cast member on the first season of Basketball Wives Miami, was often at odds with the women on that show because of her take-no-bulls— approach. Now that she’s paired up with her like-minded sister, Laura on the new show, she’s a bit more at home.

In this video, Laura talks about how she’s not just a basketball wife, she’s also a basketball coach, and she basically lives and breathes the sport. That is, when she’s not spending all her time with her four children. Gloria, who has known her fiance, Matt Barnes, since she was twelve, has also had a life-long connection to the sport, but here she discusses the importance of family and how to keep a healthy relationship alive under so much constant pressure. But Gloria and Matt seem to have an understanding about fidelity. “I believe in trust,” she explains. “I definitely trust Matt…Having me walk out with the kids and half, if not all of his money, there really should be no piece of ass worth that.” We told you she takes no bulls—.

Basketball Wives LA premieres Monday, August 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. Mesha says:

    Uuugh this chick is so basic! Since when do you trust a basketball player? Never. I can’t wait to see this show. Hopefully none of them act like the Miami chicks.

  2. tiff says:

    How can she get half when she is not married to him?!?!?

  3. tw7 says:

    “Gloria, who has known her husband, Matt Barnes,” So, Matt and Gloria are married now? I bet Shaunie laughed out loud when she saw Laura get punched by Malaysia in the preview.

  4. HBIC! says:

    Gloria you have to Married for 10 years or over to get half of his Money. Did he leave you since he will not be on the Lakers

  5. Elizabeth Black says:

    Sorry, corrected that, Gloria is still Matt’s fiancee!

  6. Diana says:

    Basketball wives is so horrible! Please don’t tell me black, rich, women are such fighters!! Horrible VHR, and the guy just bates them!! Awful GIANT earring website!! Shame on you, hitting, fighting smacking!! Aweful place and this guy smiles yuk!! Shame on your rich women!! Want your girls to watch?? Not mine!!

  7. ppbulldogs says:

    What is the deal with these basketball wives. most of them were ghetto rat leaches that jumped on the pro ball players only because of the money. Now you have a set of wanna be classy looking ladies but instead they are really ghetto rats looking for fame riding their ex husbands coat tails. ICE T said it right and I quote ” Ghetto is a state of mind” and the majority of those on your program are deep down ghetto rats. The only time they are any different is during christmas time as Santa’s helpers………..HO!!!! HO!!!! HO!!!!
    I bet my life the majority of them are too dumb and stupid to make it on their own if they weren”t with their husbands or would have signed a pre-nup.

  8. icando2 says:

    I thought we go rid of Gloria when we found out she was part of the arrest of college students who paid to have her grades changed. She kept tellin everyone how classless everyone was but when this news came out on the Internet she didn’t show up for the first reunion show and her marriage was suddenly called off. I think we are now paying her bills to watch and I won’t be one of her “Ride and Die” people. She talks about marriage but defends her sister’s name for possibly sleeping with Shaq against Shaunie. This person talks out of both sides of her mouth!

  9. MissJai says:

    Gloria is all talk. She wants to be sooo tough but when Shaunie, Evelyn and Jen were in her face, she was sooo mellow. Girl, bye!! Both her and her sister are just golddiggers. Laura kept having a baby every time she and Arenas were on the outs just to get him back. Be real!!! What else are you??? Oh and Gloria, the most you will get is child support because you are not a WIFE!!! I know their parents are happy….all these children born in such turmoil!!

  10. lis says:

    Gloria couldnt even face the real basketball she is all tough lol… Draya is a groupie that owns who she is..but at least she is honest and not fake.. they will hate on her because she is pretty. Tanya is classy she shouldnt be on the show..they will target her because she seems to happy..the rest of wives seem miserable

  11. Disgusted Dove says:

    It is a sad sad day, when people see education and class as being “fake.” I give respect to the older (I mean no disrespect) and wise housewife, Tonya. How can anyone say that they are educated, and then be upset with someone that actually uses their education daily. Some people actually use quotes and phrases daily to emphasize their point. She obviously is an educated woman and has more class in her pinky finger than the women that were getting on her case at that table. I applaud her for not getting into the argument/fight with the other women. She is the true role model on the show, and sad part is that she will not be shown or respected on this show because she is not about drama. What is this world coming too!!! I am so disappointed in reality television. I thought Basketball Wives Season II was bad with the fight in the club. It is obvious that this will be worse.

  12. Sereena says:

    The Basketball wives of LA was the worst portrayal of African American women I have ever seen.These women are mothers daughters wives sisters. Not once didwe see anything that showed themjoining together as sisters with the same bond. Instead they rather fight talk about and be just down right ghetto. This is a show that I will not watch until they show young women what classy is about. This is disappointing that this is what is on tv. No wonder people don’t respect African American women. We should be trying to strive to be at a higher standard not ghetto hoodrats that come into money from the men that they have married, slept with or had a baby by. This was sheer IGNORANCE. Find classy women that truly are about something!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Tamika says:

    Okay I just saw the first episode and all I can say is you two are birds. Gloria you had a sit down with that girl from Philli because you come from a long line of groupies (your sister) so you brought her in to take that light off your sister aka the Line backer. You’re both wack!!! what a waste of a face Laura and you started that fight PUNK. Laura + Gloria = WACK JOINTS (capital letters).

