Watch A Sneak Peek Of Basketball Wives L.A. Episode 5: It’s A Confrontation Comin’ On


Next week on Basketball Wives L.A. we’ll see the fallout of what happened after Jackie and Doug‘s wedding, including the repercussions of Draya ditching the festivities at the last minute. As Jackie ominously intones, “It’s a confrontation comin’ on.” Get ready for it, Draya!

Check out this sneak peek of what happened at the wedding after-party, including Imani‘s breakdown over her lack of a love life, and Laura‘s mission to get her some booty, and tune in to Basketball Wives L.A. on Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. T.amber says:

    I think Draya did the right thing by not attending Jackie wedding. Where they do that at dog people out and ask the group opinion should she come, she did not ask the group about he other ladies. Do your thing Draya keep your head up. Jackie remember when you run your mouth to other people more times than other it will get back.

  2. jNINE says:

    i dont understand why them tricks think theyre better than draya. & why are they always riding Jackie like she is really somebody. STOP!

  3. Ashley says:

    Im about tired of the cattyness. If you said something then own up to it. Malaysia did say that the other girls conversed about her coming to the wedding and SHE is the one that made Draya feel uncomfortable. Then she tried to take it back like no I didnt say that. Imani needed not to bring her own feelings to someone elses wedding. I dont care if you do feel bad about not having a man, that was the wrong time to bring it up. Drunk or not. Jackie didn’t need to be consoling her one HER day, although she has had 16 of them. I hate people who have to make ever situation about them. UGH… Draya, I don’t know why Jackie asked you to dance at her wedding but is the main one talking junk about the girl being a stripper and how she doesn’t like strippers. BOOOO CHILD, go sit down somewhere. What kinda dancing was that girl going to do at your wedding? Also its real funny how the ladies were at the club getting down for Jackies wedding but were acting like straight prunes at Drayas party. Where they do that at? Instead of worrying about Draya, where was Jackies oldest daughter? hmmm MRS. Jackie?

  4. Sandee says:

    Malaysia corrected Draya about their conversation but I think that Draya had these women figured out and was not going to go. Imagine Jackie at her wedding trash talking Draya – insecure women with nothing to do. They all need to find jobs. Jackie is too old to be so negative – they should embrace Draya and support her in a positive way. Looks like Draya can teach them a thing or two.

  5. Lady of the hour says:

    Oh well they have tried the ones they thought were quiet and almost got knocked out. I am glad that she apologized and they were women about it at the end. I really think if you would not have came at her like that she would not have cocked that right hand back Mike Tyson style. I am glad that was solved not trying to be rude who were you going to get when Royce did that combination on you first season 1 2 3 uppercut. I do understand that is your sister and it is only natural to call and not text the next time. You are a pretty women it is your insecurities that makes you look strange sometimes no your husband is not sleeping with her okay. Quit trying to place that man with different women. The key to solving anything is first admitting what is wrong within yourself and she did. She will be okay. Everyone have a blessed day and please do not hurt each other over nothing. At the end that is always the results it was over something that could have be handled by sitting down and discussing it face to face and leaving it there at the table. To keep bringing it up when it has been solved will always cause conflict.

  6. tw7 says:

    My comment got deleted for basically saying that I wouldn’t mind a chance to do the mma fight against Gloria, Jackie, and Imani since they have the most mouth but I see someone with a comment that is clearly racist that is on here but not deleted. What is up with that? I bet this one will be gone too because I am telling the truth.

  7. sexybrownpyt says:

    HHMM at Draya’s party nobody wanted to dance and have a good time but at Jackie’s wedding everyone is dancing. Interesting, you can just tell that these girls secretly dislike Draya. I’m glad Draya didn’t go, because these girls are catty and immature. Laura just talked about Draya so why does she get mad when Draya does the same. Jackie make sure your hands are clean before you start judging. Jackie seems she got issues since she keeps on talking about Draya. Get off her ___!

  8. So loved and so bless says:

    BASKETBALL WIVES OF LA—-What is up with a made up ” Circle ” ? these women are full of it. They sounds and acts like a street gangs who fights, call names, bitter, envious, no class, garbage talker, they constantly judging one another like they were perfect. It’s not your place to judge. Leave that position to him. This is why kids now a days behave like it’s ok to behave like this…Adult bullies, a bunch of hypocrites. The dress is classy ,but still the person behind it, 100% nothing ,but a bitter ugly women…the only one that looks good is Draya and seems like the “one” with act normal the rest seems to be envious bitter. Another group of non-classy womens. The show should be named ” Haters of beautiful women gangs!” and a bit generic of basketball wives FL. Same ugly behavior.

