La La’s Full Court Life – Episode 3 – It’s Up To You, New York


Finally, it’s the time has come for La La’s Full Court Life to move east! Just in the Knick of time. (Wah wahhh.)

As fun as it is for La La to chill in L.A. with Po, Dice, Diego, and son Kiyan, she knows that there are big changes afoot because the trade deadline is looming.

No one can predict where Carmelo will be traded to, but as always, you can count on the Internet to come up with a virtual slot machine to make predictions.

If ever there was a perfect definition of what the Internet does best, this is it. La La and Kiyan learn that the Internet is predicting they will stay in Denver or get traded to New York. Which is sort of what we already figured anyway.

At the same time that La La is asking the Internet about her future, she’s joking with Po about the fact that Po has Denver Nugget Gary Forbes‘ number in her phone. I can only imagine that Po, who has a girlfriend, has it because she wants Gary to be a sperm donor so they fulfill that dream of surpassing Angelina Jolie’s child entourage. Whatever the real reason is that Po is hanging on to Gary’s number, La La is having fun with it.

But the phone call La La is really waiting for is the one from Melo’s agent, to determine where they’re moving. When that finally comes, the answer (that we’ve all known for a while) is New York. So Melo takes off leaving La La behind to make all their other life plans. She is utterly exhausted.

But as she says while stuffing her face full of nougat, the “candy is the perfect way to get adjusted to a new place,”

so she decides to bring Kiyan to the candy store for an early lesson in emotional eating to get over major life traumas. (Ahh, a topic near to my heart. This blog is hard to write, hand me that burrito.)

And even though candy is a temporary fix for all of life’s hardships, I’m not sure anyone can fully prepare for the trauma that is Times Square. I work there and I can tell you that it ain’t fun to walk through, and if you’re a celebrity, forget about it. The cameras, the crowds, the noise, the occasional crazy person on a light post and of course, the Naked Cowboy, it can all be overwhelming. And poor Kiyan was feeling it. But don’t worry, kiddo, I react the same way on my commute home every day, it’s not just you.

Next week, the reality of mooching sets in when La La spends the entire episode trying to get her family Knicks tickets.

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