Basketball Wives L.A. – Episode 2 – I Think I’ve Made My Point


This week on Basketball Wives L.A.: The many faces of Draya.

There were several big events that happened on this week’s episode, and there was a hilarious Draya expression for almost all of them, because the episode, for the most part, was about the ladies’ reactions to her, and in turn, her priceless reactions to them. But first, let’s discuss the ladies’ reactions to Tanya.

The Fight Aftermath

The episode begins where episode one left off, a familiar scene for BBW viewers: a fight on a rooftop restaurant.

Malaysia, having provoked Laura with some touchy comments, ending up getting more than she bargained for when Laura lunged for her and all hell broke loose.

Jackie did not think lunch was going to be a knuckle sandwich with a side of pulled out weave.

But what no one expected was Tanya‘s non-reaction to the whole thing.

When Imani asks Tanya why she was just sitting there looking like she was waiting for the bus and not helping, I don’t know about you, but “I don’t take the bus,” is not the response you want to hear. So Jackie correctly asserts that “I think everybody has written Tanya off at this point,” and likewise, Tanya is done with everyone and she walks out of Gloria‘s house and out of the rest of the episode.


When Gloria, Laura, Jackie and Imani go to play paintball in the desert, Gloria invites newbie Draya to meet them. Imani’s first impression: “When she walked up with her shiny Louis Vuitton in the middle of the dusty desert, it was kind of like, where do you think you’re going?”

Things didn’t get better from there. Draya brought up that time that she went bowling with Imani and her ex in Houston. You remember that time, right? In Houston? Oh, that wasn’t you, Imani? Then who was i— OOPS.

And then when Draya mentions her most recent career as a stripper, Imani’s further scandalized (and I’ll be honest, I agree with her even though she phrases it in a way that makes it sound like we grew up on The Wonder Years). “I didn’t come from a time when that was an acceptable career choice,” she says. Imani seems to be coming from the Chris Rock school of thought where, as a parent, the only thing you can hope for is to keep your daughter off the pole.

Draya sees no problem with any of this, and doesn’t appreciate the judgment.

“I showed my boobs for money. Whoop de doo. I have nice boobs, so to me, showing my boobs for money is not that big of a deal. Maybe hers aren’t as nice as mine.” Well, now we know who we’re dealing with!

The Make-Up
So while Draya is stirring things up, at least with Imani, Laura and Malaysia (a.k.a. Loquisha) decide to make up. “I’m mad at a lot of s—,” Laura says, but Malaysia’s not really a part of that. “I had like, a bucket list of s—, and she just caught it,” she says. So the two women meet and somehow they go from simmering tension to BFFs in about ten seconds and can’t stop complimenting each other about how pleasant and beautiful they both are.

Gloria’s still not sold on Malaysia, since she sent her a threatening text (ON SIGHT, capital letters), but they all work it out. It’s nice, isn’t it, Draya?

I know, I feel the same way.

The Passion Party

Imani decides to take the ladies to her life coach later so they can all un-learn the definition of “anonymous.” See, they play this game where they anonymously have to put adjectives into a box to describe each other, and it’s all peachy and good (those are some of the nicer adjectives Imani could have used, hindsight, etc.) until Draya’s box is opened and one of the words that is read is “worthless.”
Draya, your reaction?

I know, I smile when I’m uncomfortable too!

Jackie immediately is like “Just to clear it up, I said you were combative, not worthless,” and everyone else chimes in with what word they all put it, and by the power of deduction and with all loss of anonymity, Imani is outed as the “worthless” box-putter-inner. “I dont think that any human being is worthless,” Malaysia says nicely in Draya’s defense, but Imani has some serious beef with Draya that she doesn’t want to share at this particular moment, and I guess we’ll find out later what (besides stripping) Imani finds so objectionable.

Draya’s Party

Finally, Draya has invited all the ladies to a party she was hosting. When the ladies showed up and she’s not there, they’re all a little meh on the place. No one’s dancing, and people are defensive because Draya is on the offensive toward Malaysia, making weird comments to her.

So everyone is like “When can we leave?” and Draya is annoyed.

“It’s my party, be happy to be here and act like it please!” she says, but she’s not really the hostess with the mostess either and the episode ends awkwardly with Draya trying to look at Malaysia’s…um, Lil’ Malaysia. What do you think, Draya, did you enjoy this episode?

I know, me too.

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  1. Suge says:

    This show will never be as good as Miami because Gloria tries to hard to be Shaunie O’Neal. Gloria couldn’t hold a candle to Shaunie and some of the other ladies just doesn’t seem to connect. Imani has her own issues going on and seems alot older with her ways(that;s good), Draya is very real and down to earth, Malaysia is reserved but she does have a different side when attacked(like), Tanya? not sure what’s her purpose there? She doesn’t fit in at all, Laura I see growth there and it’s probably becuase she’s been through some stuff but that’s a good point. Mrs. Artest I like her so far she seems down to earth as well. Hopefully things will work out with the show but right now, I don’t see a second season in their future.

