Basketball Wives L.A. – Episode 3 – The Truth Comes Out


There was an awful lot of stripping this week. Fortunately, there was no farting.

Last week, the episode ended with all the ladies sitting (unhappily, it looked like) at Draya‘s party, and this week we picked up right where we left off: with Draya “booty-poppin’ everybody,” according to Laura, and trying to start things with Malaysia. And I won’t even mention the fact that most of my regular shirts are longer than Draya’s “dress,” so I think all the ladies were just not thrilled by her actions or her…anything.

“Not a chick I want around me. She’s dangerous,” Jackie says. And since Jackie is in the midst of planning her sixteenth wedding — because as she says, “If you’re always planning a wedding then you don’t have time to plan a divorce,” — she has the difficult decision to make of whether or not to invite her new, young friend to the festivities. The rest of this episode serves as a friendship barometer for Jackie to gauge how she thinks Draya will act if invited to the nuptials. Let’s see how she does.

On a hike with Malaysia and Laura, Jackie asks them what they think of Draya. Laura offers up the thought that “Maybe she’s bipolar!” and Jackie shoots that down by simply saying “Or maybe she’s a s— starter.” So at this point, Draya’s invitation is decidedly NOT in the mail.

Later, Jackie hires Wade the wedding planner who has worked with people like Rihanna, Heidi Klum, and Seal (and you KNOW Heidi and Seal renew their vows every year, so this guy is familiar with the concept Jackie’s going for).

I dunno, personally I’m turned off when he smugly tells Jackie, “I can plan this thing in TWO DAYS.” Really? Then DO IT, Wade. DO IT!

Draya spends some time with her real friends (question: is sunbathing the only way basketball wives hang out with their real friends?) and confides in them that she’s sick of being judged by her new friends.

But Draya agrees to meet with Imani, who previously called her “worthless” at the passion party, to clear the air and discuss why Imani called her that.

Imani explains that she discovered that Draya was arrested for child endangerment for allegedly leaving her young son home alone, and she finds that unforgivable.

Last week, most of our commenters had a LOT to say about Imani calling Draya worthless, but now that you know that was based on child endangerment and Draya’s arrest, and NOT just her stripper past, does that change your opinion of Imani? Let us know in our poll.

Draya blames the media and the fact that she was dating Chris Brown for her image and the rumors, but Imani’s not totally satisfied. However, Imani leaves it alone and doesn’t feel it’s her place to tell the rest of the girls what she’s discovered. End of story…for now. And even though Jackie is considering inviting Draya to her wedding, Imani isn’t going to butt in with the information to sway Jackie’s decision.

Jackie spends the episode planning, preening and picking out all the final details for it with the help of Wade, but the biggest issue on her mind is her mom, whose cancer is worsening.

In an effort to take Jackie’s mind off the heavy stuff, Laura and Imani throw Jackie a bachelorette party that, in Laura’s opinion, will be “tastefully nasty.” I don’t want to step on toes here, but there wasn’t much that was tasteful about this party. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Bachelorette parties shouldn’t be tasteful, in my opinion. But this one was especially not tasteful.)

Between the rubber vaginas and the vibrating panties, it was already scandalous. For the last third of the episode, Jackie looked like she didn’t know what hit her. It started off small with the headband.

Then came the gifts, most of which vibrated,

some were just meant to be inserted,

some others she couldn’t even look at.

But then came the strippers. First the male welder/fireman/backne-sufferer.

I mean, really. Money is so dirty!

But then came the female stripper, who doused herself in water, got between Draya’s legs, and showed the world her uterus.

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to Draya for my comment above about her dress being short. I clearly had no idea what was to come in this episode, and by comparison, that dress is positively granny-ish. I also think it’s weird that the women are so hard on Draya for stripping when they have hired two strippers for the party. I mean, right?

Despite everything, Jackie decides that Draya is worthy of a wedding invitation after all. But the question is, even if she’s invited, does Draya even want to go?

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  1. strongblackwoman says:

    I was very disgusted by the behavior of these women last night! They are very judgemental and just plain mean! None of you are without sin so who are you to judge? And the nerve of Imani to ask Draya to explain her history to you……..who in the hell are you?!!!! You GIRLS should be ashamed of yourselves! I am very disappointed and saddened as a black woman seeing you put each other down and talk behind this young woman’s back! What happened to picking each other up and encouraging them?

  2. delredd says:

    the female stripper was a hot babe. i loved when her and draya bonded they look so good 2gether. u go draya love u on the show u the reason that i watch this show.

