Basketball Wives L.A. – Episode 2 – I Think I’ve Made My Point


This week on Basketball Wives L.A.: The many faces of Draya.

There were several big events that happened on this week’s episode, and there was a hilarious Draya expression for almost all of them, because the episode, for the most part, was about the ladies’ reactions to her, and in turn, her priceless reactions to them. But first, let’s discuss the ladies’ reactions to Tanya.

The Fight Aftermath

The episode begins where episode one left off, a familiar scene for BBW viewers: a fight on a rooftop restaurant.

Malaysia, having provoked Laura with some touchy comments, ending up getting more than she bargained for when Laura lunged for her and all hell broke loose.

Jackie did not think lunch was going to be a knuckle sandwich with a side of pulled out weave.

But what no one expected was Tanya‘s non-reaction to the whole thing.

When Imani asks Tanya why she was just sitting there looking like she was waiting for the bus and not helping, I don’t know about you, but “I don’t take the bus,” is not the response you want to hear. So Jackie correctly asserts that “I think everybody has written Tanya off at this point,” and likewise, Tanya is done with everyone and she walks out of Gloria‘s house and out of the rest of the episode.


When Gloria, Laura, Jackie and Imani go to play paintball in the desert, Gloria invites newbie Draya to meet them. Imani’s first impression: “When she walked up with her shiny Louis Vuitton in the middle of the dusty desert, it was kind of like, where do you think you’re going?”

Things didn’t get better from there. Draya brought up that time that she went bowling with Imani and her ex in Houston. You remember that time, right? In Houston? Oh, that wasn’t you, Imani? Then who was i— OOPS.

And then when Draya mentions her most recent career as a stripper, Imani’s further scandalized (and I’ll be honest, I agree with her even though she phrases it in a way that makes it sound like we grew up on The Wonder Years). “I didn’t come from a time when that was an acceptable career choice,” she says. Imani seems to be coming from the Chris Rock school of thought where, as a parent, the only thing you can hope for is to keep your daughter off the pole.

Draya sees no problem with any of this, and doesn’t appreciate the judgment.

“I showed my boobs for money. Whoop de doo. I have nice boobs, so to me, showing my boobs for money is not that big of a deal. Maybe hers aren’t as nice as mine.” Well, now we know who we’re dealing with!

The Make-Up
So while Draya is stirring things up, at least with Imani, Laura and Malaysia (a.k.a. Loquisha) decide to make up. “I’m mad at a lot of s—,” Laura says, but Malaysia’s not really a part of that. “I had like, a bucket list of s—, and she just caught it,” she says. So the two women meet and somehow they go from simmering tension to BFFs in about ten seconds and can’t stop complimenting each other about how pleasant and beautiful they both are.

Gloria’s still not sold on Malaysia, since she sent her a threatening text (ON SIGHT, capital letters), but they all work it out. It’s nice, isn’t it, Draya?

I know, I feel the same way.

The Passion Party

Imani decides to take the ladies to her life coach later so they can all un-learn the definition of “anonymous.” See, they play this game where they anonymously have to put adjectives into a box to describe each other, and it’s all peachy and good (those are some of the nicer adjectives Imani could have used, hindsight, etc.) until Draya’s box is opened and one of the words that is read is “worthless.”
Draya, your reaction?

I know, I smile when I’m uncomfortable too!

Jackie immediately is like “Just to clear it up, I said you were combative, not worthless,” and everyone else chimes in with what word they all put it, and by the power of deduction and with all loss of anonymity, Imani is outed as the “worthless” box-putter-inner. “I dont think that any human being is worthless,” Malaysia says nicely in Draya’s defense, but Imani has some serious beef with Draya that she doesn’t want to share at this particular moment, and I guess we’ll find out later what (besides stripping) Imani finds so objectionable.

Draya’s Party

Finally, Draya has invited all the ladies to a party she was hosting. When the ladies showed up and she’s not there, they’re all a little meh on the place. No one’s dancing, and people are defensive because Draya is on the offensive toward Malaysia, making weird comments to her.

So everyone is like “When can we leave?” and Draya is annoyed.

“It’s my party, be happy to be here and act like it please!” she says, but she’s not really the hostess with the mostess either and the episode ends awkwardly with Draya trying to look at Malaysia’s…um, Lil’ Malaysia. What do you think, Draya, did you enjoy this episode?

I know, me too.

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