Posted: Demi Lovato Checks In From Her Unbroken Rehearsal Sessions


It’s been quite a month we’ve gotten to spend with our September Posted artist of the month, Demi Lovato, so far. She’s given us some great scoop on her new album, Unbroken, and took us behind the scenes at Perez Hilton’s birthday party. Currently, she’s in the midst of rehearsals for two big Unbroken preview shows in New York City and Los Angeles, but we’re thankful that she managed to find a few minutes to send us a quick update.

Before we let her share her experiences, we’re excited to announce that next Tuesday, 9/20, Demi will be popping by the VH1 offices here in Times Square. She’s agreed to let you, her fans, “Ask Her Anything,” so fire away! Leave your questions in the comments and she’ll answer as many as she can get to when she gets in next week. Now take it away, Demi!

I am getting sooooo excited for my upcoming shows in NY (9/17) and LA (9/23)!!! I have been rehearsing all week and I think everyone is going to love it! I have been having so much fun performing “Skyscraper” on shows like America’s Got Talent and the Do Something Awards, but I am really excited for all my fans to hear some of the other songs on my album. The dance numbers are so awesome!!!

There’s more from Demi, including two exclusive photos from the set of her Unbroken cover shoot, below!

I cannot tell you guys how great it is to be performing again. I do not want to give away too many details…BUT…you are going to see some fun costumes and some really unique effects! There are light, upbeat songs like “Who’s That Boy”, beautiful, whimsical songs like “Lightweight” and great party songs like “All Night Long.” I feel so lucky to get the opportunity to speak through my music. It keeps me grounded and healthy. This year has been such a growth experience and I cannot wait to see what the remaining months bring – hope you all are as excited as me to see what the future brings!!! Stay Strong!

As promised, here are two preview images that she sent us from her Unbroken cover shoot last week:

Don’t forget, you can follow Demi all month long at

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  1. me. says:

    Sheryl Nields, right? Always makes flawless photoshoots. Can’t wait for this! :)

  2. Julianne Downie says:

    What are some upcoming projects you have coming up? Love you Demi!

  3. Carol Draw says:

    Dear Demi,
    Are any of the songs on your new album songs that you have written all by yourself?

  4. alyssia says:

    hi demi i am one of your biggest fans, i cannot wait to hear your new music on this album and i can’t wait to see you in concert hopefully you will have another concert in the bay area or in fresno i’d love to be able to go!!

  5. Erica says:

    Hi Demi,
    Congrats on the album. Which current r&b/soul singers inspire you today?

  6. gabs says:

    Hey Dem, how it’s going? I’m from Brazil and we are missing you so much, have some possibility of you come to brazil in your tour? i love you so much, and i am staying strong for you, thanks for being my inspiration <3

  7. Natália says:

    Her best friend is still the Selena???Set its friendship with it in a word!Kisses, stay strong!< 3

  8. Safira says:

    Hi Demi! You’re incredible!
    I really admire your work!
    Camp Rock 3, yes or no?
    You still have a chance to go back to dating Joe Jonas?

  9. gabs says:

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey babygirl <3 how are you? so, can you sing a little part of 'stop the world' cause , you know, we all are missing you singing the old songs, thank you so much, i'm so proud of you, eu te amo, from Brazil <3

  10. Nathalia Sfevan says:

    Demi, you are afraid that her younger sister has the same problems that you’ve been? What do you do to prevent this from happening? I love you so much!

  11. Serina Santiago says:

    Hey Demi, I just wanted to know how it felt being back up on stage in front of your fans preforming your new songs?

  12. Isabela says:

    Hi Demi, Are you planning a world tour for this year?

  13. Milena Amaral. says:

    Hi Demi
    I wonder, do you think your new album “Unbroken” is more intense than others? Why?
    Kisses and I love you.

