La La’s Full Court Life – Episode 4 – Drink The Pain Away


La La Vasquez is having a rough time transitioning to New York City so there’s only one thing to do: do the Pee Wee dance on a bar.

La La, Carmelo, and Kiyan have moved to New York City because of Melo’s trade to the Knicks, but as soon as they arrived, Melo had to start traveling with the team. That mean’s La La is left holding the bag, and the bag is full of annoying family members who keep requesting Knicks tickets, the responsibility of finding a home and a school for Kiyan, and everything else that comes with a cross-country move and a famous athlete husband.

Po and Dice show La La a copy of the newspaper with a feature about how she’s going to conquer New York. La La is glad to have these ladies here visiting because they make her feel at home, but she’s still in a funk because she’s overwhelmed by the move. So to get over it, there is only one thing to do: “drink the pain away.”

The ladies do dainty shots of tequila until La La is ready to dance on the bar (there are no other patrons around and no department of health nearby to put a stop to this barefoot woman climbing on the bar — let’s hope bartender Julian had some Lysol Wipes on hand to sanitize things when the dancing was done.)

The tequila was only a temporary fix though, because later, a baker’s dozen of family and old friends show up at her hotel to greet her (a.k.a. ask for game tickets, threaten to move in to her hotel room, and straight up mooch) and once again, this wears her out.

Kiyan is also getting worn out from this reality life and has had it with the cameras, so he and La La take a break from filming for the night and just chill out in private.

Po and Dice really want to cheer La La up but they’re broke at the moment, and their Three-Card Monte hustling skills are seriously lacking,

so they try to think up free ways make their friend smile.

With the only $15 they have, they take La La and Kiyan on a trip to the old neighborhood in Edgewater, New Jersey to reminisce about the poor old days.

Nothing makes you feel better about your current life than remembering you were broke and had to drink such fine vintages as Andre Cold Duck, eat Funyuns for dinner, and shop for shoes at Payless. (Okay, so that was me and not La La, but it sounds like we share a similarly impoverished past.)

Nowadays, La La can afford a better life, and she finally embraces New York — because when you rock six-inch Louboutins in this city, if anyone gets in your way, you can just skewer them with your heels.

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