VH1.com To Stream The Concert For New York City: 10 Years Later On Sunday, September 11


Last week, we filled you in on our plans to re-air The Concert For New York City in its entirety, commercial-free, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 this Sunday. We are also excited to announce that we’ll also be simultaneously be streaming this event on VH1.com beginning at 4 p.m. ET. Featuring emotionally charged performances by the likes of Paul McCartney, The Who, Jay-Z, Destiny’s Child and more, this one-time only replay will also benefit our friends at the Robin Hood Relief foundation. More details, including a complete list of exactly what time the performances from your favorite artists and actors will be airing, to follow as the week progresses.

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  1. Barb Gauthier says:

    It is very sad that the US can’t share their videos with Canada even though Canadians support the same artists and the same shows just as much as Americans. As far as 9/11 goes, we were affected too, and we remember and honour those whose lives were lost or affected, and all the brave people who dealt with the tradedy; our flags are at half mast as well….why can’t we be given the same respect in return?

  2. Shanna says:

    So, that would be 1:00 pm CA time, right?

  3. Sherri Warren says:

    I will be watching-anything to do with remembering our fallen heroes and with bon jovi involved-because he has a heart of gold.

  4. Gail Brewer says:

    Will you be airing Concert in New York City – 9/11 again? If so, when?

  5. namtip keoyote says:

    I am Thai people I would like to know that what time can I see Bon Jovi in Thailand. Please tell me by post in facebook now .Thanks you very much.

  6. JUDY B. says:

    Hi Jon…. Thanks for all you do for those less fortunate and especially those who suffered through 9-11.
    I have been a fan of yours for years… appreciate your great talent.
    In fact you are so talented and well- liked that you can easily hold your own without using a swear -word here and there throughout your performances….please don’t do it!
    There were impressionable kids in the audience who would have been disciplined if they had used that word themselves…..Also, adults in their workplaces.

    When you and others took advantage of the opportunity of a captive audience to yell out that obsenity (I’m glad they bleeped it on the TV) it really took away from the sensitivity of the occasion. There were lots of tender hearts there that evening.
    One could really contrast this with the classy performances of stars such as James Taylor and Paul McCartney and their decent, sensitive comments.
    You are a decent, sensitive person. Please keep obsenities away from your performances….neither you nor your audiences need them. And make your own children proud!

  7. Elefant says:

    The year 2001 should not be repeated