Breaking News: Stacey Dash Reveals To Global Grind That She Is Not Returning To Single Ladies


Okay, Single Ladies fans, the news you’ve all been waiting for/dreading is here. In an exclusive statement to Global Grind, Stacey Dash has revealed that she is not returning the VH1 hit series. The rumors of Dash’s departure and supposed behind-the-scenes drama ran rampant as the show’s first season came to an end, and today marks the first time that Dash has publicly spoken about them. Her full statement is below. As always, we look forward to everything you have to say about this in the comments.

Dash says:

“I truly enjoyed playing Val on Single Ladies, but I have decided to leave the show. I have to be back in LA with my children right now and the ‘Single Ladies’ shooting location makes that impossible. I wish VH1 the best of luck with the show and in maintaining the strong fan base we developed in season one.”

VH1 also responded, saying “VH1 respects Stacey’s decision and her commitment to what she feels is best for her family. We thank her for all of her hard work in making ‘Single Ladies’ a success right out of the gate, and we wish her nothing but the best in her future plans.”

[Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. bobbi says:

    well that sucks!

  2. Marilyn says:

    That sucks that she’s leaving. Hopefully they can replace her with someone as good or better than her. I really love this show and I want it to keep shooting!!! One of the best shows that I’ve seen :))))

  3. Jenni Pam Le says:

    I think that Stacy Dash is a wonderful actress and she added the right spark that the show warranted. I look forward to her next return to acting in TV series and/or film.

  4. Jessica says:

    awwwwwwwwl :’(

  5. Ella Bee says:

    She was LET GO! No one walks away from a hit show.

  6. Girl Qee says:

    I am highly upset that she is leaving the show. She was a major asset and I hope the show can be the same without her. Best wishes to you Stacey. Now who is going to be the replacement? Maybe Lauren London?

  7. Carma says:

    WHAT, say it isn’t so,It won’t be the same:(((

  8. kekelolo says:

    I surely hope this is the truth and she wasn’t forced out! We love Stacey and hope she would please return.

  9. kekelolo says:

    Ella Bee:
    I agree with you! They hate to see “us” happy! First, “Girlfriends”, then “The Game”, now “Single Ladies!” Damn, the stupid bureaucracy! However, look the hell at “Sex in the City”, and how long it has been running with no interruptions.

  10. Dani says:

    Thats crap! She knew where the shooting location was when she signed on, she created a character that people could relate to and who love and now she is bailing? Thats a slap in the face to her! Plus LYING about the fact that its about her kids, thats crap too!! I am really disappointed that she doesn’t learn what COMMITMENT means! When you are an actor you should know that your fans commit to supporting you and making you a success and when you can’t be mature, suck up the problems at work (we ALL have work drama from burger slingers to actors, we ALL have it!) and go do the job she signed on for!!! I for one am no longer a fan. This is a HUGE let down! Whatever she does in the future she can do it without me and my friends showing any fan support!! Way to make a mad DASH for the exit Stacey! Way to DASH our hopes in seeing you in season 2 of a show we love!!

  11. Jsmilez says:

    Im sad I love Stacey Dash :(

  12. Hey says:

    Replace her with Tamera Mowry or Lauren London.

  13. kekelolo says:

    Well, I will continue watching because Lisa Raye is still there, but should they force her out, then I will no longer watch it. Just like I did with “Girlfriends”, when they forced Jill Marie Jones aka “Tony Childs” out, I stopped watching as did million other viewers.

  14. kevin cline says:

    i dont believe that is all there is to it

  15. I truly hate that Stacy will not be in the series anymore. She gives the show class and is sex-appeal. Although I am ‘obsessed’ with Lisa Rae, and she is my favorite in the show, Stacy ‘s p resence creates the elegance, the sophistication, and beauty needed to keep this show #1 . I can understand that she wants to be with her family, but , I feel that the Producers should compromise and send for her family ; all expenses. After all, this show is a gross earner.. So, Queen Latifah, and all associated producers get it together, if you want this show to contiunue to be successful…I can’t wait for the new season to start…Huurry UP!!!!!

  16. Sally Vasquez says:

    What a great disappointment,was truly looking forward to her being in the next season! Stacy Dash is indeed a wonderful actress,no one can replace her.I understand that her family means alot to her as us all and maybe VH1 should have taken into consideration the ‘Single Ladies’ shooting location and her family affairs and try to work with her….if they really want her to stay. Would miss u!!!

