The T.O. Show – Episode 6 – The Tear-O Show


Anyone who has ever poked gentle fun at T.O. for getting misty-eyed had better prepare themselves for the waterworks of episode 6. It’s like Niagara Falls in here.

T.O. has a lot on his mind on this episode of The T.O. Show, and a lot of reasons to be emotional. For once this season, the episode focuses solely on Terrell and not so much on Mo and Kita, but the mood is heavy as he addresses his physical and financial issues on a tearful tour of the south.

First stop, Atlanta.

If you’ll recall, T.O. has been having some financial struggles as a result of a “friend” stealing his bank card and running up quite a tab, so T.O. is selling his Atlanta mansion to recoup some money. While T.O. is selling his home, he’s donating everything inside it to Habitat For Humanity to go toward the victims of the tornado that hit his home state of Alabama in the spring of 2011.

Honestly, seeing his generosity is enough to make anyone cry, but it’s selfless acts like these that make the burden on T.O. feel that much heavier, he is constantly trying to provide for everyone in his family and now that he’s a little strapped, it’s worrying him. T.O. meets one of the families that lost their home in the tornado and explains that their problems help put his in perspective.

Next stop, Alabama for cousin Tony’s wedding. For the first time, T.O. reveals to Tony that he has surgery on his knee and that nobody knows. It might be Tony’s big day, but the gravity of the fact that T.O. has revealed his injury to him isn’t lost on him.

“You’ve been carrying the weight for a long time…that’s pressure,” he says. But whether or not T.O. heard him is unknown because he never takes his headphones out of his ears, not even for Tony’s wedding rehearsal.

(Oof, that passive aggressive comment was brought to you by the I Think I Just Turned Into My Mother Association. We’re always accepting new members and we meet weekly at your local Chico’s store.)

Tony and his bride Inez’s wedding looks kind of amazing — Terrell describes them as “eccentric” which, yes, but also, it just looks like an amazing party, and it’s a beautiful ceremony.

“I know pronounce you beloved and beloved”? So great. T.O. gets wisty (I just made that word up) about not having a beloved of his own, but he also knows he needs to have a talk with his mother about all his problems, and Tony’s lovely wedding isn’t the place for it. He waits for the following day to reveal his money problems and his surgery and as the deluge of truth pours forth, so too do the tears. “We’re gonna be all right, we got too much love for each other. Just keep believin’,” Mama T.O. says.

And later, when he tells his brother Victor about the conversation with his mother, the dam bursts yet again.

There’s a lot of fear surrounding T.O.’s future, but there’s a lot of love and support, too. And hopefully, some investment in Kleenex stock. That would solve a lot of problems at once.

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  1. Stephaie says:

    I’ve never really watched the T.O. Show, but while I was up studying, I turned to watch it for the first time. I felt connected to T.O.s’ heart, that’s what kept me tuned in. I always dreamed of being with a strong man that’s not scared of showing emotions towards family and friends, but at the same time knowing that crying (if need be) doesn’t make u less than a man, but makes you a better man. With all the things he was going through on the show I felt as if my heart traveled with him through his obstacles and I just wished I could be there to comfort him, the way a woman would comfort and help support a man. Now a days guys are so afraid of looking weak to a woman, so they hold everything inside to pretend to be strong; when in reality it makes you weaker. I pray that God can one day favor me with someone with T.O.s’ characteristics. I love to see how much he loves his family and friends. Its not by how many woman a man has that makes him a man, or by his material values; its about how loved and respected he is by his family and friends. That’s why I Stephanie, say T.O. touched my heart.

  2. hope says:

    T.O. you will be just fine, it’s only a test just pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are a wonderful person and it’s time for you to go to the next level in your life and, you are out of your comfort zone when we go through it’s uncomfortable it’s just to makes you stronger for your next play it’s all good!

  3. ben says:

    Well wishes to T.O. and his family but I need to know that song that was playing when he was talking with his mom.