Posted: Ask Demi Lovato Anything!


It’s been awesome hanging with Demi Lovato, our September Posted artist, so far this month. However, to paraphrase Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys II, “sh*t’s just about to get REAL!”

Next week, Demi Lovato is going to be paying our Times Square offices a visit. She’s going to be performing a special Top 20 Live set for us, but she’s also agreed to stick around afterwards to answer any questions that you, our VH1 Blog readers, have for her! All you Lovatics have to do to participate is to leave a question below in the comments, or send a tweet to @vh1 with the hashtag #askmeanything. We’re going to try and get her to answer a bunch of your questions, so get creative!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. Little Skyscraper says:

    Will you include Philippines in your World Tour? ? and In your album UNBROKEN, which songs do you like best? =)) and Will you shoot another music video? When will you make another Vlog? ( with or without Selena ) I love you Demi! Thanks <3

  2. moni says:

    Demi, can you tell us what are your favorite songs an Unbroken and why?

  3. Molly Betz says:

    Is it weird when people cry when they see you?

  4. maria raquel says:

    Demi, what advice would you give to someone who does not love?

  5. Debby says:

    Congratulations on your album Unbroken!Hope you make soon a world tour!!

  6. Emilly says:

    Demi love you very much and when you will return here in Brazil?

  7. Emilly says:

    Demi love my cat pretty much the same you can not imagine how much s2

  8. You would make a horror movie? I go crazy SEE YOU BE ACTING OR VICTIM OR THE MYSTERY! HAHA

  9. nicoly says:

    Demi did not see myself in a world in which you are not there for me to inspire you always remain the same because I love you very much! ahh I have one thing in common with you I write songs about butterflies and many others about broken hearts …
    I love you more than you can imagine
    never leave me!

  10. dylan says:

    I have something to tell you,
    But cowardice beat me.
    I’m afraid I regret
    And leave you confused.
    I must not, can not,
    It should not, could not
    I can not, nor could.
    I took courage, I say,
    I have nothing to lose,
    Adore you from the bottom of my being,
    But not only that
    I want to tell you
    I came here to ask you
    If you want to date me
    And forever and ever,
    I can love you!

  11. Mirna says:

    Is there any chance of a tour is carried out between 2012 and 2013 in Brazil?? I LOVE TOU DEMI

  12. Maria Clara says:

    Hey ! What you more miss in Brazil ?

  13. LOVATIC says:

    Will you include Portugal on your World Tour? LOVE YOU

  14. L. says:

    #askmeanything Demi, i’ve always want to know… “Believe in me” was inpired on “Beautiful” by bethany dillon ? and it was an ask for help in that time?
    Demi i love you so much and you are such an Inspiriration for EVERYTHING you are outside and inside, we all love you. STAY STRONG <3
    you're beautiful and amazing!

    xoxo from Brazil.!

  15. Maria Clara says:

    You’re admired, and is an example for everyone ta … How are you to be more recognized for his work? And since people are seeing that you’re growing, you’re showing that you do not but that is sensitive disney girl, you are showing that turned a woman who is strong and pro whatever comes and shines with a skyscraper and it seems that you are unbreakable … How are you feeling with your new do this? This question was asked by the Brazilian fans …

  16. Abner Tavares Machado says:

    Demi, you’ll always be friends with Selena Gomez, right? Come to Brazil soon! love you! ?

  17. Sarah M-D says:

    Hey Demi, which one is your favorite: Redbull or Rockstar?
    P.S.: You are a true inspiration for me and for many others so thank you for just being yourself and for being SO strong! We, Lovatics, will always be there for you no matter what. Stay Strong Love you <3

  18. John Hanzi says:

    Hey Demi, i was wondering if we’ll ever get to hear Shut Up and Love Me. I’m so happy For the Love of A Daughter made the final cut. Love you, thank you. You helped me leave my addictions too.

  19. Lily says:

    Demi, how has it been to experience all these changes in your life? What state do you see yourself in now and how do you see yourself changing in the future?
    You’ve helped me get through so much with just your songs, you really are a real inspiration to so many people, not just me :)
    We love you!!

  20. EleneGeorgia says:


  21. MargaridaCardoso says:

    Hii Demi! If you had to choose the best song off all times, what song would you choose ? And the best singer ?

  22. Nati and Sisi says:

    Hi Demi!
    We are your big fans.We want to ask what it means for you Unbroken!!!Demi love you!!!
    We believe in you!!!You’re our hero!Demi many, many, many, many love you!STAY STRONG!!!We are with you!!!

  23. Do u remeber that u said were doing a song in Spanish for ur South American fans? Do you plan to release it as a single? #UNBROKEN #BRAZILNeedsDemi

  24. Stephanie says:

    oi demi!
    quando o seu novo cd vai ser lançado aqui no brasil?
    qual a sua comida favorita?

  25. when you come to brazil? Your brazilians fans areycrazy, with your new musics.

  26. nodo says:

    i love you demi i you georgian lovatic and please com to georgian in golden talent 2012 please love youuu you my heroo this is georgian fan page on facebook ok love you bye

  27. mary from georgia says:

    love ya <3

  28. ananda says:

    Thank you demi helped me with skyscraper and the story of his life that gave me strength to continue my life! love you and stay strong forever. you have plans for Brazil?

  29. jorge says:

    are you and joe back and how do i make ppl stop making funny of me just because im fat

  30. StephieJonas says:

    The Jonas Brothers and you still been friends !? please answer ! xoxoxo ! a big hug from Ecuador !

  31. Andrea says:

    If a fan wrote a song about you, inspired by you, what would you do? Would you do anything? I wrote you a song and I’ve wanted to sing it for you FOREVER but I never get the chance and I tried your SAYNOW number but it won’t work. PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION<3 I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH :3

  32. Hello Demi, I would ask if there will be show in Brazil! Embrace Great Success. @ vh1
    # askmeanything.

  33. Unbrokensoul says:

    Mmkay this is not exacly a.question. Just wanted to tell you demi your my inspiration, if it wasnt for your music im not sure id still be standing on my feet. I love you and i hope to meet you someday.