Fine Wine: 15 Men in Music Who’ve Aged Remarkably Well


As the Red Hot Chili Peppers release their tenth studio album this week, we can’t help but daydream ruminate about how much of a sex symbol frontman Anthony Kiedis was—who could forget the sock?!—and still is. Time has been kind to Mr. Suck My Kiss, and he is definitely not alone in that regard; there’s an entire legion of men in music whose good looks and sex appeal have fermented in the manner of a perfectly-mature wine.

Whether you grew up with one of their faces taped to your Trapper Keeper or you’re old enough to be their mom, there’s a hunk on this list for you. From rock to hip hop, songwriters to bass players, we’ve got Arena Gods, men who are Good With Their Hands, Smooth Operators, International Flavors, and like the Chili Peppers’ singer, Spicy Sex Symbols. Keeping it simple, we’re celebrating the 45 to 70-year-old vintages by exhibiting their physical evolution through their respective careers. You’ll be taking in images from when they got their start, their “middle years,” and how they look in the present. Take a moment to step into the wine cellar and relish in each man’s beauty of the past and, at the end,toast to their continued maturing in the future by weighing in on who you think has aged best. Apologies in advance for the ladyboners!

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  1. Gary Stoltz says:

    What about Keith Richards?

  2. Redd says:

    Prine has aged the best by hardly ageing at all in 30 yrs. Something to be said being a vegetarian.

  3. doggate3 says:

    All the fine aging rockers are lookin’ but you forgot one: STEVE PERRY! The dude looks real good too!

  4. Juniversal says:

    Lenny Kravitz definately hasn’t aged a day since the 80′s. Pretty crazy to think he’ll be 50 soon.

  5. Marky says:

    I definitely think George Michael has aged well! Thanks George for inspiring me to be a musician! Marky A Beautiful Tomorrow

  6. Paul Sweeney says:

    How could you possibly leave off Billy Idol from this list..???? He’s almost 56 years old & still looks great & he still rocks…!!!!

  7. i8ubfr says:

    Great article but the 1st pic is NOT from 1970

  8. Charlie B. England says:

    The year “1970″ for the “early career” of the artist Prince is in error. He was TWELVE YEARS OLD in 1970. I think you meant 1980. (By the way, my “back arrow” key and my delete key are not working for this Page, making it difficult to compose what I`m writing. You need to fix that.)

  9. Honeythorn says:

    What??? No Dave Gahan or Martin Gore?? Those two are still fine as ever!

  10. Kim Weaver says:

    If Prince Rogers Nelson is 53 and his picture was taken in 1970, he looks a little old for a 12 year old. His first recording that I know of was with 94 East in 1995 and recorded his first solo demo when he was 17. Please correct that dated photograph for your reader’s knowledge.

  11. BH says:

    How could you leave Roger Daltrey off the list?

  12. joylane says:

    you forgot the best of all,Dave Grohl of the Foo fighters, I forgive you

  13. laura says:

    this man is the best. he has confidence, sex appeal, he has it all . i seen him in concert over a year ago and he has the stage presence that he did with Zep. he is the greatest singer of all time. no one else can do better. keep on rocking Robert. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

  14. Mark Graham says:

    To all of you writing about Prince: Yes, you’re correct, that was a factual error. It read 1970 when it should have said 1980. It’s fixed now, our apologies.

  15. Valle Schibel says:

    You left out Joey Tempest from Europe. He looks fantastic at 48.

  16. Fefe says:

    Prince looks amazing. He looks like he is in his early 30′s. Long ago, I think he said he only eat bread not meat. I believe he was on the Arsenio Hall Show, don’t quote me on it. He has such nice skin:)

  17. MrsMorty says:

    There’s no way that first photo of Prince was taken in 1970. According to the current age provided, that would make him 12 years old in 1970. I’ve never seen a 12 year old look like THAT!

  18. HOfan says:

    What about Daryl Hall. I believe he’s 65 and lookin sooo good!

  19. Andy R says:

    Robert Plant? Are you insane?? He looks terrible and his voice is worse.

  20. puffykat says:

    Ever since TEMPLE OF THE DOG, Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell have been neck and neck ,voice and voice and face and face with each other. I love them both and would have a hard time choosing between the two of them.
    I also would nominate Roger Daltrey and Paul Rodgers of Free and Bad Company for their ageless appeal and sexiness.

  21. Adriana says:

    Maybe he is the oldest, but he still be the most cute. And, we the women will always love him.

  22. Linda Steuer says:

    Robert Plant is still hot, will always be hot, he has that certain sensual charisma, and I agree Chris Cornell is also hot and looks fantastic. A great list for us ladies who love hard rock.

  23. Ellie says:

    Dave Gahan, Dave Grohl, James Hetfield, George Michael, Slash, Axl Rose, Jerry Cantrell have also age quite fine ;)

  24. PG says:

    Clearly, the writer of this is not very old. Simon LeBon was NOT the “band’s hottest member” when they first hit. John Taylor was then… and he still is.

  25. PG says:

    Robert Plant? Seriously? I thought this article was about people who have aged well. Robert Plant has NOT aged well.

  26. NeanNean says:

    I love him he is da best i remember dressing in all purple when i was little had to listen to him all the time my uncle had me stuck on Prince (gotta luv it) :) :) all smiles over here.

  27. Chloe says:

    John is my sexy lover! <3

  28. Brent says:

    Yes you definitely got the first year wrong on Eddie Vedder ? I believe its probably 1993 -DUH ?

  29. AZ Darkblade says:

    Ozzy has aged remarkably well – he is not on your list and myself and many other women think he’s just as hot today as he was back in the day. Can’t believe he’s not on this list.

  30. redkem1 says:

    Jon Bon Jovi was and still is the sexiest and best looking rocker!!! Pics should have started in 1983, when he started Bon Jovi-but would have looked same as 1986 one. Actually, the 2011 one isn’t always correct…. Every once and a while, Jon has done that short, all brown haircut, over the last few years. Most of the time, he still looks closer to the 2000 picture!!! (Fans hate the “brown helmet” – love the longer golden blonde hair!!! Not that he could ever look bad….) He has gotten better with age!!! He also has the biggest and best heart and soul: Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation – saving 1 soul at a time!!!

  31. Lacey Seidman says:

    Incorrect dates have been adjusted… Thanks for all the comments, everyone!