  17. kisskiss says:

    she was fired by Queen because she was fighting with cast mates and people don’t like working with her, she thinks she’s better than everyone else…….I am not allowed to say more

  18. Stormy says:

    That ABSOLUTELY sucks. Stacey Dash brought an element of freshness to the show. I liked her story line regarding her quest for love. PLUS she’s the most believable actress on the show. She gave the right balance of class and sass. She WAS the star of the show.

  19. hope says:

    we need you stacey !!! you a great actress and there no worry we need you

  20. rob says:

    2 words, GABRIEL UNION.

  21. Lisa says:

    oh well I won’t be watching it anymore.

  22. bleaching says:

    the pic on the front page makes it obvious she has been bleaching. in clueless she was dark skin. on the front page she looks like a little asian boy in a wig

  23. Nikki N. says:

    Well I won’t be watching this show anymore. She was the only one that made it worthwhile. I like Lisa Raye but her acting sucks and she is not enough of a draw to keep me tuned in.

  24. Isa says:

    When someone pulls your natural hair as in Stacy’s case out of your head, hit show or not you don’t want to come back to that show.

  25. Isa says:

    @ kekelolo
    Jill just didn’t believe GF was going to get another season, so she jumped ship to star in another show and that new show of hers got dropped.
    She should of waited it out like the rest of the girls.

  26. Kelly says:

    We WANT STACEY DASH!!!!Who Do we Need to call and get a PETITION STARTED? Is it th VH1 Programming Department? Where Do I write my letters too? This is so unfair and intolerable finally an intelligent, classy woman and they push her out the door!

  27. Fatima says:

    I’m not happy that Stacey is leaving the show, without the original cast the show will not be the seem. On another note it’s funny to me how this is the second show that Lisa Raye has been on & had conflicts with another female cast member & that cast member gets the boot. The same thing happen on All of Us, she had problems with Elisa Neal & Elisa got the boot.

    I’m not with getting our own people fired from a job for stupidity, specially with it being so hard for black actresses to get roles.

  28. Sthrncal says:

    well I won’t be watching it anymore then.,….everyone else sux ecept Omar-he’s funny!

  29. Summer says:


  30. Laura says:

    I don’t think we’re getting a truthful story here and if we are then, she wasted everyone’s time by agreeing to do the show. Stacy had been in talks to do a reality turned drama series for some time, so the story about her “needing to be with her kids” is not flying. Now I’m beginning to wonder if there was any truth about the “back stage drama”
    Good luck Stacy!

  31. B says:

    Sorry this is gonna sound harsh …i looved the show, bc of STACY DASH she was made for that role and did the best acting. I don’t wanna watch Lisa Raye if stacy isn’t there. Stacy is also very dreamy to watch so it fits well with the dreamy kind of story telling show Single Ladies represent. I think VHI should do what they have to do to keep Stacy D, it was becoming one of my favs! Probably won’t watch it if it comes back on with just the other actors :(

  32. ANTHONY says:


  33. Judge Greg Mathis says:

    That is not what happen. It was during contract negotions, all of them was suppose to hold out until they gave them more money, that snakewho plays joan and the rest , went and sign contracts and did not have the decency to tell jill, they all were going to sign, and they did not renew her contract. that is why everyone stopped watching, You all getting Kelly pitts mixed up on the game with girlfriends. Britney Daniels is the one ewho had another show on the side and it got canceled now she is trying to run back to girlfriends/

  34. afrobetty says:

    i jus hope they replace her with another brown to dark brown great actress because they had the best of three except the lil young gurl she is ridiculous

  35. Bebo says:

    I head on set yesterday, that the reason Stacy Dash is not coming back to Single Ladies is because Lisa Ray and her got into an argument. And Stacy Dash got fired. Is that true?

  36. Nicole says:

    Although Val was my favorite character on Single Ladies, I will give the show another chance. I want to know what is going to happen with Val and Jerry’s character. I was really looking forward to seeing how that was going to turn out. On another note, didn’t Stacy Dash know that she was going to be away from her children while filming when she decided to do the show? I think it is very selfish and unprofessional of her to do her cast mates and fans this way. I know that family comes first because mine does. I consider everyone involved when I make any decisions with regards to work or anyhting else in my life. I hope they can find someone to replace her that is worthy of the show because I would like to have something to watch besides reality or law shows. I wish the rest of the cast and the show luck in the future.

  37. Jill says:

    Hmm. sounds fishy. Too bad a great show and i hope they find a replacement. It’s been awhile since Stacy was in anything before this? Hopefully her ego did not do her in. The excuse about her kids is odd because I thought I read somewhere that her kids were all over 18 so not much for a mom to do especially one without a job. Hopefully the new Val will work well because the show is/was really good.