  2. Jamie says:

    I really don’t understand why everyone is on Gloria’s sister side.(I don’t know her name) They provoked Malaysia and Gloria’s sister lunged at her first.. Thought thought they could pick on Malaysia and got more than they bargained for…

  3. Danni says:

    Imani is a sorry excuse for a human being. Ok so Draya was a stripper, there is worse things out there. She could be a baby killer or a molester. I was so caught off guard to know someone could be that judgmental so early and easily. This show in my opinion is worst than Miami and Miami was a mess. These women seem fake, judgmental, paranoid and all around “caty”. I’m glad Melayshia step up and let Draya know she was not worthless. The first act of decency. Even though I know she was second guessing herself after Draya’s party lol

  4. Carla says:

    I think that Imani has some serious issues within herself to call someone worthless… Therebare many things beyond stripping or even sleeping around do not deserve that. she needs some perspective.

  5. bibi says:

    Ok. These ladies are ridiculous. I like Tanya. She’s the only mature one. Gloria and Laura are sad. Don’t defend someone when they are wron, even if they a relative. Draya is who she is. She’s the type of girl who will do anything for money. Something is wrong with showing your boobs for money sweetie! What else will you do for money? Look at how she behaved at the party. Imani was wrong for calling her worthless. That’s harsh. Overall, I will stop watching BBW, both LA and Miami. These women are proof money cannot buy maturity or class. I hope they get paid a lot for these shows. I’m a little mad at Shaunie for pimping these girls like this.

  6. shooshay says:

    You know ,i’d like to know what were the ladies friendship and behaviour before this was a show ? I f this was the way they act always aggressive and confrontational about who does this and doesn’t do that and what each ladies role they play in there separate lives before the camera’s came it’s real sad that if this is a more attention getting stance they take in place of showing myself as a viewer in what they do positive more so than whats represented i’d like to see sometimes . i know we as women are always on guard for whatever personal reason we have for other women ( yeah theres a one up man ship stuff that seems to over ride a percentage of women for some unnecessary reason) I’d like to see what they would have been as self supporting women if they weren’t married to ball players or any man who gets paid good money for them to act like they would have acted without getting paid .This is to all the on both shows of basketball wives and tag alongs…..

  7. chubbs says:

    It is funny that Imani is so quick to past judgement on Draya. She is the one that is worthless. We have all done things in the past rather we made money or gave it up for free. Did you get paid Imani when you first had sex or was it a mistake? Imani you were engaged for over three years and still not married so who is worthless you or your pussy?

  8. Katrina says:

    I was so sad to see the show tonight. My father and my grandmother were Pastors and one thing that they made very sure that I knew was no soul is WORTHLESS..I don’t care what Imani thinks she knows that Draya did or did’nt do. No ones journey is the same and God has a purpose for everyones life whether we step up to that challenge is besides the point but the type of words that Imani spoke to Draya is the very reason so many people have turned away from the church. Because of the so called saints with this form of Godliness. Imani needs to take her morals back to the Lord who gave them to her and check herself because the Lord I serve is not in the business of breaking down people’s spirits!

  9. Tosha Cornish says:

    Episode 2 was WOW! Imani has shown what kind of woman or lack thereof she is. Why would you put an adjective in Draya’s box and not come clean about it. And talk about hypocritical. She wears that cross around her neck, clearly for accenting her wardrobe and not the true meaning of its purpose, and quick to judge. If you wear your faith around your neck, no matter what you know about a person’s life, you should not be judging. Written her off. And that life coach, you’re failing miserably at your job.

  10. Tamika says:

    Okay, I’m watching episode 2 and I cant believe some one called Draya worthless!!! The nerve of who ever said that. You could see the fear which turned into hurt through out that whole “passion party”. Telling some one they are worthless is not positive and the person sounds bitter!!! Imani are you mad because you hung on for 9 years and didnt get a ring?? Whats your worth??? Your class level dropped by 8 down to -4. To top it off you were a PUNK about it. If you couldnt discuss why you wrote it then you shouldnt have written it. You said your self you were working on hear say. Thats was sooooooooo tastless and for a lack of a better word WACK!!!

  11. Kara says:

    Hey does anyone know where Draya got her white asymmetrical white t-shirt dress or what the designer might be?

  12. fllove says:

    wow yes the worthless comment was rather….worthless! I liked Imani a little bit until this episode…they are talking about Tanya and Malaysia being high and mighty which they don’t act like it, but Imani…that was a whole different story…honey you don’t know what you would do if you were in her situation…anyways, I was glad to see that the two that were fighting settled things….gloria was so wrong for sending the text message, i’m glad her sister and Maylasia are bigger than that! Tanya did the right thing….noone has to stay anywhere where they don’t want to be and if she didn’t want to help out with the fight, she didn’t have too!

  13. Margaret says:

    PLEASE DO NOT HAVE A SECOND SEASON. Imani and Tanya are sooooo judgemental. Come on these women are bully’s and Gloria just needs to sit down and shut up. You ain’t messing up nobody becuase when all the homegurl’s on the other basketball wives was confronting you, you left the resturant. PATHETIC!!!

  14. LadyD says:

    Not sure How I feel about BBW LA. I don’t like that Gloria seems to be the leader! I don’t like her at all. And she was wrong for threating Malaysia by text. Laura it is what it is and you did what you did. In other words leave ppl husbands alone! Imani- Wow how can you call somebody worthless? She has issues and I think she’s jealous of Draya. I’m glad Malaysia tried to fix what Imani said. I like Draya she seems to be the only real person on this show. Malaysia I like too.

