Tyler, The Creator/Bruno Mars, Kreayshawn/Rick Ross Beefs Aired Out At 2011 Video Music Awards


Tyler the Creator reupped his distaste for Bruno Mars on the Black Carpet at the 2011 VMAs last night. Prompted by Jim Cantiello‘s observation that Tyler was last, behind even Bruno Mars, in VMA Twitter mentions, Tyler remarked, “I’m a f— I’m a failure,” adding, with a bit of hyperbole, “I’m gonna kill myself,” which was also his threat should “Grenade” win Video Of The Year (it didn’t). Why the continuing feud? “I really hate his music.”

He was forced to backpedal later in the show, after seeing Bruno Mars’s bravura performance in the tribute to Amy Winehouse. He tweeted, “F—k I hate Bruno, but that was really good.” Maybe this Odd Belieber will be won over yet.

Meanwhile, Kreayshawn continued her Rick Ross tap-dance. When Cantiello interviewed Ross before the show, the rapper seemed uninterested in even discussing Kreayshawn, only joking that “she might have to treat DJ Khaled to a steak or two.” This was an altogether gracious response to Kreayshawn’s dis, then denial, then uStream.tv reversal.

Later, though, Ross and Kreayshawn’s manager Stretch (not to be confused with he of the unfadeable Stretch and Bobbito) got into a shouting match on-camera during Kreayshawn’s Black Carpet Backstage Report. “Things are getting a little too serious,” she admits to the camera: “We just had some jokes.” After the show, Billboard didn’t even have to bring up the topic of Rick Ross in their Kreayshawn interview; she started taking potshots without prompting, referring to the earlier altercation as “gang violence.”

[Image: Getty Images]

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