Basketball Wives L.A. – Episode 3 – The Truth Comes Out


There was an awful lot of stripping this week. Fortunately, there was no farting.

Last week, the episode ended with all the ladies sitting (unhappily, it looked like) at Draya‘s party, and this week we picked up right where we left off: with Draya “booty-poppin’ everybody,” according to Laura, and trying to start things with Malaysia. And I won’t even mention the fact that most of my regular shirts are longer than Draya’s “dress,” so I think all the ladies were just not thrilled by her actions or her…anything.

“Not a chick I want around me. She’s dangerous,” Jackie says. And since Jackie is in the midst of planning her sixteenth wedding — because as she says, “If you’re always planning a wedding then you don’t have time to plan a divorce,” — she has the difficult decision to make of whether or not to invite her new, young friend to the festivities. The rest of this episode serves as a friendship barometer for Jackie to gauge how she thinks Draya will act if invited to the nuptials. Let’s see how she does.

On a hike with Malaysia and Laura, Jackie asks them what they think of Draya. Laura offers up the thought that “Maybe she’s bipolar!” and Jackie shoots that down by simply saying “Or maybe she’s a s— starter.” So at this point, Draya’s invitation is decidedly NOT in the mail.

Later, Jackie hires Wade the wedding planner who has worked with people like Rihanna, Heidi Klum, and Seal (and you KNOW Heidi and Seal renew their vows every year, so this guy is familiar with the concept Jackie’s going for).

I dunno, personally I’m turned off when he smugly tells Jackie, “I can plan this thing in TWO DAYS.” Really? Then DO IT, Wade. DO IT!

Draya spends some time with her real friends (question: is sunbathing the only way basketball wives hang out with their real friends?) and confides in them that she’s sick of being judged by her new friends.

But Draya agrees to meet with Imani, who previously called her “worthless” at the passion party, to clear the air and discuss why Imani called her that.

Imani explains that she discovered that Draya was arrested for child endangerment for allegedly leaving her young son home alone, and she finds that unforgivable.

Last week, most of our commenters had a LOT to say about Imani calling Draya worthless, but now that you know that was based on child endangerment and Draya’s arrest, and NOT just her stripper past, does that change your opinion of Imani? Let us know in our poll.

Draya blames the media and the fact that she was dating Chris Brown for her image and the rumors, but Imani’s not totally satisfied. However, Imani leaves it alone and doesn’t feel it’s her place to tell the rest of the girls what she’s discovered. End of story…for now. And even though Jackie is considering inviting Draya to her wedding, Imani isn’t going to butt in with the information to sway Jackie’s decision.

Jackie spends the episode planning, preening and picking out all the final details for it with the help of Wade, but the biggest issue on her mind is her mom, whose cancer is worsening.

In an effort to take Jackie’s mind off the heavy stuff, Laura and Imani throw Jackie a bachelorette party that, in Laura’s opinion, will be “tastefully nasty.” I don’t want to step on toes here, but there wasn’t much that was tasteful about this party. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Bachelorette parties shouldn’t be tasteful, in my opinion. But this one was especially not tasteful.)

Between the rubber vaginas and the vibrating panties, it was already scandalous. For the last third of the episode, Jackie looked like she didn’t know what hit her. It started off small with the headband.

Then came the gifts, most of which vibrated,

some were just meant to be inserted,

some others she couldn’t even look at.

But then came the strippers. First the male welder/fireman/backne-sufferer.

I mean, really. Money is so dirty!

But then came the female stripper, who doused herself in water, got between Draya’s legs, and showed the world her uterus.

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to Draya for my comment above about her dress being short. I clearly had no idea what was to come in this episode, and by comparison, that dress is positively granny-ish. I also think it’s weird that the women are so hard on Draya for stripping when they have hired two strippers for the party. I mean, right?

Despite everything, Jackie decides that Draya is worthy of a wedding invitation after all. But the question is, even if she’s invited, does Draya even want to go?

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