  15. Peaches says:

    I think they should at least feel Draya out to see where she is coming from. Futher more Gloria is just a phone thug and needs to say what what she needs to say to who ever. When she was in Miami she acted like a punk and kept low key, but now she is out there. Tanya needs to go somewhere with her unopionated self. I think Tanya has a deep, dark hidden past that she wants no one to know about.

  16. I know that these ladies has other things to do than to sit an be so judgmental. Everyone has something hid in their closet that they want it to remain secretive. For Imani to call Draya worthless doesn’t say much about her character. You would think that because the ladies are a lot older, they would handle themselves accordingly. I don’t see anything wrong with Tanya not contributing to stopping the fight. She is about the only lady with sense and acting mature. As for Gloria, does she really want to step up to the plate and have war with Malaysia and her peeps? Probably not. They will beat Gloria and her sister behind, Gloria know how far to dredge in the water. This show has no comparison to the Miami crew.

  17. ARealLosAngelesNative says:

    Where do I begin?? I was so disturbed in my spirit by Ms. Imani and her actions on episode 2, that I work up this morning searching for an outlet to see if anyone else felt this way (And I say Ms. on purpose, because obviously enough he didn’t like it enough to put a ring on it) . Since she wants to be so judgmental and call another human being worthless, let’s judge you for minute. She stated that there’s some things she just won’t do but she did things I wouldn’t do like shacking up with a man for 9 years and having children out of wedlock. Sin is sin and it’s all on the same level in God’s eyes. Whether you got on a pole or not is irrelavant because in the end, you still gave up the goods for 9 years and I’m sure you did not have to work, so basically that was your job.
    I’m on Tanya’s side as far as not trying to break up the fight and it was very ghetto and embarrasing for grown women to be fighting…in a public venue at that. And like she said, one more person adding to it wasn’t going to help the situation. I would have sat there too looking just as appalled. To Malaysia’s credit, she was provoked and was just defending herself. Laura called her a rat in which being from L.A. is definitely fighting words because rats are the lowest creatures on earth. The rumors of Laura cheating on her fiance’/babies daddy Gilbert Arenas with Shaq has to have some validity to it because he kicked her to the curb and Shaunie divorced Shaq over it. You don’t divorce over hearsay.
    Now as far as the other women are concerned, I don’t agree with all the cursing, gossiping, backstabbing and all the other things they do that VH1 considers “Good TV”. I mean enough is enough already. How is a show call BBW L.A. when none of these women are natives, except Malaysia or even have men playing on L.A. teams, except Kimsha (Ron Artest). I’ll tell you why. Because women in L.A. who are actually “married” to players or in serious relationships, don’t need a show to validate it. Only washed up, has beens with no life who have no identity outside of their affiliation with players do. That’s why I can appreciate La La’s show because she is actually married and showing what it’s “REALLY” like behind the scenes without all the drama that BBW’s have to conjure up to generate ratings. VH1 thumbs down to you on this one.

  18. Dallas 81 says:

    Gloria, is so stupid. She going to sit there and talk about that her sister is going through so much. And then she says..”she went from a 30,000 square foot for house to a 1,700 square foot house with 2 bedrooms”. Is that all she’s worry about is the size of her living space. She should be thankful that she has a roof over her head.

  19. Dynasty says:

    All the black girl insecurities are showing, even in fan comments. The truth is most of the fighting is insecurity. Every one of them has skeletons in the closet and not just the young girls. It’s a pack of LA bullies. Why would anyone need to validate themselves by attacking every girl they meet? First they went after Malaysia (because she was quiet?) and then Draya (young and pretty=panic). Nobody wants to hang with them. They are all so neurotic. They are all holding on to their meal tickets with bloody fingernails and some of them are already tossed aside by the ballers. I agree with Tanya that the environment is too hostile. She was smart to walk away. This show makes black women look like thugs.

  20. realitychick says:

    Imani called Draya WORTHLESS because she IS!! Thats what I call someone who abuses and neglects their own child.

  21. Cadence says:

    Why is Gloria the “leader” on this show? This totally puzzled me from the beginning. She was the outcast trying to find a place in Miami and now she’s the leader here?? Shaunie could have done better at finding someone to take this position.

  22. Tanya says:

    I watched last night episode and I was so disgusted. First, I dont see how Tanya was sitting there just watching them fight like it was nothing…something is definitely wrong with her. Then Imani…I was so mad she called Draya worthless…what kind of person are you to call anybody that. Whether or not she was proud she was a stripper or not….you are not her judge in life. It would have been another fight because whatever reason….you just dont know. I could not believe she said that…nobody is worthless!!!!!

  23. oh10 says:

    Everybody saying that Imani is so quick to judge Draya…..NO….she knows Draya is a jump off, that she was arrested for child endangerment and she is a stripper (which Draya proudly admists). She leaves her son home alone for days with panties all over the place and microwave dinners to eat. Yes she is worthless. No education, no morals, no values. Just young and stupid. She has a lot of growing up to do.

  24. tOObiz says:

    Dear Draya,
    I know for a fact that many good Christian women who have success and happy family situations at one time had to strip for a living. Please do not be discouraged by the words of a scorned woman who has absolutely no wisdom in her game. Her comment was an embarrassment for herself and unfortunately she will pay a heavy price for it. If you can find it in your heart to forgive her and pray for her, it will release your pain and put you on the high road. I would also caution you to be wise and be careful not to play yourself. In doing so, you give your haters ammunition against you.


  25. Dariush says:

    Imani, it took you 9 years and you still didn’t get a ring…howinda hell you callin’ somebody worthless? Ho, sit down!