  14. Are you thinking about a tour in countries of America? Here in Brazil we’re all excited to see you onstage again! Love you s2

  15. Rayanne Lima says:

    Hi Demi,
    When you make a tour will come in Brazil?
    I love you. Stay strong <3

  16. @Portaldemii says:

    Demi, where he was in his glitter AlmaAwards? #Unbroken #StayStrong (:


    Demi!!! We are very proud of you!! you will come to Argentina with this great show?? miss you and we need you in our country! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  18. Bruno Amarante Melo Viana says:

    Demi when you come to Brazil? I need to see him singing live! I love you so much Demi!

  19. Dannilo says:

    Hi Demi, I would say that you are the inspiration of my life, I love you so much! When you come to Brazil? In Unbroken, will have available a DVD of the show? Bye, and I love you so much!

  20. haaay demi, you are eager to come to Brazil? you come to the northeast?
    we love you very much, <3

  21. Hello Demi :))!! I’m from Brazil, so ….. I’m VERY excited to unbroken *-* And I’m crazy for her new tour, really wanted you here in southern Brazil *-*

  22. Demi you ever loved someone, without being matched?

  23. Candi Bird says:

    What are your favorite songs from each of your albums and why?

  24. Demi when you come to Brazil?
    BRAZIL NEEDS DEMI !!!!!!!! I NEED DEMI!!!!!!!!!

  25. Andressa says:

    dear, beautiful and wonderful demi, what is your favorite color? and we can be friends?, I loved your nails

  26. Gabby says:

    When will you do a song with your sister Dallas ? hear her vocals on ‘I am Hot ” song & loved it

  27. inara alessandra says:

    Hi!I’m brazilian,i love you so much!!!How are you?
    So my questions are:

    When you come to Brazil?
    Do you like Brazil?Why?
    How do i know you personally?
    you could make a heart with his fingers!?!

    Follow me on Twitter back,for us to talk please!!!;D@inarale
    Say I love you for me in video!!!!!PLEASE

    My dream is to meet you…go out with you,talk!!!

    Was only to ask questions for you but i made a text,imagine when know how much i’ll say!!
    Sorry if my english is not good!!ok?

    Kisses and hugs for you,and hugs for madison your sister!!!!

  28. Gabriel M. says:

    Hi Demi my name is Gabriel Morim and I was wondering if you will come to Brazil, and if you see you have any idea when it will come.
    I got a lot of love.

  29. inara alessandra says:

    What’s your favorite song at the moment?and singer?
    What you do to your hair look so beautiful?You painted after he left the rehab?Your hair is beautiful is wonderfull!!!

    Demi do not mind the critique you are overweight because you’re not!!!Your body is perfect!!Ii’m ashamed to ask but i’ll put ask.You put silicone?Not that i have found you because i saw a few more comments about it,more is not true right?

  30. inara alessandra says:

    Demi when you come to Brazil,come to Mato Grosso do Sul (ms)!?!Will not get as many people as in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro!!!
    I’m excited to be ”UNBROKEN”,his voice make me feel good!!!=)

  31. Do you believe in signs? Examples: Sagittarius, Leo.

  32. mariana says:

    I am portuguese and i love you so must.
    My question is when you come to Portugal?


  33. eduardo says:

    your voice is so good. i love you so must.
    when you come to Porttugal? please!!!!


  34. Paulo says:

    Hello Demi
    My Name and Paulinho, and I’m from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
    My question for you?.
    If a fan of Brazil, called you on Twitter for you to sing at her party in Brazil.
    You leave your country, just to give him this privilege?
    Or not?

  35. Demi's Biggest Fan says:

    Hi Demi! I’m from Portugal and I’m one of your biggest fans! Will you come to Portugal in your tour? Thanks for being my inspiration, my role-model and I’m staying strong for you <3 Thanks for everything

  36. stephanie says:

    Demi when it comes to Brazil? Demi need a hug from me … one? Dream of the day I’ll meet you
    love you very much

  37. Gabriella says:

    Demi are you coming to Bulgaria in your tour?

  38. Lola says:

    Hi Demi ! When you visit the Polish ? I LOVE YOU !

  39. Amanda Rodriguez says:

    Demi, first I would say that i love you, and you are a reason of my life, but my ask is : Who is your best friend?? One girl and one boy ??

