Basketball Wives LA – Episode 1 – Let’s Get It Started


One episode in and it’s already getting started on Basketball Wives LA. It’s cool, Tanya, don’t get up.

Basketball Wives LA isn’t quite a spin-off, it’s like an extended branch of a family tree, but like every other television show that was somehow based on something that came before it, it has quite the reputation to live up to, for better or worse. Many of the issues that come up for the Miami cast (“Why do you fight so much?” “How can you call yourselves wives?” “How do your ears not fall off under the weight of those hoops?”) are brought up in L.A. as well, but after seeing a few episodes of this show, I can safely say these women are completely different from Miami. For better or worse. Let’s meet them, shall we?

Everyone already knows Gloria Govan, fiancee of Matt Barnes, arch rival of Shaunie O’Neal (at least back in the day), and exiled wife who just couldn’t take it anymore.

But she’s back on TV and looking to meet a new group of women who aren’t “s— -starting girls.” Such good intentions, this one! Gloria’s been taking acting classes in L.A. because it’s a rule that if you move to Southern California, you must at least try your hand at show business. Gloria meets her acting partner and fellow cast member, Draya, in class. We’ll get to Draya in a minute.

Gloria’s sister Laura‘s reputation might precede her because she’s one of the reasons that Gloria had such a difficult time on season one in Miami. “There was a rumor that I was sleeping with someone famous,” Laura says. “And then I had a big public breakup, and then I had to move across country and I’ve had all these things going on in my life on top of having a baby.” So you’ve been busy, is what you’re saying. I have to admit, Laura is softer-spoken and funnier than I expected, although, clearly, she has anger issues which can be ignited at any moment. Malaysia Pargo can speak to that.

Malaysia is married to Jannero Pargo who plays for Chicago, and she was born and raised in Compton, CA. I like Malaysia but like all the other women, I don’t get the jewelry line for children. When I was growing up, that was called charm necklaces and Ring Pops. So I get why the women consider her bougie.

Kimsha Artest might be the biggest member of anti-Malaysia contingent. Hailing from South Jamaica Queens, Kimsha is the partner of Metta World Peace Ron Artest and she, how do I put this delicately? Doesn’t give a f—. As soon as the women all meet and sit down to dinner, she immediately launches an anti-LA attack. “LA is not my scene. Overrated,” she tells the girls, while telling those of us at home “I don’t dig LA.. cause these bitches is f—in’ bougie and Botoxed

and their boobs sittin’ up like this.”

Malaysia takes offense to Kimsha’s assessment of her city, so I’m pretttty sure this is going to be an East Coast-West Coast battle this season.

Imani Showalter, ex-fiancee of Stephen Jackson, is also a recent transplant to L.A. but she doesn’t have quite the aversion to it that Kimsha does. But she’s also trying to determine what Malaysia’s deal is too, because she can instantly tell that Malaysia’s not meshing 100%. “There were a couple of side-eyes and a couple of rolled eyes like, I don’t know, out of boredom” Imani says about Malaysia, and she and all the other women are taken aback when Malaysia leaves abruptly.

The day after the introductory group dinner, a few of the ladies meet for introductory group drinks to meet Tanya Williams, who is an inspirational speaker and the estranged wife of Jayson Williams, and Jackie Christie, who has been married to player Doug Christie for seventeen years.

I’m just putting this out there: Does anyone get a good vibe from Tanya?

Because I can’t take it. Imani describes her as “I am the wise one and I am here to tell you!” and Gloria says she’s “kind of like Confucius.” And I say it’s kind of intolerable. Kimsha knows what I’m talking about.

As for Jackie, she explains that she and Doug get remarried every year (not just vow renewal, but remarried). She explains that she faced a lot of criticism for choosing “to walk our own path” but hell, they have seventeen years of marriage to show for it, so who cares?

Finally, we meet Draya Michele, acting partner, model, and groupie-jumpoff, the species which is the natural enemy to these wives. Pretty sure that watching Draya meet the other women will be like watching a poor gazelle get eaten alive by a lion on the savannah. Even though Draya hits it off with Gloria, you can tell she’s not going to be these girls’ BFF. (Do I smell a Royce in the group?) Draya explains “I’ve dated a couple athletes…Once you date one, two, or three, you start to get a reputation which I don’t think is fair.” Well, which is though, one or three? Because there’s a difference.

Now that we’ve met all the ladies (finally tally: two actual wives, two former fiancees, one actual fiancee, one groupie, and two estranged/ambiguous wife/partnerships), let’s talk about the drama. It’s clear that Kimsha and Malaysia aren’t going to be friends, and that spiritual Tanya isn’t letting anyone see her real spirit, but the real beef here is between Malaysia and Laura. In a matter of seconds Malaysia went from eating her chopsticky salad and defending her character to trying to ram her fedora down Laura’s throat. All while Tanya stoically BBM’d her friends from the Personal Growth Workshop.

Like their Miami predecessors, it seems these women have a lot of layers to them (including a layer that constantly gets them thrown out of nice eating establishments), and we’ve only just begun to peel them back. Will Kimsha’s assessment that L.A. folks are phony ring true, or will these women redefine for us what it’s like to be a basketball wife? We have nine more episodes to find out.

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  1. Megan says:

    This show did not meet my expectations. I can tell that I already hate Gloria and Jackie. They have as much class as a food stamp. They seemed to start off picking on other women for having class. It also seemed that Tanya was the only one who was well spoken. Such a shame that that many black women can be put together on a show and have the means that they do and behave like children. I won’t be watching this show either. VHI needs to do better at picking quality women for prime time. They need to take some notes from T.O’s Show. It made so much more sense this Bull Crap.

  2. Sunny says:

    Not..!!!! Ok, I race to the television, along with DVR’ng Basketball Wives LA, (BWLA) only to realize that this show was not “Basketball Wives”. It was BWLA…. What is happening with these writers and producers today? I would have appreciated the show a little more had it been named “Ghetto Wives of the Hood”. These old beer drinking, worn out buzzards are fighting, cussing each other out, and straight up ghetto!!! I clearly understand that [perhaps] this is for entertainment purposes only…, but this is not entertainment. Black women are already viewed as aggressive, unapproachable at times, ignorant, finger swinging, non-supportive, and the list goes on and on. This show just adds to the list of negative tagalongs. These women are a total!!! Mess!!!! This show need to be immediately cancelled if not sooner. If they needed to just make some money, well they know what they need to do…, they might get better off trying one of the oldest professions in the world.., that’s all they seem suited for. And kamisha, you are not Tami. There is only 1 Tami on that show so please stop trying.

