Famous Food – Episode 9 – The Sip Stick That Broke The Camel’s Back


Any episode of Famous Food that doesn’t feature designer Scott is okay with me. Unfortunately, Heidi‘s poor work ethic and ability to irritate managed to displace Scott’s lying and bitchiness for the time being. Oh, Heidi. What didn’t you do wrong this week?

At first I thought it was going to be Vinny that was in hot water this week, what with all the behind-the-bar disasters and lack of soft drinks and “sip sticks.”

My new favorite phrase that I’ve never heard anyone use before is sip sticks, btw.

But it turns out, those offenses were but a drop in the bucket compared to Heidi’s. I didn’t even add “refusing to help Ashley paint” or “not being able to Tweet for herself” to the poll, and I could really keep going for days with all the ways she does not work in this episode. Just when you think you’ve got someone figured out and they aren’t the reality caricature you thought they were, they prove you wrong. (Which, I guess, is kind of what Danielle did this week too, but in the opposite direction. When she was consoling Abigail The Crying Waitress, it was actually kind of sweet and un-bitchy. I’m not even sure the Mayans could have predicted that.)

As the group prepares for their soft open and then the real open, they bring in all their friends and family in to get feedback (nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Pavelka! Sorry your drinks were so bad!).

Not only did the soft opening go terribly, but Heidi’s friends/PR team who attended caused a scene, but then again, since they are Heidi’s publicity team, they clearly live by the “even bad publicity is good publicity” motto.

To make it up to the group, Heidi goes on Lopez Tonight to plug the restaurant’s real opening night, only “things went so fast” a.k.a she drank too many The Heidis, and she forgot to mention the restaurant at all. Even Heidi’s BFF Ashley feels the need to burrow in a lemon basket to avoid being guilty by Heidi-association.

And at the end of the night, before Heidi can even feel the wrath of Lonnie and Mike’s frustration with her, she leaves early. She might have “A-List” cache, but Heidi appears to be shooting herself in the foot as she nears the finish line of this competition. And if she doesn’t win, how else are she and Spencer going to pay off his energy crystal debt?

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