    BASKETBALL WIVES OF FL—This is one is LAUGHABLE, none of these are still married to a Basketball players at all. The producer of this it’s either forgot to add EX or playing stupid. This show should be called ” Basketball Ex-wives of FL”…seriously, come on now…? All of these women seems to acts like gangster wives as well, with all the fightings, calling names, non-classy behavior, they represent nothing ,but another tragedy to our young generations—they made it seems like it’s okay to behave the way they do.
    Royce and Susie doesn’t belong there. Susie is the only one behave classy and carries herself , the way a good women should behave. The only nice one among them. You cannot fake being nice all the time, the real ” YOU” will comes out without you knowing it…although these women made it seems like shes not…like we are stupid enough not to see the truth about Susie, please!…anyway, bottom line—majority of these women like Tami—a scarry trouble maker, a bitter ex-wife, Jen—who dramatically thinks okay to sleep around to all men she meets, Evelyn—this one is one bitter ex-wife, who hates all the time for a reason that she only knew to herself, a sexy ,but so insecure and acts like gangsta as well. Another bad example to society, she and Tami seems to be a twins, they also behave the same. They are the parents that represent how good kids turn to BAD kids. Their actions speaks louder and will be somehow noted and remembered by other kids…That’s just great. The BULLIES continues, Thanks to parents like them.
    In conclusion, Baketball wives made sure that, the shows will make an impact to a society and young generations. These women represent that It’s okay to behave the way they do. They also wants for everyone to know that being a bully, an adult bullies is cool and people should do the same. While all of these women selfishly only loving themselves and doesn’t care about the rest of the world—driven by the love of money and lust—a good recipe for wordly people to watch, an opportunity to make money for their gains and for the young generations loss. For we all know—everything we do, does make a huge impact to whoever watches us. Therefore, some of us, cares and someone of us are working for Satan.

  9. JPHASED says:

    LMAO Did anyone catch the part @ 11:05 When Laura says “OMG she has HER name in MY MOUTH” lol I think she was telling on herself…. instead of saying “OMG, she has MY name in HER mouth” lol

  10. JPHASED says:

    BTW that looks like Jackie and Gloria fighting at the end. (CANT WAIT!)

  11. Cme says:

    Malaysia, Tanya and Draya are the only sane women on this show. The rest are pitiful and insecure. Clearly none of them have real friends because someone should have stopped them from making fools of themselves on this show. Imani – why in the hell would you go to someone’s wedding celebration and CRY!!! Why didn’t you go to the bathroom? Don’t bring the bride down you idiot. Jackie – did you really lay in bed with your husband and discuss why another pretty young woman didn’t come to your wedding!!!!?!!!! How many times did Draya’s name come out of your mouth at your wedding? You didn’t have anything else to talk about?
    Your behavior towards Draya, Malaysia and Tanya make you ugly. This show reveals that VH1 is desperate for another hit show. Instead you created this year’s entry into the Hall of Shame.
    And I cannot believe advertisers want their products shown next to these women. Wow.

  12. Nay Nay says:

    They’re too old and wack to be acting so childish. You really didn’t want her there in the first place. I only watch this show is because of Draya. She brings some excitement to the table.

  13. WOW witches why is drayas name being mentioned every 10 seconds, jealous much????

  14. Special K says:

    Someone is deleting my comments. It’s a good thing I saved it. So here it is again: I think Draya did the right thing by not attending Jackie’s wedding as well. Now ya’ll know ya’ll don’t even like the girl. You always have something negative to say about her behind her back. Do you really even know her? Ok she dated Chris Brown and probably some other famous guys (and regular guys). And she may have had some issues about the son situation (but again we don’t know the actual story because there are always 2 sides of it). But that doesn’t mean she is a groupie. She is a single young woman who dates. Period! She is not sleeping with married men (that we know of) and she seems to be a sweet girl. Ya’ll (talking about the cast except for Malaysia because she’s actually giving her a chance) need to give Draya a break. Really! It’s like ya’ll are coming off as being haters and drama queens. Chill out and get to know the girl! Also, I wish that instead of fighting each other and yelling, you should really just sit down and talk about the problems. We are all adults here. Now let’s act like it. Grrrrrrrrrrrr lol P.S. I wouldn’t have came to Jackie’s wedding either if I was told that she asked if she should invite me to the wedding or not. Come on Jackie! Disclaimer: My favorite cast members so far: Draya, Malaysia, and Jackie (only when she’s not being negative about Draya).

  15. shanell says:

    What I would like to know is how old is Jackie because no disrespect she looks every bit of almost hitting 50 or close to it like she is the mother of the ship who doesn’t have a clue of knowing how to stand on her own or having her own opinions. Jackie did sit around with the other girls talking crap about Draya should I let her come. My thing is if you are women enough as you claim you wouldn’t need anybodies else’s opinion on deciding if she should come or not.

