Check Out A Sneak Peek Of Basketball Wives L.A. Episode 6 a.k.a. Draya Gets A Beatdown


Last week on Basketball Wives L.A., the ladies decided to go to a mixed martial arts class under the guise of “it’s exercise” and “we’ll get some aggression out.” But was it really an opportunity for Laura to beat the crap out of Draya because she’s been hearing that Draya has been gossiping about her? It sure looks like it. Check out this clip from next week’s episode to see for yourself, and tune in on Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT to see the entire thing.

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  1. trueblue says:

    I can not believe grown women are ganging up on this one woman u did not know her situation and u didn’t know her. also for women who don’t like her why are you so worried about what has happened in her life.SO FAKE , DISAPPOINTED IN OUR BLACK WOMEN LIFT EACH OTHER UP INSTEAD OF PUTTING EACH OTHER DOWN.

  2. kINSEY says:


  3. nikki says:

    I think Laura ia a big ol punk for fighting draya like that, and she was not woman enough to confront her about the issue first. I think that Laura is just mad and bitter at the world because of what some man done to her. and i also think that she is mad because malaysia whopped her tail and she just had to pound on someone smaller than her. Gloria is a big ol punk as well she just talks trash all the time knowing she aint gonna bust a grape. Imani is just and insecure bitter woman as well, and her and laura should not even be on the show because they ain’t even got no man!!! I really don’t want to contribute and continuing giving you ladies ratinngs in this show, all of ya except for malaysia and draya are fake, phony, and insecure women that needs some help. Quit being haters of women who look better then and get in shape ypurself.

  4. Angela Fields says:

    Dear Basketball wives LA: Wow is all I can begin this post. I can’t even believe how this show has become so vicious. It’s like almost watching wolves come in for the kill. the sad part of it all is that it seems as if these ladys are loving what they are doing. I am a fan of the show. I started watch right from the begining, but I’m kind of stiring away because of how poorly they are treating Draya. I get I know that ever show has the good, bad and the ugly. A every storyline needs a victim, or villian. But I think that the direction this show is taking is a bit overboard. I know that money and privilege tend to give some peopl that Holy then thou syndrome, but come on people where is the Humanity. Especially us woman of color, whom already get this negative light shoned upon us no matter of our statue. No one is perfect and we are all flawed in some sort of shape or fashion. So how are we to judge. The scriptor tells us judge not, or we be judged. For example: Laura got highly insulted when there was a reference made about her sleeping with another woman’s husband and being a home reckor, and her instict drove her to become physical. But she was the first one to lead the execution calvary to destroy her fellow sister. I don’t know if the story lines are scriped, but didn’t our nation just spend million of dollars on anti-bullying campaigns, slogan, web-site etc. to teach others how to co-exist and don’t treat others whom you deem un-worthy of kindness. As Quoted from Imanni ( Draya is worhtless) all of us are shape molded and created in God’s image. Each and everyone of us has a purpose, cause and job to do here on earth. So all things are valuable cause God doesn’t make mistakes. Jackie I beleive that you are the oldest/ mature of the group it is you duty to set an example for the other’s. Come on now !! But you seem to be the pack leader of this whole scenario, and it’s simply Sad. If you took the time and lead by example. I think that you would break down those barrier/walls that Draya has put up. My comment were not meant to be insulting, or rude by any means. I am a God fearing woman that has used my Godly purpose to help those in need no matter of they’re past or present endeavors. I am just a vessel to be used how god sees fit. Kindness doesn’t cost a thing. Love is priceless. Compassion is Godly.

  5. soccermop59 says:

    The new title of this season should be, Pot calling the kettle black, pot meet kettle…..Honestly, how on god’s green earth could any of these women pass judgement on anybody, epecially Laura the man looking mom of 4 kids, who’s daddy left the b*tch? Oh and Jackie??? I mean, this woman has dissed her own daughter, humilated another on national tv with a sex talk session at 18??? and Gloria, Matt has to express his affection for you with another couple, but can’t say it to your face? and Imani? Crying because no man wants you???

    Draya and Malaysha seem to be the only one’s on this pathetic show that got class and some remnants of dignity in them. Thank God for them or black women on this show will go down as the worst of the worst on reality tv. What a mess!!

  6. Katrina says:

    Draya, keep doing what you do, keep your head up……And Malaysia, I like you, keep being who you are.

  7. Anita says:

    I have never seen such a group of mean girls. Drya and Mylasia are the only 2 the show who do not appear to be bitter, mean spirited women. The language used. Is is necessary to lace each sentence with profanity. I would not want to appear on this show. It is very embarassing to watch these women being so mean spirited and hateful.