La La’s Full Court Life - Episode 2 – Guns And Glammunition


This week on La La’s Full Court Life, La La shows off her big guns.

Last week, La La made things uncomfortable for her buddy Po when she dared Po to run naked outside in the freezing cold. This week, the discomfort is directed at La La’s other bestie, Kelly Rowland. It’s Kelly’s 30th birthday, so La La has a day full of firsts planned for Kelly. Her first trip to the shooting range, her first tattoo, and, presumably, her first blog post devoted to all her many expressions.

In other news, I think I love Kelly Rowland.

Kelly gamely goes to the gun range with La La, Po, and Dice, and you know that poor Po and Dice needed to let off steam after performing the disgusting task of disposing of the world’s most frighteningly large dead crow in La La’s yard.

It was a task so frightening, it actually made La La’s false lashes fall off.

So the ladies do some shooting to forget about the Hitchcock scene in La La’s yard, and then they go with Kelly to get a tattoo that says “Masterpiece,”

and who should show up but Serena Williams? Of course!

I would say that this was a successful birthday.

Later, La La gets ready to host the red carpet show before the Critic’s Choice Movie Awards. She’s nervous enough on account of the fact that she barely knows who Amy Adams, Andrew Garfield, and Aaron Sorkin are, but things get even more nerve wracking when her dress doesn’t arrive until two minutes before showtime.

The dress arrives, finally, and La La looks so stunning that her white boy crush, Jesse Eisenberg tells her he wants to be friends. REAL friends, not just Facebook friends. Looks like La La’s Facebook status is about to get (It’s) Complicated. (j/k Melo!)

But life is about to get more complicated when La La hears about what’s in store for Melo’s career…

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