  26. ohmeohmy says:

    I think that a lot of people don’t know Draya’s background and that is why they are so quick to jump to her defense. Although I agree, no one has the right to determine if one person is worthless or not, however, there is a reason Imani said that and trust me I am no Imani fan at all , but she knows something that the other girls don’t know. Draya has a son who at the age of 7, was left alone in the house repeatedly to fin for himself with only tv dinners to eat to pop in the microwave when he got home from school. Draya was allegedly at work until midnight and when her son got home from school , she would leave the door unlocked for him to the apartment but he would have to wait outside of the gated complex for someone to open the gates before he could gain entry. For this, Draya was arrested for child endangerment and supposely lost custody of her child. This could be one of the reasons Imani said she was worthless. I don’t agree with Imani, but just saying this might explain what she was talking about.

  27. RealCHICKA says:

    First of all, how can these ladies past judgment on Draya- wasn’t Gloria sister messing around with Basketball men- wasn’t she a jump off- but they open her with open arms- this show is not good- I feel bad that Gloria thinks she run things- baby you are still putting money in Shaunie’s pocket-

  28. rebekah says:

    Okay I just want to make this clear since I’ve heard so many times “basketball wives don’t like groupies or jump offs” also now to include strippers. These women don’t have a commitment to you, you can’t be mad at her. It’s your husband whose supposed to commited. And with that being said I want to know my husband loves me enough I can trust him even if a woman is standing there naked throwing herself at him.

  29. Stephy Lou says:

    OMG Gloria needs to calm down she aint built like dat n they thought Malayia was a punk but found out dat aint da case n they knw they dnt want it wit those two sisters from Compton and Imani is such a hater maybe she should try something else she is already UGLY so that Hate garment she wears dnt fit her plus size body to well There seems to b plenty of Ugly to spare on this show the two attractive one have already been pickd out n on n just two shows flat WOW!!!

  30. FLcutie says:

    Yes, I have heard about Draya and what happened with her son, but the media don’t tell the whole hearted truth! Do you really leave it all to the media….REALLY??? Have something happen to you and watch how much the media mess it up….watch! She still not worthless, might not be to my liking, but not worthless never the less. I just love how Imani got caught in her mess….how you gonna say that and then not expand on it….really? That’s just scary…you put it out there then finish it…oh I forgot, she Laura friend LOL.

  31. C jones says:

    Where to begin imani who died and made you GOD judge not least thee be judge why is it when you put beautiful women of color on show they seem to disappoint every time I was so disappointed with episode 1&2 can we please have a show where the women have some class and control really . everyone replies, how they have class, the only one on that show, that showed any kind of self control or class was Tanya, Tanya I applaud you for not putting yourself on the level as the other ladies, they might want to take some lessons from you on how a lady conducts herself. With this being said, this is the last episode I will see I’m sick and tired of seeing how women of color are being portrayed ………………………………………..Ghetto fabulous

  32. bjdestiny says:

    This show does in no way compare to Miami’s BW. Gloria is fake trying to immulate Shaunie and her sister is fake too. This show is so much about bashing, bickering, and judges others. Imani has a lot of nerve saying someone is worthless. Who is she to be so darn judgemental.? I don’t blame Tanya for not wanting any part of that ghetto mess. I think this show is worthless and has not content! Darn…they had a ghetto cat fight on the first episode without establishing any purpose to their union and relationship. I was hopeful the 2nd episode would be better but NOT! Through it in the trash!!! These ladies don’t have the class or glamour the Miami cast does.

  33. Christine says:

    I don’t understand why the girlfriends, “fiance’s” and wives of professional athletes, always blame a Draya or Royce, for their relationship problems. Last night, when Gloria said women like Draya come in breaking up families, I wanted to scream, “WHAT ABOUT YOUR MAN?” They are always blaming the other woman, but no one says anything about their partner’s actions. I can understand if you don’t trust a particular woman; but at the end of the day, it’s your man that cheated. If he wanted to be faithful, then he would. So, I want to say to the Basketball Wives, “Stop lashing out at Draya because your insecure about yourself and your relationship!”

  34. Kisa Kisa says:

    I hate that I watch these shows. Starting to feel like I am part of the problem too… SMH…

    But what else is on these days? Malaysia is simply not one of my fave people on TV… I feel the same way towards her as I do Royce and Gloria G…

  35. michelle says:

    Imani! Are should i call you Melissa Imani Showalter you are sorry excuse of woman, Im going to call you human being, cause people with feels are human and you are not, Malaysia was the only person and woman enough to stand and speak up for Draya. No-one else had the nervous to step up for her. Gloria you will never be Shaunie O’Neal the only way you could stand next her Shaunie that’s if you married a top paid baller and Matt Barnes is not. And Laura next keep your mouth close about someone you know nothing about. And who care you had to move out of your house if wasn’t your in the first place.If Gilbert Arena don’t married with the first one what makes you think he was going to married you with five kids. Tanya why are you on the show? And Jack oops I mean Jackie that’s cause she look like a man.

  36. Skeptic says:

    I’m glad that restaurant kicked that brawling bunch out–it’s about time someone took a stand against that kind of crazy, obnoxious public display! I’m also glad that Laura realized that she would have a hard time explaining that televised disgrace to her children.

