Gloria Govan Recaps Basketball Wives L.A. Episode 4


Gloria Govan is one of the most recognizable faces on Basketball Wives L.A. thanks to her dramatic stint on the first season of the original Basketball Wives. Gloria has agreed to recap this season of Basketball Wives L.A. for the VH1 Blog and we couldn’t be happier to have her input on everything that goes down in front of and behind the camera. This week, Gloria talks about her coaching job, the new relationships that have been forming, and Jackie and Doug’s wedding.

A lot of people don’t know that I played basketball in high school and college. Coaching is something that is very new to me, but I really enjoy it. I’m really tough on my girls and although some will say that I’m the “female version of Bobby Knight,” we still have a lot of fun. Being a role model to these girls inspires me to be not only a better person but a better coach. Speaking of role models, having Matt and Doug come to help out at practice really meant a lot to both me and the team.

Seeing my sister going through everything that she has gone through and to finally be at a place of peace with herself and her situation is really nice. I’m really happy that my sister and Imani have become so close. Imani has been in Laura‘s situation before and really understands where Laura is coming from, and I feel like if anyone can be that shoulder for Laura to lean on it’s definitely Imani.

Meeting up with Suzie is always a blast, I think she is one of the only people that can understand the drama, stress, and frustration it takes to deal with so many different women and personalities on top of moving and being in a different city. Ugh. LOL.

Jackie’s 16th wedding is becoming a big production and it’s their first one in Vegas. I must say although planning a wedding every year sounds like a bit much, I like Jackie’s motto “if you’re always busy planning a wedding, you don’t have time to plan a divorce.” When Jackie invited us to go to her wedding in Las Vegas we (Matt and I) were honored, especially since it was supposed to be such an intimate wedding. Knowing that Jackie’s mom was sick and how much this meant to have her there is very touching.

Witnessing such a special moment that is especially rare is both inspirational and inspiring. Jackie and Doug’s love may be crazy, but it’s real and genuine.

Draya is still on uncertain territory. No one really knows what to do, or where to place her. To hear what Draya wants to do with her career is nice. But if booty shots aren’t necessary all the time, then maybe you should have a photo shoot with clothes on? Malaysia being there to see and support Draya is interesting, knowing that Malaysia has done music videos as well, I can see where Draya is hoping her alliance is going to come from.

But that still isn’t going to be enough to save her from missing Jackie’s wedding.

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  1. MrsH. says:

    Snooooooooooze………..once again Gloria gives us no feeling, no emotion, no REAL behind the scenes info, just a blaze’, boring recap of things we have already seen. Come on Vh1, Gloria is now 0 for 2, can we PLEASE get a real opinion from someone who actually has one! Boring!!!!!!!

  2. interesting says:

    i caught the little snide remark about dreya and malaysia. gloria needs to get off her high horse. when is she getting married??? aren’t her babies the same age as her “relationship?”

  3. lolwut? says:

    So you go through the trouble of deleting my comment but make no edits to the poor writing i made fun of above (“Witnessing such a special moment that is especially rare is both inspirational and inspiring”).

    her writing is laughable and what’s even worse, is all the censoring you guys do on this blog to keep the real comments out. is it in gloria’s contract that mean comments be removed? waaaah lol

  4. Sandra70072 says:

    I think you are all sick and pitaful a_ _ so called women. you need to leave Draya alone, you are jealous of Draya, who put their child in more danger than Laura, at least Draya left food for her child, she was going to work, her child was 7 or 8 years old , at that age children are capable of staying in the home alone, but Laura you are a pitaful Bee and I don’t mean queen B. you were in a relationship with a guy that abused you for the longest, unhappy, sad and you stayed in that relationship putting your children in the worst danger. sorry, sad, and pathethic is what you are. leave Draya alone especially doug’s wife with her old sorry a_ _. Laura you need to stop trying to fix someone elses life and fix your own, I which I was Draya’s sister I would kick your buts Imani need to get a life NO MAN WANTS YOU SORRY WENCH, YOU ARE NO LADY !!!!!!!!

  5. Wycidra Thompson says:

    I feel like these women act like high school girl like for real if wanted to hang with someone then be with them. everyone has a past and everyone has skeleton so let it go i mean half of them phony anyways