  16. RED says:

    This show is straight “JUNK” all the women are UGLY except for Malyasia. This show will not last. Who gets married 16 times????????? Shaunie you lost your money on this one they try too damn hard to have drama. You might as well get a show with all FAT women cause most of them are out of shape. Please move on to the next venture! Yall got your last check this season!

  17. The Truth says:

    Gloria is young and insecure go sit down, I like Malaysia but she did tell Draya about her being invited to the Wedding Extravaganza. Jackie why are you upset acting like Draya is your best friend I believe because of your personal life you are taking your anger and hurt on someone who you think is fragile and thats wrong she does not owe you any explanation. The only person you should have been focused on was your husband being their and seeing your mother everyone else should be irrelevant i mean i did’nt see none of your siblings there. Imani stop with your drama! Laura you ok but stop agreeing with your sister all the time because she is not always right!

  18. KristyB says:

    I think Draya did right by not going to the wedding bc they were going to start mess with her. Laura makes me sick, looking like a BMW(body made wrong). She has some nerve talking about Draya being a jump off when she slept with Shaq while he was married and has 4 kids without a wedding ring, please. They need to get rid of Laura, this is season 1 and she has been involved in 2 fights. How mature is she, to jump on Draya and not be woman enough to let her know that she had beef with her. These lame old women need to grow up for real.

  19. VRIDLEY says:

    I also think they treat Draya, like a red headed step child. She is young and has made mistakes, and will continue to make them. All of them talk about Draya, like she is the garbage you take out, when clearly most of them could use a personal trainer.

  20. C.J. says:

    I can’t believe I’m entertaining this B/S, I tried to give it a chance but I’m sorry this is waaayyyyyy too much childish behavior from what is supposed to be GROWN women. As I see it Gloria is a Shaunie wanna-be. Laura is desperate to find a baller it don’t matter if he’s married of single. Imani & Jackie have allowed the industry to make them insecure reason being: Imani has to blame every attrative woman for her man leaving her and Jackie is so afraid Doug will leave her that she has to get married every year (a wedding every year take away from the monumental years), pointless. Draya is just the young attractive girl who is trying to be accepted by the mean girls (Imani, Laura & Gloria). Malaysia is the girl who wants to appear classy but the ghetto is coming out. Kimsha & Tanya have common sense & maturity not to even attach themselves to such chaos and non-sense. But when your money is funny turn to reality t.v

  21. MIKE says:


  22. Thechocolatelady says:

    JACKIE maybe you need to learn a lil bit from draya, u call her sex crazed you should asked her to teach you somethings to keep your husband, you dont know her and the things that come out of your mouth. THOU SHALL NOT JUDGE, WHO MADE YOU GOD, you look the oldest of all the girls and instead of judgein her, help her and teach the other not to judge someone. As hard as you go for your husband and family yeah ppl know about you and how you run youre husbands life, have some compassion for others even if there not youre age, i know one of youre children is close to draya age, what if ppl treated yours that way. Yall dont know draya to talk bout the girl the way yall do, yall all need to take a look in the mirror and look at all yalls flaws, YALL look hard enough yall are just like her in some way cause alot of yous women are not wives. ( why not?) Yall was all groupies, jumpoffs, and babymamas who thought you would be. ( but yall aint)

  23. Ms. Judee says:

    DRAYA got them HOT. Keep up the good work. I would be mad too if I was shaped like an Hines ketch-up bottle, up-side down (Laura), bold a** figure. Jackie you are to old to be as ignorant as you are. Every time you turn around, Draya is the topic of the discussion and then discussing it with your husband in bed on your 16th honeymoon. I guess after 16 wedding you have ran out of stuff to do? You should’ve been getting it in with him other then talking about her mother goose. It’s The Draya Show..