    So Tanya’s an outcast because she doesn’t know the “ghetto hoodrat code of honor”? Why would she jump into a fight between two crazy adults? Don’t we teach kids to steer clear of street brawls, lest they be the innocent bystander that is hurt or killed by “accident”?

    I didn’t like Gloria and her crew making fun of Malaysia’s name or their attempts to prove who is “more ghetto than thou”. Not everybody acts like a stereotype personified. There was so much pretentiousness and insecurity shown by this group that it was laughable and scary all at once.

    And was Draya on some kind of drug at her party? Her behavior was bizarre and off-putting, to say the least. While Laura is visiting Dr. Phil for anger management issues; maybe Draya needs a stint with Dr. Drew.

  37. Wandalon says:

    It is unbelievable to me that grown women carry on in such a manner!! If you don’t like someone, stay away from them!! All of the “ladies” are dressed up hood rats with the exception of Tanya. Tanya has the most sense and is determined not to entertain nor participate in the shananigans. Then, they get mad with her because she will not degrade herself for ratings. Now I know why the schoolage girls thinks its ok to fight and pull out hair! Because we,adult women, refuse to teach our young ladies how to be a “lady”!! Then, on national tv, someone is considered “worthless”! Really? Come on ladies, demand better

  38. West Coast says:

    Imani is a HATER, why is she so busy pointing the finger and judging Draya? Since she’s all in Draya’s business-Draya should ask Imani why did your fiance leave you at the alter on your wedding day? Since you wanna ask so many ?’s answer that one! Imani why are you stupid and hung on to a man for 9 years and then he didn’t even wanna marry you? Draya keep it pushin’ Imani is a jealous typical chick & she’s common-nothing special about her.

  39. mizzq says:

    Laura got exactly what she asked for. You see how humble she got after Malaysia stomped that *ss! Quit talking all big cuz the cameras are rolling. And Gloria…..what was she gonna do? If you’re all that bad why didn’t you drop Shaunie “on site” like you said you were gonna do to Malaysia. Ok, you’re sister found out, don’t you find out too. lol I think they are singling Malaysia out for no reason. Why? Because she likes nice things? And I like Imani, but that was wrong to call that girl worthless. No one is worthless and that was not very Godly. Just remember, we get back the measure we give. You need to get on them knees and ask for forgiveness girl. Tanya does talk a little too much but if you don’t want to hear it, just be honest and tell her.

  40. Tiffany says:

    Draya you are not worthless she’s just mad bc you seen her man out with someone else and it wasn’t her.What you do in your life is your business and nobody else.You don’t have to explain yourself to anybody bc its you business. And whatever happen with your son i don’t think that you need to explain it . And why are these women on all the basketball wives shows are so mad at (jump offs) at least that what they call them. If your man is true to you and wants nobody but you then another women in his face wouldn’t mean a thing to him bc he’s loyal to you and he’s a grown man and knows how to say no. So if your relationship gets messed up bc of another women then blame your man and not her bc he has the choice to say no and not be with her. And Imani you need to just keep your mouth shut bc if you grew up like you said you were brought up then you would know that you’re not surpose to judge ppl…..SMH

  41. RACHEL says:

    I think they to hard on Draya……. Imani is an old fat hater and Gloria is a shaunie wanna be!!!!!

  42. Mingy1919 says:

    Gloria and everyone else,
    Stop being so paranoid that all women are being “groupies”, “jump offs”, or man stealers. Hsea insecure are you in your relationship that you think every women is out to get your man? Honey please, not everyone wants him. I’d be surprised if anyone but you wants him. And stop thinking that all strippers are the “enemy”. I did for a few years to support myself through college and I never once stole anybody’s man. In fact, I had my OWN boyfriend the whole time. Not once, did I see a man dragged there against his will. They all go there because THEY want to. And if he is going to places like that it’s not the dancers’ fault, it’s because there is an issue with THE RELATIONSHIP. You really got a lot to learn because you sound real ignorant. And since we are talking about man-stealers, didn’t your own sister have an affair with a married man? And you DEFENDED HER for that. That is ridiculous and shows me right there, that you’re a HUGE HYPOCRITE! You are obviously paranoid delusional if you think everyone is out to get with your man. And you approach other girls that have dated athletes as if they are trash for dating them, but that is just insane because at one point YOU WERE AN ATHLETE’S GIRLFRIEND TOO! Were you a groupie or a jump off in the past? Yes I think so. Totally hypocritical.

  43. Mingy1919 says:

    Sorry, I meant to say; are you so insecure in your relationship that you think every other woman wants your man?
    Oh yeah and P.S. Even strippers act with more class than all of you ladies. All of the basketball wives on this show, except Tanya, act like complete animals. Maybe you should all go to etiquette class, or anger management, or psychotherapy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they cancel you after one season because all you do is fight with each other, and all that drama gets real old real quick. Act like ladies, please.

  44. Mingy1919 says:

    Imani, who died and made you queen? No person is completely worthless! That’s really an ignorant and mean hearted thing to say. A lot of good Christian women with a great, normal family situation have stripped at one time or another. And it doesnt mean that they are drunks, or druggies, or mean worthless women. We don’t all have the privilege of sitting on our throne and judging others. You do what you have to do to get by, thou shalt not judge less ye be judged. And when you die, you will have to answer to god about that. I just don’t get what makes you so holier than thou, like your sh?! don’t stink! Please girl, you are not the end all be all and I’m sure that if I looked into your past, there would be a few things that you’re ashamed of. You’re definitely not perfect, so why should your friends have to be? And thank you Malaysia for standing up for another woman, that surely showed your true colors. Personally, I don’t even think half of these ladies, more ghetto skanks, deserve your friendship. God bless.