  3. kd says:

    I was bored out of my mind while watching this. I’ll give it another couple weeks, but if it keeps going like this, I can’t. Give me the original ladies any day!

  4. Mo says:

    This is awful!

  5. BW says:

    Seriously??? come on VH1, you have to do better than this!! This is by far the most ignorant, senseless, degrading, non-entertaining, pathetic, show on cable TV. Why not diversify the cast, instead off an all Black cast, with a few hispanics in the mix… Let the show represent all ethnic make ups of the NBA… and let them all be actually wives, not ex’s, girlfriends, etc…Someone, at VH1 needs a firm talking-to about this show…

  6. michelle says:

    WOW!!!!! This was bad, a fight the first episode so ghetto. Laura Govan and her sister Gloria get over yourselves. I’ll try one more episode see if gets better ugh

  7. Falecia McKinney says:


  8. Lita says:

    Boo! BTW – Why is Gloria still not married?

  9. rosemutanuka says:


  10. WOW says:

    Now if these Ghetto Bunnies what to perpetuate the Sterotypes and Stigmas that are looming over every black person’s head across the globe. Who cares!! let them!, they get paid to make our people look uncivilized and they are doing a wonderful Job!!!!

    I <3 TANYA

  11. dennette j says:

    Please don’t make this a West coast/ East coast thing. That Tammy wannabe is doing you much.Laura is messy, That’s why she got socked in the face. Us Calie women don’t make friends fast. Get over it.. Hell Malaysia is married so that makes her the wife. Jackie all I can say is WOW!! are you insecured I mean who gets married every year damm, and you wonder why he cheats OOPS!! Insider.. Look @ Gloria and her sister’s last names never been married. The two of the have children but no husbands.. They need to worry about what;s going on in their own homes. Laura & Gloria Beware Compton’s in the house and will bust yo a** up…

  12. D00dle says:

    Gloria, you are not Shaunie, the show is a horrible spin off, let it go.

  13. tokyo_prince says:

    First why in the hell is Gloria”s sister on there starting drama. She should not even be on there she is a jump off any way.Secondly she starting drama with Malaysia and got her chin checked. I think she started with her because she thought she was going to be able to give her the business but she thought Wrong.

  14. Rae A says:

    I’m just glad to see that there are some ACTUAL WIVES on this one!!!

  15. CMOB says:

    Ok, these women are a mess. Why is it that Laura has never dienied messing with someone husband. Ummm what is that all about. I really like Kimsha…… They are not evening giving Tanya a chance.

  16. Brenda says:

    I watched to see how Jackie Christie acted as I watched some of the games where she woiuld be in the stands when Doug played. I was disappointed with her. Surprisingly though, I was impressed with Tanya Williams; she doesn’t fit. These shows do not have to manufacture fights for ratings, look at Bethenny on Bravo and T.O.

  17. Cea says:

    This show is horrible…these broads look a hot mess and Gloria and her sister need to sit their “thirsty” selves down (love that line by Tami in the original BW). I don’t know what I expected watching the show, but I surely didn’t expect this…it was a hot mess and I honestly don’t see it getting better. Oh well…nice try, but where’d they get these ladies from….surely there were more interesting ladies who auditioned to be on the show and the one who “marries her husband every year”…ok…really?!

  18. Al B says:

    Where’s the thumbs down button? Sorry VH1 this show sucks.

  19. Neka says:

    Can someone PLEASE explain to why, when given the opportunity to show our Black women in a positive light, we chose to divert to the perverted stereotype that Black women are Classless , Gold digging Hood rats! Once again our women are demeaned and made to look spoiled, combative, mean-spirited and insecure. The women on this show are all beautiful Queens and in one episode have been transformed into ignorant sex- crazed, good-for- nothing tramps! Is this the reality we want to portray to the world? In a hundred years when our great grand kids read about this era, do we really want them looking at shows like Basketball Wives or the Housewives of Atlanta or any other “ reality TV show” as the example of what black womanhood was about? Unfortunately these women will say IT’s all about the Benjamins Baby! But really… how much is your soul worth. How much is your reputation worth? What are we teaching the next generation of young women coming up in the world? What do we truly value and what is your worth? I wonder…

  20. sukura says:

    Well here we go, BBWs on steroids! Tanya and Malaysia are the only ones that act “normal” – I understand u want to “keep it real”, but keeping it real is not fighting someone just b/c they don’t act the way you want them to act. All you had to do was ask the lady (Tanya) where is she from and whatever else you want to know……some ppl are not what they seem after you get to know them…this is key…get to know them first…..i thought i was going to like Ron Artest wife, but I don’t……this show….what a flop! I might watch it next week but I might hit the door like Tanya…NEXT!

  21. Tina says:

    This show did not meet any type of expectations, except showing just how ghetto some woman can be. Most of the women, with the exception of maybe one or two, did nothing but show just how classless and disrespect looks. I was very disappointed in the show. I just don’t understand why they always have to act like they are so hard and ghetto instead of showing some class and respect about themselves and to others. This show is nothing but a classless knock-off of the first Basketball Wives. VH1 needs to go back and rethink this one.

  22. Mizgolden says:

    This Show is a mess…Everyone of them is classless….They all look a hot mess……..They have no style at all……..This show is horrible……I miss BB wives the orignals!!!!! This show should not even be call BB Wives it should be called HOT MESS WIVES….UGLY WIVES…..BROKE WIVES…..something like that

  23. actright says:

    Where is the bio for Jason Williams’s ex wife Tanya? I have to wonder if she finished filming since she is so above it all. This lady acts like she just finished a 12 step program and must teach all she learned to others. Who likes to feel like they are in a groupn meeting just to have lunch with someone. Overall the show is what was to be expected from executive producer Shaunie O’Neal, this is just the caliber of her producing skills, tackyness but at its best. Gloria and her sister are tacky as hell. I like Jackie and Imani the peace keeper. Imani seems to be one of the down to earth ladies there. I have nothing against Draya, she could hang with Royce. Malaysia is truly a LA girl, just because she is from Compton doesn’t automatically put a bullet over her head. Here’s some history: Compton is where most of your educated black ppl lived during the 50′s and 60′s and you have generations that continue to live there, (history over). She is beautiful, smart, knows how to carry herself, so stop the hate Kimsha……. Since Kimsha seems to only hang with women who aren’t from LA, she should leave her options open because as she will learn those B’s are messy.

