Tha Carter XXIX: Happy Birthday To Lil Wayne On His 29th Birthday


Twenty nine years ago today in New Orleans, a young boy named Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. was born. He appeared to be a normal baby, happy and healthy, with one major exception: He was born with a diamond grill in his mouth! Just kidding; it would still be a few years before Dwayne would fully transform himself into Lil Wayne, but not that many. He wrote his first rap song at age 8, was signed to Cash Money when he was just 9, and had his first platinum album (as part of the Hot Boys) at only 17. After Guerrilla Warfare debuted at #1 on the charts, Lil Wayne went solo. And, as they say, the rest is history.

Today, Weezy is one of the biggest music superstars in all the world. His latest LP, Tha Carter IV, sold more copies during its first week in stores than any other album released this year. He’s also a figure of immense controversy, one who has been arrested multiple times while in possession of both drugs and guns, the latter of which led him to an eight month, all-expenses paid stint on Rikers Island. However, he remains the most popular solo artist, both on the streets and in the suburbs, in the rap game these days.

We’re excited to wish Lil Wayne a happy 29th birthday. To celebrate, we rounded up 29 of our favorite pictures of Lil Wayne being awesome, and below the cut, we resurfaced a hilarious clip from our 2008 series, “Ask Weezy.” Enjoy!

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