  14. lisa says:

    I fell asleep the first episode…literally

  15. Yvonne says:

    Tanya, you represent blk women very well. Why should Tanya put herself in the middle of UGLY BETTY writting a check her behind cant cash; Laura had the nerve to come at Malaysia and she came back hard, she has to let that DUCK know she’s nobodys punk. I like Jackie because she down to earth and real, I just hope she dont stoop down to the younger girls level. Imani is messy I can see that already. Yes Imina or what ever your name is Malaysia gave you fools the clap clap, that means she dont have time for you insure cant hang with LA bull s..t, you got to be stong to hang in LA, yes people in Hollywood and Beverly Hills act different from people in Ingewood,Compton and Long beach etc. People are the same way all over the world NY included

  16. Paula MIms says:

    A disgrace to black women all around the world, no class and very ghetto

  17. chocolatebarbie says:

    this is crazy these ladies lucked up !! with the lives they have

  18. LadyJae says:

    I was so disappointed an embarrassed. These ladies are a hot mess. I am so tired of black women portraying themselves as having no class and uneducated heifers. Tanya, I salute her for classiness and sophistication. Funny how Gloria didnt have much to say before but now she cant keep her mouth shut.

  19. LadyJae says:

    I dont mean to sound petty and ignorant or childish but none of these ladies look “polished”. LA supposed to be glamourous, these ladies look like hood rats. No class. OMG! Laura looks like a big bull dog dressed up like a female. Money does not buy class. Im from the hood but I worked hard to leave the hood. Im not fake, I just worked to improve myself with my education and my surroundings. I never forget where Im from because it made me the strong black woman I am but that does not mean I strive to go back to the hood. I reach back to help my community and I love my community but I would be doing my community an injustice by making something out of myself but continuing to behave in such an ignorant manner. Just disrespectful to women in general.

  20. Shalonda says:

    i love the show already

  21. Shalonda says:


  22. PTSS says:

    I concur with Digusted Dove!
    I’m highly upset for them hating on Tonya because she presents herself very “Lady Like”. Dr Joy Leary wrote about this it called “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome”. Most of those ladies are threaten by Tonya’s educational status so they keep throwing salt on her! She’s consider the odd one because she’s taking care of her self. You never heard or seen any Phonomenal Africa American woman downing another African American Queen for showing her high educational intelligents and strong presence. Oprah, Maya Angelou, Corretta Scott, Michelle Obama would be proud to asscoiate with her.
    Society enjoys seeing African American women act up and fight all the time to keep a status that we are exactly what they expect.
    We are much better than that!
    Tonya keep pressing forward!

  23. Asia says:

    I also agree with you ChocolateBarbie girl! These heffa most Definitely Lucked up! Whew

  24. mary Jane says:

    We were glad to watch the show after glora left. We were looking forward to watching LA basketball wives>>>until glora and her sister appeared. We will never again watch this show. Nobody wants to watch a sloppy nasty homewrecking hood booga “JIFFY” and her buck tooth trailer park side kick that got dissed @ the alter. LOL! Never ever BRIDES. Kudos to Shaunie for allowing the indigent to eat, although pigs can live long time w/out food. These women are out of shape and are too old to be on TV>nobodys watchin this!!! Please go away 4 eva!!

  25. amia says:

    i love laura govan shes my idol

  26. diane says:

    Are y’all CRAZY!!!!!! I don’t blame Tonya for sitting there while y’all crazy and stupid women fight like y’all don’t have….well ya don’t no need in mentioning it! So sad that this is what YALL are about! a damn rest. fight!!!!! geez! so sad!

  27. diane says:

    Are y’all CRAZY!!!!!! I don’t blame Tonya for sitting there while y’all crazy and stupid women fight like y’all don’t have….well ya don’t no need in mentioning it! So sad that this is what YALL are about! a damn fight!!!!! geez! so sad!

  28. Regina says:

    Gloria, You have truly got to be kidding right!? You are sending threatening text messages and talking about “dropping” people”. Were you serious or was this a part of your acting class? Because when you were confronted by Shaunie, Evelyn, Royce, and Jennifer, you did what you always do, walked away. My advice to you is continue to walk away because you are making yourself look even more ridiculous then your first few appearances in
    Basketball Wives. Unfortunately, your sister started that altercation and other younglady finished it. What I can say, your sister had enough class to apologize to everyone including the younglady she had the altercation with. You on the other hand, wouldn’t even apologize for the threatning text message. And you have the nerve to call someone a “hood rat”!

  29. cynthia says:

    i really think Imani has a issue with being judgemental, she had the nerve to call someone worthless, she is truly a trip. she is a beautiful woman with a ugly inside. I also like Draya she is a young woman. we all have done things that we have’nt been proud of, and if our bones come out the closet or displayed on a wall, will all would crawl in a hole. I think that is the only thing that Imani had said correct doing this show. I don’t see anything honorable about her, I think that Jackie is ghetto fabulous ,enchanced her, and created a cookie monster. when i see her she lives for drama, I also think that malaysia was correct in standing up for herself with Laura, each person is entitle to there own opinion. initially all was hating on malaysia, because the girl like to shop, Gloria really should stay real and stop the madness, she is starting to be little ghetto, and fake. I really use to like her on Basketball wives with Shaunie, because should act like she stood for something, i guess she is a drama queen, i really was excited about this show, because i felt like we really was going to see a show that really has wives and fiance, and longterm girlfriends. I thought we could embace the show to get a inside of there lives. I really thought we would get a chance to see how money and media, and everyday crisis, and balancing there life. given the chance jackie, imani, gloria will throw anyone under the bus. and they each don’t show any class. Draya, malaysia, Tanya, Laura show more class.

  30. kita says:

    I think tanya from basketball wives is a UGLY CHICK…..she needs to do something with that blond hair looking hot mess