  24. Erin says:

    Soooo…I will give the first season a chance. I know VH1 was trying to make it interesting by putting the drama in the first episode b/c whether we may admit it or not, if you watch any of these type shows, viewers like drama. I think it was a little bit much, but I don’t think that was the producers fault, some of the girls are just ghetto. I don’t think I need to name. One person that I will say I love is Gloria, loved her on the Miami season she was on and love her now. She’s real, she knows where she came from and she can hold her own….I can dig that. With that being said…I’m interested to see what else these ladies have to offer besides the drama. Hopefully we got some working woman on this series! Cheers!

  25. HBIC! says:

    August 30, 2011 at 1:27 pm You can find her ex-con Husband and how she wants him to be a father.BALLARWIVES.COM

    Where is the bio for Jason Williams’s ex wife Tanya? I have to wonder if she finished filming since she is so above it all. This lady acts like she just finished a 12 step program and must teach all she learned to others. Who likes to feel like they are in a groupn meeting just to have lunch with someone. Overall the show is what was to be expected from executive producer Shaunie O’Neal, this is just the caliber of her producing skills, tackyness but at its best. Gloria and her sister are tacky as hell. I like Jackie and Imani the peace keeper. Imani seems to be one of the down to earth ladies there. I have nothing against Draya, she could hang with Royce. Malaysia is truly a LA girl, just because she is from Compton doesn’t automatically put a bullet over her head. Here’s some history: Compton is where most of your educated black ppl lived during the 50?s and 60?s and you have generations that continue to live there, (history over). She is beautiful, smart, knows how to carry herself, so stop the hate Kimsha……. Since Kimsha seems to only hang with women who aren’t from LA, she should leave her options open because as she will learn those B’s are messy.

  26. jerz girl says:

    Tanya doesn’t fit in…However, it is great to see a black women with class and education…who fits almost 40 yrs old..where they do that at? as my 7 yr old niece would say…Give me the Original BBW anyday….their style is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better…

  27. SUCHACATCH says:


  28. California Living says:

    Making Black Women Look Ridiculous! just crazy crap, bullies ,boring just silly,no CLASS @ all.. take that mess off TV like yesterday!!!

  29. California Living says:


  30. jodee says:

    These shows make you NOT want to be a basketball wife!!

  31. GREENNV says:

    Tanya, this is not a show for you, I love the way you carry yourself with the outmost defination of a Lady do not associate yourself with these so call Ladies…

  32. Mrs classy says:

    I really like Basketball Wives, but it seems the LA wives are more ghetto than Miami. What is up with that??? It seems like the only one with class is Tanya. They started off acting like a bunch of catty teenage girls. I know that Kimsha said that she isn’t always into the Prada, Findi…… That is fine, but please look like you are the wife of a basketball player. She looks really out of place. She looks like one of the chicks from around the way! LOL! Tighten up Kimsha and get a stylist and a make up artist!! Last but not least. Malayshia, please get some braces for those buck teeth!! Know I know that she can afford a set of braces or invisalign!!

  33. Keke says:

    My biggest issue is the “light” in which VH1 continues to cast black women in. While black women are often giving a bad rap for their attitudes and head swirling whip a chick in shape demeanor it’s sad that VH1 does nothing but perpetuate the stereotypes of society. I will be the first to admit some do have foul mouths, takes no mess and will jam someone up in a second but, not every single black woman is uneducated, ignorant or unable to carry herself with class and dignity. But these “type” of black women are what make VH1 the money and gets #1 ratings? WE need to stop watching all this mess and put and end to this triffling trash. Until we do better we can’t be better! #DAMNSHAME!

  34. Songbirdlnd says:

    It was interesting to read the various posts on this blog. I must admit that this show (like the original Basketball Wives) will be one of my guilty pleasures. Now I have a lot a trash to talk about the show and what it represents, but if I am honest with myself, I will most likely continue watching it.

    Let’s see….

    Draya: She’s pretty, looks like a typical female that athletes would be attracted to. Hearing about the child endangerment foolishness is insane to me. Why should somebody like her be rewarded with a role on a reality TV show? I don’t get it.

    Tanya: I like her positivity. I like the fact that she’s educated and well spoken (and this is not a novelty because there are a LOT Black women that have these same attributes.) However, she doesn’t “fit” with most of the characters on this show, but I suppose that is the point, isn’t it?

    Imani: The jury is still out on this one, but so far, I like her. She appears to be truthful but has tact.

    Malaysia: At first, I didn’t like her but I kind of do now. She’s one of those people who grows on you. I don’t think she’s “uppity” at all. She may be kind of materialistic but so are most people who share that lifestyle. It’s too soon to tell. I do think that she has some insecurities. Why else would she change her name from Lakesha to Malaysia? Seriously….is there really a difference between the two names? I’m just sayin……

    Gloria: I sort of liked her from the original basketball wives. Well…like is a stretch. I liked the fact that she stood up to Evelyn, Jennifer, and Shaunie. I did think that she judged Royce and I didn’t get the drama between them (especially considering her sister’s history). But we shall see how her character progesses on this show. She needs to get away from her fiance if she truly is being abused.

    Laura: I like her personality although she is judgemental when she (and no one else does either) has no reason to be. My advice to her is that she shouldn’t write checks she can’t cash. I’m sure her fat lip is a lesson learned.

