Basketball Wives L.A. Poll: Imani And Draya And The “W” Word


Last week on Basketball Wives L.A., Imani called Draya “worthless” for reasons that became clear on this week’s episode. Most of us thought at the time that she was being incredibly harsh and had a low opinion of Draya for being a stripper, but the truth was much bigger than that.

Imani finally confronted Draya after seeing a report that Draya had been arrested for child endangerment in order to get the facts straight. Even though Draya seemed honest about it, this certainly seems like a game-changer for all the people who were criticizing Imani. So we want to know what you think, was Imani still wrong to call another person “worthless,” or do you agree with her reasoning now?

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  1. Andrea M. says:

    Draya owes no one a explanation , Imani needs a reality check and needs to worry about herself. Draya is not her child.

  2. MZB8S says:

    Imani needs to quit being so judgemental, who is she to be calling shots on Draya’s life. For one what ever she did in her life if it’s that bad then maybe Imani should embrace her maybe she could be the one to help her in a positive way. Didn’t someone just commit suicide because of all this reality crap. Draya you are beautiful and worth more than diamonds and pearls, I have nothing against any of these girls but I will say who they are and how they judge you as a person does not make them look so good, they ruin their looks by how they act. Keep your head up, your past is not your future, your destiny now is not your destination, so keep it going girl. There is no real positive reality show other than the twins (T & T). Draya and Malayia stay real.

  3. Christina says:

    Worthless. Imani, has alot of nerves. What do you do, what have you ever done with your life. I cant even compare L.A. wives to the Miami wives. Basketball wives of Miami: clothes were always tight, shoe game, tight, weaves, tight….always. Jennifer, has of own lip gloss line, Shaunie, a shoe line and Evelyn her own shoe store. Baksetball wives of L.A. all of these women look and act as if like they use an EBT card and get there hair did in t he hood. They are sloppy, and all have an mob mentality( well i cant like you, if such and such dont like). How about having an mind of your own. How about having something other than your husbands name.

  4. MZB8S says:


  5. Loree C. says:

    OMG…who the bleep does Imani think she is?? Draya doesn’t owe you an explanation for bleep!! I cannot believe your nerve. Who the heck named you the moral majority? Instead of making Draya public enemy you made yourself look 10 times worse! And we know you aren’t without your own sin. I am dumbfounded by your nerve heifa. “She didn’t produce any paperwork to prove it didn’t happen”…OMG!!!!

  6. Kayla says:

    I think that Imani need to mind her own business. We all have our own path in life, we also might might not agree with the next person decision or judgement that does not give us the right to disrespect someone just because we have different views on life. Im just outdone by Imani. Like your **** dont stink. SMH!!!

  7. Rposy says:

    I understand that the show is for entertainment. Additionally, I understand that the women are pretty much strangers put together to create this chaotic show. With that being said, Draya doesn’t know her cast members well enough to allow them into her personal life. Furthermore, it is none of their business what is going on in her personal life. She is not sleeping with any of their husbands, hasn’t sleep with any of their men… Therefore, Imani asking about Draya’s situation/ the lies about her and her son being taken away is out of line! It is a giving that there is a generation gap, but that doesn’t give the women… notice I didn’t say ladies.. the authority to pry into her personal life and judge her ever step of the way. These women have some gals…to act the way they do towards Draya when they are so flawed it slaps the viewers in the face every time they are on screen selling themselves!!

  8. Clt says:

    Calling someone “worthless” and trying to be incognito about it is even worse. Imani didn’t think she would be outed with who said what. I was so glad Jackie and the passion coach let it come out who said what. All of the other words like “sneaky”, and “animated” were not bad. You could classify someone you don’t know as that. You could never call a person you don’t know “worthless” with any real weight behind it. I save that for someone who I know has killed someone or done something as bad or worse. Draya has brought a son into the world. If she never does anything else, she has worth. I lost all respect for Imani with that remark. She seems bitter because she never made it down the aisle, while Draya may need a little help, she still may have a chance to be one.

  9. Taunya Curry says:

    Who does Imani think she is? She was way out of line for calling Draya worthless. Where does she get off acting as though this female (Draya) owes her or anyone else an explanation about the things that she has done in her life. Nothing that Draya does has anything to do with Imani or her household. No one knows what type of mother Draya is but Draya and the people that deal with her on a personal level. Everyone should know that you can not believe everything that is said about someone. I think that Imani needs to mind her own business. Unless she is planning on bringing Draya into her house to deal with her family, she should stay in her place and as the old folks say, sweep around her own front door.

  10. Starr.T says:

    Everybody go and look on media takeout. Because they said that Imani don’t take of her son.

  11. Sunshine Adams says:

    Imani seems jealous and ignorant. Not only is she wrong to judge someone, but it is hypocritical when I feel like most of these women were once jump offs. Imani seems like an older lady that has lost what she once had when she was young. She is missing her youthful sprit, she seems messy when she instigates, she doesn’t seem all that intelligent and she also seems bitter. Get over it Tasha Mack and allow this young girl to grow and learn without you acting like you are so much better. Where is your husband?