  3. Yvonne says:

    Jackie, why would Draya need to prove herself worthy of coming to your 16th wedding when Laura’s tack head starting the fight on the roof top? It seems to me that people should be sick of you having a wedding every year. Why does Draya having a good time at the shower bother you all so much? I think the response you made about her gift was way out of line, her gift was no diffternt then the others. You even had the nerve to say her gift was going in the trash. How rude is that? Its like you look for reasons to talk about her, so what she had fun with both strippers, Im a single straight blk female so lets just get that straight. She stripes so she know how they get down in stripe clubs, so f…ing what. Then the nasty comments you make on the up coming show about her not being at your shower, is she drunk, with 5 men or what. You would think you have more important things to worry about. You have something to say about Draya whether shes around you or not. You want the lord to bless you mother Jackie, his blessing come in so many ways. If you want him to bless you Jackie, you should treat people the way you want to be treated if you want the blessings of the lord. Draya hasn’t done anything to any of you, she’s human just like you with feeling. We all have done things in out youth that we are not so proud of, as we get older we mature and grow, our way of thinking is different. Jackie, how did you feel back in the day when the media attacked you?? The things they did and said about you Im sure was very hurtful. DID THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO JUDGE THE WAY YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE YOUR LIFE? If you learn anything from that experince you would help Draya without talking behind her back and judgeing her. SHE’S A YOUNG LADY. Trust me, all of your kids do things you know nothing about when they are not in your presents

  4. yvette says:

    Jackie girl sit down somewhere. Why does Draya have to proove herself to come to your 16th wedding? She doesnt know you, and you dont know her. When Draya came around that bend when you all were playing paintball, without even knowing her name, you said” Ooo she is gonna get it” Jealous much? She is a young beautiful girl and her choices and her mistakes are hers to make she doesnt owe you or your hater friend Imani no explanation for anything does. You are not entitled to an explanation no more than we are entitled to one explaining why your husband cant take a dump least of all a trip without you underneath him. You are old as dirt, grow the heck up. Ughhhh you and Imani need to quit.

  5. Sunni says:

    I agree, I only watch the show because of Draya.. I love her strength to stand up for herself, despite her past.. (call me a sucker for the underdog), but She is doing what she wants and owns up to those things that she feels she needs to.. The other girls see her as a threat, because she is full of life, confidence, swagg or whatever. I smell jealously, Imani is just as worthless as the malicious words she tosses out; at her age she should have waaaaay more wisdom than what she’s showing. She is not the Queen of England and whether she or any of the other ladies “approve” of Draya or not is really not going to keep Draya frm being who she is. Live, learn, let go, and stop being soo damn bitter.

  6. Renee says:

    I hope this comment gets back to all the basketball wives: LA. First and foremost, who died and made Imani God. Imani you have no right to come at Draya the way you do. What Draya does and what Draya do is her business. Just because you don’t like the things that she do does not give the right to try to interrogate her or call her worthless because of her actions. And how do you figure she needs to provide proof that she had her son…again, who do you think you are! Let’s turn the wheel around and see how you like it when someone judges you. From looking at you, it looks like you need a new hairdo cause the one you rocking is pjlayed out; your style of clothes looks like it costs .25 cents; and you not all that cute…and to add on top of all that, you never became a basketball wive. Now can you provide us some proof as to why you’re not a wife. As for Jackie, i agree with Yvonne. You need to remember that you get treated the way you treat others. Your mother is sick with cancer and you have the nerves to sit around and talk about another person like they do not exist. How do you expect to get blessed. Some of you ladies are too old to be acting the way you act on the show. If your behavior you display on the show is for t.v. purposes then that is just sad; but if this is you in real life, it’s a disgrace.

  7. Allyson says:

    I totally relate to Draya 100%. I am also a free spirited person. I do not live my life according to a whole bunch of subjective rules and consequences. Nor do I live my life being super critical of other people. I allow people to be who they are and love them as they are. Other ladies who are so caught up into their own personal “norms of society” don’t always relate to me. They judge me and say all sorts of things behind my back to their spouses and friends. Just because a person does not act like you, talk like you, dress like you, or have the same attitude as you, does not mean that person is any less or any better than you.

    I attend a church with a lot of women like the Basketball Wives of LA. They are so uptight, on edge, judgemental, and critical of other people . Some are just down right mean. They are so uptight that they can’t even relate to their childeren. Their children always want to talk with me and tell me how much they wish they had a mom like me.

    I only watch the show because of Draya. If Draya was not on the show. I would not watch it, because the majority of the ladies on the show get on my nerves. Draya’s attitude and persona has given me more courage to be who I am and live my life to my own convictions and not someone else’s conviction or their perceived “rules of life”. GO DRAYA!! I love you. You are the best! Don’t allow those boring and jealous ladies to change you. They are just hating on you because they are not like you and wish they could be.