Last Lap: Wednesday’s Odds And Ends In Music News


VH1 Classic Celebrates The Jewish New Year With 24-Hour Rush Marathon
Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown tonight, and on VH1 Classic, that means one thing: the return of Rush Hashanah! Classic Albums: Rush 2112 & Moving Pictures kicks off the celebration at 7PM ET/PT, followed by the premiere of Rush: Time Machine, a brand-new concert film in which the band plays Moving Pictures in its entirety, at 8PM ET/PT. The Rush marathon continues with Beyond the Lighted Stage, R30, Rush In Rio, and more. [VH1 Classic]

Hold On For New Music From En Vogue
After being stunned by continuing fan support after their appearance at the 2008 BET Music Awards, En Vogue reunited in earnest, but after a successful tour, their appearances got more sporadic. But rumors of new recordings got a big corroboration when the quartet was named as one of the performers at New York’s CMJ Music Marathon next month. [Sound of the City]

J. Cole’s Cole World Arrives, Astounds, Aggravates?
J. Cole‘s long-awaited debut hit stores yesterday, and it’s a lot to sink one’s teeth into. Rich Juzwiak raves about Cole’s (comparative) sensitivity at MTV Hive, while Andy Hutchins struggles with the album at Sound Of The City, wondering why, though “Cole’s as close to a five-tool player as rap has at the moment,” the album feels like a sideline story. Is Cole still merely a Padawan? We haven’t decided yet, but we’re curious what you think.

In Case You Were Wondering, Steve Albini Still Hates Pop Music
The Shellac frontman has “maintained a scrupulous cultural ignorance since about 1985,” and—actually, we’ll just let him speak for himself: “I’m an exceptionally lucky man in that I’ve never heard a note of Lady Gaga’s music…. It’s like a truck drove by spraying s—t from a nozzle over the entire neighborhood and I happened to be under an awning…. There was a period there, in the ’90s, when people who were my friends even, started trying to rationalize an appreciation of mainstream pop music. Bulls—t like Madonna and that f—in’ Cher single that was everywhere…. I’m not going to give a s—t about that. I don’t care.” [Gothamist]

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