    Regarding the show in general: Why do they call these shows Basketball Wives when very few of them are actually wives? Like the other bloggers have stated, being an ex or baby mama doesn’t count. Why do the women on the show get so bent out of shape when a perceived “groupie” is in the mix? Most of them were groupies at one point or another. The hypocrisy is amazing to me. I do agree that this show like so many others does absolutely nothing to stop perpetuating the stereotype that Black women are undeducated, ghetto, classless, loud, obnoxious, overly aggressive, judgemental, closed-minded people. If nothing else, this show can serve as a living example of how not to behave. This show is going to succeed because America loves drama. Bad press is even better than good press because people are going to want to know what all the fuss is about. There’s too much of a disconnect in our (the Black) community to elimate these types of stereotypes from the media. We can’t repair our image that’s projected to the world unless we start repairing the damage within our culture. Well….I think I’ve said enough for now.


  35. ladydonna says:

    I like Tanya that is the way a woman is suppose to act. Is this going to be another Basketball Wives show where black woman are going to degrade themselves just to get attention? I thought it was going to be different from the ladies in Miami. Now “LaLa” is a real classy basketball wife. Come on you dont have to get on tv and low rate yourself as a woman to get a good rating, there are some women who want to watch some women on tv that handle themselves with respect. I commend you “TANYA”

  36. dianne says:

    Here is my analysis
    Gloria: Too insecure you have been engaged for how many years? Don’t u learn from Evelyn and Imani?? Long engagments dont work out take it from me hun.
    Kimisha: You’re are another Tami
    Malaysia: I didnt approve of you first but Im starting to like you
    Laura: No matter what everybody knew you was a jumpoff on someone else’s husband
    Jackie: A wedding every year? c’mon now are u that insecure???
    Tanya: You are too good for this show
    Imani: I like are the peacemaker

  37. Tanya says:

    I would like to start by saying that all of you women are very beautiful and created by God, so when you pass judgement or cast stones at each other it is a sin before God. The disrespectful, ignorant, insecure, and poor human relation skills you women display at one another tells God that he made a mistake in his creation and just in case you didn’t know, God does not make mistakes. This show displays the worst moral and ethical behavior of bitter women with attitudes. Our purpose in life is build relationships and lift up that woman or man. It is a total disgrace for the women of color to have come this far and you publicly humiliate your own race after all the struggles and sacrifices your generations of mothers went through for you. I don’t care if you are doing it for the money. Your son’s are watching you and their fathers. Your daughters are watching you and their fathers in your relationships and how you handle conflict, disagreements and the level of respect to yourselves and others in personal and business life situations. This is a generation of disrespectful and ungrateful individuals who should have never born children into this world until you have invited christ in into your life and waited for him to send you your husband, and bare children unto those adults who are equally yolked and works shall be blessings not curses. The attitudes, conversations, and behaviors are embarrassing, humiliating, and wrong. The real world should have filed charges on those to women fighting and taken them straight to jail for public intoxication, verbal and physical abuse. The behavior is Not Cute and should Not be accepted to be viewed as the norm of social and environmental accepted behaviors. All members should be able to show their contribution and productive involvement toward social growth, education, and present yourselves as the strong beautiful women that you are. If you respect yourself then the men in your life will have no other choice but to raise up to that standard and respect you. Women like you with your attitudes, behaviors, thought process, and low moral and ethics, keep the men acting like dogs.

  38. Kimmy says:

    OMG ,Tanya does no fit in at all!!! She is texting while the girls are about to fight. She is not even worried about getting hit in th head by accident!!!!! When girls start to get crunk….you move the hell out of the way.


  39. Kayla says:

    I don’t think that girl (whatever her name is, the one from Queens New York) is trying to be like tami, there are millionsss of tami’s running around the world. However, I do feel like they may have casted people that are similar to the people that are on Basketball Wvies Miami. Which I think was a complete FAIL. I think they should have chosen a more positive outlook for the show, yeah drama is going to be their regardless but it would be nice to see Black Women on Television NOT ACTING A DAMN FOOL cause we automatically get grouped as being GHETTO.

  40. Kristy says:

    Just what the world needs in these tough ecomonic times….a spin-off of Shaunie O’Neal’s trashy take on the lives of Basketball players. The real “hoot” is that there are few wives…..a lot of baby mamas and a lot of losely attached losers. These women are shameful… dare you donate another hour to providing this trash to our young people. With the exception of “T” they are all empty headed, mean spirited, unattractive (at least the Miami wifes are pretty), ghetto, bootleg thugs who happened upon some professionals with money. And the key word is MONEY that’s all these women are out for and once they have a kid…ha…ha they are tied to the ATM machine for life. Please bring on more famiy oriented shows and get rid of this TRASH!

  41. MoMo says:

    This show is pure garbage. It is a poor representation of Black women. These women are dating and married to multi-millionaires; and have nothing better to do but act like high school trash. How about showing them volunteering in the schools, hospitals, working with children, helping others? How about show some class of dignified women of color? They are rich; won’t they show them going to educate themselves or doing something positive. I cannot support this garbage. At least Miami wives keep themselves up, are glamorized, and are starting their careers (Evelyn’s store, Jennifer’s lip gloss line). Childish, Childish, and embarssing. These chicks are way too old to be act like they do.

    Thumbs down!!!

  42. Lita says:

    For one, I think that the ladies were so unfair for not even giving Malaysia and Tanya a chance to fit in. They were asking them questions and not even giving them a chance to answer the question. People always seem to find the speck in everyone else’s eyes, but fail to see the log in their own eyes. It is a shame that these grown women even act like this…they are so middle school. They all should attend a class on “how to be a LADY”! People wonder why they can’t get any respect…well learn to give some!!! I personally do not have women friends because of women like them… unnecessary drama! Malaysia and Tanya I think that you both handled yourselves like ladies. Malaysia I understand that a person can only take so much until they are pushed to their limit. You two are too good for this group anyway and it is definitely not worth the money!!! Shaunie should be a shamed of herself because she is the queen of starting bs!

  43. kay kay says:

    for one thing i think these women need to leave Malaysia alone.

  44. dominique says:

    This show suck and aint no competion for the original basketball wives….fail !…lmaooo !!