  38. mzlaya says:

    something tells me lisa ray had something to do with this.stacy knew where they would be shooting ive never heard rumors of stacy being unable to work with people but i have of lisa ray…lisa ray character can be replaced cause it not hard to find a big mouth hood chick but stacy cant be replaced

  39. Tiffany says:

    Noooooo Stacey…..PLEASE don’t leave the show! I absolutely LOVE “Single Ladies”!!! I can’t wait for season 2 to pop off! I think the current cast is fantastic; however I’m a mother and I DO understand how difficult it is to be away from your children! I personally think Nia Long would make a pretty good Val. Anywho….we’re gonna miss you Stacey!!!!!!!!!

  40. techlilinu says:

    We’re going to miss you on the show Stacy. You were the perfect “Val” and it was a joy seeing you wear those beautiful outfits. Good luck in your future endeavors and we hope to see on air again soon.


  41. Bobbi says:

    Lisa Raye and Travis Winfrey were/are the best two things going for that show – let’s face it! They are the “Karen & Jack” (Will & Grace) of that show!! If Ashton Kutcher can successfully replace Charlie Sheen, then Meagan Good can easily take over for Dash.

  42. Anita says:


    I hate to hear that Stacy Dash is not returing to single ladies. I don’t think i’ll be watching season
    2. I love all the cast but it will not be the same with out Stacy.Dash!

    Good Luck!!!!
    Stacy & Cast

  43. JKL says:

    Lisa Raye and Travis Winfrey were/are the two best things going for SIngle Ladies! They are the “Karen & Jack” (Will & Grace) of the show and will take this enterprise forward brilliantly! If Ashton Kutcher can successfully replace Charlie Sheen, then Meagan Good can certainly replace Stacy Dash!

  44. Shaquida says:

    OH,NO!!!!!! The show will never be the same without her. Whoever replace her will have BIG shoes to fill. Im upset. Vh1 should be trying to chase her down.

  45. Msknozit says:

    Well that’s the end of that! Stacy is a timeless beauty, and those eyes are to die for, but her career has been in the tank for some years. This was a good gig for her. Families move and relocate all the time, so I doubt the family excuse is the real reason. But in this economy, I sure wouldn’t let no cattimess make me leave my job. Best of luck, but dang, we’re going to miss Val, she balanced out the other less talented actors.

  46. Suga says:

    WOW….that suck some terrible….Now who are they going to find to fit this character…this will be interesting to see…they always taking good shows off air and the reality crap is replacing everything and promoting violence,cussing, and bullying among other things for bad tv……

  47. Mrs EJ says:

    I can not believe this!!!!!!! I am devastated… She made the show, she has the face of an angel…. the only other person who could come close to filling her spot would be Halle Berry and we all know that show is beneath Halle’s standards!!!! How does Stacey make a living.. folks need their jobs, why would she act ugly????? We are in a RECESSION!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Poison says:

    The show will not be the same. Not sure I’ll watch now, Stacey was one of the main actors. Once a main actor is gone the show takes a new direction. This will be interesting to see how this playes out. She was perfect for the role, her charecter was and is essential to the show. Another good show, gone bad. Please don’t turn this show into a basketball wifes or real housewifes type of show, that just sooooooo GHETTO.

  49. sexy says:

    Shes leaving because Lisa ray is jealous of Stacy and gave Stacy HELL and attacked her physically during the filming. Lisa was jealous of her popularity etc. THIS IS THE TRUTH!!!! Inside info!

  50. Fan says:

    I will really miss Stacy. The character Val was exciting and interesting. I loved her fiesty as well as sexy manner. She is one sharp sister. I really, really, I mean really hate that she won’t be returning to Single Ladies. It is my favorite show. VH1 will have a hard time replacing her

  51. Elizabeth says:

    Even though Stacy Dash is stunning and pretty she can’t act very well. Her part can be filled easily. My vote is Tika Sumpter. Come on VH1 get someone in there that can actually act, like you did with Lisa Raye….Get rid of that annoying British girl…

  52. Lakita Eugene says:

    VH1….Please get a handle on this situation because I LOVE the show Single Ladies. I personally WILL NOT watch the show without Stacey Dash. I am heartbroken behind this. I cannot picture anyone else playing the character Val. The ratings will go down as a result to this I’m sure. GET IT TOGETHER VH1

  53. Danyelle says:

    I think Queen/VH1 should offer Val’s character to Keri Washington!!!!

