The T.O. Show – Episode 5 – T.O. Cut And Curlz


Off topic: Is there any show that Al Reynolds doesn’t appear on?

After last week’s blowout between Kita, Mo, and T.O. as a result of their meddling in Kita’s love life, things have cooled and everyone is one big happy family again. I hate it when these kids fight. But speaking of blowouts…

It would appear that one of the biggest parts of T.O.‘s rehabilitation this season is not on his knee, but on his career. What with his knee being in its current state, he’s had financial advisers, business associates, and John Salley swing by to help him figure out phase two in his career, and tonight focused on T.O. turning his T.O. Cutz barbershop into an empire. Sort of.

Kita and Mo desperately want T.O. to expand his barbershop into a beauty salon. Unfortunately, both T.O. and the co-owner of his barbershop, Peter, hate that idea. They want to keep the barbershop as a sort of man cave where guys can come and watch sports on the flat screens…and…that’s about it.

Everything else about T.O. Cutz is nondescript and not especially manly, if we’re being honest. You’re gonna have to put more effort into it, Peter, if you want to convince us of your dedication to this manly environment. And I don’t think adding a car wash and beer are gonna (T.O.) cutz it.

In order to convince T.O. that women’s hair is where the big money is, Kita takes T.O. to her salon so he can get an idea of how much weaves go for. When T.O. sees all that headless hair hanging there, he seems afraid.

“A rack of weave coming toward me? That’s not a pretty sight,” he says.

The way T.O. is reacting to the idea of a beauty salon, you’d think someone was holding a knife to his throat.

Oh, right.

Things get worse when Kita and Mo storm the barbershop with twelve female hairstylists and catch barber Peter off guard. Peter seems like a nice guy and he handles things well, but as I mentioned before, his idea of manly man cave is weak, so the women have a point about changing things up to drum up business. But they do NOT like taking no for an answer.

T.O. isn’t the only one trying to expand his empire this week. Mo has the opportunity to apply for a job as a radio DJ and to everyone’s chagrin, she’s excited and plans to go for it. T.O. tells her he has a face for radio and he and Kita basically tell her she’s abandoning them if she goes ahead with this. Tough crowd, yeesh. Mo goes to her audition and fumbles a little and actually gets shown up by T.O. I guess this IS his show and he can do that without seeming like an attention hog.

T.O. gives Mo his blessing to go for it, saying “As long as she doesn’t forget what’s important…Me.” How could we forget?

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