  45. Jai says:

    FIRST OF ALL! Is this show for real? Maybe the producers for VH1 wanted to do some volunteer work on their days off, or just bored out of their minds and couldn’t find anything else to do. I mean a nap or reading a cookbook from beginning to end would have been better than this show. I was not aware that another BBW existed. The breed of females that are on this show consist of a mixture of some Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, Yorkshire terriers, Boxers, etc. These women barely even know each other that’s my top reason as to why this show is an absolute joke, they’re all trying to get to know one another. Whereas, the real BBW, at least some of them knew each other before the show aired and all of the cast members were young and vibrant enough to keep their viewers watching! The two youngest looking women on the show that would actually be considered a BBW are Gloria and Malaysia. The rest of them (with the exception of Draya) look washed up, used and like they are ready for their senior citizens card for a BBW! STOP IT! Whoever thought of the idea to do an off-spring of the original BBW, umm, I’m sorry but your idea belongs right next to the show, and that it is CENTRAL BOOKINGS LOCKDOWN! The entire thought needs to be held under trying to copy and past some “CLOWNS” over “Greek Goddesses”! And I really don’t even like the original show but thanks to this weak and pathetic show, I can now appreciate that show being on the air more so than this one. These creatures have inspired me to develope and produce my own show. So, everybody be on the look out, its going to be called “Jai-(***Realistiska av de Verkliga***).

  46. Huntsville,AL says:

    Laura had the nerves to start a fight with Malaysia by calling her a RAT because her first name was Lakeisha. WOW! Laura’s ignorant as hell and Malaysia was right about standing up for herself. Never judge a book by its cover…….

  47. Tricia says:

    This the group of women have nothing on the wives of Miami! And please…… Gloria is no Shaunie!!! This person Gloria is so insecure they way she carries herself and when she is around her boyfriend she looks uncomfortable.

    She is always worried that someone will take her man?? Sorry honey he is not all that……..

    The rest of the women not much to say or to even watch. None of these women can even come close to the looks of the women of Miami..

    Will not watch this show.

  48. seraphina says:

    Please take basketball wives of L.A. off the air. It’s a poor representation of black women of all walks of life. Enough already! Shaunie, how could you? Are you in need of money this badly? Really, is this the type of woman you are? I hate both shows, L.A. and Miami. I will no longer watch either shows. If you are going to executive produce entertainment, make it quality work, especially stop having black women with money degrading themselves. I am very disappointed in your work. Absolutely the deserving grade of a CSUN graduate.

  49. slim says:

    Another crappy show to make all women look like idiots and fools. Wow, what a disgusting bunch of women. Women with grown kids behaving like fools, fighting, cursing, WOW! What role model are setting for your kids? Jackie get help, you need serious counseling. You are the only one who wants your tired husband. Tanya is a educated women. You are no match for her. Laura instead of fighting and acting like a hood-rat, just go to the gym.

    Shaunie, what were you thinking besides $$ signs. You are truly a DISGRACE to all women! When does this fmadness stop and why do you keep promoting the violence and anger?

  50. Yvonne says:

    Why is everyone worried about what Ms. Williams choose to drink? How did you hall get the drinks you all drank? Did the bartender give you the drink of his choice or did you order the drink of your choice? What does her drink preference have to do with CLASS, Jackie we already know you have issues, your made because she carries herself like a lady, she’s in great shape, she’s speaks the ENGLISH, she refuse to get in your kiddy mess, and she’s beautiful. And she walked out on you guy’s with that teenage mess you had going on. WHAT SHOULD SHE STOP LAURA FROM GETTING POPED in the mouth?? she start and she drew first blood, she wasnt worried about herself having yet another baby out of wedlock. So Ms. williams let them make of fool of themselves. Hows that for a lawer???? Yes we do know the Ms. William, she’s one classy lady whose’s very much in touch with her inner self of course you all would not understand that!!!

  51. doreen says:

    Why must we as black people fill the need to make our self look bad money dont make you have class. and Ms Tanya you must not have pray on this I know God don’t dill in this mess. I WILL NOT BE WATCHING THIS SHOW. AND I WILL TELL ALL FRIENDS &FAMILY NOT TO WATCH.

  52. Elizabeth says:

    This show is not the same as BBW Miami. These are OLD, ghetto, sloppy, uneducated women. Horrible show.

  53. Delicious says:

    Question Why does Gloria go to LA and try to get gangsta. In Miami when Royce was whooping on dat tail when they was boxing. Or how bout when da girls came in and got in her face. So why is she text thugging Malaysia knowing she aint gonna do anything. If she couldnt beat Royce then this chick was really gonna through blows. LMBO

  54. JSd says:

    Vh1 , along with O’Neil are perpetuating the ghetto, black women are angry, uneducated, and chaotic stereotypes we are fighting to end. I understand the need to make money, but these women do not depict basketball wives, wives, black women or women in general. These women are ignorant and exploited by VH1 and are so oblivious of their roles/representation to the public that they forget that they are pawns in a racist game behind the mask of one Mrs. o’Neil. Talk about internal hate and oppression! What message are these bags of trash sending to young black and latino girls whose parents do not monitor they television viewing? Whatever happened to decency and classy women. Is this what the current state of black women has been reduced to? vH1 will continue to exploit minorities as long as we let them. I’m certain the civil rights movers are looking at us with disapproval. ms. O’Neil, i would like to think you’re better than that. Thanks for posting. Jsd.

  55. Golde says:

    Who the heck is Laura anyway? i know shes Glorias sister..but why is she there? They have Malaysia underestimated I do believe, and I’m glad she popped Lauras azz!! Because she deserved it! Laura started out disrespecting Malaysia from the word GO. They seem to be very jealous of her..whats up with that? Especially Kimsha…OMG!! Please take her off, is there anything positive that comes out of her mouth, send that azz back to South Queens please, she adds no benefit to what I’ve seen so far. If Malaysia has it like that, going shopping to buy what she wants, dont hate, because your feet are too damn big to even wear the shoes or was it that you couldnt afford them!! HELLOO!! DONT HATE! Tanya, I love her, she is in a place that alot of them cannot even relate to, because they have not grown to that womanhood yet, spiritually, mentally or physically!!! Because she is in shape!! YOU GO GIRL!

