Watch Draya Pop Her Booty In This Sneak Peek Of Basketball Wives L.A. Episode 3


We know you all have an opinion of the Draya/Imani situation from last week’s episode of Basketball Wives L.A., and we promise you that the issue between the two women will be addressed very soon. In the meantime, check out this sneak peek from episode three which will air Monday, September 12 at 8 p.m. and watch as Draya struts all her stuff in front of the ladies at her party.

Jackie sums it up when she describes Draya as “Not a chick I want around me. She’s dangerous.”

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  1. Shannie Coleman says:

    I think that yall need to take this show off the air, some of these women are pitiful. If you all are continue the show yall need to use real wives, not women who is shacking, not ex’s, not girlfriends but wives. This show shows bad examples of basketball wives and how they carry themselves.If you are not going to change it, then clean it up and not let them have some much drama and negativity. To me these ladies make the real wives look bad. Please think about changing things on your show.

  2. Brannon says:

    Owning your words and actions is important. Some or most of these ladies are not in that head space of owning their words and actions. The mere fact that Imani could not own that she called Draya “worthless” is cowardly. There is nothing in this world that Draya could have done to be called worthless. This show is based on negativity and mean girls. The format really needs to change.

  3. Mya C. says:

    I like Draya!! I think she has qualities that are not becoming of a young lady but thats no reason to call her worthless!!!!!! Everyones life has a value and if you think someones doesnt….jus go ask a few ppl who have lost their kids or ppl whos family members will never be seen again! If something would have happend to Draya right after that little meeting the girls had Then Yall would have felt like crap Thanks for your time Peace!!!!!!!!!

  4. KEE KEE says:

    Don’t compare not getting married and having kids with abusing your child. Imani at least had a long term relationship and not marrying is a choice every couple makes on their own. there isn’t anything CRIMINAL in not marrying or having kids with a man you’ve been with for years even if you’re not married.
    However, abusing your kid and dog IS CRIMINAL and disgusting.

  5. Karen A. says:

    There is nothing real about this reality show. Please take it off the air. These women are mean-spirited and vicious and this makes the show sick. I’m afraid I cannot watch something this horrible and crazy!!!

  6. Ms.Gina says:

    DONT THROW STONES IF YOU LIVE IN A GLASS HOUSE!! @ Kee Kee go to Imani didnt choose not to get married, HE chose not to marry her after she refused to sign a prenup and finding out that she had a kid he knew nothing about (after being with him for 10yrs)!!! So while she so quick to call Draya worthless for stripping and leaving her kid home alone its just as worthless for you not claim or acknowledge your own child ………

  7. Dominique says:

    From what I watched on the sneak peek the new ladies seem to be fine, fierce and fabulous. This season of Basketball Wives may be entertaining.

  8. Tina says:

    @KeeKee and Mrs. Gina, don’t forget she also lied about her age was it something like a 8 or 9 year gap….

  9. claire says:

    imani’s just a hater. drayas approached em sweet the whole time n imani just hated. she needs to get off this show n get on the golden girls ahaha

  10. FAye says:

    Why did they disrespect the only real woman on the show? I am not impressed with black women that have husbands with money and fame only wanting to remind anyone that comes into their lives that they are still hood! The fact that the wives wanted someone to prove loyalty by getting in the middle of two grown women acting crazy is ridiculous. Most real women would have ignored that dumb stuff. I also don’t understand a woman calling another woman worthless, your insecurity with someone that is younger and more attractive seems to have made you panic and get on the destroy wagon. If there is any hope for redemption from the shameful behavoir so far, it would be showing how you all can use this platform to empower and encourage young women by contributing something meaningful. Pick a worthy cause/charity and prove yourselves worthy of my ratings.

  11. parrish says:

    To the women of the show, please stop hating on women who are beautiful, fun and comfortable in their own skin. If the job is legal accept it. If you are hating because you don’t have what it takes to do it ( i.e. perfect body, looks, the kind of personality that attracts super successful men, Draya), don’t get mad at the female who does. she doesn’t care about your personal issues because she knows who she is. If you guys were smart you would ask her for tips to surprise your guy with. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about what her intentions are. You should only be concerned with your man’s intentions. i havn’t seen this lady do one little thing on the show to create all the hostility and reluctancy you guys put on her. She doesn’t ask you guys to get uncontrollably wild, just have fun. Half the time you guys are so stuck up you become boring to watch. why don’t you try waiting for someone to give you a reason to be ugly towards them before your claws come out prematurely. insecurity in today’s society is not a good look on a strong, successful Black woman. Try to give us some confidence and inspiration please. Draya, KEEP DOING YOU!

  12. ashley says:

    I love an underdog, and i think the women r threatened. They started the negativity before she even introduced herself.Draya doesnt owe any of them any an explanation they all have a past but I bet they arent sharing tht..? btw; who hates strippers but then has one at their party not to mention attend a party with one.??

  13. Ms determined says:

    Draya is the realest female on this show. It is so sad these women continue to judge her like they are so perfect. You never know what an individual had to endure in their life. It is so ignorant and childish of them to think that they are better than the next person. I think this show is pretty silly and all it shows is a bunch of arrogant females. God can put them in a position to show them what its like to have to get out here and do what u have to to feed your kids.

  14. NikNik says:

    Just because something is available on line for you to read, doesnt make it true! especially, if it isnt from the associoated press. You can go online and read that ‘aliens that landed on top of the White House’. Does it mean it acutally happened? No. Draya doesnt have to prove anything to Imani at all. She just doenst want to like her. Imaini lived in sin too. So she needs a reality check because she isnt better than any1 else

  15. delredd says:

    I LIKE U DRAYA ,keep doin’ ur thing. ur the main reason i watch this sow. the rest of them is ugly is hell. draya/malaysia r 2 cuties.

  16. wise one;) says:

    i think draya’s cute, her and malaysia attract me to the show – LOVED the white dress, it’d probably look better on me lol