  12. Yvonne says:

    Gloria, gave it up on Monday during her interview in NY on power 106, Imani man left her fat old bad wig wearing but for a YOUNG HOT STRIPPER WITH A BANGING BODY. lol. Most of us had already figured that one out with all the bitterness and hat she has for Draya. Go confront the cutie that took your man Imani. Now that we understand the source of your bitterness you should go get help. Why don’t you get a make over while your at it. Yourself and Laura dont forget Jackie with her tired insure marrying once a yr tale should go to celeberity fit club with you. Now, when it comes to strippers, remember the strippers aren;t going to your men, your men are going to the strip clubs, because you ae to boring to do a little stripping for him every now and than. Your actions said one thing on the show even though your mouth said something else. You talked bout Draya for enjoying herself with the stripper and not being a stick in the mud like most of you. Im not a stripper nor have I ever been, I believe people have the right to live life how ever they choose??? The same as most of you are shacking and having kids out of wedlock. Draya, just might grow and change, some of you are continue to do the same things such as keep having baby after baby as old as you are, not changing anything other than your zip codes. What has Laura done different then she did 10 yrs ago??? Nothing has changed, she’s still having babies out of wedlock 10 yrs later. laura nor Imani has no right judging anyone

  13. yvette says:

    Imani, Imani, Imani. GIRL, i am not sure who died and made you Goddess of everything, wholesome, worthy, and perfect, but you have been sadly ill-advised. You need to quit. YOU too were a groupy. You attended all the right parties, events, and fundraiser, in search or a certain type of man. If Stephen didnt have the job he has, the access he has or the money he has, would you have left your son for someone else to raise in an attempt to get him to “sponser” you? I think not. Do the viewers all a favor, and leave the judgement to God. Draya is who she is, whatever she is, but she doesnt owe YOU an explanation of who she is. You all are killing me with the “groupies ruin lives”crap. When does it become another persons responsiblity to be faithful to their mate? Does the person committed to you have no responsiblilty in that? It isnt any more your business who or what she does in her house, than it is anyone elses what you do in yours. But from the outside looking in, it really makes you look super jealous and its not a good look. Install shatter free glass before you start throwing stones.The tabloids are going to lay all your business bare in an attempt to show us that you are no different. Lets see how you handle the constant criticism, and judgement. Be easy

  14. Rhonda Jones says:

    I truly lost a great amount of respect for Imani once she made this statement….Like who the hell is she…to think she has the right to tell someone what she thinks of them…By the way…How the hell did she meet Gilbert??? Was she a groupie…Also…I’m with Draya…She owes her no explanation at all. Whether she wants to be in the circle or not…I don’t have to explain to a total stranger what happened with my child…especially since I am now worthless. It’s sad how women gossip and believe tabloids..Someone in the public should already know how gossip gets spread. You shouldn’t believe everything you hear or read…

  15. evette says:

    imani, stop old girl your house is made of glass mto discover how you left your son behind for a basketball player lol lol and he didn’t even marry you you stupid judgmental old hoe!!! always look in the mirror first old girl………lol lol

  16. Sosexyirene says:

    Imani does not have the right to call anybody worthless. Why does she feel Draya has to prove something to her. Who is Imani anyway. No one has ever heard of her before this show.

  17. Lisha says:

    At this meeting between Draya and Imani, they were just meeting up in private because that is what they discussed at the passion party – to discuss privately why she called her worthless. It’s not that Draya doesn’t owe her an explanation (which she doesn’t), it’s that they BOTH agreed to have this conversation. Is Imani wrong for calling her worthless – YES! But, I understand why Imani would not want to hang with Draya because of her not taking care of her child. If I knew a girl (a regular girl) that was chasing men and money and left they child at home in a dirty house with frozen dinners – I WOULDN’T KICK IT WITH THAT GIRL EITHER! The fact that she use to strip is her business and I do NOT hold that against her – ONLY the fact she wasn’t taking care of home. Draya is still young and she can become a better mother – IF SHE CHOOSES TO! Imani is in fact very jealous but Draya acted like those rumors were started because of Chris Brown! BS!! They got that information from a POLICE REPORT!!!!!!

  18. Nancy Heal says:

    Melissa Imani Showalter has no right to call anyone “worthless”. she’s clearly mirroring her personal demons. After meeting her “baby daddy”, Stephen, Imani abandoned her TWO older boys that now live with a family member in a studio apartment in Harlem.

    It’s no more to say….

  19. M. says:

    Imani is definitely something like a hater…typical old, wack and bitter. She gave Draya static from the moment she met her and still does (all behind her back). It’s so obvious that she feels threatened by the fact that Draya looks way better than her and instead of giving props where they are due, she works hard at tearing her down. Imani goes out of her way to bring up past rumors in Draya’s life that, true or false, have nothing to do with her. I don’t know exactly what she is trying to prove but she deserves whatever comes her way as a result.