  56. Rick says:

    How have we managed to raise a generation of such dysfunctional, ignorant, and poorly behaved women. They live in a world where foul-mouthed, aggressive, hood rat behavior is the rule, not the exception. I can only hope that the future of our Affrican American women and the children they birth is functionally opposite of the women depicted here (except Tanya). Black America has seen an increase in every negative category (crime, unwed pregnancy, drop-out rate, prison population, in the last 30 years. If this trend continues, we will NEVER recover. Shaunie, how much is it worth to you to present this CRAP? Which one of these women do you want your children to emulate?? When will we stop doing damage to future generations of our people? Dr. King, Mary McLeod Bethune, Barbara Jordan, Rosa Parks, W.E.B Dubois, Harriett Tubman, and Fredrick Douglass, I’M SORRY!

  57. Alhonnee says:


  58. rochelle says:


    Love the show.Very entertaining!Please tell me were did Laura get that Louis Vuittion bag. with red leather in it. love and a must have!

  59. Latisha@CT says:

    Let me just say congrats to BBW of LA for being the adult version compare to BBW of Miami! Though I was a little upset on how the show ended last week, I was very pleased on how the ladies came together like ADULTS (Please take note Evleen and Jennifer) tonight and handle business. Tanya, I so agreed with you, there is no way in hell I would have jump in to seperate to grown a$$ women acting like children. Malaysia aka “Laquisha” though you come across faked as he!! YOU HANDLED YOUR BUSINESS!

  60. KathiKat says:

    I concur with much of what has been said earlier, however I wondered to what depths Shaunie would sink, when I learned that both Laura and Gloria would be a part of the LA franchise of the show. The comments that I came across had Shaunie expressing disdain for the turn the show has taken as well as the LA cast. “I really came in with the concept of having a group of women that come together and are associated by the game of basketball, whether it be their husbands, fiancés — there’s some long-term relationship with a man in basketball and the game of basketball — and that’s how we formed this sisterhood and friendship,” says Shaunie.
    So what’s her beef with the west coast cast?
    “The L.A. cast — there are some wives and fiancés, which I’m fine with. But there’s a little bit of trash kind of sprinkled into that cast that I’m totally against. I was really very hands off with that cast.”
    So I’m not sure what she can do about it, but I’m not sure that it’s as much her fault as it appears to be at this time.

  61. nice says:

    I couldn’t yell at the TV for the short time that this sow was on. Seriously…these women are ridiculous. Tanya appears to the only one with some class, and for that she gets ostracized. I wouldn’t have gotten in the middle of two ADULT fighting like they were children. I love that she was big enough to just sit there, and just leave when the house when obviously she was among a bunch of classless children.

    Who does Imani think she is to judge Draya’s profession. Yes, that’s not what you would have chosen for yourself and you are free to have an opinion on her choice of work, but please mind your own business, drop it.

  62. madame x says:

    i was glad to see Malaysia straighten Laura out;. And remember Gloria, when u go to get some ass, u taking some with u. and when u threaten ppl, most take a threat serious. i see Imani as being jealous of Draya, instead of hating on her, stop judging and get to know her. Tanya stay true to yourself, a lady, maybe you can find another JOB, because you don’t fit in. Jackie, u a old head and should be an example to the younger women. Kimsha has no class, and seem to be jealous because she don’t have the LA look. But i have to remember it’s all about entertainment.

  63. imjustsay'n says:

    for those of you that hang on to these men without marrying, it’s the money and lifestyle that keeps you hanging on. these men know it, if it wasn’t the money and lifestyle you would have been gone, bottom line.

  64. Debbie says:

    Do these women have low self esteem? They act like a bunch of teens! Why did they get angry with the lady that didn’t want to get involved in the fight! If they wanted to fight on nation wide TV, then let them embarrass themselves. I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t have gotten between those two woman either!

  65. Team Shaunie says:

    Does anyone else find it amazing that these BBW LA women talk about draya being the enemy cuz of what she did in the past, and how they can’t trust her with their men…BUT fail to mention the LAURA, Glorias sister having an affair with Shaunies HUSBAND (@ THE TIME) SHAQ…..these women are disgusting!! BBW Miami have soooo much more class!!

  66. CK says:

    The girls in this show ddescribes each other as “Jump Offs”, where’s the class ?, the only few that’s classy, left… Tanya and the other is Malaysisa, handle yourself girl….only a real woman bring it like that , kudos to you.. the other girl – that asked for those hands from Malaysia, Laura and her Jump Off sista- that’s the fiancee of her baby’s daddy. (ha-ha) she’s sad, seems as if she’s trying to be like Shunee, just STOP!!!!!, it don’t make sense… This show is a waste of everyone’s time and VERY, VERY, VERY GHETTO….But I laugh anyway,,,,,, It makes women whom married or in relationships, looks like they don’t have anything going for themselves, only that they are or were with a basketball player., AND !!! the other girl that were engaged for 9 years- Imani, shes seems to think that she’s all that, unfortunely she looks like she’s been kicking rocks along time, (that’s a jump off) can’t you tell,, Bad weave on each show that has been on, stop glue’n your hair, let a professional do it, it might look better, then maybe you will try to do someth’n with yourself, Hate’n on Draya when you’re no better.. Now the oldest one whom seems to have to marry her husband each year…. So-So Sad, worse than the show, Now, the dark one with the “wanna be swagga”, and the big feet, whom has man-ly features
    she need to take the back seat way wayy wayyy in the back , in the dark, no wonder you’re considered as a partner (socially friends), Understand-able totally, Look into a make-over for sure, it will be an improvement of some sort, anything will help,,and try to clean up your language, you know most people of your kind, usually has a big friendly spirit, but you don’t so your aura is killing it…I want to say “Ladies” clean up, I haven’t seen much of a lady on this show, so I’ll end with “Fix this mess”.

  67. Dee says:

    This show is so full of crap. First of all it’s called basketball wives, so how in the heck do some of them even qualify?????? Gloria is not a wife, wish she could be. Maybe they should go ahead and make a show called baketball mistresses, that will show them that they don’t have what they think they do. That show would be the hottest show to air the nation, since yall want to put it out there like like. Most of these women have no class and I can’t believe the basketball stars are falling for low class women such as most of these. Wow what a waste of air time. Real women don’t air out their dirty laundry on national TV. Sounds like some need to get a life. Not all but most anyway. Whew real crazy.