  40. Hi Demi here is Yasmyn Brazil’s first I’m your No. 1 fan, I wonder if you know who Luan Santana? A high fever in Brazil!

    Yasmyn kisses of his fan <3

  41. Guilherme Rezende says:


  42. gabriele* says:

    unbroken so why will arrive in Europe a few months?

  43. valentina says:

    Demi I wanted to know how you feel about all this oq happening in your life, and also wanted to ask you if you’ll sing it again here in Brazil? I’m so excited and love you so so so so ?

  44. Daiely says:

    Demi and I was wondering if the fact that the girl said that her bullying you ?????

  45. Maria Verônica says:

    Hi Demi,
    I am very anxious to see her here in Brazil, it will be incredible. And what you have to say sbre Brazilian fans? I hope you come soon here, I love you Demi. Stay Strong ?

  46. Daiely says:

    Demi wanted to know when you start your tour in Brazil?

  47. ananda says:

    you demi and miley are best friends. Do you tell everything to her and she to you?

  48. Thayse says:

    Hi Demi, I’m from Brazil and I really miss you here. Congrats for your album, I’m proud of you. What’s the celebrity that had most moved you, that had make you wanna cry or something? I love you Demi.

  49. Tata says:

    Hi Demi, If you come to Brazil, are you gonna eat Brigadeiro again? And if you come here, can you go to Curitiba? I love you. Love is Louder.

  50. Hi Demi! You’re preparing a new tour around the world? I love you <3

  51. Amanda says:

    What in your opinion is the best song Unbroken? What miss most about recording Sonny With A Chance? Love Demetria ?

  52. What in your opinion is the best song Unbroken? What miss most about recording Sonny With A Chance?

  53. Thaís says:

    When you come to Brazil? We are very excited!

  54. Hey Demi, do you remeber that you said were doing a song in Spanish for ur South American fans? So, I would like know if it’ll be on his new album, or you release it as a single.
    Stay Strong ? #UNBROKEN920

  55. Dênnis Wilber says:

    Demi, no dia do seu aniversario VOCÊ ganhou um Presente do Joe Jonas, si sim Qual?
    Demi lovato Qual E O Nome do Seu novo single? Poderia me dizer?

  56. Fernanda says:

    Hi demi, i love you very much.
    My question is:
    What you think when you see your past?
    I’m brazilian and would you to do a show in São Paulo, Brazil!
    You is my inspiration for go over all who want put me down!
    And send a Kiss for me?
    Thankyou and i’m sorry for the errors of english!

  57. beatriz says:

    when do you come to brazil? we love you so much and we are so excited to prepare the brigadeiro for you <3

  58. leticia freitas says:

    demi, i’m from Brazil, blow a kiss for me please !!
    kisses leticia

  59. Marina says:

    Demi, are you coming to Brazil in your new tour? If you are, what states and cities you will go? We know you have many friends and that Selena is one of them. Miley too. They are helping you and supporting you in your new journey?
    Brazil misses you, dear Demi. Come to visit us someday

  60. Yani says:

    How you see yourself in 10 years? Chile loves you ?

  61. Domi Lovato says:

    Hello Demi, I am from Chile and let me know if you plan to come visit soon, maybe this year? and I want to tell you’re the most wonderful and beautiful person of this world. I hope to meet in person someday and give you a big hug! much love and here’s a lovatic who is always with you ALWAYS. I am very proud of you. TE AMO :)

  62. Karol says:

    Hi Demi,
    You worked with several people for leave their album amazing. With whom you more enjoyed working?

  63. Josiani says:

    Hello Demi, wanted to know when you come to Brazil. and you come here in Bauru (SP )…?? love you so!

  64. Juliana says:

    Demi is it true that you come in Brazil in 2011?Please say yes!

  65. koolkidsJA says:

    Have you ever thought of visiting any Caribbean island? if so which ones?