  24. So over these catty LA Wives!! says:

    This show is clearly all about Draya. These are some bitter woman on this show who obviously have to talk down about someone else to make themselves feel and look good. I guess they don’t have anything better too do. These so called wives/woman are PATHETIC. They say you only have one life so live it up. Gloria, Laura, Imani and Jackie are a bunch of cackling hens. Imani is ridiculous. This chick makes me want to vomit and has the nerve to call someone worthless and then has a dumb look on her face as if to say it wasn’t me. Someone needs to smack the heck out of her. Jackie needs to grow up. She is too old to be acting the way she acts on this show. She was mad b/c Tanya spoke proper English and didn’t act all ghetto like the rest. who does that? It is OK to speak you mind and not take anyone’s crap but it is a disappointment and a turn off when that catty little girl comes out who is able to talk trash around the other girls but when asked about it you says no that is not how it went. In my opinion I say “talk that sh*t while you are walking”. Laura needs to take her a** somewhere and sit the hell down. The main chick talking trash but gets mad when she finds out what people are saying about her. If you can’t take the heat then stay out of the kitchen. Gloria is just so BORING. Ugh she urks my life with her childish ways. Texting talking that junk like she can back it up. Malaysia should have punched her teeth down her throat. What are we in high school and you have to fight your sisters pointless battles. Malaysia seems like she is who she is. Take me or leave me, either way she doesn’t care. Draya seems to be the star of the show. The popular chick who everyone has to talk about every 5 minutes. Can’t the hens have one moment of the show where they don’t talk about Draya, goggle Draya, think about Draya. Damn let this girl live and stop HATING and JUDGING her. They talked about her dancing and stripping, when reality is if they had the body and the looks they would probably do it too. I call it jealously, what do they call it.
    ****To the hens, GROW UP AND ACT LIKE YOU HAVE SOME SENSE****It is more to life then worrying about what the next person has and does****If you do more with yourself & your life then you have less time to focus on the next person in line****Like they say, if you are not looking at the other person then you won’t notice that they are looking at you****

  25. cureeus says:

    Where does Laura live? we never see her house. Why did she have to put her stuff in Imani’s garage? Are there no storage facilities in LA? Where are her kids? we don’t see them either. Are these broads broke or something? And most of them are just baby mammas only two wives in the whole clan. Jackie needs a hairstylist ASAP. Her hair is a HAM!!

  26. TooManyGames says:

    Are you kidding me ” Draya explained herself”??? Jackie, please! Who the heck are you and your husband that you act like someone is expected to attend your wedding and then expect that one owes you an explanation? You are “anything”! Take that…sit on it, analyze it and rotate! You are a hot ghetto mess honey and Draya needs to keep it moving. Who in their right mind continues with wedding plans, travel plans which mean going out of town and then (on camera) worried that your mother will not have either enough strength to sit through Skype but but worse be able to live to the day to actually attend? How selfish of you! (Malaysia is not included in this) Draya owes the rest of you birds NOTHING! I am not understanding why in the world do the rest of you birds (especially Imani) feel that Draya needs to address each of you and explain her whole life story for acceptance from you all. Who are you all and what are you all going to do for her??? Gloria, Sit the hell down some where, please! You and your sister are making yourselves look like fools. Really Laura? You have the nerve to talk about someone when you have 4 kids (by how many daddy’s), not married and down graded from a huge house (so you say) to an apartment??? And what is your job title, Honey?? Right! You’re clearly not doing something right! Where is Shaq GF, is the youngest of the football team your coaching, HIS? Now Draya… is doing business and is very successful….stop being jealous and cut it out! Gloria is up there co-signing for her low budget sister but honey, you are NOT in there fighting against Draya. Now, you said that you sent a text letting her know “you will effe her up on sight”! I want to see that happ and VH1…get it done!!!! Show the text because no one will believe that Gloria has enough backbone to send a threat! Gloria feels like she is in control because she was on the original BBWs. However, they didn’t want her to return on the 1st show so I don’t understand why she feels she is above all these “ghetto GF’s”. Gloria makes sure she talks all her BS away from the rest of the circle. Very funny! The viewers are disgusted by your behavior Gloria (regardless how many baskets Matt makes or does not make) he is not that famous lol and one day (hopefully) someone will get into your ass and put you in your place. You are a scared weak woman and you need to stop running your mouth! If your “baby daddy has not married you by now, he is NOT going to. Ask yourself, “what is hold him back”? You need to get your own home in order, before you can “step out there” and talk about someone else’s sweety. I feel sorry for your parents bacause not only do they have one daughter who has 2 kids out of “wedlock” but another who has four out of “wedlock” and neither one of you tricks has any class. CIAO.

  27. ToomanyGames says:


  28. Jessica says:

    Draya thank God you are out of the circle. Then you would be another fat angry basketball single women with a house full of children, waiting to get paid. That why most of those women sleep with basketball stars to have baby so they don’t have to work. Sound pretty good huh.

  29. malaeka says:

    Draya keep doing your thing the other girls just seem jealous to me. You do not need to explain yourself to them tell them explain theirselves to you. Jackie needs to plan on geeting her neck done instead of planning weddings and Lauren has no room to talk about anyone being an adulterer herself is she male or female i can’t tell she needs to focus on a weight loss plan instead of your business. their husbands were not even major players in basketball so what makes their “circle” so imprtant for someone to want to be in. Lauren is or never was a wife so why is she on there. Imani where is your husband? So keep your head up Draya the others are busted and shot and are clearly HATERS.