  68. strawberryfee says:

    I am so glad that Malaysia bought her hat to her she deserved every punch that Malaysia gave her. Laura talked a lot of trash and I’m glad Malaysia popped her in the mouth as she should have. Watch what comes out of your mouth. I also like Malaysia sister she said it was going to be on in the grocery store my kind of sisters it pay to know who you are fooling with.

  69. dashiah says:

    i really do wish they would leave draya alone dang who are u to judge her dang that really kills me cause everybody is nt perfect every one has skelitons so imani stop acring like you dnt,that is all it seems like yaw do

  70. lovelady says:

    well heck if you can create a show about these women and their drama who have money and fame and can move about/buy nething they want. Maybe you should one day do a show depicting the life of a group of single black women who have to work 40 hours a week to make ends meet paycheck to paycheck, especially if you want some women fighting and arguing about something worth while instead of west vs east you may find a more interesting and down to earth show without all the judgements just real black women showing the world what we go through without the money…..

  71. OohYeah says:

    Jackie and Imani are both fake. Why didn’t you tell the story EXACTLY how it happened? Laura was in the wrong; she insulted Malaysia first and then put her hands on her. Jackie tried to be slick and block Malaysia’s licks but she still didn’t stop her from dragging Laura. All Laura did was take off Malaysia’s hat. Why is Tonya explaining herself to them? If she doesn’t want to break up a fight, then who the hell are they to criticize her for not getting involved. I wouldn’t break them up either especially after they tried to tag team her earlier. Gloria you couldn’t do anything with 94 lb Royce so I don’t know what makes you think you can do something with Malaysia. Where was that I’m going to mess you up on site or that mess you were talking in the confessional when you all were face to face? Imani did Draya strike a nerve and tell something that you didn’t want known?

  72. Yvonne says:

    Kimsha, need to worried about Ron’s very public chick on the side Shin Shin instead of hating on Malaysia. She cant hang onto her man, thats the problem she has with LA, baby girl people are the same where ever you go, you really have other issues, you really feel like you don’t fit in. LOOK UP RON ARTIST GIRLFRIEND, I must say she is can of cute and pettite. lol. Lets address that while your worried about how much money Malaysia spend, you should be worried about how much money Ron is spending on that Asian beauty. When you attack the other girls for no reason you leave yourself open to be attacked.

  73. Anytimeanywhere says:

    So sorry, however, you black women don’t get it. You are acting so ghetto on the show. I’m mixed. I actually have a healthy relationship with an athlete, super bowl ring. Here here. I just want to say, I’m highly educated, I don’t pull my fist out, I don’t have to pull punches, my man is there for me. If he isn’t, like any American couple, I move on after trying. I watched bbw Miami to think, hey, it may have class. NOT. Evelyn, come on. You fighting low class… Meek a ended up with the class. Made all of you look bad.. Next in line, Royce looked better. Went to l.a. I’m done. I thought shaunie had class. Met her before. I noticed she was in the background. I am not impressed. Anyway. My husband is athletic, I’m wall street, look it up, it won’t take long for this one to be found out. I don’t hit…

  74. realest says:

    First of all, I agree with alot of the comments previously posted. Imani comes off as such a hater to me. I’m not a stripper either and I have 2 kids I am not mad at Draya for living her life. I think that Imani’s husband must have left her for a stripper because to call someone worthless because of their profession is sad. I think that she’s miserable. On the other hand, if Draya abandoned her child to go party thats also sad but not worthless. I love Malaysia! She semms so real like we could be best friends Laura needed to be slapped, I’m glad she realized she was wrong and apologized. Tonya is classy a bit too muscular for me but she pulls it off. Jackie seems ok so far but is obsessed about Tonya not being involved in a fight. Shaunie is getting paid. Women are drama, drama sells so it is what it is black women aren’t the only ones fighting on television. Gloria invited Draya to the group for drama and she seems messy. My opinion!

  75. Yvonne says:

    Why should Tonya get involved with you all acting like animals on national tv? I dont blame her for not getting into it, I would have did the same thing. Malaysia not Jackie out the way like she was a rag doll. Tonya and Malaysia are the only two real women on this show, the rest are messy little hood rats. Jackie and imani had the nerve to get mad with Tonya for not actting a fool with the rest of them! lol. Then they have the nerve to say while they all tried to make sense of what was happening, you all knew what was going on, Laura was pist because she sleep with Shaq and Malaysia went there, so she couldnt control her ugly temper the same way she cant control not having babies ovr and over again by a man who clearly dont want her ugly behind. You guys try to make excuses for her but she is who she is. Jackie yourself and Kimsha started the drama and Malaysia finshed it knocking your a.. out the way, Malaysia did what she had to do, she is a lady. Draya, hold your ground baby, we all have done so things in our younger days that we are not proud of, take better care of your son and try to make better choices. You to will grow and look at how you could have did things. Imani, new her man cheated that prenup isnt the only reason he left her at the alter, it didnt want her as a wife anyway. You didnt tell her nothing she didnt know, maybe he thought she was worthless and not worthy of being his wife.

  76. MD says:

    Correction – my comment should read, ” If shoes and purses are enough to make Malaysia bougie,….(not jealous!)….