  66. Gabby says:

    When will you do a song with your sister Dallas ? hear her vocals on ‘I am Hot ” song & loved it <3

  67. Demi you ever thought about making some music in your Portuguese? and what you missed and good and bad in Sonny With A Chance?

  68. Demi’m from Rio de Janeiro can blow a kiss for me, and I want you to ask you to continue your way with this sweet, kind to his fans and all the good you have, kisses (beijos)

  69. Carolina Arydes says:

    heeey, Demi… I ‘m really excited about the release of unbroken and I’d like to know when you will come back to Brazil! We’re fascinated about you… Lovatics are unbroken as you! love you so much :)

  70. Hey Demi, oh my God, before anything i have to say, I don’t belive i’m send a ask to you, I don’t know if you go answer, but I feel me blessed just for that, because you are the inspiration for million girls, and you really is a skyscraper, a beautiful skyscraper, and thanks, thanks because you are strong and you show for all the world, we can more of we think, we just need want. I learned this with you.
    And my only question, is a simple question, but so important. Are you really happy? Because this is the most important think ever, if you’re ok, i’m ok. I just wanna know that. And please come to Brazil Demi, we need you here again, we missing you! Kiss, from one of millions of fans you have s2

  71. @CarolArydes says:

    Hi Demi, I’d like to know how do you feel being a exemple for so many teenagers? And how do you feel when you realise that you can support and help many of them with your music and with your advices about what you lived?
    Eu te amo, and Brazil can’t wait for you come back :)

  72. dandara cristina fagundes says:

    Hi Demi, I love you very much
    I wonder what motivated her to overcome everything that you passed the end of last year?
    You are my inspiration for it if they try to knock me down I’ll get off the ground with a skyscraper!
    And you think I came to Brazil this year?Stay Strong!!!

  73. larissa says:

    hello demi
    I wanted to know if you come here in Brazil in 2011?
    and know that we are very eager to hear their new albums

  74. Mike says:

    She has a very wonderful voice

  75. inara alessandra says:

    Why his nickname is Demi?
    What is your facebook?You can go to your fans or is it banned?(by their manager)
    in the U.S there msn?You can pass?
    Blow a kiss for me!!Do not forget to follow me back on twitter!!!In the U.S there is orkut?If fthe answer is yes I wrong?!?

  76. Juliana Gomes says:

    Your album will have how many singles?
    Kisses from Brazil xoxo

  77. Karol R. says:

    What this songs do you like best? – “All Night Long,” “Who’s That Boy,” “You’re My Only Shorty,” “Together” -

  78. Megan Kemp says:


  79. Paul Gruber says:

    Would you give me a call if i gave you my number?! ;)

  80. Lauren says:

    I’ve heard the new songs of your album posted on facebook, and i was surprised of how different the beat is from all your previous work. Why you took the decision of changing the type of music all of a sudden? :D

  81. I like much your new album … But .. ¿ why that beat of music ?
    ¿ what happened to the pop-rock ? – Stay Strong – I’m Proud Of You :D

  82. Hello Demi! I was wondering,where was the “Skyscraper” video filmed? And,i’m sure you may not be able too answer this,but is there any official tour planned yet? Thanks for being you & i love you SO much!

  83. Alicia Nicholls says:

    hi demi im a huge fan you are my idol :)
    my question is are you planning on doing a huge tour anytime soon and also will you be coming to canada? :)

  84. Kasady says:

    Hey Demi,
    You are amazing! There’s really no words to explain how much you inspire me. You truly are a hero. You have changed my life. Really. No matter how many haters you may have out there, you can always count on me for support. I love you, and I want to thank you for doing what you are doing. Thanks for being yourself. :) So, my questions for you are….. What gave you the faith and inspiration to come out and share your personal life with the world? What made you so brave & confident to talk about it?
    Xoxo, Kasady

  85. Hey Demi :) What was your favorite song to record on the #Unbroken album? What song do you think you can relate to the most? Did you write all of the songs yourself?

  86. Amanda W. says:

    Hey Demi! first of all i love you so much!! and your journey has given me strength in mine! my question is will you come to or near South Carolina?

