Famous Food – Episode 10 – And The Lemon Basket Goes To…


It’s all over. We’ve had our ups and downs, our fun shots and our Daniellinis, our picnic baskets and our wagon-wheel benches. And when all was said and done, the winner of Famous Food is…

There isn’t one winner! There are two! Danielle Staub and DJ Paul both managed to prove their worth (and begrudgingly accept the picnic theme) to become the two winning partners with the Dolce Group.

The cast lost one of their own when Vinny was driven to the edge by some constructive criticism from Mike and Lonnie and walked (nay, peeled) out of the joint angrily.

In addition to the “F— yous” from Vinny, he refused to take s— from anyone, saying “Don’t talk to me like that, I’m a movie star. I was on The Sopranos. I have a Screen Actor’s Guild statue in my house. Have some respect.” They do have respect for you, Vinny, but they certainly don’t have a snazzy business card for you like they do for Danielle and DJ.

Heidi may not have quit at the eleventh hour like Vinny, but she certainly had some kind of breakdown in the middle of this episode. She was yammering and doing shots and being generally crazy like we expect her to be but hadn’t yet witnessed all that much of until the previous episode, and she continued her downward spiral into crazy. Jake was pegged as being too timid, and Ashley‘s downfall was her boyfriend, who she spent too much time with (and, apparently, trying to hypnotize).

So we ask, was it a cop out for the Dolce Group to choose two winners? Are you satisfied with the results? And did anyone else catch the moment when Lonnie mentioned how wealthy they are??

Or are you like Heidi and you honestly could not give a f—?

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  1. David says:

    Bit annoyed about this, all this crazy woman did was shout and scream !! There is SOMETHING WRONG WITH HER !!! I wasn’t Ashley’s biggest fan but I honestly thought she was gonna win it. Boooooo

  2. Rebekah says:

    I will not ever go to the Lemon basket. I was so glad dj paul won! Hands down he deserved it completely! Danielle is a slimy drama lover. I would never put a penny of my money into her pocket. I honestly wish I never watched the season now. I know it’s crazy to dislike someone I don’t know that much but the things she says and the way she acts makes her repulsive. It’s so unfortunate.

  3. JustMy2Cents says:

    You could not pay me to go to that restaurant with that psycho Danielle as a partner in it. She NEVER worked hard FOR the GROUP and the RESTAURANT as a WHOLE. All she did was back-stab and sabotage, all the while yelling and screaming. I couldn’t handle seeing her face and knowing the way she acted to win this show. From the beginning, it was, ‘this is MY restaurant, and we are doing things MY way, no matter what ANYONE says.’ I honestly thought the Dolce Group was smarter than this. Boy were they fooled.

  4. sandy johnson says:

    P.S…..l totally agree with the 3 previous responses!!!! l, too, would NEVER put a dime in that witches pocket, l sure would of D.J’s though! Very disappointing conclusion go be sure.

  5. sam martin says:

    man what a joke dident you wo even wach the show bad move danel is not happing atall and d j isent bad good luck with your housewife cafe

  6. Nanaof2 says:

    I also will never step foot in the Lemon Basket, Danielle did nothing but stab people in the back, scream and yell, try to manipulate everything, suck up to (or on) Mike and Lonnie (well that might explain their decision). Scott was her fault as she said I’m in charge of the checkbook and its my decision so the dumb bimbo hands him a check without verifying seating color concepts or anything else and then let everyone else try and deal with him when problems arise like it wasn’t her responsibility, bad mouthed the chef when they were sampling because it wasn’t who she wanted. She is a very negative person whom I have no respect for or would want my dogs around. This show was a total waste of air space and if they ever do it again I won’t waste my time watching one episode.

  7. Dyflid55 says:

    O.M.G. …. I was under the impression that the Dolce Group was the class act of Hollywood dining? Boy the friend of mine from L.A. that told me that line of crap needs to revaluate his or her ranking of what they think is fine, class properly run restaraunts. I know my money $$ won’t make or break the Dolce Group, but i promise you …….. You will never ever get a penny of my hard earned $$$$$ at any of your businesses.

  8. Dyflid55 says:

    Oh by the way. Danielle was the wrong choice. Pres. & Pres of Dolce…… check the viewers polls….. this decision is gonna bite you in your man berries.

  9. allgud says:

    Yeah!!!!!!!! I really think they made the right choice’s, and i would eat there any day!

  10. itsallgood says:

    congrats to both of them, it wasnt my choice to choose, i respect danielle i think she worked very hard and proved herself not to be a push over she stood up for herself she strong the way you have to be in this world, love paul but just don’t think he will last, i live in la i do plan on visiting lemon basket in near future, danielle believe in yourself don’t listen to the haters they don’t know you or pay your bills DO U, YOU GO GIRL, I AIN’T MAD

  11. jess says:

    i just want to say wrong deicion to pick dannelle, she is so selfish everything had to be her or about her a la danelle this and that a danellei, and on this website vh-1.com didnt they have an interview with her where she said she still isnt behind the lemon basket and pinic theme and at the time of the interview she already knew she and dj paul won. If i was dolce group i wouldnt want someone who didn’t believe in the restaurant, and i wouldn’t go to a restaurant where one of the partner said they weren’t 100% behind the concept of the restaurant plus she said on the show that regraudless of who wins none of her “famous friends” would go to a pinic themed restaurant

  12. Katie Bug says:

    Great choices! I think Mike & Lonnie made the only choice they could. I was glad to see Vinnie & that alcoholic guy leave prior to the announcement.

  13. playboy_18 says:

    i looooooove danielle so go girl! your amazing on the real housewives and the shows nothing without you now.you deserve the partnership!congrats!

  14. matilda says:

    Will never go there because of Danielle … was very interested to go before the finale but not now!

  15. LA viewer says:

    OMG! Danielle did it again!! Congratulation!! I think haters get tired of watching the real housewives of New Jersey because they want to know what Danielle is doing now. I stop watching RHONJ Not because Danielle is gone, because it’s so~~~ boring and disgusting now. I hope to see Danielle, the villain in another near future show.

  16. RUE ALOUD says:

    Congrats Danielle she deserves it!

  17. Tammy says:

    I would not go into that restraunt in fear of seeing that intolerable ignorant witch. I’d be afraid of going to jail for bashing her face in, to shut her mouth up. The Dulche Group are going to soon realize they made a very bad choice. It should had been DJ, and perhaps Ashley. But, No, not ever that horrible woman (if u can call her that). I clinched my teeth every time she spoke, or yelled would be a better discription. Bad choice guys. Very disappointing to ur viewers and fans.

  18. LA viewer says:

    You are the ignorant witch. Check yourself how you sound like.
    I’m not a fan of Danielle, but I don’t like ignorant hater like you.
    Such a hater!!