  54. Eve says:

    I can’t believe this! I love Val, she is my favorite single lady. I am looking forward to the new season and who will replace Val. She has to be very very good or better! Please announce the date of the new season…

  55. B says:

    She isn’t the best actor anyway. I agree with offering Val to Kerry Washington. Bring back Lauren London as a full time character!

  56. In love with the show says:

    I love this show and Stacy Dash can easily be replaced with Vivica Fox or Eva Mendes Sexy poeple who can act

  57. Jan says:

    I am so disappointed to read that Stacey won’t be returning in the role of Val.The show won’t be the same without Stacey. Well, I will tune in to see what happens next, but I am extremely disappointed!!!

  58. Nise says:

    Hmmm…..I kinda got used to Stacey in this role…bad acting and all. Her “cluless” ways and the way she wore those outfits was kinda cute and fitting for the character. Really, she made the show because LisaRaye CAN’T ACT at all, and furthermore is not interesting in the least bit. If VH1 is in the process of recasting for Stacey’s character I hope they consider finding replacements for the other bad actors as well; and rather than naming those peope I will just say they can keep all the male regulars. Just my opinion.

  59. Liz says:

    Man to tell u the truth it took a few episodes for me to really like Stacey Dash and Charity
    Shea….always liked Lisa Raye character but smh now I have to get use to another person dang man. I think its gonna be hard to fill Stacey Dash shoes….yea her acting wasnt just all that but that character fits her. I really hope they can work something out but if not I will still watch but dont ever ever get rid of Lisa Raye!

  60. alicia says:

    I might not be watching I dont think it will be the same without Stacey Dash….

  61. dandan says:

    any thyng she can do sumbe can do better just find that some body….shell be misses.NEXT!!

  62. lac365 says:

    I wish stacey the best I STILL will be watching single ladies they just need to keep vals character an just get another person to play her I think SANNA LATHAN would be good pick I just don’t undrstand why everybody is acting like its the end the writing is go as long as they cast someone good they will be just find.

  63. Veronice says:

    I really liked the character Val on ‘Single Ladies’ and i respect her decsision in leaving the show… But im going to miss her very much.

  64. Nonnahs says:

    @Summer, you are right, we should stop believing everything we hear. I will start with your post.

    I really liked Val in her role, she was wonderful. I will truly miss her and hope that somehow this can be resolved before filming. I really want to see that proposal situation get resolved.

    I guess if you have to repalce her, then perhaps Megan Good, she can play that sweet, naive role. I am not downing anyone, I am just speaking on Vals personality.

    But I would really love it if somehow she could stay.

  65. ilovetocruise says:

    OMG, I can hardily believe someone said Stacy Dash can’t act, and then referred to Lisa McCoy, OMG! Talk about can’t act! Stacy can certainly act and plays the role of Val very well. To be absolutely honest, she is the best actor/actress on the show, or 2nd best to the intern/assistant. Well of course there is also tried and true “Blu” from the Temptations, even he is so serious that it’s not good acting and not believable. But Lisa Ray could “never” act even in Player’s Club, nor that other show I think produced by Will and Jada, or with Eve, whatever that show was. Anyone that thinks she will be able to carry a show on her acting alone is sadly mistaken.
    Don’t get me wrong, I like her from what I have seen of her during interviews, but if she was my personal friend I would tell her she really needs to take some acting classes if she wants to work more, or get better roles. I would certainly let her know that she needs to step her acting up, a lot. Thank goodness she is beautiful, because she can’t act a lick. I think an aspiring actress off the street could nail those lines much better. This is not a personal critique of Lisa herself, just of her acting. If Lisa could act on the level of Stacy the show would be in a better position. In Single Ladies her lines seem forced and unnatural when she speaks. Stacy may not be easy to work with, and I don’t doubt that, but I will not go so far as to say she can’t act. I mean most of the shows I have seen her in the characters are very similar, and I don’t recall any serious, dramatic acting, but as Val she seems to be doing great. She certainly appears the most experienced in the “Store”, but again the Intern/Assistant has good acting skills.
    The woman that plays April seems very amateur as well, they could put another woman with a blonde wig in any episode and I doubt she will ever be missed. There is just nothing memorable about her. The guy isn’t even believable, the sales rep, I have thought since day one is it really that hard for them to find a pretty that could also act? Same thoughts with April, of please cast someone else, or give her story, or she needs to work harder or something…it’s just not clicking. VH1 is quite fortunate to have the success it had for Season 1. I too liked the show, saw every episode, but when I would miss an initial airing it wasn’t a priority for me to search for the next airing, like a few of the other VH1 shows. I would be surprised if the show has many more successful seasons, to do so would REQUIRE a fabulous replacement for Stacy Dash, and awesome stories, because with the characters left and their not so great acting skills I don’t see a strong future for this show. It’s different because this is a scripted show, completely, with actors and actresses, I expect ACTING, quality. It’s not a reality show, where they can be themselves so to speak (ideal for Lisa McCoy). As much as I did enjoy the season, VH1 or the writers have their work ahead of them to save this show. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  66. Tia says:

    I really hate it when a show is perfect and i fall in love with it only to find out that the next season will be missing one of the stars that made the show what it is. Changing the characters after you’re already used to one changes the whole feel of the show. Hopefully they just kill her off or make her move somewhere instead of trying to recast her. I think Stacey fit well in this role and her acting or lack of made this character. I cant see Vivica, Tika or Keri especially not Eva taking Val’s place. I do like Lauren London though she’s very pretty and I like her as an actress. And please do get rid of the brittish girl!

  67. Topaz says:

    It’s ok, she’s not that great of an actress anyway…she CAN be replaced! Although, I will admit, I did like her in this role this time. I think Christina Milian would do a pretty good job as Val. Even Tamera Mowry….give her another major role!

  68. Ann Marie says:

    Wow! I guess we all have different opinions. I did not think Lisa Raye could act in the two movies I saw her in back in the day and on Will;s show she just looked great and still could not at. But in Single ladies I was starting to see Lis aRaye as an actress because she was paired with Stacey Dash. Now don’t get me wrong I like Staey Dash and finally got accustomed to her (non) acting because I started thinking of her as today’s Jacquelyn Smith the pertty actresses who cannot act so I was cool and started to like and accept all of them and now she is going? Stacey is pretty and cute but the character she plays would get run over by men in real life they wouldt ry to take advantage of her in a minute unless the guy was sweett just like her.. Bye Stacey I like you but take some acting lessons and show up in something els elater.

  69. Sanaa says:

    Umm.does anyone else think its funny Lisa Raye co-stars always leave? ( All of Us) Elise Neal left too. I’m just saying…Lisa Raye is not foolin me…I’ve seen her reality show and she is always telling her daughter how to be in the spotlight..from one boss chick to another.

  70. Fefe says:

    I like watching the other ladies because their roles are full of drama. Stacey Dash role is not. Sorry, I’m not going to notice she’s gone:)

  71. Charmaine says:

    She was the only reason y I watched…. One more show I won’t be tuning in for.

  72. Nia says:

    So sad black people just cant get along. But I hope they give it to EVE. I miss her playing a designer on TV. Should be interesting to see what happens next…………….

  73. Ms.T says:……Val’s cuteness/outfits/funny facial expressions/OUTFITS were one of the main reasons I tuned in. Unless D.B. Woodside (Malcolm) begins to play a MAJOR part of the show; VH1 has lost this viewer. If they seriously think Lisa Raye (can’t act to save her life) or that chick “April” can pull off keeping the ratings, they are sadly mistaken *sigh*

  74. Safarie Tucker says:

    I think you shouldn’t leave and it would be STUPID if you left. Especially since, you were only on one season. I want to see more of you on the next season and what’s going to happen with Jerry and Quin. Besides you were an inspiration to me on the show

  75. Sheila says:

    Good! She is a HORRIBLE actress and it irritated me to no end to see her on this show. Now if they would just cancel the show all together things would be even better!

  76. Sophia Roberts says:

    Sooo!! the rumors was TRUEEEEE!!!, Is this the taste you’re going to leave in my mouth, Not good at alll, not COOLLL!!

  77. kboo says:

    ok so i am upset i dont think i will be watching season 2 of the show besides stacy dash and lisa raye they were the best part of the show.

  78. Deborah Capers says:

    I will not be watching single ladies whenit returns…My whole reason for watching was because of stacy dash’s character!!!!!She represented all the single ladies who are financialy secure,successful and always holding on to faith in real love and romance.Lisar Ray and the other lady will not be able to pull it off without her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. I am very disappointed to hear Stacy Dash is leaving the show. She is the main reason I began to watch the show. I loved her character. I felt is was terrible that rumors began of her being replaced before she issued her statement to leave. She brought the Val character to life and she will be missed by me and I am sure many others. However I do admire her decision to put her family first before fame. Despite what some are saying we have not seen the last of Stacy Dash.
    A fan
    PS I loved Stacy in “ILlegal in Blue”

  80. blulv1 says:

    I have always been a fan of Stacey Dash for a long time and missed seeing her because she is a fantastic and beautiful person. I wish her the best and only hope she’ll be back on TV soon or have a reality show. Good Luck Stacey, I’ll miss seeing you.