  45. Vivian says:

    First of all – VH1 – These women are not BBW’s – they are all bitter, been there-done that ex-girlfriends/fiances/ and maybe a few wives. They are classless and so ghetto.

    I hope they take a look at this new season and see themselves for what they really are – classless and ghetto.

    Shaunie, you have a few dollars from the Big Guy – put it to better use.

  46. actright says:

    Just because Draya “dated” doesn’t always mean she slept with those guys. We as women all know men will lie about sleeping with someone. Since she has been with a few, others will want to say they too hit it. Remember these are huge ego tooting athletics. I like Draya, she is fun, pretty, hasn’t judged like she is being judge and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Although, she did go pretty far on Malaysia at her party.
    Poor Imani, she acts like Draya owes her an apology because she must have lost her husband/man to the stripper girls. Imani has a big chip on her shoulder, stating that men were throwing “quarters” to Draya only makes her seems even more bitter. However she has accomplished her life as a single woman, she shouldn’t’ be so quick to tear down another single woman’s path, we are here to choose our paths not follow that of another. She shouldn’t be so quick to judge when she doesn’t have the picket fense either nor the marriage before kids. stfu!!!!!
    I am liking Laura. Gloria wants to be a “Bad Girl” but it doesn’t even sound right when she is trying to talk street….lol Laura keeps the door open even when someone has made a mistake against her. Although, she is willing to help Draya with growing up, Laura is clearly not in a good position to help anyone when her situation needs a little work. I do like that fact she was the only one to speak kindly toward Draya, that says something good about Laura’s character.

    I don’t think Kimsha received a warm welcome when she first arrived in LA and plus I can assume she came with that chip on her shoulder. I am sure the “real Laker wives” gave her the LA-tude but if she lets her guard down and hangs with Malaysia and her sis & cus, she will find LA ladies can be down to earth.

  47. ohsotrue says:

    PPl on here keep stating that Gloria is no comparison to Shaunie, is that really saying anything? Who would really want to be a “Shaunie”???? Shaunie hasn’t proven herself to be a stand-up, respectable woman. She endorses cat fighting, putting one against another, and has as much class that is at curb level. She is no one to look up too. BBW-Miami was the only group of women who didn’t have all this school yard behavior. Shaunie should have taken notes but then she still couldn’t comprehend. Gloria and Shaunie run in the same class, low life women who lucked up with men with money. Take away the $$$$ and ur still at the curb.

  48. Bmore says:

    Regardless of the episode, Shaunie O’Neal should be ashamed of herself. This season of BBW has hit a new low. I thought Tammy was bad but at least she was funny, has a really pretty face, and is entertaining. This season of BBW – OMG, they all make Draya look like she just graduated high school. These are some tired, beat down, worn out looking women. They should be glad they have husbands with money because if you take off the fake hair, eyes, and make-up – Jesus Christ!!!! And Doug Christie – you need counseling – why do you keep making the same mistake over and over, 16, 17 times??

  49. Pretty Maria says:

    Ok although im not on team Draya I have to ask is Imani retarded? How do you act as though you have morals and you were a fiance, which is not to be interchanged with wife, for nine years??? Somebody please tell me when it became morally acceptable to shack up and have children out of wedlock! Oh i guess it was somewhere around the time when she was raised…..chile please!!! She’s wearing a cross so I infer that its to represent Christianity, but doesnt the Bible teach that we shouldn’t judge? Shouldnt the one without sin cast the first stone? She should have a seat because the same “morals” she is using against Draya can be used against her. Minus the whole child neglect thing, which we all know isnt the real reaeson she hates Draya

  50. VERY UPSET says:


  51. Seleana says:

    WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE!! You make mistakes everyday. This show is wack a hell. They want to judge and criticize and all act fake. If someone makes a decision to do something, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU to tell them its not right or wrong. GOD IS THE ONLY ONE THAT can judge, and look at these arrogant, ignorant females. I would say ladies but the definition speaks for itself. Get a REAL LIFE and stop doing all these REALITY STAGES SHOWS!!! Stop Judging!!!

  52. icando2 says:

    I hope not to offend anyone but my daughter waked in while I was watching and said she was surprised these women looked so old compared to the other basketball wives she had seen on commercials. She even asked me if their husbands were still alive. Then it made me so sad to see us fighting again. Many races feel threatened by blacks, hold their purses when we walk by, walk on the other side of the street, these shows only reinforce those sterotypes that we all, blacks are violent. It also was sad to see a sister call another sister “worthless”. This was my saddest moment of the show. No one in this world is worthless. My heart sank. It is sad to see that the girls are threatened by a young woman coming in the mix and the fact that she is beautiful you can see makes them angry and because they said she was worthless, she tries to prove them right so sad. It is sad to say but the Miami basketball wives showed us better than this show in LA.

