Gavin DeGraw’s Sweeter Hits A Sweet #8 On Billboard 200


If, as George Herbert once wrote, “Living well is the best revenge,” we’d say Gavin DeGraw has paid back the unknown assailants who assaulted him last month many times over. We hate to use the assault as a narrative device, but it’s hard not to root especially hard for the singer in light of not only the attack he experienced, but also the extent to which he took it in stride, even as he was forced to drastically alter his promotional schedule for Sweeter, which came out last week.

Well, if August was a difficult month for the singer, September feel particularly vindicating, especially now that Sweeter has debuted at #8 on the Billboard 200. Such a strong first week is a nice feather in DeGraw’s cap as he prepares to kick off a co-headlining tour with David Cook next month. We wonder if he’ll incorporate his cover of “Grenade,” which he performed here at VH1, into his sets. Stay with us for the rest of that Top 20 Live set, coming soon!

[Image: Getty Images]

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