The T.O. Show - Episode 3 – Mo Problems


This week on The T.O. Show, Mo is back, the gang moves to Miami, and Buckita is on the prowl.

Blah, blah, blah, T.O.‘s in rehab, blah blah blah knee hurts, etc. etc. On to the drama.

Mo is back and looking good, but her presence isn’t necessarily welcome at the moment. From the get-go, she obviously resents being in Florida, and not in L.A. with her husband and family, and she takes it out on Kita. It’s easier for Kita to do this job because, as Mo says “You ain’t got no man, you ain’t got no kids, you ain’t got no responsibilities.” Ouch.

“I’m here trying to help a friend, and if it was you, Mo, I’d try and help you, too, so don’t be throwing all that back at me,” Kita responds. The jury rules in favor of Kita on this one. Sorry, Mo. the good friend card is the best defense. But then Kita digs a little deeper and maybe goes too far, when she dishes out, telling Mo “I don’t know what’s wrong with you. I really don’t…you got your new look on, you got your hair you look good, all of that’s great. Maybe things ain’t right at home, maybe you need to get that right.”

When Mo tries to explain where she’s coming from to T.O., he’s on Team Kita, telling Mo that Kita’s basically gone above and pee-yond as a friend. (Sorry.)

“She had to discard my pee,” he says “You don’t get too many friends that will do that.” True!

In addition to living under one roof with two constantly fighting women, T.O. is having some financial issues. His money seems to be slowly disappearing and his money manager is nowhere to be found (try someplace offshore, that’s where all the best secret accounts are, buddy). Due to his injury, T.O. has no income at the moment and his emotions are starting to get the best of him.

To calm some of his financial fears, Kita brings in her friend Jeff to talk things out with T.O., and later she goes on a date with him. The conversation is pretty intimate and revolves mostly about Kita’s sexual needs which she wishes were fulfilled by a man and not a vibrator. “Jeff may not be Mr. Right For Me,” Kita says, “but he’s definitely Mr. Right Now.” It looks like they only kiss, but who knows, I’ll let Kita’s private life remain private.

When Kita returns home from her date, she tries sneaking in without getting noticed, but Mom and Dad have been waiting up for her, playing Connect Four.

Terrell sees her trying to sneak and asks “Why y’all walking sideways, you need a V8?” Why did no one laugh at that? That’s really funny. So much for Kita going unnoticed, and so much for her private life staying private — T.O. and Mo want to know exactly what she’s been up to because, Mo explains “Kita is a closet freak.” Even though we don’t see financial adviser Jeff bring her out of that closet that’s okay, because she’s got another boyfriend named Ted who’s coming out of storage shortly, she just needs to replace his batteries first.

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