Los Angeles-Based Magic Machines Creates Mega-Gif Music Video


As we all know, the Internet began as military research, spread to the academic world, and eventually reached hundreds of millions of users on its way to transcending technology and becoming an art form with its apotheosis, the animated gif. But what if one was to curate a series of animated gifsā€”not spacially, as with a gif wall, but temporally? Los Angeles-based house musician Magic Machines has answered this pressing question with the music video for “Hey Mister,” which features nearly four minutes of animated gifs, end to end, synchronized to the beat of his pounding, Deadmau5-y house single. We take exception to the claim that these are “the best GIFs ever” but that’s not going to stop this from totally blowing up the Coding Soundtrack room on turntable.fm.


Music Video Made Of The Best GIFs Ever [BuzzFeed via waywaw]

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