  81. cargirl says:

    The show will go on without her. I enjoyed the character Val. I love seeing independent woman portrayed on TV, although the character was unlucky in love.
    I don’t think Sana or Eva would want to do a cable series.
    Vivica is a little too mature to play a thirty something .

  82. pamela says:

    The Val Character is over without Stacey Dash. No one in Hollywood could ever be as natural playing Val. Stacy has an innocence that I have never seen in any other actress. Stacy Dash can not be replaced, just create a new character. Maybe Queen Latifah should step into more episodes, so I will have a reason to watch next season.

  83. Sad Fan says:

    I hate that Stacey is leaving the show…I like her character refreshing holdsum, funny, caring and all that and a great actress…you will be missed if I continue to watch the show…You balanced the characters and with the theme being Beautiful Successfull Black Women you were number 1 in my family’s book. When you enjoy a show with it’s original Characters and then replace one so soon I think is a mistake. Yes we know it’s the writers that delivered her Character, but it’s the actress who gives birth!!!! Good Luck to you and your Family…..


    A Sad Fan

  84. diane says:

    what ever i hope the whole show just go aWAY

  85. justsayin' says:


  86. Disappointed Fan says:

    Very disappointed in this news! I enjoyed watching Stacey as Val. The show ended with us hanging off our seats to find out what will happen next with her. Does this mean I won’t get to see my heartthrob, Jerry Walter anymore? Love him!!

  87. I am sad to hear Stacey Dash will not be returning to “Single Ladies.’ I must say, I only watched this show because of her. I believe she is a talented actress, and has the ability to win a large audience, be it male or female. She has brought so much fun and energy, not to mention her natural beauty, which draws you to her. I’m sad to say, I will not be watching the 2nd season of the show. NO ONE CAN REPLACE STACEY!!!

  88. Tiger Lilly says:

    WOW, This is unfortunate, the show is for now more on the comedy side than the drama side so all this business about acting might be right . To me these characters are close to their personalities in many ways. Far as the chemistry this is going to be very difficult because the premise is based on three friends one of which owns a boutique which is the center of the action. What they will have to do is come up with a new center. Maybe Charity Shea can become the new center going from a boutique to a recording company which would provide some what an interesting center. What can you do with Lisa Raye character she can’t create a base with real estate because the housing market is not something everyone can identify with. Queen is smart she will come up with something but nothing can replace professionalism. When you are paid to do a job you do that with professionalism not an attitude, that more than anything sets a bad tone and example. What is disappointing to me the most is that we have a black female production company producing for a mix audience a dynamic TV show, a vehicle that could open serious discussion on relationship issues facing mainly African-American women or even women in general and you have a situation which exhibits such behavior which makes me think the person must be bipolar. We may miss out on a critical tool. I’m disappointed because I thought this show could open more doors for African-American in front and behind the scenes. Think about it who will want to invest in something that can lead to this loss of continuity that quickly?

  89. Marlene says:

    Sorry to see her go. I can’t think of anyone who could possibly play her part as well as she does. I heard that she is quite the prima donna and was ASKED to leave!

  90. Natasha Dennis says:

    I am in total shock! I cannot believe it! How can this happen? The show will automatically loose its spark and its viewers. I was watching all the way from the UK, and from the first episode; I was hooked. I loved her character, but above all, I was mesmerised by the fashions worn by the characters. I wish I was apart of the fashion team for the show because I watched with excitement and intrigue to what they wear going to be wearing. The storyline, although somewhat typical for black women, it was real and something women could relate to, even though it appeal to a high-end market. Nonetheless, the issues raised were ones which many women could relate to. I honestly felt the chemistry between the characters were believable, how will VH1 achieve that? This reminds me of when the original character, Vivienne Banks played by Janet Hubert-Whitten, was replaced by Daphne Reid, albeit the replacement was blatantly obvious; I felt the show lost the edge it encapsulated from the beginning and it capture the chemistry between all the characters thereafter. I am just afraid the same thing will happen, which will eventually lead to the demise of the show. I am not sure who would be the best candidate to replace her, but I am positive Queen Latifah will do her best to find her comparator, who will make her own stamp on the character. The finale was brilliant; the cliffhanger left me wanting more. It is a real shame, but if there are plans for the show to continue, as a result of, viewer demand; please, please, please can I work on the show? The fashions were divine.

