Famous Food – Episode 10 – And The Lemon Basket Goes To…


It’s all over. We’ve had our ups and downs, our fun shots and our Daniellinis, our picnic baskets and our wagon-wheel benches. And when all was said and done, the winner of Famous Food is…

There isn’t one winner! There are two! Danielle Staub and DJ Paul both managed to prove their worth (and begrudgingly accept the picnic theme) to become the two winning partners with the Dolce Group.

The cast lost one of their own when Vinny was driven to the edge by some constructive criticism from Mike and Lonnie and walked (nay, peeled) out of the joint angrily.

In addition to the “F— yous” from Vinny, he refused to take s— from anyone, saying “Don’t talk to me like that, I’m a movie star. I was on The Sopranos. I have a Screen Actor’s Guild statue in my house. Have some respect.” They do have respect for you, Vinny, but they certainly don’t have a snazzy business card for you like they do for Danielle and DJ.

Heidi may not have quit at the eleventh hour like Vinny, but she certainly had some kind of breakdown in the middle of this episode. She was yammering and doing shots and being generally crazy like we expect her to be but hadn’t yet witnessed all that much of until the previous episode, and she continued her downward spiral into crazy. Jake was pegged as being too timid, and Ashley‘s downfall was her boyfriend, who she spent too much time with (and, apparently, trying to hypnotize).

So we ask, was it a cop out for the Dolce Group to choose two winners? Are you satisfied with the results? And did anyone else catch the moment when Lonnie mentioned how wealthy they are??

Or are you like Heidi and you honestly could not give a f—?

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