  53. Yvonne says:

    Where are the real ballers wives with the big bucks? Lets just say Kobe, Lamar,Fisher,Brown, these women have class and careers and take care of their families, they arent worried about non of you jump offs, the have class and money. Shannuie knew not to come at them with this mess. Since Malaysia and Jackie are the only true wives on the show that make the rest of you jumpoffs Gloria included. Tanya and Malaysia are the only two GROWN ASS WOMEN N THIS SHOW. The rest were groupies shacking, having babies with the promise of a wedding. Kobe,Lamar, Shannon brown married their women right away before the babies. Draya, is young and is no different from the rest of you, none of you are without sin MS IMANI, she is no threat to you, if your man is into you would not feel so threathen, the stippers are not going to them they are going to the strip clubs. SO GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER.. IMANI you got left at the alter on your wedding day so STEP OFF. You didnt sign those papers so he left your behind standing at the alter, so take your child support and invest it. Laura is so dumb she keep having babies. Since you all felt the need to google Draya you made your fans google you all, and trust me none of you have the right to judge. Maybe Jackie should teach a class or two on how to keep your man in check

  54. Cheryl says:

    To say that I am taken back by this show is an understatment. Not only is this a waste of a great television slot it is just a waste. These women are judgemental, ignorant, trashy, messy and have no self worth! The african american community just took three steps backwards and african american women will forever be stereotyped. Every accomplishment we have ever made as a people has been ruined. The women on this show speak on family and friends but I cannot see any “passion” for anything except contempt for one another. PLEASE cancel this show. I know America has a love for reality but who’s reality and at what cost?

  55. BELLA says:


  56. DOGEATDOG says:

    Don’t mean to be mean but they are some of the roughest looking women I’ve ever seen on tv. With all the groupies around those high profile husbands, I’d think they’d have a vested interest to keep themselves up. They have all let themselves go, and the two that are cute gets jumped on and beaten up by the she-wolves. They are all desperate, pathetic, mean and vengeful as he**. They all need makeovers…new clothes, hair and personalities. What’s that old saying, “tore up from the floor up and rotten from inside out”! The Miami wives are a mess, but at least they’re cute and put on a fashion and shoe show every week.

  57. stephanie from maryland says:

    I watch the show ONLINE…so it is a little annoying that I can see EVERYTHING EXCEPT the full episode. And I actually THOUGHT 24 hours LATER…it would be posted. I mean REALLY…if you want HYPE and to get people to be hooked be prompt. Tapping on the computer…WHO does the uploading for this site? WHY does it seem the LA version is a stepchild in more than one way?

  58. Dee says:

    I can’t believe they treat Tonya so bad for being a MATURE woman. I don’t blame her, be a lady and don’t give GIRLS the satisfaction for being a bunch of idiots. Tonya got more class than all of them put together. I wouldn’t have helped the fight either and homegirl need to learn not to touch others PERIIOD. That’s what she get I would have popped her too. Gloria thinks she so tuff, her turn is coming, she didn’t learn from the first show. Watch what happens this is LA baby and it’s a whole different turf.

  59. Dee says:

    I don’t blame the basketball men, I wouldn’t marry these low life’s either. Why buy the milk when u can get the whole cow for free. Stupid as hell. When they done with them, they leave them and the kids too and who really suffers. It’s not that important to be with a so called star. Paid hooks that’s about the size of that. Low class want to be’s. Maybe I need to call Shawnie and see if I qualify because my “HUSBAND” makes damn good money and I’m married. Poof I’m out.

  60. TAMMIE says:


  61. Dee says:

    I CAN’T STAND GLORIA steam coming from my ears………………………………Everybody wants to squish the fight but she wants to play tuff girl. Glad Shawnie let u do this show so she could prove what u really are. OK MISS JUMP OFF………………..First off your not Matt’s wife, GROUPIE u need to pay attention to what happen with your sister and if ur so concerned then maybe u should help her out financially. If u love her like u claim, then why is she staying in a small house as u claim wow. WATCH who u call GROUPIE u use that word a lot LOSER. In fact pay attention to Tonya, she can help u become a lady, plus she looks ten times better than u.

  62. Some People says:

    who the hell does this christie woman and imani think they are. Imani has kids but has she ever been married? Imani is a coward, if she don’t like the girl let her know and live her alone. We all have done things that are immoral and wrong, but who is Imanii to try and call somebody worthless. Everybody will b e held accountable for what they have done and we all have been young and done things that make us look bad, but we live, grow, mature and learn from out mistakes. Imani is old, the lace front is funny looking, she is to old to responding to that young girl like that. The Chrisie woman is messy on the cool, she throw her rocks and hide her hands. Only person i like on the show is malaysia, the rest of them can take a hike.

  63. Undeniablyaries says:

    @stephanie from maryland…”i want to like your status lol”…and @Bella…i agree with you 100%…and @icando2 I agree with you as well…if they have such great husbands why are they so intimidated by draya…just cause she young and pretty…I hate hearing them talk about “groupie this and Groupie that” when they probably was groupies they damn self when they met their basketball hubbys…or should i say boyfriends lol…why is the show called bball wives when majority of these chicks either never made it to the alter…or they divorced???…not to mention the men they brag about arent even star players…wth????

  64. YOLANDA says:

    Sad, sad, sad. Jackie aren’t you to old for this and further more why are you so consumed with Tanya? I don’t blame Tanya I wouldn’t have got involved in that mess either. you really look petty, immature, and ghetto. imani who are you to label someone worthless? judging lil momma like you some kind of morality police first take the plank out of your own eye and then when it is cleansed you can remove the plank from some else in love. gloria and laura you all are not from the hood so STOP IT!