  91. yeneshia says:

    Evelyn that look is very pretty the black dress and boots. you rocking like always.

  92. jasmine Davis says:

    I don’t believe that it wont be the same but lets see what happen and when is single ladies coming back to air i miss the show, i also wish that the end did not end like that i wish she was with the guy who truly lves her that show is poppin and its really for all ladies. cant wait to see next session

  93. Coco says:

    Stacey Dash was the reason I watched Single Ladies. The characters, Val and Jerry were the best couple and relationship on the show. Thanks for a great season 1. Since, Stacey is gone…BYE…forever to Single Ladies and VH1.

  94. I really loved her and her character on the show. It’s going to be very difficult to replace her.

  95. Sunshine says:

    It’s amazing to hear/read the comments of people criticizing the cast and given the position they could never do any better……………talk about black people could cry down their own people, geez.

  96. Tink says:

    ALL of the acting on this show was horrible but Stacey was the best of the worst. Without her, they might as well revamp the whole show. Keep Lisa Raye(even though she sucks), the gay guy at the shop, Malcolm, and maybe his brother. The script could use some tweeking too…oh well.

  97. Tara Kamiya says:

    Summer I don’t want to believe you, but what you are saying is not impossible. The problem is that the show was just starting to develop now you are changing the casting? Not a good look for the show, I will keep watching, but damn she had the best outfits!

  98. Nicole says:

    I am really sad to Stacey Dash leave the show, because I really wanted to see who she took the proposal from. The show ended great I wish I could have seen next what happened with her and Kiesha as well. Did she for give Malcom or what? I guess I will never know who Stacey would’ve picked now, I am so upset. I guess family calls and that is more important then some show.

  99. Christie says:

    Single Ladies was the first show since Sex & The City went off the air that I looked forward to watching, I am so disappointed to hear this news….major changes in the first season! Strike one. Let’s be real – Val was the main character of the show. Everything in the show practically evolved around either Val’s store and her condo apartment. I don’t see how they are going to replace her outside of killing off the character and having an entirely new character acquire her store….we’ll see how the writers are going to pull this one off. If the show has another one of these surprises next season, I doubt it will live to see a third (at least I won’t be watching it).

  100. monique says:

    Val was the main character the show wont be the same without her. i dont want yo see her leave i would only watch it because of val oh my no more single ladies for me. it will be hard to replace her come back Stacey Dash please.

  101. Jordan says:

    Jill Marie Jones should absolutely replace Stacey Dash………someone with actual talent and experience on a hit show is a smart move.

  102. DAMNGINA says:

    Wow!!! just tease us hmph!!! i really liked stacey dash on the show mannn now what i think janet jackson would make for a good Val or lauren london just sad though only positive show to watch and now changes happening this soon geez im glad lisa raye is still on that’s my girl however her and stacey were a joy to watch hope vh1 can work something out i dont know what goes on behind the scene’s but her and lisa raye sure do deliver make you want to tune in every tuesday TEAMVAL

  103. DannigirllovesATL says:

    JILL MARIE JONES!!!!!! No question.

  104. ap says:

    Y’all are crazy…Jill Marie Jones????????????? Never! Not ever in the league of Stacey Dash. For one thing, Val is supposed to be beautiful and sweet. Of which Jill Marie Jones is neither!

  105. Ann says:

    It’s regrettable that Stacey Dash will not be returning as Val. Although their are many talented actress who could replace Ms. Dash, but none who can bring the same essence that Stacey does to her character. Val is why I watched the show. Stacey Dash incorporated a refreshing, alluring individual who keep you anticipating with wonder… If ever, will Val find a lasting love interest…

  106. scotttyc says:

    Brandy Norwood. She has a natural sweet/virginal appeal that ingenue’s need. She can actually act and she would bring in a fanbase.

  107. Kimy says:

    Stacy I really enjoyed you and will miss you on the show.JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!!

  108. Carla says:

    I am really disappointed that Stacey is leaving the show….she made the character Val who she is. I really can’t see anyone replacing her as Val. The FB pages have been dropping all types of names an the only two that I even see close to fit her role would be Nia Long or Gabrielle Union. There were also some suggestions that Tatyana M. Ali could replace her as Val’s younger sister and take over the shop. Now I do like that idea as well.

  109. Michelle M. says:

    Nia Long would do be a good replacement for Stacey but I could see Sanaa Lathan in that role as well.

  110. J says:

    Stacey Dash leaving the show is a huge disappointment. Even though I never really felt the connection w/ her and Lisa Raye; I really loved her on the show. I was really getting into her and her love interest….they were my favorite couple. I hope someone who can bring the integrity of Val’s character is chosen and please do not change her boo on the show…..He’s a dream!

