Meeka Claxton’s Fate On Basketball Wives Is Still Up In The Air


Contrary to what TMZ has reported, we here at VH1 can confirm that Meeka Claxton has not been fired from Basketball Wives (at least not yet). TMZ claimed Claxton was fired and wrote that “According to sources involved with production … Meeka has not been invited back” for season four. While it’s true that there are no confirmed casting decisions for season four, as we reported last month, we spoke to one producer this morning who told us “nothing has been decided” regarding her return to the show, meaning she hasn’t been fired, but she also hasn’t been re-hired. We’ll just have to keep waiting and stop speculating for a few more weeks until we know for sure. Judging from our Meeka poll, Meeka has just as many fans as she has haters out there, it’s no wonder this is such a difficult decision.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. stephanie says:

    take her off the show

  2. sassy5 says:

    I agree with J’9 100%! You are beautiful, smart and actually a wife. Those girls are probably jealous because you don’t actually need the show as they do. You aren’t perfect but you have no business on that tomfoolery.

  3. Cynthia Foster says:

    To tell you the truth the only ones I like is Shunne,Tammie,and Royce. Who cares if Meeka comes back she won’t be missed.

  4. Meeka should not come back to the show, because she will never be excepted into the circle by tami or any of the other women.she is a mother and a real wife and she should work at being that. which is much more rewarding.

  5. hell no she need to stay at home she talk to much

  6. QuilzTamay says:

    I don’t like you Meeka!!!!!!1 But I do hope to see you next season just so Tammi cah whoop your ass!!!!!!!!!!!!


    She’s too messy & doesn’t fit!!!

  8. 1rowdydiva says:

    Meeka is waaaayy TOO shady, no one ever gets a clear answer out of her…she needs to stop straddling the fence and just say what’s really on her mind and stop trying so hard to “fit it”…If she leaves the show…I doubt if anyone will notice she’s gone……her role is just that weak….Keep it movin’ Meeka!!!

  9. Vena says:

    I will love to see Royce off the show. Everyone else is cool!!!!

  10. Senequa says:

    In the reunion show Tammy said she wouldn’t come back to season for if Meeka comes back, so I think she shouldn’t come back because basketball wives would be nothing without Tammy shes great…But then again if Meeka wasn’t on the show then their would be no drama which is a big part of what makes me watch the show lol

  11. Senequa says:


  12. Renee says:

    Please take her off!!! She’s a REAL Wannabe!!! Won’t be a miss at all!!! Some of the girls are jealous but I can’t blame them for attacking Meeka as she is NOT for real all….At first I thought Tammi was attacking her but Tammi only wanted her to be honest so I’m glad she whooped her azz!!! Bottom line is – She Will Not Be Missed but I will miss the drama she brought to the show!!!

  13. Kiwi says:

    Meeka you shouldn’t have been on that show anyways non of them are wives i am not even sure why they call the show basketball wives.

  14. Valarie says:

    Take her off, like Evelyn said she is “Thirsty” for attention. She is a gossiping trouble maker. She does not have a true personality. UGH!!!!!!

  15. keisha says:

    I cannot see why they would not invite Meka back.Is she not the only one that actually is a basketball wife?I mean lets keep it real all the other ladies are ex’s or just baby momma’s anyway #teammeka

  16. monique says:

    tammi isn’t all that to make any demands on anything, she was dead wrong to resort to violence

  17. There is an episode where Tami did make the statement Meeka talked about.Royce and Tami
    would work much better with the LA Basketball Wives.Then we could all see them cut each other heads off and have fun looking at it.
    Royce,Tami and Sue all must have came off the same Nut Tree.

  18. sassy1 says:

    I really don’t care about the wannabe Meeka,but I wouldn’t mind seeing Tammy beat her ass again,therefore stay at home and be a wife and mom because Meeka you are garbage

  19. umno says:

    Bye Meeka…you talk too much and you never shut up! I’ve heard some of the interviews she’s done and she deserved that pop because she’s still running her mouth, shut up already. Why would you want to be amongst people who boldly stated they don’t like you. This makes her look very “thirsty” as Evelyn stated. Where would she fit into the storyline. So what she’s an actual wife, who is her husband again…oh that’s right a non mf’n factor, so does that still count when no one even knows who her husbank is? Just saying!!!