  65. Veronica says:

    Please take Basketball Wives LA off. This is just terrible, One is enough, I didn’t care for Gloria on the original still don’t care for her phony acting if thats what it can be called, Gloria is a wannabe Shaunie, How sad! This show has no class or important info. Its not just Gloria it is the whole show. Too negative. I pray these women or not like this in real life. How can they be so judgemental.

  66. BLACKMAN says:

    OMG!!!!!! You beautiful BLACK WOMEN!!!!!! Wake up and see the REAL reality. Dave Chappelle said that he came to the reality that society was not laughing with him, they were laughing at him! I peeked at this show and over my shoulder, I see my 9 year old looking in shock with her mouth wide open. I was ashamed as a blackman to even see this. Shaune O’neal……..(sigh) this is the best way you can come up with earning money after Shaq? SHAME ON YOU! What kind of influence are you trying to portray? What are you telling your kids about this behavior? “Don’t worry baby, this how mommie affords to shop on Rodeo’ Drive”. Hate if you want; say what you want. You BLACK WOMEN should be ashamed of yourselves. Is 15 minutes of fame worth that much? I have never been so embarassed in my life! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I want to say can’t fit in this comment box. If any of you have any type of class about yourself, you would quit the show and never come back. I wonder what Coretta Scott King would say? or any other Black positive Black woman would say? Or better yet, what would you say to them? I’m not going to trash any of you black women, only the powers that be that are exploiting you all. Sad, sad, sad. Take back your existance or die like a chump! If this is how you are wanted to be looked upon in society, go head, do ya thang! Mine (3 daughters) will not. They have a REAL BLACK WOMAN to look up to…………..THEIR MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Caramel25 says:

    Gloria is not a wanna be Shaunie. I’m assuming that since Shaunie is producing and on the Miami cast that she made Gloria the Narrater or what ever of the show. Also Gloria is the only chick from the original cast thats why she’s doing what she’s doing.

  68. Yvonne says:

    Imani, no parents dont dream of their little girls growing up to strippers, they dream that one day they will go to college, have a career meet their soul mate and get married and have a family of their own. They also never dream of their daughters growning up SHACKING UP WITH A MAN FOR 9 YEARS AND HAVING BABIES OUT OF WEDLOCK. So much for moral vaules and what you did or wouldnt do to feed those KIDS……….You had out of WEDLOCK…..So much for WHAT MORALS VAULE????? OH YEAH, since your in LA now maybe Shaunnie can show you where a few places to purchase a descent wig, you look tow up from the floor, you look washed up and your head and those BIG GIRL CLOTH LOOK A MESS. Stop throwing stones, you have no room, you un-wedded mother you. What are you going to do after the child support run out?

  69. norfolkgirl says:

    I agree with everyone here. Who is Imani to pass judgment on anyone??? She’s an unwed mother who shacked with a man for nine years without going to the alter. These “thugs” get on my nerves!

  70. maliers says:

    Is it me or does Draya look like Maya from SNL?

  71. FLcutie says:

    Will we be seeing Tanya anymore?

  72. dyva says:

    Shoot, I like Tanya! That sista has nothing but class all day long. They are sooooo intimidated by her till it ain’t funny! I love the way she can make herself invisible even when she is present. This woman is a inspirational speaker. What is she going to look like jumping into fight and arguing with women with a vocabulary lower than a 4th grader. Really people! Tanya is my hero and I was wondering when someone was going to come on one of these shows to demonstrate how a real woman is supposed to behave!!! Do you Tanya! You are by far my favorite on the show!

  73. mzkcsunshyne says:

    That was very distasteful of Imani to call Draya worthless,even if you don’t like the girl or approve of what she does . There is really no excuse to be so mean and hateful to deliberately try to hurt some one’s feelings like that. I liked Imani the first episode I thought oh she’s going to be the reasonable one,now not so much!

  74. chocolate diamonds says:

    There is a serious generational gap here VH1 did a good job of that. Of course Imani is going be judgemental of strippers she is ole school aint nothing wrong with that but I think she is taking it a lil personal. even if her ex had something for Draya, Imani shouldn’t show her insecurities these young girls love to boost their self esteen this way when you should be confident that you are more than enough for any man He was the one out of line here not Draya. Check yourself Imani you must have felt worthless after whatever happen it must have really hurt you bad for you to go so hard on such a young woman. Girl dont let a Man action make you feel worthless like you can neva satisfy him. he is a superstar this is what you do when you have the world at your finger tips. dont bhate the strippers hate that dirty man that will go out and do those things then come home and kiss your kids good night after eating puddin pie at the strip club

  75. clair says:

    ugh.. I HATE IMANI! i thought she was gona be coo. she seemed nice n pleasant @ first, but she is such a HATER! draya’s so pretty n sweet! who the hell is imani to say she’s worthless, she’s this, she dont approve of what she used to do.. like r u serious? pls boot her off the show. she called her worthless n wouldnt talk to her about it. what a punk. i hate jealous b!tches =P

  76. claire says:

    o n <3 draya + jackie + gloria + malaysia :) jackie's a lil older but she's hella sweet & coo! everyones so naturally beautiful. pls cancel miami lol

  77. AJ says:

    Draya is the prettiest girl on the show and all of the rest are just hating. Imani stood be a social worker cause she got alot of questions. Its is not trivia trying to see if you get the right answer.