Joe Jonas And French Model Angele Breathlessly Cavort In Paris in “Just In Love With You” Video


“All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl,” French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard is famously said to have quipped, and the French New Wave style spearheaded by the director and his Cahiers du CinĂ©ma compatriots was very much in the mind of the director (also French) who filmed Joe Jonas’s new video “Just In Love With You,” which premiered today. The clip is obviously another step in Jonas’s journey towards being perceived as an “adult” artist, but we don’t just say that because he and French model Angele flirt, kiss, and bathe together. (“No, I’m not naked and she’s not naked,” Jonas insisted to E!.)

We don’t mean to imply that this video is destined for art-house screenings, but as far as populist lessons to be learned from Truffaut and others, “Just In Love With You” pretty much has all of them, including lots of quick jump cuts, a relationship implied through detailed glimpses rather than broad specifics, shots of the couple running through Paris, sunglasses (gotta have the sunglasses), and of course an ambiguous ending. It’s a smart play: as he toes the line of “adult” representation regarding sex, which everybody notices, he slyly introduces a more grown-up aesthetic in the background. And for our money, it works. His crowds aren’t going to stop skewing female anytime soon, but bit by bit he’s broadening his appeal. We’re curious what will follow.

Watch Now! World Premiere of Joe Jonas’ “Just In Love” Video [E! Online]

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