  77. Starchee says:

    Okay let me get this straight Tanya is a Motivational Speaker and have yet to motivate anyone or even say anything motivational..(what the hell) no wonder she’s not known for her work, although I do watch the show well I caught the second episode at least, it’s more for the psychology part, I just love how I’m able to see right through these women pain, insecurity, no self identity (and yes if these queens knew that they were queens instead of acting and might I add for some looking like drag queens) they would know better and what I mean by that is have a point to the show so that it makes a difference, provides a service, be able to walk away feeling good about self, these sista’s are broke and spiritaully broken..they can’t get a man, keep a man, to be kept, therefore they have sold their souls to the massa, well if they didn’t lay to pay maybe they would have self identity, self respect, and something call self love, they better get Iyanla Vazant on that show…oops!! Iyanla has to much class to put herself in such a mess…and in the second eposide these sista’s sat around in a circle and called another sista worthless and that damn sex therapist on whatever she consider (knowing damn well she is not license) open up something she has no experience in and could not bring closure…the mere thought that, that, that %^&$@ has issues too…. why and what was her purpose to be on the show? rhetorical question of course…..I already know why a dress up garbage can would go about being something they are not….well what all that said I certainly hope that I have made a difference somewhere…and NO I certainly don’t counsel in this manner (speaking of the use of language) toward others however for those sis-star’s that are watching this crap LEARN WHAT NOT TO DO IN LIFE nothing is worse then being spiritually broken. peace and blessings:-)

  78. Novella says:

    I think that most of these women are pathetic! They have no real life and constantly want to find fault with any women that is single. Gloria and her sister are the most pitiful, her sister has three children with a man and can’t pay her bill is sad. Gloria pretending that she is not ready to be a wife! REALLY!!! when your’e doing all the wifey roles.smh every woman wants to get married especially if she has the man child and lives with him. Jackie why is she spending 364 days after her wedding to remarry the same man! is she that insecure of love saying I DO! I don’t blame Tonya why be a part of a riff raff situation and break a nail they are not worth it. Tanya and Drayer have more class than all of them.Why would Imani pass judgement on Drayer for being a stripper at least she was earning her money instead of catering 9 years to a man that did not even consider you worthy of being his wife! good enough to bed not good enough for the alter!

  79. MD says:

    WOW – Are we only allowed 1 comment on this blog? My original got erased!

  80. Laylopoet says:

    All I see is a bunch of hating going on! And don’t really like the assumption that because you’re from la or black you need to act a certain way or talk a certain way. You can learn good speech living as a black person and if you don’t choose to use your “hoodness” all the time that’s your prorogative. Like how the hoodness in question brought it though. Will be long time before Laura tries to put someone on blast again…

  81. DeVona says:

    Imani, the nerve you are not God trying to judge someone!!!! Draya is not worthless no one is otherwise why would they be here? Your statement was “worthless” for you to act like this mature woman you claim to portray on the show, you turned out looking like a fool. All of you women are beautiful and of great value because God created you!!! Did you not get that memo in your “Class” lesson? Whatever Draya did in her pass is exactly that her pass so keep it moving!!!!!!

  82. Jackie says:

    WOW I will be watching these gangsta h,,s so I can see them transform into some beautiful young ladies when they start making money LOL. They make getto women look bad , bet cant none of them say they havent seen a food stamp, Tonya dont let them get under your skin the bottom line is you have something that they dont have and its called CLASS you did just what you were suppose to do let them clowns performs, and Gloria you couldnt even stand up for yourself on BW1 so how you gonna help your sister, matter of fact ” I DARE YOU” lol

  83. JASB says:

    Please take this off the AIR, These girls strive on dram and petty gossip. There are so many organizations that help people that need to be reco. We already have basketball of Miami. These women are grown and act and fight like they are in middle school. PLEASE TAKE THEM OFF!!!!! ONE GHETTO SHOW IS TOOOOO MUCH NOW.

  84. Christine says:

    I think Gloria’s sister is a piece of crap!!! She was living in a 30,000 sq foot house? (that is what Gloria said) now she is living in a small apt or house? Whats up with that ? 3 or 4 kids? No father? Heard she was cheating with Shaq? She has the nerve to be on the tv show and open her mouth? What about her big fat nasty body? Ugly face? Hey Laura… you are not your sister.

  85. jboogie says:

    These shows do represent how most of our women are today. Many of these women with their self proclaim independence are just miserable. They have jobs, they have financial support and they are not satisfied. They want to pretend that one is better than the other, and that their stupidity is justified by so call claim of fame. Television as a whole has a negative impact on the world, and this reality entertainment is no different. Many woman today have no respect for themselves, and they are demanding that the viewers look at them with respect. Education economically (money) can give you better chooses, but it doesn’t make you a better person. Only the Spiritual teaching of God and you accepting his love is what develops you into a human being of character.

  86. I had the opportunity to view the show and I was totally embarrassed. It was not what America should view all Black women as, but the media will show what sells. I cannot believe that grown women will and does act this way. It is clearly shown that having money does not mean one has class. Lol it is odd that the show as only 1 positive Female within the show, and one that stays out of the gossip group and click. My hat is off to her “girlfriend”, and the others down her, bad mouth her and cant figure her out. She did not partake in the fight from the first show, nor continue to socialize with them. Wow what would our young teens feel about these women? Would you want your daughter, niece, friend to see this negative, ghetto actions? THINK NOT.Let the viewers see something positive from the ladies in the show, instead of hearing them fuss, bad mouth, talk trash and down each other. And they wonder why our Black men go towards other races? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm This is clearly why.

  87. lorrie bird says:

    these women should be ashame of themselves they are ghetto with no class trying to make a fast buck. i would be embarrased to say im from south central. you can take the girl out of the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out of the girl.

  88. Dina says:

    This message is to Imani and Draya. Imani who are you to think that this woman has to explain herself to you. The only reason why you need that much information on her is because you are insecure about yourself. She was woman enough to admit that she stripped and SO WHAT. She may not like your ways. Just think not too long ago a woman in the work force period was more unspeakable than anything. She does not need to explain herself to you on why she did it… you dont know her or her circumstances. Some may argue that her their is no circumstance worth doing that… but you can not say what you would … anyone would do ANYTHING under some conditions. If you say you wouldnt …. you are a liar. You dont want people to judge you so dont judge others. It is not your place to judge. I mean come on… who do you think you are. Continue counseling get yourself in order and dont judge others. Work on your life and stop worry about how to bring other people down. If you were confident in yourself than you wouldnt have to worry about what she was doing. And to any woman that has a problem with her coming around your man if you were doing what you need to be doing it doesnt matter what she tries to do because you are taking care of your business with your man emotionally, physically, and sexually and anything else doesnt really matter. OH, if you are doing all those things you dont have to be worried but if you are worried… guess what, stop dating WEAK men and get you a real man. To Draya, do you girl… you were woman enough to say what you did and you owned up to it.. way to go… you did more than most people would do especially the first time meeting someone and if they can not respect that than forget about them and move on because they are not REAL women.