  111. Tonya says:

    OMG!!!!! Stacy Dash was a big part of the show and she was mostly the reason I watched the show. It was a great balance between the cast members. Whoever takes over as Val have some big shoes to fill. The second season should be very interesting. I’m not happy about Stacy Dash leaving the show but I will give the second season a chance before I pass judgement. I just wish Stacy and the producers would be honest with the fans. I don’t buy that story about Stacy wanting to be close to her children. She knew where the taping of the show took place when she signed on. If the rumors are true about some of the cast members not getting along, WHAT-A-SHAME!!!! This was a good show and everybody should have been professional and put their feelings aside. I hope the best for the second season.

  112. Lisa ATL says:

    For of all, Stacey can’t be replaced as Val, so they need to do whatever it takes to get her back. Stacey Dash was the only veteran actress on the show and the role was tailor-made for her. Also, it would be career suicide for Gabrielle or any other “real” actress to play Val’s role alongside actresses-in-training.

  113. Tony J says:

    What a load of crap. She should be happy to be working. This is a great show and she walks away from it, what an ego for someone who has no right to have an ego. Oh and something else get something done to those 300 year old looking feet

  114. Ms. Gege says:

    A good replacement would Halle Berry. she is nice and sweet

  115. sexyleo says:

    Stacey I know how hard it is to be away from your family, I hope they found the best person to replacing you…..goooood job!!!!!!!

  116. J says:

    I doubt she decided to leave, I sure she got fired (likely from high-school drama) and was told to be quiet about it.

  117. Barbara says:

    I will like to see Nia Long in that role.PLEASE NO MEGAN GOOD. PLEASE NO MEGAN GOOD

  118. SheakaB says:

    I hate that Stacey has left the show but I understand. Family is important. However, I think Monica Calhoun (Ebony from Playa’s club) should play Val.

  119. candise says:

    I agree with ppl below me….Jill Jones will do it justice…she has the attitude…but i will miss stacey…she is none replaceable….I hate that one show that is GOOD comes on the air and is now changing….DONT LET REALITY TV TAKE OVER!!!!!

  120. Michael Leon Bowden says:

    I think Mya the R&B singer/actress/songwriter, should take the place of Stacy Dash, as VaL!!! And it should be obvious as to why!!!

  121. Valencia says:

    Family first Stacey! I really enjoyed your character and hope you can make some guest appearances on Single Ladies next season. Hug your kids for me and hope to see again soon on other shows.

  122. Susie Q says:

    I thought you were fabulous as Val,great casting ,one of my highlights of the week ,Iwill miss you ,why break up a top show,give her the money ,she made the show!

  123. Kryz says:

    Val was my favorite character in the show, she really was great actress. I liked her in the movie Clueless also. It would be awesome if she came back on Season 3. Please Stacy, I hope you change your mind and come back to the show. I sure hope Season 2 will be as good as the 1st. I know Stacy will be missed.

  124. Stella says:

    I wish they could bring her back. I loved her playing Val and the reason I watched the show. Sad to see her go.

  125. Nicolete says:

    She was told to keep quite. She really left because of all the drama with Lisa Raye and Lisa had the problem so she talked to the producers to get her kicked off… It’s all over media take an the internet. Stacy Dash made the show and how the played it off by having her staying in London or where ever is pathetic… Personally they shouldve kept Stacy n got rid of Lisa. If someone HAD to go. If not grow up Ur getting paid for a hot show just because someone don’t get along with someone else who cares its a job.. Sorry Lisa but this made you look childish, and jealous, and that was a child’s move. Everyone not gone be your friend grow up. We need Stacy Dash back or my viewing days are over.

  126. Melissa says:

    I loved stacy dash’s character on single ladies. She’s the only reason why I al;ways looked forward to watching that show. Now that she’s gone I don’t thinki I’ll be watching that show anymore that new girl whatever her name is I don’t think is a good replacement for Val. She can’t even come close. VH1 could’ve done a better job at picking someone else for the part. Anyways, it’s sad cz i was really started to like that show..

  127. Angela says:

    I just got hooked on Single ladies and well loved the first season. I loved Va the most and Stacey Dash playing her. She and her character seemed the most realistic and connectable besides April. I watched just to the see the two of them but mainly Val. The new season has seemed to have lost some flare and the new girl is not that interesting to watch. Plus the way they ended the Val character was lame and I am not so sure that I will keep watching the show as my interest with it is slowing diminishing. SAD!