La La’s Full Court Life – Episode 5 – Meet The Press


Anyone in reality television or in the media knows that if you say one wrong thing, it can get blown out of proportion and turn into a huge story. On La La’s Full Court Life, La La is getting a crash course in how to deal with the press, and it’s really keeping her on her toes.

La La seems to be feeling better after last week, when she was down in the dumps and feeling a wee bit of family pressure since moving back to New York. This week, things are looking up! Melo has a cool new billboard near Madison Square Garden,

and she’s finally feeling at home in New York and can focus on herself. Which means doing a press tour. A girl’s gotta work, but she doesn’t necessarily want to overshadow Melo either. Her publicist devises a strategy to space out her appearances, so her first appearance (at 7a.m.) is on Good Day New York with hometown faves Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly. (Check out the whole interview! Why not?)

LaLa Vazquez Talks Life With Carmelo Anthony:

The Good Day interview goes well, but things get a little tougher over on The Wendy Williams Show.

After La La mentions that she hasn’t met any of the other Knicks’ wives she worries that the media is going to spin it around “Tomorrow it’s going to be like ‘La La at war with the basketball wives of New York City!'”

She seems to clear the air when she goes on The Breakfast Club’s radio show, but she’s still dealing with a lot of hard questions about her show being compared to Basketball Wives, and her relationship with Melo.

La La unwinds at lunch with Po and Dice and taunts them with an octopus leg until finally biting into it (it, uh, doesn’t look like she’s enjoying it all that much).

During lunch, the ladies have a little phone competition to see whose significant other loves them the most and picks up the phone, and who is too busy to answer. When Po calls her girlfriend Lisette, she gets sent straight to voicemail. When La La calls Melo (er, BOTH of Melo’s numbers), she also gets sent to voicemail.

But when Dice calls her girlfriend (whose code name is “The Situation”) she proves herself victorious and is the only one who can get a real, live human on the other line.

Dice doesn’t know the meaning of gracious winner and runs in circles around their table shoving her love in everyone’s face.

The next phase of La La’s new life in New York is about to begin because she’s moving out of the Tribeca hotel she and Kiyan have been living in and is being uprooted to a new, temporary home in Westchester, 45 minutes from the city. She and her pals pack up their hotel room (and Kiyan hops a ride out)

and La La prepares to find a real house to settle down in. Because the “queen of the first family of New York basketball” needs a nice castle and just anywhere won’t do.

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