  20. dominique says:

    although meeka is messy , i do support her comin back .

  21. HBIC! says:

    I was at the reunion show and this woman is hot mess. Saying Tami was talking trash about her husband. He was traded as a bench player on Spurs when he won his Championship. Sitting there like she is a Queen where make up artist came to do her make-up. She had her own stylistt talking trash and the earing peson who was fake. Were all he possie. i say NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO TO HER COMING BACK, MEEKA YOU ARE A NON FACTOR ON THIS SHOW YOU WILL NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER FIT IN NO ONE LIKES EVEN FANS DON’T LIKE YOU SO BYE MEEEEEEKKKKKKAAAA

  22. Janelle5 says:

    Who cares if she’s a wife lol, she shouldn’t come back period she talks tooo Damn much!

  23. roz says:

    I really don’t know why she would want to return to the show. She does not fit in and I do agree she is a wannabe. I have nothing against her but I think she is just as stupid as they are for going in the first place and wanting to return. She is a basketball wife start a clothing, go to school so you don’t end up like that bitter, ugly looser Tammi. Why are you wasting time with a bunch of looser. Well maybe your one yourself afterall.

  24. charlene says:

    well..I felt that smack on meeka’s face…but tami is a hood-rat..very bitter..and still holding to the past…the marriage is DONE…HE HAS MOVED ON…tami..babe,,I agree with meeka..that’s all you have…and you are afraid…seek therapy..quickly…no… therapy…

  25. Vicky says:

    Well I don’t personally think that Meeka should be back on the show. Yes the “drama” she creates is pretty darn watchable. BUT on the same note, Meeka can’t fight and Tami already hates her. I don’t want her to get killed in season 4. She doesn’t have ONE friend on the show so she’s currently in the worst position of her life. Even Susie had Royce there for a while. Meeka, find another show lol.

  26. Dee says:

    Meek a should stay for the simple fact that she can build her name just like the rest. No one knew who Ev, Jen, or Royce was til this show. Get ur fame on Chick! Who cares if they call you thirsty? They on the show for the same reason

  27. mary says:

    meeka should stay. she is the one true bbw, the only one who can speak without profanity, the only one can really represent black women in a good light. she has class!!! the others hate it because they cant behave in a moral manner. they want a loud mouth (with limited vocabulary), someone like them.

  28. slim says:

    Meeka, leave run from this trashy show. Keep your beautiful chocolate head up and keep it moving. These trashy broads are seriously jealous of your success. Tammi is a hateful, fighter in serious need of therapy. She is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous and hateful of your life with your husband. You don’t need this show to certify your life as a baller’s wife.

    Royce keep it real too. Don’t let these fools get to you.

  29. Lisa Jones says:

    YES .Take her off the show

  30. zet says:

    Meeka, don’t you drop that law suit against Tamis ghetto behind. grown or not she has to learn to keep her hands to herself ! Her mouth is already out of control now she wants to fight?? She did it once she will do it again. I really believe that she had planned on hitting you that night. What makes it so bad she tried to lie about it and made light of it like it was nothing,not that big a deal. Wonder if her daughters think it’s a big deal, or if they are patting her on the back.

  31. Marquita Parker says:

    Mrs.O’Neal with all do respect, Please find someone else for the show. Royce was not given a fare chance this season. You’re a business women and you should sit down as an older woman and tell with Ms.Royce about thing’s without the back ground of those negative women whispering mess in your face and ear.We’ve all made some not so good mistakes that *(NO-ONE)* for real may not even know about and you would drop your head if anyone knew. Be the better woman and tell Ms.Royce. You will then grow as well.

  32. NATASHA BETTS says:


  33. Nini says:

    The only way Meeka should come back is if you add one of her basketball wife friends. I think the biggest problem was that Meeka didnt know anyone personally and she was the new girl. It only works if you have a prior relationship before the show. Tami came on as the new girl but Shaunie knew her before the show so it worked. Bring on one of Meeka’s bbw friends and now you have a show. If not Meeka run for the hills girl because these chicks are trash.

  34. Latonya wrinch says:

    why is meeka being fired she only did what is going on in society without reality show most americans gossip andstir up mess.