Top 20 Live: Demi Lovato Makes Lil Wayne’s “How To Love” Her Own In A Big Way


Last week, when we first saw YouTube footage of Demi Lovato singing Lil Wayne‘s “How To Love” at her Hammerstein Ballroom show, we thought it was merely the latest in what’s increasingly become a trend among pop artists: the “curveball” live cover (more about that later). What we didn’t realize was that the rendition was actually a warm-up for the Top 20 Live set she recorded here at VH1 last Tuesday.

We’ll have the full set for you shortly (and it’s a doozy—including a two-song medley of one track from each of her previous albums and a killer rendition of “My Love Is Like A Star,” an Unbroken song James Morrison co-wrote for her) but we wanted to get this in your hands as quickly as possible. As with her dry run at the Hammerstein, this rendition transforms the song by largely switching the lyrics into a first-person perspective, which is a really great choice; by having the subject speak for herself rather than having Lil Wayne presume to speak for her, Lovato’s rendition sidesteps the original’s virgin/whore dichotomy. Naturally, we loved it.

Stay tuned for more from Lovato, this month’s Posted artist, including the rest of today’s set and the results of her session in the Ask Me Anything hot seat!

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  1. perla says:

    I have problems with My Region

  2. yamileth mejia says:

    hola no saves cuanto te admiro mil y mil respetos soy una gran fans

  3. Lexi says:

    A M A Z I N G Keep up the great work stay strong Demi <3 #TeamLovatoForever <3

  4. Dana says:

    Finally , a legit version of this! All of the one’s on youtube weren’t complete or of good quality. Love you Demi!

  5. HoneyBunny says:

    Awesome! I love your voice <3

  6. Gary B says:

    This is where it seems Demi the most comfortable preforming, just her on a simple stage singing with a band. Who’s that boy live, Demi just seemed to struggle to make that song fit.

  7. Alleh says:

    AH*MAZING! She is a great singer

  8. Thisss girl rite here wants a hugggggggg says:

    Goood good good good good great singer(: shes awesome

  9. Brianne says:

    Demi is just amazing! She can make any song she sings even more perfect. She is aa wonderful woman. <3

  10. marian says:

    i like this version even better then the orignal

  11. Julianna says:

    She is so amazing she is the best singer in the world Stay Strong<333

  12. Samar Ramy says:

    Omg I Love Her! Lets see Lil’ Wayne try to hit those notes. Thats right he can’t! :) ? Love You Demi!! Lovatic for Life :)

  13. Amandha Krystal says:

    OMG *-*

  14. jennifer says:

    i luv u demi good work

  15. Valeria says:

    Just cuz I’m Peruvian I can’t watch this u.u

  16. lalala says:

    her voice is AMAZING she deserves more claps