The T.O. Show – Episode 2 – If It’s Yellow, Let It Mellow


This episode of The T.O. Show was brought to you by the color yellow. In more ways than one.

It’s a good thing Mo looks like she’s ready to make a return in T.O.‘s life, because Kita can’t handle this man all on her own. Kita is still caring for T.O. while he’s in Pensacola for rehab, which he attends twice a day, painfully.

And part of the rehab process means helping T.O. through his day-to-day functions. That means pee-pee duty.

Watching this man hand his pee over makes me need to wash my hands, I can’t imagine feeling the actual heat of it the way Kita does. And when she’s not handling his human waste, she’s disastrously cooking his meals

complete with her secret ingredient (ingr-weave-ient?) garnishing the top.

Despite the stray strands of hair falling in it, this chicken actually doesn’t look terrible! I mean, for a meal made in a hotel room kitchenette by a woman with no idea what she’s doing.

After barely getting through his Chicken a la Kita, T.O. makes a special request: he wants Kita to pick up his car from the garage in Alabama. Kita’s a real sport, but she shouldn’t be driving almost as much as she shouldn’t be cooking. How do you fully drive a car off the road while doing a u-turn and then submerge the wheels in sand?

Fortunately the car makes it back to Florida in one piece, but for what? Who exactly is going to drive this thing around?

And at long last, Kita and T.O. have the conversation we’ve been waiting for, the explanation as to why they aren’t actually together as a couple. It’s not that I think Kita has the hots for T.O., but it’s hard to ignore the fact that she’s devoting 100% of her time to him. “People ask me all the time, would I ever be in a relationship with Terrell. But the answer is no. No, no, no. The answer is hellllll no.”

They joke with each other about the topic and it’s pretty clear that even if there was a spark there, if the two of them ever got together it would be a total disaster. You know how you can just tell that if certain friends hookup, they’re destined to become mortal enemies after? That’s how I think Kita and T.O. would be.

So they leave it alone on account of T.O. being a “man whore” (and probably his sad rapping skills) and Kita being a “chocolate sensation.” With adjectives like those, I really hope they help write each other’s dating profiles. The season’s still young.

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  1. whatisthat says:

    i love the show..but come on kita..why you lied like that to this brotha? this was so funny!!! terrell was right that you have no skills in the kitchen..i am glad that he has two responsible black women in his life to watch his back and not just having some white chick coming in and out for sexual favors..his ex is not a bad looking chick,but he need to settle down with a sista that his heart and mind and not for the fame and fortune..just watching the first two appears that terrell had a black man complex..of being too dark..(fine coco man) he was picked on as a child for his color and his parents basically left him behind…and with his love for his grandmother,he made it through..good for him..with that in mind..settled down,terrell and get with a sista..and kita,girl..go on and get a sample of that chocolate man!! he is a little self -absorbed,but he is fine and wine and from the south!!! i would jump on if i had the chance,girl..good luck and God bless…deuces!!!

  2. Zeta333 says:

    @WHAT ISTHAT: I agree with you 100%, Terrell has issues with rejection in childhood by his father and probably by girls when he was growing up. He is still working on being comfortable in his own skin, thus the “whorish behavior, jumping to white girls and the bravado. Kita has his back for sure. Maybe he will realize it as time goes on. He is a talented receiver, I hope he can successfully rehab and rejoin a team. Love the show! Mo looks great after her baby, glad to see her back as well.

  3. Bill Wilson says:

    Hey T. get better man and show them all up and those people mouths man. They can’t stand the fact that. you are just good at your job when your on the field. just player hatten. I’ll some it up in a nut shell. some of them wish they was you.. You have lovely lady’s working for you and your getting your royal’s on. By the way. Who is that beautiful black sister name KITA she is trully some kind of lady. Now that’s the kinda lady a man needs in his life. I would love to be put on the show as her new man. But i think i would want her for ever and not just for a season. We need to see back on the field. People still love man. Kita stay that black queen every man is looking for. those jokers you had so far in your life. just was’nt real men. I wish i had that chance.