  87. megan says:

    when i meet you can i have a hug? (please?)

  88. brianda says:

    so good demi you have a gift end love you your heart is so pure like a angel

  89. Lisa says:

    When do you come to germany and do some concerts ? Im so excitied ^^

  90. Jean says:

    wold you ever date a fan? a girl? what if they showed you so much affection and love and proved they love you for you and not looks, money, fame or anything other then you, just you. that’s how i feel and i will cont to feel this way forever i have since i have seen you on barney wearing a pink tee shirt and jeans that was when i was seven i am twenty now. i will tell you i love you everyday. maybe one day i will have a response.

  91. Anna-Louise says:

    Demi cant wait for UNBROKEN counting down the days only 4 days left love your song skyscraper its amazing x do you miss being on sonny with a chance? xx

    stay strong demi love u

  92. funnybunny says:

    i love your songs
    don’t are you coming back to sunny with the chance ?

  93. ello Demi… I don’t know If this is really you reading this message? if not maybe you could send this to her… My name is Brian… Its nice to meet you here via Facebook. I wanted to ask you something? First I am not some estranged fan or a creeper I promise… I First want too wish you and your family blessing’s and a safe holiday season… may god be with you all. Second I have no way to express myself beside through my music… You see… my life has been very difficult at times, sometimes to much to take but I keep trying… and for the last 5 years. Demi, even though she doesn’t know my name or has never held a single conversation with me… She has helped change my life. I have been playing since I was a little boy… Music is my soul my heart. from the first time I heard her voice, I could feel her passion for life and music… and It came at the prefect time in my life. I was very depressed and lost… I have the utmost respect for Demi and all she has achieved. She has helped me look deep inside myself and believe there is magic left in this world… I was diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy when I was 16 years old… Its is not the worst of the worst but it has made many of the things I love in life difficult to enjoy… I never gave up on my music. I played harder and learned everything I could and still do. I will not write book here so I will get to the point ok… I just wanted to ask you one simple thing? I guess It would be a special Christmas wish for me… it might very well be the most beautiful and amazing gift I could ever imagine…. I would ask you this because I know of no other way to have this wish granted besides asking you for your help.
    Who ever you are? Would you please help me by forwarding this letter or giving it to Her maybe you are her??… I want her to know how she changed my life and how much that means to me… Thank you again and god bless.. I have enclosed the letter along with this one. thank you.

    Hello Demi.
    I want to say something to you. First I know you hear this all the time. You are a shining light, the magic that lifted me up and out of my darkest days. You are special… a dream the wonder that makes people smile and believe … I feel your pain. I realize that I don’t know what your are going through exactly? But I understand… I have been down, felt unbelievable pain and asked god for forgiveness and to release this suffering from my world so that I may breathe again! I Don’t know you personally, I have never met you. But I feel your soul through your music… I believe in life, I believe in dreams and magic just like you… I am a musician myself… It has always, always been there for me… I can’t express enough to you!! The sorrow I felt when I heard that you are going through this hard time in your life… But I believe in you Demi. I know you will get through this… Please know, that even though we have never spoke or shared a single conversation… or heard a single note I have played… I know you are real. and you helped change my life… I have a form of muscular dystrophy that has made my life difficult and sometimes overwhelming, in the fact that it hinders some of my life’s passions… but I never give up sweet heart never! I keep trying and pushing & playing… You and your music has helped me find myself again and believe there is magic left in the world … I want you to know that I do not pretend to know the life you have lived or the things you have endured, But I know that you are loved!!! and needed!! Someone with a soul that shines as bright as yours… Is an inspiration… a yellow brick road if you will… A path for so so so many people… May God bless you and help you find your self again… Thank you for everything.

    Brian Rotella- Thank you again and my best wishes for you and your loved ones this holiday season.

  94. Luned Jones (MoonangelMiyu) says:

    Hi Demi my name is Luned and i’m from North Wales, I wanted to ask you what kind of clothes do you like to wear?? and what is you’re favourite colour ^_^
    Stay strong <3